Golf Skirt vs Tennis Skirt: What Are the Differences?

Golf skirts and tennis skirts look similar enough. Aren’t they basically the same thing? Incorrect.

What are the differences between golf skirts vs tennis skirts? While golf and tennis skirts look somewhat alike at a glance, there are quite a few differences that you need to know about. These include disparities in length, pockets, fastenings, and various other factors.

The reason for these differences stems from the demands of each sport. Tennis is more athletic so tennis skirts have a more athletic form. On the other hand, golf is less intense and requires less agility. As such, golf skirts are usually tighter-fitting.

In this post, we’ll dive into full detail regarding golf skirt vs tennis skirt differences so that you aren’t swayed into purchasing the wrong skirt. Making such a mistake could ultimately end up harming your game

What Are The Main Differences Between Golf Skirts vs Tennis Skirts?

Feature Golf Skirts Tennis Skirts
Length 14-20” 11-17”
Pockets ~3 Usually less
Built-in shorts Usually Yes
Fastenings Multiple options Elastic waistband
Material Tighter fitting, less breathable Looser fitting, more breathable
Style More athletic More casual

There are 6 key differences between tennis skirts vs golf skirts. You may find that there is overlap with select skirts, but generally speaking, these are the 6 factors you need to know about.

  • Length
  • Pockets
  • Built-in shorts
  • Fastenings
  • Material
  • Style

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Pros & Cons of Playing Tennis in a Golf Skirt


  • Longer golf skirt length shows less skin which may be preferential
  • There are more pockets and they are deeper which is great for holding tennis balls
  • You can get more use out of them outside of the golf course
  • Thicker material will help keep you warm in winter


  • Tighter fit can slightly impede movement
  • May cause you to overheat

Pros & Cons of Playing Golf in a Tennis Skirt


  • Looser fitting and elastic form will give you more freedom of movement
  • Better at keeping you cool
  • May have a more flattering appearance to some


  • Potentially violates dress codes at certain courses
  • You may stick out from other players
  • Fewer pockets mean less space to store your accessories

Golf Skirt vs Tennis Skirt: Design and Function

golf skirt vs tennis skirt

Golf Skirts Design and Function

Golf skirts are typically between 14-20” in length. This makes them fairly long and ensures there is never too much skin on show. Some golfing bodies also place a minimum requirement on skirt length. This isn’t an issue as golf doesn’t demand as much freedom of movement as some sports.

Leading on from this, golf skirts are usually made from nylon or polyester in combination with a stretchy material such as spandex. This gives them a decent degree of breathability and flexibility.

As for pockets, most golf skirts have 3, but many designs have plenty more. This is because most golfers carry plenty of accessories around with them on the course. The likes of tees, balls, and scorecards are often on your person as you use them frequently — you don’t want to constantly have to go to and from your golf bag.

How Do Tennis Skirts Differ?

Tennis skirts are usually shorter than golf skirts, varying anywhere from 11” to 17” in length, but often on the shorter side.

So why is there this disparity?

It’s simple really. Tennis is a far more athletic sport. It requires a wider range of movements such as sprinting, jumping, and turning on both sides. This means freedom of movement is one of the most important elements of tennis skirts. So naturally, they are often shorter than golf skirts.

This is also the reason that tennis skirts always have built-in shorts. Given how small the skirts are, they always rise during explosive movements, so players need undershorts to prevent underwear from showing.

In terms of materials, tennis skirts are fairly similar. They too are often made from polyester, nylon, and spandex. However, tennis skirts usually have a higher spandex content. This once again ties into the need for freedom when playing tennis.

Pockets also tend to differ greatly. Most golf skirts have either 1 pocket or none whatsoever. This is because tennis players do not carry lots of accessories. Instead, they only need tennis balls, and they can store one or two under their built-in elastic shorts.

Comfort and Fit

golf skirt vs tennis skirt

Golf Skirts Comfort and Fit

Golf skirts usually have a snug fit, and while they are somewhat long, they are flexible given their high spandex content.

This is essential as you don’t want to feel restricted when performing your backswing. If golf skirts weren’t so flexible players might struggle to get the rotation they need leading to reduced yardage.

Golf skirts also have a good degree of breathability to ensure you can go a whole round of golf without overheating. That being said, some golf skirts are also effective at keeping you warm. Cotton blends, for example, are great choices when temperatures start to fall.

How Do Tennis Skirts Differ?

