Xander Schauffele WITB: What’s in the Bag?

Since he joined the PGA Tour in 2015, Xander Schauffele has won seven times.

With his wins in mind, you may wonder about the type of golf gear that he uses on tour to help him win. What is the Xander Schauffele WITB? What does he typically keep in the bag?

Well, Schauffele is a Callaway staffer, so you can expect to see a lot of Callaway in his bag. Let’s take a look at the Xander Schauffele WITB in 2024 to see what he usually golfs with.

Xander Schauffele What’s in the Bag: Overall Picture

Overall Total Cost: $2,943

Xander Schauffele WITB

Driver: Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond

Xander Schauffele has this driver in his bag, and he even marks it with 9 custom white lines on the face. Xander was once disqualified for having a “foreign substance” on his club face at the 2022 Memorial Tournament. He said he does this because he can’t see the grayish lines on the club’s face.

When Xander attended the 2024 Sentry Tournament of Champions, he updated to the newer Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond version. Xander said that when he used the Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond, his ball speed increased from 175 mph to 179 mph. This slight speed gain yielded an extra 4 yards.

Most critics praise the Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond for its excellent speed and low spin rate. Jon Rahm also loves this club and has won 3 times on the PGA Tour with it this season alone. For the Xander Schauffele driver shaft, he uses a Mitsubishi Kai’li White 70 TX.

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Fairway: Epic Speed Triple Diamond  

Epic Speed is Callaway’s most-played version of the Triple Diamond series. Schauffele used it to win a gold medal at the Olympics. He has struggled with 3-woods but has experienced great luck with the Epic Speed (15 degrees).

He fit this with a Mitsubishi Kaili Blue 80 TX shaft. They built this mid-spinning shaft to give you more excellent stability during your swing and heavier head weight. He probably chose that shaft because he wanted the extra spin.

Fairway: Callaway Apex UW

World-class PGA Tour pros like Xander Schauffele, Akshay Bhatia, and Phil Mickelson put this 7-wood club in their golf bag.

In fact, Callaway designed this golf club with the feedback given by both golfers. Sometimes, Schauffele will put a 5-wood in as a replacement. Whether he replaces it with a 5-wood depends on the conditions on the course.

Iron: Callaway Apex TCB

When you look at the Callaway Apex TCB, the Xander Schauffele irons don’t look like they would be available off-tour based on the raw finish. Believe it or not, you can score a Callaway Apex TCB reasonably enough when you look in the right places. Ever since Callaway released it, the TCB has been a massive hit.

They made the golf head from raw carbon steel, meaning this club develops a patina over time. Raw carbon steel grooves wear out faster over time, which explains why Schauffele used a chrome finish. He didn’t have to worry as much that the dulled grooves would impact the spin.

Schauffele recently changed his iron set from the Callaway Apex Pro prototypes to the Callaway Apex TCB. Many others on the PGA Tour love the TCBs, including Jon Rahm.

The TCB makes sense for golfers with a more advanced understanding of golf. Don’t buy it as a beginner, but it offers an excellent all-around choice for golfers to shape their shots more precisely.

Wedge: Callaway JAWS Raw

What do Marc Leishman, Kevin Kisner, and Xander Schauffele share? All of them put a JAWS Raw wedge into play at some point.

Many PGA Tour players love the Raw wedges because it maximizes their spin around the greens and increases their control over the shot. This thing is a spin monster around the greens. Schauffele and Kisner have been using this wedge since 2022 with great results. Schauffele’s JAWS Raw is a gap wedge with 52°.

The legendary wedge designer Roger Cleveland created this lineup with the craftsmanship and pure artistry. He designed the grooves to boost their sharpness from the groove edge.

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Wedge: Titleist Vokey SM6


Schauffele has the Titleist Vokey SM6 (56 degrees) in his bag. A little extra knowledge on Schauffele—at one point, he was a TaylorMade staffer before switching over to Callaway. As a side note, many on the PGA Tour serve as staffers for Callaway. Schauffele was known to play the Titleist Vokey SM6 quite a bit in the past.

Wedge: Titleist Vokey SM9 Wedgeworks

Xander Schauffele belongs to a list of other PGA Tour golfers who play the Titleist Vokey SM9 Wedgeworks like Thomas Pieters and Tommy Fleetwood. Schauffele plays the 60-degree Titleist Vokey SM9 Wedgeworks that they redesigned with a groove along the progressive center-of-gravity position. This design was meant to help with ball flight. He uses a True Temper Gold Tour shaft, which has become the gold standard. This shaft has the tightest tolerance of any shaft designed in the market and goes right in the Schauffele golf bag.

Putter: Odyssey XS Toulon Proto Silver

Schauffele has used the Odyssey XS Toulon Proto silver putter throughout 2024. In 2020, Schauffele began to use the Odyssey O-Works #7CH Red putter. In a pre-tournament press conference at Bay Hill, he said that Odyssey made both of those putters for him, so this is quite literally the Xander Schauffele putter.

Ball: Callaway Chrome Soft X

The Callaway Chrome Soft X was designed for more advanced golfers and has become a favorite on the PGA Tour. Xander Schauffele, Phil Mickelson, and Jon Rahm all used it on the PGA Tour.

The biggest selling point of the Callaway Chrome Soft X comes from the fact that it’s one of the fastest balls, giving you a greater yield on distance. Again, you shouldn’t if you’re new to golf because this was designed for the pros to make the most of their game.

You do get a firmer feel with it around the greens, but it will give you good spin and control. You will bomb it right off the tee.

Shoes: Adidas Tour360

Most of the time on the PGA Circuit, you see Schauffele wearing the Adidas Tour360 shoes. You would see him wearing the Adidas ZG21 Golf Shoes in the past. They’re well-padded without taking up too much space, and the grip on these shoes is very good.

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What Putter is Xander Schauffele Using?

Throughout 2024, Xander Schauffele has used the Odyssey XS Toulon silver putter. In fact, Schauffele even said in an interview that Odyssey made that putter for him.

Who is Xander Schauffele Sponsored By?

Xander Schauffele has sponsorships with several companies, including Callaway, Adidas, Hyland, and Aon. He’s a known staffer for Callaway; before that, he had worked with TaylorMade.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this describes the Xander Schauffele WITB in enough detail. He’s a Callaway staffer, so much of what you will find in his bag are Callaway products. Schauffele is one of the younger players on the PGA Tour, and he went pro at age 22 in 2015. He was voted “Rookie of the Year 2017” by his competitors on the PGA Tour. Checking out the Xander Schauffele clubs can help you to see what helped to make him such a great golfer.

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