The 5 Best Golf Drivers For Mid Handicappers [MUST READ]

Congratulations!!! You are one of a very select club of experienced and capable golfers that reached the status of a mid-handicap golfer. This is quite an achievement as many golfers struggle to reach this level.

According to USGA statistics, only 43% of golfers qualify in this category. As a mid-handicap golfer, you will still hit your share of bad shots but the number of good shots is equal to or more than your bad shots.

In reaching this status you opened up a new level of equipment at your disposal. Your selection of drivers does not get smaller but it is different. You may have been proactive and selected a driver while learning that you can continue to use with your improved capability, however, there comes a time in every golfer’s career that you look around at what is available on the market to eek out a little bit of distance or to help out in fine-tuning your swing.

Manufacturers of golf equipment identified this category to develop what they call game improvement clubs which are a bit less forgiving than the high-handicap clubs but not quite in the players club category. Continue to improve and that will be your next step.

Buying A Driver – What You Need To Know

Mid handicap golfers are in the enviable position where they have probably the largest range of drivers available. Where high handicap golfers have a limited selection available until they have fine-tuned their swing into a repeatable and consistent swing while single handicap golfers prefer not to play with game improvement clubs.

At this stage of your game, you want a driver that will produce long, straight drives with a little bit of workability included in the arsenal. A big forgiving face with a high MoI creating a trampoline effect will be to your greatest benefit.

Equipment manufacturers spend a fortune on research and development and release new equipment regularly. However, some all-time favorite drivers stay popular and produce the required results.

To enhance your use of your soon to be purchased driver a visit to your nearest professional golfer for a club fitting would not be out of place and highly recommended. You are investing in your game and it would be a good investment policy to make sure that you buy what will suit you best

Skill Level

Mid handicappers have achieved a level where the number of good shots exceeds the number of bad shots and can now invest in equipment that will complement their hard-earned skill level and improve aiming to become a single handicap golfer.


The size of the head plays a big role in the amount of forgiveness that manufacturers can build into the face. More space leads to a bigger sweet spot and enhanced MoI. Not only is it more effective but it provides you with more confidence at address.


The loft of your driver will determine your launch angle and manufacturers have made it a priority to make this as flexible as possible. The Majority of drivers will allow extensive setting changes for enhanced performance and distance. They have taken into account that club-head speed varies between golfers produced a setup to suit every swing.


The adjustability of your chosen driver will allow you to turn into a golfer that can shape your shots rather than be a straight shooter only. There is nothing wrong with a straight shooter but on occasion, you will find yourself in a position where you need to shape the ball.


Take special care in selecting a shaft that has the right fit in terms of flex, weight, and length for your specific conditions.

The incorrect selection of shaft can cause you to have erratic results causing you to visit your professional regularly to iron out these deficiencies. Your swing speed will ultimately determine the shaft flex.

Lighter shafts tend to be whippier as a result of a faster swing.

The longer the shaft the more inconsistent the wing will be. A fitted shaft will produce more consistency and accuracy off the tee.

Quick Overview: Our Top Picks for Best Drivers For Mid Handicappers

OUR RATING: 5.0/5gstblcr-table__image Callaway Golf Epic Flash Driver
  • Technologically extremely versatile
  • Large sweet spot for extra distance
  • Lovely sound of the ball on the face
OUR RATING: 5.0/5gstblcr-table__image Titleist TSi2 Driver
  • New ATI 425 face for much higher ball speeds
  • High strength face insert is thinner and more elastic
  • An improved face and topline highlight the contrast face design
OUR RATING: 4.6/5gstblcr-table__image PING G410 SFT Driver (Currently Out Of Stock)
  • Large confidence-inspiring shaped head
  • Variety of shafts available
  • Awesome launch angles
OUR RATING: 4.2/5gstblcr-table__image Cobra F9 Speedback
  • Extremely adjustable
  • Technology laden
  • Designed for speeds and distance
OUR RATING: 3.8/5gstblcr-table__image Wilson Staff Golf Men’s D7
  • Light, low torque shaft
  • High, low-spinning flight
  • Awesome launch angles

