9 of The Best Golf Driver For Distance

The distance you drive will undoubtedly affect your game and leave you in a great position to lower your scores by having shorter approach shots to the green and possibly even enable you to reach par 5’s in two shots. Playing with the best golf driver for distance will help you in this challenge.

No-one enjoys being the shortest driver in the group and constantly having to be the first to hit the approach shots. Being able to smash longer drives will undoubtedly boost your performance on the course, but it is also great for boasting rights.

Selecting The Correct Driver to Increase Driver Distance

At first, the ultimate ball flight for a driver was believed to be one that starts at a low level and soars high into the sky. It was later uncovered that too much backspin was generated in the flight path and it, in fact, had a negative influence on the distance you may possibly accomplish.

To achieve the maximum distance, you want the ball to cover the longest distance possible through the air. To accomplish this, the ball must start out at a high launch angle with the optimal amount of backspin. Unnecessary backspin will cause the ball to balloon up and fail to accomplish the best possible distance.

To deliver the ideal launch conditions your driver must have the best combination of shaft and clubhead to suit your profile.

Ball Speed

Simply stated, to achieve your maximum distance, you must reach the highest possible ball speed.


The maximum head size permitted by the regulating bodies is 460 cc. The volume of the head plays a significant role in the extent of forgiveness that producers can create in the face. Additional space permits a larger sweet spot and improved Moment of Inertia (MoI).

Not only does the bigger head provide more prospects of creating a decent connection, but it provides you with extra confidence at address. With an increase in size, manufacturers have combined materials to reduce the weight


The adjustability of your preferred driver will allow you to transform into a golfer that can manipulate your shots instead than be a straight shooter only. Several drivers allow you to set up your driver for a draw bias or fade bias and some even allow for the weight to be relocated either forward or backward to affect your ball flight.

Loft and Launch Angle

An extensive array of lofts is offered in drivers to deliver the ideal launch angle.  The loft of your driver will govern your launch angle and companies have made it a priority to make this as accommodating as possible. Most drivers will allow considerable setting adjustments for improved performance and distance.

Your swing speed will contribute hugely to your decision of loft on your driver. Slower swing speed requires a higher-lofted driver in a bid to launch the ball to achieve a higher elevation for additional distance while speedier swing speeds need less loft.


Weight is conceivably the most specialized part of the driver which highly varies on swing patterns and statistics. The placement of the weight will be determined by your swing speed, swing path and angle of attack.

With the introduction of adjustable weights, golfers are now able to purchase a driver and then program it up to make sure the weight is in the ultimate position for their distinctive swing.

Your swing will determine where and how much weight is positioned in your driver and it is worthwhile that you pay a visit to a professional to do your fitting.

Moving the weight in the clubhead near the back will push the center of gravity (CoG) to the rear resulting in a higher ball flight while the weight moved to the front of the club near the clubface will result in a lower ball flight.


There are numerous facets of a golf shaft that plays a major role in your ability to attain your maximum outcome. The erroneous choice of the shaft can produce unreliable outcomes causing you to call on your professional frequently to smooth out these weaknesses.

Graphite shafts have become the norm in drivers and are ideal for smashing lengthy drives. Check the difference between graphite and steel shafts.

The typical length of a driver shaft is generally between 45.5 and 46.5 inches. The longer shaft will increase clubhead speed but create more inconsistency. A fitted shaft will produce more reliability and precision off the tee.

Shaft flex is highly dependent on your swing speed and the force affected by the driver. Your shaft choice will determine the ball trajectories, overall distances, and distribution. Fast swing speeds will necessitate either a Stiff or Extra-Stiff shaft, whereas a median swing speed will favor a regular shaft. Leisurely swing speeds or seniors will gain more from a Senior flex shaft.

  • 110mph or higher swing speed ought to choose X flex shafts
  • 95 to 110mph swing speed ought to choose S flex shafts
  • 85 to 95mph swing speed ought to choose R flex shafts
  • 75 to 85mph swing speed ought to choose A flex shafts
  • Slower than 75 mph swing speed ought to choose L flex shafts

The weight of the driver shaft is similarly critical as lighter shafts are inclined to be whippier because of a faster swing and consequently faster swing speeds will gain from a heavier shaft.

