The Best Golf Windbreaker [Reviews & Ratings]

If you frequently play on an ocean or links course you should be well versed in the art of dealing with wind. Cold gale-force gusts chill your body temperature in an instant and ruin your round. That is why you need to equip yourself for the occasion, and that starts by reading this review on the best golf windbreaker.

At the end of this article, you will possess the necessary knowledge to make a better-informed decision to help you beat the breeze.

Quick Overview: Best Golf Windbreaker

OUR RATING: 5/5gstblcr-table__imageBest Overall Golf Windbreaker
  • Wind CELL Technology-Breathable
  • UV Protection-UPF 40+
  • Zipper closure
OUR RATING: 4.6/5gstblcr-table__imageCallaway Opti-Repel Wind Jacket
  • Opti-Repel
  • Opti-Shield
  • Full Zip with Mock Collar
OUR RATING: 4.3/5gstblcr-table__imageThree Sixty Six Fleece Golf Jacket
  • Made with an ultra-soft fleece fabric
  • Stretchy cuffs keep the sleeves snug and secure on your wrists
gstblcr-table__imageLittle Donkey Andy Soft Shell Vest Jacket
  • 2 zip-up hand pockets, 2 internal pockets, 1 large back pocket
  • TPU membrane
  • Crafted with windproof fabric
OUR RATING: 4.2/5gstblcr-table__imageAdidas Core Wind Jacket
  • 100% Other Fibers
  • PFC-free water-repellent finish
  • Golf wind jacket

Best Golf Windbreaker

1. Puma Riverwalk Wind Jacket – Best Overall Golf Windbreaker

Topping our list as the best overall golf windbreaker is Puma’s Riverwalk Wind Jacket. The garment is 100% polyester and performs exceptionally to shield you from the elements.Puma’s s designers combined Wind Cell technology with UPF 40+ safety to keep your body warm, dry, and unexposed in the rain or shine. Added to the jacket’s performance is the optimized comfort thanks to the zipper closure and performance fit.

Features of The Puma Riverwalk Wind Jacket

WindCell Technology

The star of the show for the Puma Riverwalk Jacket is its Wind Cell technology, designed to shield your skin from the breeze. Furthermore, the use of highly functional materials enables breathability to regulate your body temperature.

In simple terms, WindCell technology helps your jacket keep the breeze out to keep you dry, warm, and comfortable for the duration of your round.

UV Protection- UPF 40+

Although its resistance to the wind is why you purchase this jacket, it doesn’t harm that it shields you from ultraviolet (UV) rays.

By employing an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 40+, the protective material shields your skin from the wrath of the rays on an overcast and sunny days. As a result, you can enjoy sunburn-free rounds and a lower risk of skin cancer.


The Riverwalk Jacket’s ability to shield you from the wind and UV rays are not the only impressive features. To enhance the performance of the windbreaker in all conditions, Puma ensured that it was water-resistant.

Therefore, the jacket repels light rain and moisture from the fabric to keep you warm and dry during your round. However, if you often play in torrential rain, you may need proper rain gear.

Performance Fit

The challenge with tight wind and rain jackets is that they impact your shoulder rotation. As a result, you feel restricted on your backswing and follow-through.

In a bid to maximize the comfort of the Riverwalk Jacket, Puma decided on a performance fit. The design is looser and features a wider fit on the shoulders that enables optimum freedom of movement.

Zipper Closure

It may be a simple feature, but the zipper closure setup of this jacket optimizes your convenience. Instead of removing your cap and glasses every time you take off your windbreaker, you simply unzip it and free your arms.

Value For Money

Admittedly I have paid less for windbreakers in my lifetime, but value for money does not mean cheap. It means that you are receiving bang for your buck. The Wind, UV, and water resistance, coupled with its comfort and convenience. Make it a good value for money buy.


The Puma Riverwalk Jacket topped our list as the best golf windbreaker because of its all-around performance. It shields you from the elements and keeps you warm, dry, and comfortable for 18-holes. Plus, it is not over the top expensive.