Best Drivers for Mid Handicappers Reviews

1. TaylorMade SIM MAX Driver


  • Relatively affordable
  • Draw bias
  • Consistent accuracy
  • Higher spin and MOI for higher handicaps


  • The draw bias can make shaping shots difficult.
  • Not advisable for skilled players

TaylorMade has produced an impressive array of drivers in the last decade and has moved away from the M series into the new SIM (Shape in Motion) series.

SIM Max is aimed at providing you with the most forgiveness in the SIM family consisting of 3 drivers SIM, SIM Max, and SIM Max D.

Shaft and grip

The standard issue on the SIM Max is the Ventus Blue 6 (mid-launch) and Ventus Red 5 (mid-high
launch) shafts and a Golf Pride Z-Grip.


A maximum allowable head of 460cc designed for speed is the key to this driver consisting of a face that is 8% larger than the SIM.

MOI is 70 points higher than the SIM due to a 20g weight positioned back on the tip of the inertia generator in the sole.

Corrective angles across the face of the SIM Max using TaylorMade’s twist face technology results in a straighter ball trajectory.

A new asymmetrical sole aids in the aerodynamically head rotation through 45° at impact.

Loft and adjustability

Standard lofts on the SIM Max driver is 9°, 10.5°, and 12°. The loft sleeve allows for 12 possible sleeve variations that can increase or decrease the loft and lie angle by ±2°, and the face angle by ±4°


Taking its lead from the automotive industry, TaylorMade’s raised chromium carbon-fiber crown and grey-tinged chalk paint give a sleek appearance.

Combined with a raised sole TaylorMade achieved a significant drag reduction without sacrificing the center of gravity. The Inertia Generator is located low and towards the back with relatively heavy steel weight at the rear


The SIM Max produces the same pitch as the SIM but sounds slightly louder at impact. Mishits feel reasonably constant. The feedback on where the golf ball made contact with the driver's face is instant-felt in your hands.


The white/silver crown and blue accents found on the SIM Max looks similar to the SIM. The differences are more remarkable on the sole of the club. There is no adjustable weight on the Max’s
sole but a larger Inertia Generator area.


The SIM Max is designed for maximum forgiveness. The Inertia Generator with extra weight at the back provides the forgiveness you require, marginally
higher launch condition, a little more spin, and a higher ball flight.

Distances achieved are consistent and are comparable to most high-end drivers. The forgiveness of the Max will let your mishits fly roughly to the same distance as a pure strike, to a limit though.

Final Verdict

The SIM Max is distinct in looks to what you may have become accustomed to with TaylorMade drivers in the past, especially when you look at the sole.

Technological advances are to be expected in every new release from TaylorMade and the SIM Max does not disappoint in this aspect.

You can expect the SIM Max to cater to all your requirements as a mid-range handicap golfer

2. Titleist TSi2 Driver


  • Driver offering maximum distance and forgiveness
  • High launch with low spin
  • Larger sweet spot
  • Titleist latest technology


  • Pricey
  • New head shape not for all Titleist fans


Titleist offers a range of 7 different shaft options, with a selection of flex and lofts to suit every swing speed, in the latest materials available. The lightweight graphite shaft will suit slower swing speeds and assist in increasing clubhead speed through the ball.


Two Golf Pride grip options are available with the Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 a popular choice. The Premium Golf Pride Z-Grip is the upmarket version. Both perform well.


Titleist has introduced a new high strength titanium ATI 425 face insert that is thinner and produces more flex through impact. More speed, stability, and a larger sweet spot improve consistency.


The TSi2 has 4 loft options with the 10 or 11-degree being the best for the mid-handicapper who wants to get the golf ball airborne easily. The lower lofts of 8 and 9-degrees require a good skill level to launch the ball accurately and consistently from the tee.