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Flexpoint, also known as the kick-point, is a region of roughly 2 inches on the shaft where most of the bending takes place and has a huge influence on your ball flight. A high kick point generates a lower ball flight while a low kick point creates a higher ball flight.

Quick Overview: Our Top Picks for Best Golf Driver For Distance

OUR RATING: 4.6/5gstblcr-table__image Callaway Golf Epic MAX Driver
  • Designed by artificial intelligence
  • Flash Face and Jailbreak tech for stability and speed
  • Motivated by supercars that Cobra nicknamed “aeroficiency”
OUR RATING: 4.5/5gstblcr-table__image Cobra Golf 2019 F9 Men's Speedback Driver
  • Exceedingly adjustable
  • Laden with technology
  • Dual Roll Technology
OUR RATING: 4.4/5 PGX 2022 0211 Driver
  • Budget-friendly
  • Available in 3 loft angles
  • 5 Flex options
  • High-speed face

The Best Golf Driver for Distance – The Reviews

1. Callaway Golf Epic MAX Driver


  • Designed by artificial intelligence
  • Flash Face and Jailbreak tech for stability and speed
  • Improved focus impact and stability on the face


  • Less forgiving than comparable models
  • Fairly expensive
  • Not ideal for high handicappers

The Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash Driver is not your everyday driver, it is a genius of modern-day expertise and signifies how contemporary know-how can change existing sporting gear.

New Flash Face technology is a result of AI expertise being applied to create the new face of the drivers. The AI modeled more than 15000 repetitions to establish the appropriate thickness throughout the face and stay in the trampoline effect limitations specified by the USGA. The latest knowledge allowed the thickness to be decreased from 5/1000 to 2/1000 inch by forging the interior before refining the face approaching the legal limits. The outcomes of the advancements have been demonstrated and the bulk of golfers have experienced speed increases up to 10 MPH while obeying guidelines.

The escalation in ball speed demands a tougher face. Epic Flash Face is tempered for strength before being fused against the head to produce the 595C Super Aged Forged Titanium clubhead.

The jailbreak technology from earlier drivers in the Epic range is absorbed into the Flash Face model. This makes the Epic Flash driver more accessible to a broader range of golfers though more advanced golfers proficient in influencing the ball flight will benefit for the most part. The Flash Face comprises a sequence of thick and thin swirls that gives it the form compared to an ear.

The traditional Callaway curved line is set toward the back from the guiding edge and the club lies perfectly at address. The crown boasts thin green and gold lines on a backdrop of black carbon fiber. The ball is enclosed by two line-ups of white spots to support alignment. The five bigger rectangles across the sweet spot, beneath the laser-etched lines, generate a rejuvenating look.

Generally, there is a great perceptible and sensual response via the hands that will provide for a swift adjustment to the new driver.

The Golf Pride Align grip is standard facilitating alignment via a raised-up ridge on the back.


The initial jailbreak technology combined with the AI designed face increased ball speed across most of the face. Off-center hits are negated by the stable head with no major loss of direction and distance. High technology at a high price for high-quality golfers.

2. TaylorMade M6 Driver [Available only on Global Golf]



  • Settings to suit all handicaps available
  • Ultimate forgiveness and extra-long distance.


  • Somewhat expensive

The groundbreaking Speed Injection technology allows TaylorMade to create a more flexible Hammerhead 2.0 slot removing one of the bars that were incorporated in the M4

TaylorMade presents their technology dubbed ‘speed injected twist-face’ in the M6 driver pushing the limits at the edge of the Coefficient of restitution (COR) while not straying beyond the permissible boundaries of speed guidelines. Notwithstanding the technological advances, golfers will still experience more forgiveness than in preceding versions.

The combination of the immensely well-liked Twist Face design, the flexible Hammerhead 2.0, and an expertly weighted sole work together to deliver stable spin and considerable correction for mishits. The center of gravity is lowered through the crafty usage of a 46g carbon weight.

The typical M6 golfer would probably require maximum forgiveness while having little to no demand for adjustability. Spin would not be high on his list of concerns as he is competent to work the ball, dependent on his position.

The ultimate ball speed is created via four key characteristics incorporated into the design of Speed Injected Twist Face.