As mentioned earlier, tennis skirts usually have more spandex which makes them feel less restrictive than golf skirts. Their skirts are also typically flowier. These factors make them feel more freeing to wear which you need in the sport of tennis.

You may also notice that tennis skirts are usually thinner and more breathable. This is because tennis is more taxing on the body and players often perform in very hot conditions. Breathable skirts help to keep them cool.

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Style and Fashion

golf skirt vs tennis skirt Golf Skirts Style and Fashion

The design of golf skirts is fairly versatile. Often you can get plenty of use of your golf skirts outside of the range because it’s not always immediately obvious that they are sports skirts.

There are plenty of colors and styles to choose from, just be aware that if you want to wear them outside of golf you may want to opt for a fairly plain design with a common color.

Another choice you’ll have to make is what type of fastening you want. Golf skirts have multiple kinds such as buttons, zippers, and snaps.

How Do Tennis Skirts Differ?

For the most part, tennis skirts are less versatile than golf skirts. This is because you can easily recognize them as sports attire. They are also often on the short side. Naturally, this means you can’t pull them out for any old occasion.

Just like golf skirts, there are plenty of colors and styles to choose from. However, in my experience, golf players are more likely to explore styles beyond plain block colors. Plaid, and striped designs, for instance, are popular choices.

Tennis skirts, on the other hand, are frequently white, or another plain color. They also sometimes have a pleated or ruffled form which is not particularly common in golf.

In terms of fastenings, there are fewer options in tennis vs golf skirts. This is because they all use an elastic waistband. The reason for this is that it is the most freeing.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Between a Golf Skirt and a Tennis Skirt

golf skirt vs tennis skirt

Which Sport You Play More

Your main consideration should be which sport you play more as most of the time this will tell you what type of skirt you should buy.

Typically, golf skirts are better for golf and tennis skirts are better for tennis, so no surprises there.

Whether Your Local Golf Course Has a Dress Code

One of the biggest hurdles to wearing tennis skirts for golf is actually being prevented from playing. This is because dress codes can prohibit certain outfits.

Skirts frequently feature on dress codes and are usually required to be of a particular length. While these codes are becoming increasingly more tolerant, it’s best to check with your local course before making a purchase.

The Climate You Play In

Where you play golf is another big one. If you’re playing in colder conditions a longer and thicker golf skirt will likely trump a tennis skirt every time. However, if you play in very hot conditions and often find yourself overheating, a shorter, thinner, and more breathable tennis skirt may do you some good.

If You Need More Freedom of Movement

While golf skirts have good freedom of movement, tennis skirts are almost always superior in this area. Therefore if you feel a little restricted on your backstroke, you may want to purchase a tennis skirt as it should help.


Beyond function, you may care more about fashion and want to explore tennis skirt designs rather than golf skirt designs. Both have plenty of options to choose from, but tennis skirts are often shorter, flowy, and pleated, which is very pleasing to the eyes.

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golf skirt vs tennis skirt

Can I Wear a Tennis Skirt to Play Golf?

You can wear tennis skirts for golf but it depends on the dress code of where you play. Some venues require skirts to be a minimum length in relation to the knee, and given tennis skirts are shorter than golf skirts, this could prevent you from playing.

Why Are Golf Skirts Longer Than Tennis Skirts?

There are two main reasons that golf skirts are longer than tennis skirts.

The first reason is that tennis requires more freedom, as players move their bodies in a variety of ways.

The second reason is because of golf dress codes. Many courses ban short skirts to ensure that players are smart and presentable.

Are Tennis and Golf Skirts the Same?

While tennis and golf skirts appear similar, there are many differences between golf and tennis skirts. Golf skirts are on average, longer, thicker, less breathable, and have more pockets and fastening methods.

Do Female Golfers Have to Wear Skirts?

No rule specifies that female players have to wear skirts. Most simply choose to do so.


Overall, golf skirts come out on top in the golf skirt vs tennis skirt debate if you’re using them to play golf. That being said, can you wear a tennis skirt to play golf?

Yes. Yes, you can. And tennis skirts aren’t bad options by any means. Some players may even prefer them. So weigh up the differences we have highlighted and see if they are the right fit for you.

If you play both sports, consider what qualities you value the most. If it’s a snug fit, wearing versatility, and more pockets, then golf skirts are the ones you want. Alternatively, if you require complete freedom of movement and want better breathability, then tennis shorts are the superior option.

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