Crown and Looks

Titleist has improved the crown shaping at the toe, which creates a good more modern look at address. An improved topline, with a TSi visual aid, assists with the all-important alignment on the tee.


Titleist drivers have always produced a solid, traditional sound at impact, and the TSi lives up to this.


A high-performance driver that will deliver accuracy and consistency. Incredible speed is generated across the entire face, and the lower, deeper CG maximizes distance through the optimized MOI design.

Final Verdict

The TSi2 driver is a fast, forgiving, and high launch driver. The low spin qualities ensure better control with less side spin on mis-hit shots. Hitting more fairways will produce improved scores.

3. PING G410 SFT Driver (Currently Out Of Stock)


  • Large confidence-inspiring shaped head
  • Variety of shafts available
  • Awesome launch angles


  • High spin rate

The Ping G400 Max Driver is one of a long line of successful drivers providing more forgiveness than its predecessors. The head size was increased to the legal 460 cc limit providing the basis for the extra forgiveness.


There is a wide range of shafts available for the G400 Max ranging from soft regular to extra stiff or professional. The variety extends to the weight of the shaft ensuring that you will find a shaft to your liking.


Ping moved away from the 445 cc head to the maximum allowable 460 cc and have been able to reap the benefits of introducing a confidence-inspiring head with loads of forgiveness. The increased head size impacts slightly on the speed due to additional wind resistance but ultimately it promotes more consistent and accurate shot-making.

The center of gravity moved lower as a result of the high-density back-weight and tungsten weights providing that extra forgiveness golfers dream of.


The standard lofts available are  9.0 degrees and 10.5 degrees with an adjustable hosel that can be set upwards or downwards by  1.


Ping managed to save weight by producing a thinner crown and clubface. The Ping Dragonfly technology used on the crown is a thing of beauty and not only looks great but is extremely effective.

The increased size of the head led to an increase in the size of the Turbulator on the crown for enhanced aerodynamics.

By implementing the thinner TS9+ titanium face Ping shaved nine percent off the weight and adding texture to the face Ping achieved a reduction in the spin rate. The weight saved through the thin face, crown and thinner sole helped to produce a bigger surface for enhanced forgiveness. This allowed Ping to add is a 15-gram tungsten weight moving the center of gravity lower and further back.


Ping did not ignore the impact of a great good drive on the psyche of the golfer. After extensive research using computer simulations, they designed a club that resulted in a very satisfying deep muted sound at the time of impact.


There can be no complaints related to the performance of the G400 Max. It produces long straight shots at a great launch angle.

You will be able to shape shots to your preference and situation without too much effort.

Final Verdict

The bigger head may cause a loss in speed but the technology advances around the crown, sole and face will reduce the impact of the speed loss with additional forgiveness and accuracy. Golfers that sprays the ball around are sure to close the dispersion of shots using the G400 Max.

4. Cobra F9 Speedback


  • Extremely adjustable
  • Technology laden
  • Designed for speeds and distance
  • Good forgiveness


  • Some will find the look at address a but too busy
  • Not all will appreciate the muted sound and feedback

The Speedback is loaded with technology to assist golfers at all levels to optimize their golf game. Cobra has found a solution to the optimum clubhead speed and low center of gravity combination that eluded so many manufacturers for a long time.


There is a huge selection of shafts available in varying weights and flex designed for every loft combination.


Lofts available vary between 9º, 10.5º and 12º and can be adjusted upwards and downwards on the hosel by 1.5º.


Cobra designed the large carbon fiber crown head that wraps onto the body with improved aerodynamics. This carbon fiber design saved 10 grams on the titanium drivers. By making the crown flatter and creating a “tail” that protrudes at the back of the head, Cobra moved the center of gravity right to the back of the head. Although this impacts on the aerodynamics it can be offset against the improvement of the center of gravity and overall performance.

