Sam Burns’ Wife: Caroline Campbell Facts & Photos

In recent years, Sam Burns has been one of the most consistent players in professional golf. Being among the best golfers in his class is nothing new for Burns. He’s won several amateur tournaments and set the collegiate golfing ranks on fire in his sophomore year with 4 tournament wins in 15 starts.

So, who is Sam Burns’ wife? Caroline Campbell and Sam Burns were married in December 2019. Their love story starts in Shreveport, Louisiana, where the pair has known each other since they were five. Burns recalled exchanging Valentine’s Day cards when they were in kindergarten. They started dating when they attended Louisiana State University.

Sam Burns’ wife stays out of the public spotlight. What little we know comes from the occasional Instagram posts and research we pieced together from news sources.

No need to scour the internet; we’ve collected everything available at the public level and put it below for you to catch up.

Sam Burns’ Wife: Overview


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You won’t find much information about Sam Burns’ the golfer’s wife, unless you follow her private Instagram account. But we’ve got the next best thing.

  • Caroline Burns’ age is 27 as she was born as Caroline Campbell in April of 1996 in Shreveport, Louisiana
  • Caroline’s parents are Catherine Cordel and Chris Campbell
  • Caroline has two brothers, Green and Collier
  • Caroline Campbell received a handwritten Valentine’s card he hand-delivered to her parent’s mailbox.
  • Caroline Campbell attended CE Byrd High School in Shreveport, Louisiana
  • Caroline Campbell helped her high school track and field team win the state championships
  • Caroline and Sam Burns met again and started dating romantically when they attended the University of Louisiana
  • Caroline Campbell and Sam Burns were married in December 2019 after five years of dating

Some might call Caroline Campbell’s relationship with her husband destiny. After all, she answered his valentine, eventually.

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Caroline Campbell: Early Life & Education


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Caroline Campbell was born in April 1996 to Catherine Cordel and Chris Campbell. She has two siblings, brothers Collier and Green. The family is from Shreveport, Louisiana, where Caroline and her brothers attended high school.

The Campbell children attended CE Byrd High School in Shreveport, Louisiana, the same school grandfather Bo Campbell attended decades earlier. He was a star running back for the football team. This isn’t a big city high school like over in New Orleans! People remember stars like Bo Campbell for generations.

It was in this same sporting atmosphere that Sam Burns’ future wife became a track and field star. Caroline Campbell set a 300 hundred meter hurdles record while on her way to the state championships.

After high school, Caroline attended Louisiana State University. This is key to her meeting Sam Burns for the second time. They first met when Burns was five and smitten with his valentine, the five-year-old Caroline Campbell.

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Sam Burns and Caroline Campbell’s Love Story


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In some ways, Sam Burns and Caroline Campbell’s love story began when they attended the same church in Shreveport when they were both five years old.

Burns recalled in a media release after announcing his engagement that he always knew she was the one, stating, “She[Caroline] was actually my first valentine when we were five years old, And then after that, she wanted nothing to do with me until high school.”

That might be the case, but they attended different high schools. So, getting together wasn’t practical until they met again at the University of Louisiana. The inevitable happened, and they became a couple as they dated between classes and golf tournaments.

Sam Burns recalled in a local media interview that he hand-delivered (with his mom’s help) a Valentine’s Day card to Caroline Campbell’s parents’ house. She didn’t reply, but he never forgot his first Valentine. This sentiment captures what it means to be young, in love, and confident in winning. It’s unclear if Burns waited twenty years to make the just right proposal. But their story is fateful and feeds into the allure of the American pro golfer.

Sam Burns and Caroline Campbell were engaged in April 2019 before tying the knot later that year.

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Sam Burns and Caroline Campbell’s Wedding


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Sam Burns asked Caroline Campbell’s father for his daughter’s hand in marriage. Of course, he agreed, but asking for permission is a Southern tradition the couple enjoyed as they began the formal process of planning a wedding.

Sam Burns and Caroline Campbell were married in December 2019. They held the wedding ceremony at the stunning Palmetto Bluff in South Carolina. Sam Burns posted several wedding photos on his Instagram page.

However, Mrs. Burns was decidedly private, choosing instead to follow her new husband’s lead and let him and their friends spread the news through their social media feeds.

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Sam and Caroline Burns’ Married Life


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Most of what the public knows about the married life of Sam and Caroline Burns comes from her support while she travels with her husband during tournaments. The TV cameras often catch her supporting her husband’s wins. One instance recently went viral and showed how much the two people love each other.

If anyone didn’t know that Sam Burns got married before the embrace with Caroline Burns as he clenched yet another tournament victory. The couple got caught up in pure jubilation as Burns returned from a big deficit to win. The photos of the hug went viral and set the couple on a winner’s journey. They must still be on a high.

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Caroline Burns’ Career


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Caroline Burns is very private, so there isn’t much about her current professional life with her famous golfer husband. While Sam Burns, the golfer, is quite active on social media with about 30,000 followers, Caroline Burns doesn’t post that often and has a measly 2,700 followers, a very low number considering her fame.

This private connection to her followers lets her concentrate on her husband and career.

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How Involved Is Caroline In Sam Burns’ Career?


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It’s safe to say Caroline Campbell plays a significant role in her husband’s success on the course. She’s regularly spotted on the course with her husband, as she’s witnessed some of her husband’s best wins.

Since Reuters captured the embrace after Burns won the Valspar Championship, Caroline Burns has taken a more visible role in her husband’s career. As the old southern hospitality reminds us, marriage is a partnership from which Sam and Caroline Burns seem to benefit.

Pro golfer Sam Burns posted a touching photo from their wedding on their two-year wedding anniversary. He captioned the photo with a touching reminder of what she means to him: “Happy 2 years to my bride! I couldn’t imagine doing life without you. Here’s to many more memories together with the most beautiful person I know inside and out. I love you, Caroline Burns!”

Perhaps Caroline Burns has a private career going that only friends know about? Nonetheless, the couple really does seem like soulmates as they travel around the world playing golf.

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How Much Is Sam Burns’ Net Worth?

In 2023, Sam Burns had a net worth of about $7 million.

Do Sam and Caroline Burns Have Children?

Sam Burns's family still has no children, nor has there been talk in the public domain about having children. They're likely enjoying their time as a jet-setting golf couple.

Does Sam Burns Have a Girlfriend?

Sam Burns is married to Caroline Campbell. They got engaged in April 2019 and married in December 2019. They met when they were five years old and have been together ever since.

Final Thoughts

Sam Burns’ wife, Caroline Burns, is very close with her husband, and they’ve become a power couple on the pro golfer tour.

Both love living life to its fullest and grabbing fond memories and fun in the process. They first met as five-year-olds in church. It was about twenty years later when fate brought them together again. Stay tuned! This couple isn’t going anywhere.

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