Square Strike Wedge Review – Is It Worth Buying?

There are many facets to the game of golf that golfers have to fight very hard to overcome. The short game and wedge shots around the green that cannot be hit with a full swing has proven to be extremely costly for the majority of golfers, up to now… and now here comes the Square Strike Wedge to your rescue.

What is the Square Strike Wedge and in which category does it fall? That’s a frequently asked question. It looks like a wedge but operates almost exactly like a chipper of days gone by. The Square Strike Wedge club is a hybrid somewhere between a standard wedge and a putter.

The Square Strike Wedge is designed to improve square clubface contact on the ball creating better roll and improve on the accuracy of the shot by providing greater feel. The offset face improves the move to square the face at impact every time without fail.

Chipping should be one of the more comfortable areas of your golf game as it involves the shortest clubs in your bag and close to the flag! But alas, it turns out that this is an area where a lot of golfers lose more than their fair share of shots.

If your short game needs some assistance to change it in the right direction and your wedges are just not doing it for you around the green, here is a wedge that will go a long way in addressing your pains and assist in reducing the stress around the greens. ThisWedge is designed to improve accuracy from different types of lies, make it almost impossible to hit fat shots, all of this while having a standard putting stroke.

Square Strike Wedge Review


The first thing you notice on this wedge is the extra-long extra thin green grip that is 1” longer than standard grips. This will allow you to grip down on shots closer to the hole. The grip may not suit everyone as it is rather on the thin side compared to the rest of the clubs in your bag.

As the Square Strike is used very similar to a putter, you can use the same grip that you use on your putter here as well. It will be wise to experiment with your grip on the Square Strike Wedge the same as you would with your putter.


The shaft is 35” placing it in the standard putter shaft length which makes it easier to control than your wedges. However, this is a precision club and does not require the extra length to get more distance. When it comes to the wedge, you’re looking for precision, not distance.

Golfers have often improvised around the greens by using either a 7 iron or 8 iron to chip and get more roll. As the shafts of these clubs are normally in the 36.5” to 37” range, you could lose some accuracy. This will not be the case with this wedge.



The Square Strike Wedge comes with a 330-gram clubhead is weighs approximately 30g more than a sand wedge. The design moves weight from the heel to the toe of the Square Strike Wedge and presents a COG located exactly in the center of the clubface with high MOI than the average wedge.

The move of the weight prevents the clubhead opening and closing excessively during the swing. The effect of the weighting reduces hand/wrist action while increasing the action incurred from the larger muscles. The weighted clubhead provides the forgiveness required around the green on mishits.


The Square Strike Wedge has a low profile clubface that is set up square to the target with vertical lines framing the ball and assisting in the alignment of the ball.


On the bottom end of the Square Strike Wedge you will find an enormous sole that is curved slightly from heel to toe with shallow grooves. This reduces friction resulting in the head continuing to slide through the turf smoothly producing crisp contact and all but eliminating fat shots.

In addition to the changes in the sole, the Square Strike Wedge comes with a beveled leading edge that essentially reduces the likelihood of the club digging into the turf.


The Square Strike Wedge allows you to set up closer to your ball with a 68º lie angle that is similar to most standard putters and 6º more upright than most wedges. This all results in the full swing being more difficult to achieve with the Square Strike Wedge.


The Square Strike Wedge comes as standard with a 45° loft which compares with most pitching wedges. However, it can be purchased in different lofts as is the case with other wedges.


The Square Strike Wedge has a rectangular face with an upright lie angle, green head and wide sole that will not look like the standard club in your bag. It will definitely be noticed.

Sound & Feel

The weighted clubhead reduces the feedback to the golfer and it is not easy to identify mishit shots. The Square Strike Wedge produces a muted sound on impact.


The weighted club head will make it more difficult to produce a full swing out of the Square Strike Wedge. Although it is possible to do so, you will lack the distance compared to a pitching wedge with a similar loft. You will achieve better results within the 50-yard radius from the pin.

Can this super wedge help you out of a bunker? Indeed it will assist with bunker play where the lip is of a reasonable height. Where the lip is slightly high it would not be recommended to try the Square Strike Wedge. The best results will be achieved from a straight back and through stroke as you would stroke a putter.


Feedback from several golfers that have tried the Square Strike Wedge has been very positive. Most golfers commented that it is nearly impossible to hit fat shots with the Square Strike Wedge.  A reduction in fat and thin shots leads to reduced scores and that is the aim of any golfer. The Square Strike Wedge produces low shots that produce more roll than what you would achieve with a pitching wedge.

The weighted clubhead makes playing shots from a variety of lies possible as it will even slide through thicker grass than a pitching wedge would. The Pitching wedge is more likely to grab into thicker grass.