At the front of the head, you will find a circular CNC precision milled face with a tilted bulge and roll axis. The precision milling creates a face that is up to 5 times more precise than a hand-polished face. The face utilizes the Dual Roll design providing more curvature on the upper face reducing spin and promoting a higher launch while the curvature on the lower end of the face results in the opposite.


The sound produced by the Speedback will put a smile even the most grumpy golfer.


The Speedback was designed to incorporate a vast amount of different technologies to optimize performance and forgiveness.

Cobra’s Speedback Technology made great strides in revolutionizing the way drivers can create additional speed combining acronymically shaped head but retaining a low center of gravity accelerating your clubhead speed and ultimately increasing the distance that the ball travels.

Dual Roll technology

Using CNC milling combined 3D CAD design Cobra produced a 5mm thin face with Dual Roll technology. The top roll is more curved than the bottom reducing spin and create a high launch angle. The bottom roll curvature is set up to achieve optimum spin and launch angle depending on the loft and swing speed of the golfer.


The combinations of materials, design features, and construction of this club make it a great option for wide range of golfers. It offers pretty much everything the average golfer will need in a driver.

The Verdict:

The Speedback is loaded with technology options and extremely adjustable and there will be a setting that will suit every golfer’s requirement. It may take some time to work your way through all the options and technology to achieve perfection

5. Wilson Staff Golf Men’s D7


  • Affordability
  • Great aerodynamic
  • Kevlar and carbon layered crown
  • Increased speed and distance
  • Superlight Design
  • Optimized internal weighting


  • Lacks adjustability
  • Only available in one grip size

Wilson has been a leader in providing quality sporting goods for more than a century. In golf, they have won 61 Major Championships since 1914.

In addition to championship-winning golf equipment Wilson produce some of the best golf equipment for amateurs.

A simple yet superlight design enables you to maximize your swing speed thus generating more distance.

Wilson’s Dynamic Launch Control places the weight to produce the optimal spin and trajectory.

This design does not offer any adjustability or sole weights hence the right combination of loft, shaft, and lie will go a long way to optimize your swing.

The Wilson Staff Golf Men’s D7 is constructed from advanced materials with a streamlined design. It encompasses a layer of Dupont Kevlar® which is sandwiched between two layers of carbon fiber. The weave is unidirectional on the bottom layer of the crown for a vibration reduction.

Wilson’s RE.AKT Technology is utilized in the design of the D7 driver to create more speed and distance off the tee.


Keeping to the uncomplicated design, there are only three lofts available for the D7 driver, 9-degrees, 10 ½ -degrees, or 13-degrees.

9-degrees are for faster swing speeds, 10 ½ degrees loft for average swing speeds, and 13-degree loft for slower swing speeds that want a higher launch and better spin.


The multi-material crown construction creates a crisp sound off the face of the D7.

The D7 driver is appealing to the eye at address. Quite rounded in shape but oversized, it inspires confidence and looks cutting edge, although we’d have liked it to be a little easier to align.


Using lightweight materials in the design and construction of the clubhead pays dividends with it weighing in at a mere 192 grams. This enables you to swing the club faster than comparable drivers.

The Wilson RE•AKT technology improves accuracy without compromising distance. While the Dynamic Launch Control with its internal weighting structure is not adjustable, it is set differently for each loft to maximize performance.

Final Verdict

An excellent driver for the price that will not leave you short off the tee.

The use of lightweight materials for extra speed and RE•AKT produces a combination of speed and accuracy that equals many drivers that are in the upper end of the pricing spectrum.

Final Thoughts

We have covered some of the leading driver options for the mid-handicap golfer. While they are all viable options the  Callaway Big Bertha stands out as our top choice. It ticks all the boxes as the best driver for mid-handicap golfers.

The Big Bertha looks good and sounds excellent. It delivers powerful distance while remaining extremely forgiving. This popular driver is easy to launch and has helped many golfers improve their game off the tee.

Consider your needs and select the best option for your game.

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