Brooks Koepka’s Clubs: What’s in the Bag?

Brooks Koepka holds the record for being the first golfer to win two major championships back-to-back, and he once held the number one rank for 47 weeks.

Can you pick up one of the clubs he uses to improve your game?

Well, you may be surprised to find out that he went for five years without any official club partnerships with any brand. However, in November 2021, Srixon and Cleveland stepped in to offer him a multi-year club and ball deal.

Since then, here’s what Brooks Koepka’s clubs are for this year’s season so far.

Brooks Koepka What’s in the Bag for 2024?

Item Model Loft Shaft
Driver Srixon ZX 5 9.5º Mitsubishi Diamana D+ 70 TX
3 Wood TaylorMade M2 Tour 16.5º Mitsubishi Diamana D+ 80 TX
3 Iron Nike Vapor Fly Pro Fujikura Pro Tour Spec X
4PW Srixon ZX7 True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100
Wedges Cleveland RTX ZipCore Tour Rack 52º, 56º, 60º True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X400
Putter Scotty Cameron Teryllium Tour Newport 2 tour
Ball Srixon Z-Star Diamond Golf Ball
Apparel and shoes Nike

Brooks Koepka’s Driver: Srixon ZX5


  • Loft: 9.5º,10.5º.
  • Mitsubishi Diamana D+ 70 TX shaft.
  • Swing weight: D2.
  • 460CC Head.

Although he has been known to bounce between other clubs in the past, since his new deal, Koepka recently settled on the Srixon 7X5 as his driver of choice. According to him, it is equal to any of the best drivers out there. Seeing that he used it to beat Bryson DeChambeau while in Las Vegas, he might just be right.

Using its 15% mass increase, the ZX5 repositions mass low increasing MOI, which results in a more forgiving club. With it, Brooks can also adjust lie and loft angles using an adjustable hosel. It’s no wonder this driver ended up in Brooks Koepka’s bag. He uses it with a Mitsubishi Diamana 70TX shaft while on tour.

Brooks Koepka’s Woods: TaylorMade M2 Tour 


  • Loft: 16.5º
  • Mitsubishi Diamana D+ 80 TX shaft.
  • Swing weight: D3
  • Length: 43.5º

Despite the new Srixon deal, Brooks Koepka’s setup has included the Taylormade M2 tour HL. It will be interesting to see if he changes to a Srixon club moving forward, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see him keep using the TaylorMade M2.

The TaylorMade M2 Tour has a new Geoucistic sole design giving players the best feel and sound. The Speed pocket addition to the club provides the ball with more flight and makes the club more forgiving than much of the competition. He pairs it with a Mitsubishi Diamana 80TX while navigating the fairway.

Brooks Koepka’s Irons: Nike Vapor Fly Pro and Srixon ZX7

Like his TaylorMade wood, he has been using the Nike Vapor Fly Pro for many years. It retains its blade look but has modern muscle cavity-backed additions. This feature gives more forgiveness to Brooks’ game. There are straight leading edges and forward weighting to achieve optimum shot shaping and a piercing trajectory.

In addition, strike efficiency is improved with face-centered CGs. He pairs this with a Fujikura Pro Tour Spec X.

For the rest of his irons, Brooks switched from Mizuno to using a Nike Vapor Pro as his 3 iron transitioning into the Srixon ZX7 for his 4-PW. He is on record saying the Srixon ZX7 is the best iron he has ever used while on tour. He paired the ZX7 clubs with True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 shafts to win the Las Vegas Open.

Brooks Koepka’s Wedges: Cleveland RTX ZipCore Tour Rack


Brooks Koepka’s new clubs include the Cleveland RTX Zipcore Tour Rack, which is an upgrade of the brand’s flagship RTX wedges. The company redesigned the wedges from the core, opting for a lightweight material rather than the steel used in previous versions. This change made the clubs more consistent in terms of speed, distance, control, and overall feel.

Brooks switched to using the wedges immediately after signing the new partnership with Srixon and Cleveland.

He uses three lofts for his wedges;

  • 52º (mid)
  • 56º (mid)
  • 60º (low)

Brooks Koepka’s Putter: Scotty Cameron Teryllium Tour Newport

scotty cameron terryllium Newport T22

Brooks Koepka’s clubs changed at the start of 2022 because he switched from using the Scotty Cameron T10 Newport putter to the Teryllium Tour Newport. He stated that improvements in the grip had a considerable part to play in the change. Koepka has since maintained his choice across multiple tournaments. He has used his exact putter so much that there is now a noticeable wear mark on the face of the putter.

Brooks Koepka’s Golf Balls: Srixon Z-Star Diamond Golf Ball

If you’re curious what’s in the bag of Brooks Koepka, then we can’t forget his golf balls.

While Brooks Koepka has a decent club collection, recently, his ball choice has pleased him the most. He spent a lot of time practicing with the ball while on the range, building confidence, and getting comfortable using these specific balls. Koepka sites the ball’s high spin on long and mid-iron shots as an advantage while on the unique PGA tour greens.

Brook’s Koepka’s Grips: Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord (Midsize)

These have Brushed Cotton Cord Technology and tight-weave cotton twill fabric to create a comfortable cord grip for pro players. Brooks uses the grips in its midsize round version.

Brooks Koepka’s Apparel and Shoes: Nike

Brooks wears the Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour NRG shoes (here’s a similar model you can pick up). He often chooses the Hydrogen Blue/Sail/Obsidian/Crimson Tint colorway. Being one of Nike’s most prominent golf stars, the rest of his apparel is also all Nike sponsored. He sports Nike’s Vapor Graphic-Print Polo (shirt), Nike Flex Golf Trousers, a Nike Aerobill classic 99 hat, Nike Stretch Golf Belt, and Nike Classic Tour Gloves.

How Much Are Brooks Koepka’s Clubs Worth?

Here is an estimation of what a bag filled with Koepka’s club collection would cost:

Item Model Approx. Price (USD)
Driver Srixon ZX 5 $499.99
3 Wood TaylorMade M2 Tour $599.99
4-PW Srixon ZX7 $1,137.49
Wedges Cleveland RTX ZipCore Tour Rack $440.42
Putter Scotty Cameron Teryllium Tour Newport 2 tour $499.99

Does Brooks Koepka Have a Club Deal?

In November 2021, Brooks Koepka signed a multi-year clubs and ball deal with Srixon and Cleveland, ending a long run without any partnerships. But, because he went so long unsponsored, you still find some non-Cleveland and Srixon clubs in Brooks Koepka’s golf bag.

What Irons Does Brooks Koepka Use?

He uses a Nike Vapor Fly 3 iron and Srixon ZX7 irons for his 4 through to Pitching Wedge.

What Clubs Does Brooks Koepka Use?

A quick look at Brooks Koepka’s clubs, and you will realize he has an eclectic collection from different brands. Here is a summary of his clubs;

  • Driver: Srixon ZX5.
  • Woods: TaylorMade MS Tour.
  • Irons: Nike Vapor Fly Pro and Srixon ZX7.
  • Wedges: Cleveland RTX ZipCore Tour Rack.
  • Putter: Scotty Cameron Teryllium Tour Newport 2 tour.

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