2. Callaway Opti-Repel Wind Jacket

Callaway’s Opti-Repel wind jacket is our pick for the most waterproof golf windbreaker on the market. Their Opti-Repel construction fabricates a layer of padding that resists ferocious wind and rain, while the Opti-Shield shelters your skin from UV rays.

On top of the performance features of the jacket, it features a zipper closure and front pockets to store your hands.

Features of Callaway Opti-Repel Wind Jacket


Callaway applied their Opti-Repel technology to the jacket to deliver superior performance in wet and windy conditions.

Opti-Repel develops a barrier between your skin and mother nature to keep you dry and warm in the cold. Its water-resistant qualities are sufficient to shelter you from intermittent light rain. But if you are playing in a storm, you will need to don a waterproof jacket.


Callaway applied their Opti-Shield technology to the jacket to enhance its protective qualities. The technology provides UPF-50 protection. That means that it prevents 98% of UV rays from hitting your skin. As a result, you experience reduced sunburn and pain in the days following your round.


The next feature to highlight is the Opti-Repel jacket’s thermal qualities. It helps to regulate your body temperature and keep you warm and dry in bone-chilling winds.

Full Zipper Closure

Like the Puma Riverwalk jacket, Callaway fitted a zipper closure to increase the convenience of taking the item on and off. You can put it on and take it off with ease without having to remove your cap or sunglasses.

Front Open Pocket

Although there are countless winter golf gloves on the market, we still insist on sticking our hands in our pockets for warmth. The Opti-Repel jacket contains open front pockets to keep your hands in or any other valuables.

Value For Money

As is the case with the Puma Riverwalk, this jacket is not the lowest price on the market. However, in terms of its quality, convenience, and performance, it is worth the money if you need a water-resistant windbreaker.


The Callaway Opti-Repel Wind Jacket is an ideal companion for golfers who frequently play in the wind and moderate rain. Its thermal features keep you warm, while the Opti-Repel and Opti-Shield technologies keep you dry and sheltered from UV rays.

3. Three Sixty Six Fleece Golf Jacket

Our pick for the warmest golf windbreaker goes to the Three Sixty Six Fleece jacket. The pullover design offers optimal warmth and comfort on breezy days, while its slim fit delivers an appealing appearance.

Furthermore, the Three Sixty Six Fleece golf jacket possesses wind and water-resistant qualities to ensure that you stay warm and dry during your round.

Features of Three Sixty Six Golf Jacket

Wind Resistant

Kicking off with the feature that you came here to learn about, wind-breaking or wind resistance. The insulated fleece fabric blocks out the wind and shields your skin from the elements to keep you warm on days with a Zephyr.


The insulated fabric of the Three Sixty Six Golf jacket also empowers the garment to repel light rain. As a result, your jacket takes the hit and remains dry and warm throughout.

Warm and Breathable

Using ultra-soft fleece fabric, the designers delivered a design with the warmth of a thicker jacket and the breathability of a light sweater. Therefore your body temperature is regulated, and you enjoy optimal comfort while navigating the golf course.


Although the jacket sports a slim fit, it contains stretchy material to optimize your comfort and freedom of movement. The cuffs fit securely around your wrists to avoid distracting you, while the hem and elastic collar contract during your swing to maximize shoulder rotation.

The employment of stretchy material around the cuffs, hem, and collar, provides sublime comfort and freedom while swinging.

100% Refund

It is a risky approach to offer consumers a 100% refund policy with no questions asked. But it works for Three Sixty Six. If you have any rational problem with your order, you can return it and get your money back.

Value For Money

The Three Sixty Six Fleece Golf Jacket is more affordable compared to the Puma and Callaway options on our list. And it also ticks all the boxes of what you would expect from a golf windbreaker.


Although I endorse this Fleece Golf Jacket, I don’t care much for quarter zips. As I explained above, it is an inconvenience when taking it on and off.

However, without getting bogged down over the zipper, it is warm, resists wind and water, and enables optimal freedom of movement. Overall, I would recommend a closer look if you demand a warm windbreaker.

4. Little Donkey Andy Soft Shell Vest Jacket

Not all winds are cold, and sometimes a short sleeve windbreaker is enough to ensure your comfort. Our pick for the best jacket in this category is the Little Donkey Andy Soft Shell Vest Jacket.

