The 13 Best Golf Cart Accessories – Get Street Legal & More!

In 2021, golf sales increased by 12% from the previous year, driven predominantly by young people. Research outfit Small Vehicle Resource predicts that sales will grow by 20% more in 2022. How will they grow in 2024?

There are many new golf cart owners, maybe like yourself, who are looking to customize them. To turn them into a luxury, leisure vehicle. A far cry from those driven by our grandfathers. In this post, we are looking at the thirteen best golf cart accessories to help you pimp your ride, like the ones in this Bleacher Report.

From windshields to headlights and stripes to battery monitors, you will learn about the extras you can add to your vehicle.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing Golf Cart Accessories

Is the Accessory Compatible With My Cart?

Before you rush off to purchase new accessories, you must check if they will be compatible with your cart. Unique golf cart accessories can cause issues if not paired with the right cart. If you are unsure, check with your local golf cart dealer. They will also happily help you fit it for a few extra greenbacks.

How Do I Make My Cart Street Legal?

Besides a minimum speed of 20mph, your cart requires various accessories to pass as street legal.

According to North Carolina-based J’s Golf Carts, you will need to add head and taillights, turn signals, rearview and side mirrors, a windshield, seatbelts, and parking brake. Not to mention approved tires and a horn.

Once your vehicle is kitted out. You need to undertake the administration process to legally register the cart.

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What Are the Must-Have Golf Cart Accessories for Wet Weather?

If you live in an area with high rainfall, it is worth fitting your golf cart with a windshield and windscreen wipers.

What Are the Best Golf Cart Add-Ons for Warm Weather?

Golfers who play in warm climates may appreciate more luxurious accessories like a cooling system, such as Fresair. The downside of installing one of these systems is that you need to cut a hole in your roof. That could void any warranty from the cart manufacturer.

The Best Golf Cart Accessories That You Can Own

1. Golf Cart Air Conditioning System

Key features:

  • Keeps you cool in summer
  • Best paired with a golf cart enclosure
  • Installed by removing stock roof

While golf is best enjoyed in warmer conditions, the game becomes unplayable in high temperatures. Even if you have a cart, the heat will get to you. That is why I am a fan of golf cart air conditioners. Keeping cool in between shots will provide a more pleasant experience out on the course.

The downside to an air conditioner is that it does increase the rate at which your battery drains. Fresair has created a cooling system that only drains 10 amps per hour at full blast.

2. Windshield

Key features:

  • Protects from wayward golf balls
  • Easy installation for most carts
  • Must be paired with wipers in rainy weather

A windshield provides multiple benefits and is worth thinking about for your cart. Windshields protect you from the wind, sun, rain, and bugs to enhance the enjoyability of your round in any condition. I recommend fitting the windshield with wipers. Otherwise, you will have to look out the side of the cart to see where you are going in the rain. If you intend on making your cart street legal, it is mandatory to install a windshield. If you are looking for a better idea of the windshield options available to you, you can view them here.

3. Mirrors

Key features:
  • Required for street legal carts
  • Helps with reversing safely

Standard golf carts are not fitted with mirrors, which is why it is advisable to add them to your vehicle. Side mirrors will help you turn and reverse safely, without damaging your cart or a person. Side mirrors are super affordable, and there are numerous designs at your disposal, as you see here.

4. Trailer

Key features:
  • Tow within the weight capabilities of your cart
  • Great for non-golf activities like hunting

Your golf cart can tow lightweight trailers designed for low-power vehicles like ride-on lawnmowers. Just make sure you also buy an appropriate hitch and make sure your cart meets the weight requirements for the trailer. These are one of the highest quality golf cart accessories that often get overlooked due to lack of marketing, so they could give you a unique edge.

5. Light Kits

Key features:

  • Necessary to be road registerable
  • Great for late afternoon golf games to help find balls in the dusk light

If the sole purpose of your cart is to use it on a golf course during the day, then you may not see the value of a light kit. However, if you wish to make your cart street legal or intend to drive it around your neighborhood at night. You are going to need a light kit to optimize your view at night and neutralize the effects on other drivers or pedestrians. Halogen or LED bulbs are recommended.

Those who are currently shopping for golf cart light kits can compare various options on this page.

6. Tires

Key features:

  • Check if your tires need replacing at least once a year
  • Can be bought as tires or whole wheels

Obviously, tires are the least glamorous but most essential accessory for your golf cart. Having spares on hand is always a good idea to reduce any downtime due to a busted wheel or punctured tire. In terms of value for money, you can pick up a set of four Antego Tires for an affordable price, ensuring you are always prepared.