  1. Ultra-thin Titanium face with revamped Inverted Cone Technology (ICT)
  2. Reengineered and adaptable Hammerhead 2.0 slot
  3. Inner support foam with varying quantities of injected resin.
  4. A proprietary algorithm to tune each head, which is examined, assessed, and then fine-tuned for the highest speed and conformity.

The M6 driver is not an inexpensive driver, but it is a valuable addition to your club collection if you are serious-minded about your golf.


The mixture of soft looks, stable head, great sound, speed, and forgiveness makes the M6 an all-round club that is one of the simplest drivers to hit.

3. PXG 2021 0211 Driver


  • Budget-friendly
  • Available in 3 loft angles
  • 5 Flex options
  • High-speed face


  • Not as powerful as the more expensive options
  • The forgiving design is not great for perfecting your game

The PXG 0211 series drivers are a winner for many reasons.

PXG’s constant innovation puts the latest technology at the forefront of the budget-friendly driver market.

The railed sole technology gives a low center of gravity to provide a satisfying sound and feel.

The innovative turbulators reduce the aerodynamic drag to accelerate the face flexing for more distance.

Light-weight designed 8-position hosel offers 3 settings for adjustment to dial in ball flight.

The adjustable precision weight settings allow for a draw, fade, or neutral ball flight.


The PXG 0211 is worth it’s the meager price tag and will deliver easy launch and accurate long drives.

After all said and done, all players seek increased distance off the tee and these clubs allow that.

4. Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver


  • Forgiving
  • Available in 3 loft angles
  • 3 Flex options
  • Large impact area face


  • Only available with a graphite shaft
  • The counter-balanced design takes some getting used to

With a name like “Launcher” you know Cleveland Golf gave its driver all the distance tech knowledge they had into this driver.

You’ll love the distance you get from this driver. And, if you’re a novice to intermediate golfer you’ll also be happy with its forgiving nature. Fewer slices obviously make for a better overall score.

The center of gravity for this club is weighted more towards the grip. While this allows for some serious distance advantages, you’ll have to get used to it first. So, you may actually see a slight drop in your drive when you first start using this club.

The house for this club is super low weight with most of the weight shifted to the bottom of the club to give ultimately desirable flight and a satisfying thwack for your drives.


This driver offers a lot club for its price. It competes with clubs that cost twice as much in terms of performance. You just have to get used to the feel before you start seeing gains in your distance.

5. Callaway Golf Rogue ST Max Driver


  • Straighter drives on off-center hits
  • One of the best overall drivers on the market
  • AI designed speed frame
  • Titanium body with carbon crown


  • Not as much distance as other Callaway clubs

On top of being able to send your ball further, this club also helps you to drive straighter too. In fact, Callaway claims this is their most stable driver ever. That’s no small feat considering the size of Callaways range.

The only reason this club didn’t land higher in the top picks is that it doesn’t quite get the same distance benefits as some of the other Callaway models. But, it more than makes up for it in stability.

This makes the Rouge ST Max one of the best club for those that want the most forgiving driver. Don’t just assume you can’t get some impressive distances from this club though. It’s no slouch either.

With an artificial intelligence-backed design, the speed frame offers incredible speed across the face without forgoing stability in the horizontal or torsional directions.


Although this club comes with a premium price tag, it’s worth every penny. This is the perfect club to improve your drives overall, not just the distance.

6. Cobra Golf- King RADSPEED XB Driver


  • Large max distance zone on the face
  • The rear weighted design will feel familiar to most
  • Radial weighting tech
  • Carbon crown


  • Only available in 2 loft degrees

This driver is Cobra Golf’s best offering in terms of maximizing flight direction and speed. The larger area on the face of the club for maximum distance means it’s forgiving for off-center hits too.

The T-bar Chassis design of this driver saves on weight so more discretionary weight can be added. This allows the Radspeed XB to have expertly positioned mass to maximize drive distance.

The Radspeed AB has a rear-weighted design that shouldn’t require much getting used to for most golfers but is something to keep in mind if your last driver had its center of gravity more toward the center of the club.


Another strong offering from Cobra Golf. Go for this one if you know your drives are often off-center enough to lose speed, but not enough to slice.

7. Titleist TSi3 Driver


  • Visually appealing
  • More effective adjustability


  • On the upper end of the pricing spectrum
  • A fitting is required to get the most out of the driver

Titleist provides some of the best drivers available and the TSi3 is sure to continue to build on this reputation.

