Brooks Koepka’s Shoes: What Does He Wear?

Brooks Koepka is a golfer from America with 16 professional wins to his name. As one of the most stylish golf players, fans are always keen to see what attire he is repping out on the course.

While we could be here all day discussing everything he wears, we’ll focus on Brooks Koepka’s shoes today. These are often a talking point; he has helped design several pairs of Nike shoes over the years.

What Golf Shoes Does Brooks Koepka Wear?


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Brooks Koepka’s golf shoes in 2024 are the Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour Next% shoes. This is hardly surprising as they are a top-of-the-line model from the brand, and Brooks Koepka is obligated to wear Nike apparel given that he is one of their sponsored athletes.

He was also a big fan of the previous model as he helped to design them. The Air Zoom Infinity Tour Next% shoes carry over what worked for the previous model with a few refinements to address what the company got wrong.

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Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour NEXT%

Brooks Koepka’s new shoes are the Air Zoom Infinity Tours. While the previous shoes, the Air Zoom Infinity Tours were very well received, they were not without criticism. This was mainly because the shoe was too narrow for a lot of people. In response, the Tour NEXT% is wider so players shouldn’t experience sizing issues like before.

They also installed a larger Zoom Air Unit in the forefoot. This assists with a seamless energy transfer in your swing from start to finish. Grip improvements are also present elsewhere to ensure that players have a firm hold on the ground. Part of this is the spikes that sit under the ZOOM Air Units. This model has one more spike on the forefoot than its predecessor.

These Brooks Nike shoes are also extremely comfortable to wear. The material is breathable and provides plenty of support. Once again, Nike sought to one-up their previous shoe in this area. They did this by adding plush padding to the ankle collar. Not only does this help with support, but it also helps prevent heel slip.

Finally, onto the looks. There’s no doubt these are a fine pair of shoes to look at. They come off as very smart and have just the right amount of color. To explore the full range of colors on offer check out Global Golf.

Previous Brooks Koepka Golf Shoes

Nike Tour Premiere

Back in 2019 and 2020, the Nike Tour Premieres were Brooks Koepka shoes. In fact, he used these to win the PGA Championship.

They are futuristic-looking footwear that at a first glance, appear laceless. They do, however, in fact, have laces, they are just hidden. Named FastFit, the shoes have technology that has a cord to tighten the shoe and another cord to release it.

The two main qualities going for this shoe are its support and grip. They have very thick cushioning which gives the shoe a snug fit. They are also waterproof so your feet should stay mostly dry. As for the grip, the shoes feature 7 CHAMP Zarma Tour spikes. These provide unrivaled grip that players with fast swing speeds will love.

Custom Nike Shoes

For the 2019 3M Open, Brooks Koepka wore his Ryder Cup shoes. They held significance to him as they were custom-made for his first Ryder Cup appearance back in 2016.

Having moved onto newer shoes and left to collect dust in the garage, Koepka had the idea to auction them off for charity. Wearing them at the 3M Open was the perfect opportunity to do this.

After the event, he signed them and said he would match whatever the final bid. The money raised went to the Masonic Children’s Hospital and the Minnesota Minority Junior Golf Association.

Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour

Like with the Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour Next% shoes, players were involved in the design process of the older Air Zoom Infinity Tour shoes, but none more so than Books Koepka. He wanted a running shoe that he could play golf in.

Nike delivered on that request in 2020, and they became Brook’s golf shoes. The Air Zoom Infinity Tour has the classic runner’s shoe look with the grip needed to excel as a golf shoe. It sports 3 cleats, one on the heel and two on the forefoot. The top material is made from FlyKnit so it’s both lightweight and breathable, yet it’s also waterproof which is a big plus.

The only two issues reported for the shoe were that it was a little narrow for some wearers and that the tongue was on the loose side.

Koepka was also spotted wearing the Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour NRG at the 2021 PGA Championship — a limited edition shoe variant.

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What were Brooks Koepka’s shoes for the WM Open?

Brooks has done well at the Waste Management Phoenix Open and won in 2021. He wore The Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour NEXT% in 2022 and previously wore the Nike Tour Premiere in 2019 and 2020.


So there you have it. Brooks Koepka’s shoes are the Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour NEXT% trainers.  As he was the player who specifically requested the previous model — wanting running shoes designed for golf- it should be no surprise that he wears the new version. After all, they are essentially the same as Brooks Koepka’s previous Nike golf shoes — just new and improved.

If you’re a golfer that loves running shoes and you have a powerful swing, we have no doubt you’ll also like the Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour shoes. And if you want to keep up with Brooks Koepka, make sure you monitor LIV Golf, as this is where he currently competes.

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