Tournament Ready

Is the Square Strike Wedge tournament legal? Yes, it conforms to all USGA and R&A rules and can be put in your bag with confidence for your next tournament.


  • Exceptional chip and run shots
  • Consistently square impact position
  • Highly forgiving
  • Can use putter stroke and grip for better results
  • Reduces the guesswork in shorter shots


  • This is not ideal for full shots
  • Could be a tad heavy for some people
  • Lacks the versatility some other wedges offer


This is not a club for the more capable players that are comfortable using their wedges to produce a variety of shots around the green. It is not possible to hit a flop shot that flies high and lands softly on the green.

Golfers that are either starting out or are experiencing indifferent results playing their wedges around the green, and that makes it a large number of golfers, will benefit tremendously from the Square Strike Wedge.

The weighted clubhead together with the lie that is in line with most putters, a putting stroke that can cut through almost any condition, will put a smile on many a golfer that is used to thinning or chunking wedge shots. The heavy clubhead may take some getting used to but many a golfer will reap the benefit and experience more enjoyable golf.

Benefits that you will gain from using the Square Strike Wedge pitching wedge:

  • Improved confidence
  • Consistency in club selection around the greens
  • Less movement results in more accurate shots
  • Reduced face rotation

As the stock shot with the Square Strike Wedge is a low running shot and the full shot will not produce much more height and distance the club will definitely not provide the variety of shots that you can produce when carrying your normal wedges. It in no way diminishes the value of the Square Strike as you can combine it with your normal selection of wedges in your bag.

This begs the question, which club should I replace with the Square Strike Wedge? This is a very personal selection and you should consider how often you use certain clubs and what the impact on your round will be if you extract it from your arsenal for the next round.

Think outside the box and on the other extreme of your range of equipment. Beginner golfers may struggle with their drivers or 3 wood but benefit tremendously from having the Square Strike Wedge pitching wedge for those critical shots around the green.

There is a negative side to the use of the Square Strike Wedge though. Getting used to the benefits gained from using the Square Strike Wedge, you could neglect to practice your wedges on the driving range. This could prevent you from becoming a better wedge player with more of a variety of shots that you can execute in difficult circumstances.

A visit to your local professional for a few lessons to improve your wedge play may be slightly more expensive but will leave you with more satisfaction when you are able to play a larger variety of shots with your wedges.

Square Strike WedgeAlternatives

There are alternatives to the Square Strike Wedge that begs to be compared and tested. Some of the more popular competitors are:

1. C3i Wedge

The C3i Wedge differs extensively from the Square Strike Wedge when it comes to loft but they are both aimed at making it easier for a golfer to get up and down inside 40 yards from the flag.  The C3i differs in that it is aimed at providing golfers with an improved chance of successfully completing a flop shot.

The C3i has a 60+ degree loft compared to the 45-degree loft of the Square Strike Wedge therefor you are more likely to play a lofted shot that stops quickly with the C3i compared to the bump and run shots that you will play with the Square Strike.

The Square Strike Wedge will be more beneficial for links type of courses where more roll is required where the C3i is more likely to come into play in more parkland courses with smaller and softer greens.

Both of the clubs have large soles and similar bounce characteristics and groove characteristics achieving a smooth slide through the turf.

It is well worth testing the C3i to evaluate whether it will provide you with more flexibility around the greens and make you a more complete golfer.

2. MAZEL Golf Pitching & Chipper Wedge

The Mazel Pitching and Chipper Wedge is very similar to the Strike Wedge in the 35” length of the shaft which is very putter like. They share the same weight in the clubhead department weighing in at 330 grams. The similarities do not end there as the lie of both of these clubs come in at 68 degrees.

Both clubs come in various lofts with the pitching wedge loft of 45 degrees being the most popular. The Mazel comes in more of a variety of colors but does share a similar green inset.

The Mazel grip is probably more to the liking of most golfers as it is produced in a more substantial size compared to the ultra-thin grip on the Square Strike.

3. Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge

This is a popular and highly rated wedge. It is great value for money and surprisingly effective in the budget price bracket. It is a classic blade-shaped true temper wedge with a high polished finish that most golfers enjoy.

The sole grind allows golfers to play with a more open clubface for high and accurate shots around the green. It offers good control and is highly versatile. It works well off the fairway, the rough or the sand.


The  Square Stike Wedge will help many golfers that have difficulties around the green.  If you battle with consistency and accuracy or tend to hit your wedges fat on a regular basis this might well be the solution. That being said, it is not the most versatile wedge and might not be ideal for better players.

Evaluate your short game and the challenges you might experience to determine if this is the best club to help you shave a few strokes every round. The Square Strike is a popular option that has helped many people.

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