Patrick Reed’s Wife: Justine Karain Facts & Photos

Patrick Reed is a successful pro golfer and the only golfer to win a major championship after being penalized for a rules violation. You’ve probably seen him with his partner at one of his wins, such as when he won the Masters in 2018.

So, who is Patrick Reed’s wife? Justine Karain and Patrick Reed got married in December of 2012. They met at Augusta State University, however, these two didn’t become a couple until years later. They now have two children together and share a love of golf, with Justine even acting as Patrick’s caddy on occasion.

There are more exciting twists to Patrick and Justine’s romance that you need to know. Learn all about their love story and life together as a family.

Keep reading to discover all the juicy details of their courtship, plus Justine’ss back story, including her:

  • Early life
  • Education
  • Love Story
  • Wedding
  • Marriage
  • Career
  • Public appearances

Patrick Reed’s Wife: Overview

Let’s start with some interesting facts about Patrick Reed’s wife, Justine going way back to her birth.

  • Justine Reed was born in Houston, Texas in 1986
  • Justine attended Augusta State University in Georgia
  • Justine has a degree in Nursing
  • Justine is an athlete; she golfs, plays soccer, and swims
  • Justine was Patrick’s full-time caddy at beginning of his career
  • Justine and Patrick married in 2012
  • Justine and Patrick were only 22 years old when they married which didn’t sit well with his traditional parents, so he is no longer in contact with them
  • Justine and Patrick have two children together, Windsor Wells and Barrett Benjamin
  • Justine Reed served as Patrick’s caddie his first two years on the PGA Tour
  • Justine Reed almost died of a seizure but Patrick Justine Reed rescued her
  • Before dating Justine, Patrick actually dated Justine’s sister, Kris

Justine Reed’s Early Life & Education

If you’ve been wondering, who is Patrick Reed and Patrick’s wife are, here are all the details.

Patrick Reed is a professional golfer with a net worth of $9 million, and his wife Justine is a nurse, caddy, and the mother of the couple’s two children.

Justine was born on December 19, 1986, in Houston, Texas.

Justine Reed golfs just like her husband. She also played soccer and was a swimmer throughout her high school days.

Justine attended Augusta State University and studied nursing. She earned her degree but put her career on hold to support her husband, acting as his caddy before retiring from the role when pregnant with the couple’s daughter.

While Justine occasionally features in Patrick’s social media, she is not active on social media and doesn’t appear to have any personal profiles. Patrick Reed’s wife’s pics are typically found on his social accounts and in publicity photos of golfing tournaments and other events.

However, there are rumors that Justine may be behind a secretive Twitter account that is infamous in the golf world.

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Patrick & Justine Reed’s Love Story Before Marriage


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Patrick and Justine have a unique love story. The couple met as college students, but Patrick briefly dated Justine’s younger sister Kris!

Kris attended LSU and was just visiting Augusta State when Patrick noticed her and asked her out. Patrick and she went on one date. He sent her a text afterward but never heard back from her.

Patrick contacted Justine on Facebook to ensure her sister made it home safely. Justine responded that Kris was well but didn’t think Kris and Patrick would work out romantically. The two started to talk more frequently and eventually started seriously dating.

After a few years together, Justine and Patrick got married when they were both 22 years old. The couple’s parents objected to their plans, believing them too young for marriage.

Unfortunately, the disagreement between Patrick Reed’s family has persisted until this day. He decided to cut contact with his parents after they raised their concerns over his plans to marry so young.

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Patrick & Justine Reed’s Wedding

The wedding of Patrick and Justine Reed took place on December 21, 2012, shortly after they graduated from college.

Unfortunately, Patrick had a strained relationship with his family since childhood, and the groom’s parents objected to the union.

Patrick’s parents and sister didn’t attend the ceremony.

Patrick & Justine Reed’s Married Life


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The Reeds married at 22 and spend as much time together as possible. Justine joined Patrick on the golf course, first as his caddy and then as his wife and supporter.

Early in their marriage, Patrick actually saved his wife’s life. Justine suffered a grand mal seizure while taking a bath in 2014. She was submerged underwater and wasn’t breathing. Luckily, Patrick found her quickly, gave her the Heimlich maneuver to help her cough up the water, and got her immediate medical attention. If he had been just a few seconds later, Justine could have died.

Justine and Patrick have two children. Their daughter, Windsor Wells, was born on May 22, 2014, and their son, Barrett Benjamin, followed several years later on December 6, 2017.

The couple did an adorable gender reveal for their second child. Patrick hit a golf ball to reveal the sex and then posted to social media about how thrilled they were to welcome a boy to their family.

While there are not many pictures of Justine Reed online, photos of the whole family, including the children, are occasionally posted on social media. Fans of Patrick Reed may also have gotten a glimpse of Windsor beside her dad to celebrate his win at the Barclays in 2016.

Justine Reed’s Career


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Justine has earned two undergraduate degrees and started her nursing career before switching gears to aid her husband. She stopped her nursing prospects to be Patrick’s caddy on the course.

This complete change of direction in her career was a bit unexpected. Still, it allowed the couple to be together more during the early days of their marriage and Patrick’s professional golf career.

Patrick admits that he tested Justine before allowing her to take on the role of caddy. At just 5 feet 1 inch in height, Justine is petite and needed to prove she could handle the job. Patrick packed his bag with extra water bottles and clothes to gauge her strength and ability to tote his bag around the course.

Justine’s background as an accomplished athlete meant she was more than up for the challenge. Years of swimming, golfing, and soccer gave her the strength and stamina necessary.

After several years of fulfilling the role of caddy, Justine decided to step back when she found out she was pregnant. However, she still joins Patrick on tour and on the green as often as possible.

She also assists with planning each course with her husband, who sometimes gets into trouble for his perceived cockiness. Justine uses her knowledge and own experience of the sport to keep a close eye on Patrick’s performance and course obstacles to offer her insight and suggestions.

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How Involved Is Justine Reed In Patrick Reed’s Career?


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Justine has always been a huge supporter of Patrick’s career. She regularly attends his tournaments and events, including many times participating in the Masters.

In fact, she even put her own career as a nurse on hold and acted as Patrick’s full-time caddy when he first began to pursue a career as a professional golfer.

She loved the chance to spend time with her husband and show her support but retired as his caddy when she became pregnant with the couple’s first child.

Justine handed over this honor to her brother Kessler Karain, who now caddies for Patrick full-time.

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Is Patrick Reed Still Married?

Yes, Patrick has been married to his wife, Justine since 2012.

How Many Kids Does Patrick Reed Have?

Patrick has two children with his wife Justine; daughter, Windsor Wells, who was born in 2014, and son, Barrett Benjamin, who was born in 2017.

Final Thoughts

Justine Reed’s life has changed a lot since childhood in her hometown of Houston, Texas.

After Justine and Patrick Reed met in college at Augusta State University, the two navigated from acquaintances to friends to a couple until marrying in 2012 at age 22.

The happy couple has two children together and shares a love of golf that any fan can see. Patrick Reed’s wife is constantly involved in the pro golfer’s career. From her early days as a caddy to her current role as support and an extra set of eyes, Justine has been by Patrick’s side through it all.

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