While the name may cause a laugh, the jacket means business. Windproof and water-resistant qualities combine with 4-way stretch material to deliver considerable comfort, warmth, and dryness during your round.

Features of The Little Donkey Andy Soft Shell Vest Jacket


Little Donkey Andy constructed their Soft Shell Vest jacket using durable, windproof fabric which guards your chest against fresh draughts. Plus, the addition of a chin guard keeps your neck warm and protected.

Since it is a vest jacket, your arms may still feel nature’s wrath, so it is not advisable to use one of these on a bitterly cold day.


To repel light rain from the surface of this material, the designers inserted thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) membranes. TPU enhances the jacket’s ability to resist rain and prevent the water from seeping into the jacket. As a result, your chest and neck stay dry during a light shower.

4-Way Stretch

Added to its repertoire of wind and water resistance is a 4-way stretch fabric. It increases your ability to rotate your shoulders during your swing, which frees your torso up, and enables you to swing naturally.

Zip-Up Pockets

The zip-up pockets on the Little Donkey Andy Soft Shell vest offer you a place to store your hands when they feel cold. Plus, it gives you added storage space to shelter your phone or scorecard from the rain.

Value For Money

This Soft Shell vest jacket fetches a fair price for a windbreaker. Especially since it is also water-resistant and features 4-way stretch material. While it won’t protect your arms from the elements, it is a quality product and does offer good value for money.


Although you don’t have the luxury of protecting your arms from the rain, wind, and sun. The Little Donkey Andy Soft Shell vest jacket is an exceptional performer otherwise. It does not restrict your shoulders during your swing and keeps your chest warm and dry.

If you enjoy vest jackets, then this is a garment that is worth consideration.

5. Adidas Core Wind Jacket

We are at number five on our list of best golf windbreakers, and this jacket is our choice for the most wind-resistant. The windproof qualities combine with a water repellent finish to ensure comfort, warmth, and dryness for 18-holes in the wind.

Although this jacket does not possess the advanced technological features of other windbreakers, it performs admirably in adverse conditions.

Features of Adidas Core Wind Jacket


The Adidas Core Wind jacket comprises 88% recycled polyester. Not only does it help the environment, it the heavy construction deflects the wind.

Although this material is heavier than fleece and can take some getting used to, it does the job by keeping the breeze away from your body to maintain optimal warmth.

PFC Free Water Repellent Finish

The recycled polyester material is further reinforced by a PFC Free Water Repellent finish. The concoction strengthens the garment’s ability to repel light rain to keep your arms and chest warm and dry in adverse conditions.

Full Zip

As I have mentioned a few times in this post, full zippers are more convenient than quarter zips and save you from needing to remove your head and eyewear every time you put them on.

Front Pockets

Like any good windbreaker, the Adidas Core Wind jacket contains two front pockets to slide your hands into. The pockets provide extra layer support for your hand’s in-between shots.

Value For Money

After looking at the simple construction and performance of this jacket, I cannot justify the price. While I believe that it is a quality product, other windbreakers on this list offer far better value for money.


On the surface, the Adidas Core Wind jacket appears to be a classic windbreaker. However, its performance and quality would suggest otherwise.

It is warm, resists the wind, and repels water, everything you need from a wind jacket. However, it is impossible to justify spending when there are alternative products at a lower price.

Conclusion Of The Best Golf Windbreaker

That brings to a close our review on the five best jackets to keep you warm and shield your skin from the cold wind.

The Puma Riverwalk Wind Jacket claimed the overall top spot for the best golf windbreaker. That was thanks to its unique ability to shelter your body from the wind, sun, and rain while regulating your body temperature.

Callaway’s Opti-Repel Win jacket took home the prize of our most water-resistant golf windbreaker, while the Three Sixty Six Fleece earned the top pick for warmth.

Finally, the Little Donkey Andy Soft Shell vest jacket topped the charts for the best short sleeve windbreaker. And Adidas’ Core Wind jacket turned out to be the most wind-resistant golf windbreaker.

If you are in the market for a new jacket, you can learn more about the Puma Riverwalk Wind Jacket here.

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