7. Lift Kit

Key features:

  • Necessary to take your cart over rough terrain
  • Can be pretty pricey and you may need a pro to install

It is unlikely that you will need to modify the height and stability of your cart to get around the golf course. However, golf cart upgrades like this give you the option to use your vehicle for other purposes such as hunting. If you are considering a lift kit, make sure that it works with your cart, as many products are compatible with only one cart brand. For example, this lift from Rhox only works on Club Car carts.

8. Cover

Key features:

  • Keep your cart safe from the elements
  • Some models can stay on your cart while in use

A cover is one of the top golf cart accessories for extending the life of your golf cart. Whenever you are not using it, it helps cover it up, protecting it from the elements. Especially if it is parked outdoors. In this case, you need a waterproof cover to keep the cart dry through storms. A cover prevents dust from getting onto the seats and bodywork of the cart. Plus, it prevents rust and other corrosion that a cart endures when exposed. I use the Explore Land Universal Waterproof cover, which is durable, affordable, and consistent. If this sounds appealing, you can learn more about it here.

9. Charge Meter

Key features:

  • Keep track of battery charge
  • Extend the life of your battery

Knowing when to charge your cart can be challenging, especially for first-time owners. That is why it is handy to install a charge meter that lets you know how much battery life you have before the next charge. These golf cart gadgets stop you from charging the cart too early or running it down excessively. If a charge meter is appealing to you, I recommend looking into the Qiilu battery indicator. It is easy to understand, hassle-free to set up, and is an affordable product.

10. Skins and Decals

Key features:
  • Full wraps available for certain cart types
  • Many different styles are available

Once you have all the accessories that you desire, the final step is to apply the design of your choice. If you are happy with a generic design you can purchase the skin and decals online. However, if you have something more personal in mind, you can approach a graphic artist to design your setup.

11. Golf Cart Heater

Key features:
  • Allows you to stay limber between shots on cold days
  • Increase the overall comfort if your round

Playing golf during the winter can sometimes feel like more effort than it’s worth because of the freezing cold. But, there is hope. There is a range of small heaters that strap easily into your cart. Combine one of them with a moving cover or a high-quality windbreaker and you’ll be able to keep your body warm and loose between shots.

12. GPS Golf Speaker

Key features:
  • Track distance to the pin
  • Keep things light during a social round
Want the precise distance to the tee to help you choose the right club for the shot? How about having a little background music during a social game? GPS golf speakers can fill both of these roles. These cool golf cart accessories are easily clipped into your cart or come with powerful magnets to stick to the metal sections of your cart.
If you already own a portable speaker, you could consider using a mount and an app on your smart device instead.

13. Seat Covers

Key features:
  • Prevent damage to new seats
  • Revive old and ratty leather
  • Fitted or loose options available
Whether you’re looking to increase the life of your existing seat finish or to hide old trashed leather, seat covers are a great option for golf cart accessories. The simplest and most affordable versions are similar to blankets with armrest holes to keep them in place. You could also opt for a more expensive (but more impressive) full reupholster of the existing seats. The in-between option is to get a fitted seat cover set for your exact cart model.

The Best Club Car Accessories FAQs

What Should I Put On My Golf Cart?

There are thousands of options to choose from. If you want to improve your comfort levels, opt for an AC unit, windshield, or heater. For safety, you can add a lift kit and mirrors. If you just want to add some visual appeal, decals and light kits make a huge difference.

How Can I Make My Golf Cart Look Better?

First and foremost, give it a good clean. Then, you could consider adding a full vinyl skin set, a light kit, new pedals, steering wheels, and even a new roof.

Can You Add Seat Belts to a Golf Cart?

Yes, you can add seat belts to a golf cart by adding a seat belt kit. Just make sure the kit is compatible with your cart.

Can You Modify a Golf Cart?

You can really go to town with modifications on a golf cart. Since they’re often not street legal anyway, they don’t have the same restrictions that car mods have. Alternatively, you may want to modify it in a way that makes it legal for street use.

Final Thoughts

Numerous products on the market can help you protect and pimp your golf cart. However, we focused on the most practical options. Our list of the thirteen best golf cart accessories is designed to help you optimize your vehicle’s performance.

In conclusion, a golf cart no longer needs to look and feel dull. The market is packed with accessories, and you can design your vehicle the way you see fit.

Based on the accessories that we covered, which ones stood out for you? Do you see value in the air conditioning system, or would a charge meter make life easier for you? Maybe you would enjoy your cart more if it had a windshield?

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