The 460cc traditionally shaped head pear-shaped profile with a rounded toe combined with the new SureFit CG Track that is positioned on the rear skirt will enable you to shape your shot shape and launch attributes.

The 460-cc head is slightly larger than the Titleist Tour offerings that measure 445cc. This combined with the deeper face helps to keep the spin rate lower.

A new alignment mark makes set up to the target the tee much easier.

Unlike previous models, the sole weight is visible on the TSi3 whereas its predecessor required you to unscrew the weight to ascertain what the weight in use is.

The sound produced by the TSi3 is comparable to many of its competitors that are manufactured using carbon fiber.

The adjustable shaft could be too difficult for most average golfers to set up and require a professional fitting.


The Titleist TSi3 is a remarkable improvement on its TS3 predecessor in forgiveness, stability, and distance. This makes it more suitable for a wider range of golfers.

8. Cobra Golf 2019 F9 Men’s Speedback Driver


  • Exceedingly adjustable
  • Technology laden


  • Not all players appreciate the color/look  of the driver

Cobra’s King F9 Speedback Driver aero package was motivated by supercars that Cobra nicknamed “aeroficiency”. The ground-breaking blend of low Center of Gravity (CoG) and a sleek head is the first of its kind resulting in extra distance from a faster clubhead speed and reduces spin.

Aerodynamic improvements and increased stiffness of the carbon crown is accomplished through the deliberately positioned “PWR Ridges boosting speed and distance. A decrease in friction is accomplished through the utilization of a lightweight polymer crown and titanium sole situated relative to the path of airflow.

The more triangular form in relation to comparative drivers aids in gliding the club through the air. The elevated positioning of weight on the clubhead produces a loss in distance due to the increased spin.

By elevating the perimeter skirt and rounding the prominent edges to improve speed and stability through drag decrease, Cobra produced what they call an “Aeroficient” driver.

The main color on the 2019 series is yellow and black color arrangement with a secondary alternative called Avalanche color of snow which is not quite pure white.

The sound and feel of the King F9 driver are similarly marginally clearer too, and combined with a great range of quality shafts, you get a club that feels very balanced and steady.

Improved ball speed is attained through the aerodynamic crown and redesigned sole.

Standard shafts on the King F9 are the UST Helium, Project X’s HZRDUS Smoke Black and the Tour Blue/Black from FUJIKURA


The Cobra F9 is a tremendously competitive driver and will be tough to defeat when assessing drivers for value for money. The balance of colors and visual appeal, although not for everyone, opens a larger market than in the past.

9. Callaway Men’s XR Driver


  • Suited to a better player
  • High launch angle
  • Boeing partnership paid dividends


  • Extra spin at impact triggers a broader shot dispersion
  • No adjustable weights

Distance, forgiveness, and accuracy are the major components in the determination of the quality of a driver.

The Callaway Men’s XR 16 Driver boasts a solid standing for driving long distances. It has especially earned the distinction owing to its reputation as a record-breaker. The Callaway XR 16 has demonstrated its ability to reach incredible distances and is the present-day driver employed to accomplish the world’s longest drive.

The 460 cc clubhead is the largest permissible clubhead that a driver can have, and the XR 16 with a low and deep center of gravity. The aerodynamically designed head is lighter with a reduced amount of drag compared to comparable drivers. The extra speed and size help you achieve a long-distance drive without fail.

Unlike many of its rivals, there are no weights that can be tweaked to attain more forgiveness or modify the ball flight. Nevertheless, judging by its record-breaking ability, this has not hampered the golfers.

The RMOTO Face Technology aided Callaway in creating a clubface that is 19% thinner than its precursors and, moreover reduces the weight for added speed.


It will be hard to beat the Callaway XR 16 for distance as it already holds the record for the longest drive.

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Final Thoughts

The intention of this review was to present you with available alternatives to extend your drives and empower you to get as close as possible to the green in this manner, lessening the distance to be covered with your approach shot.

Drivers have developed into extremely complex clubs in recent times. In an exceedingly competitive market, it is challenging to select one that towers above all the contenders in all categories.

The current record holder for the longest drive is held by the Callaway XR 16 and for that reason, there can be no other winner in the category for the best driver for distance.

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