The 5 Best Spikeless Golf Shoes On The Market

There is a lot of etiquette and tradition in the history of golf, not least when it comes to dress codes. As far as footwear is concerned, it has always been cleats or metal spiked golf shoes.

Thanks to, among a few others, Fred Couples, and modern technology, the spikeless golf shoe is now all the rage and rapidly gaining in popularity. We take a look at the best golf spikeless shoes on the market.

Why The Change?

Spiked shoes are generally heavy, the cleats tend to wear down or start to push up through the sole of the shoe. The spikeless shoe, on the other hand, is lighter more comfortable and can even be worn in the clubhouse. Some of the designs are so attractive that they are being worn as casual shoes.

The old-school golf shoes are harsh on the tough ground for the wearer and not ideal on the greens. They were also not welcome in the clubhouse or the pub. Spikeless shoes are a lot more versatile and comfortable, do less damage and are acceptable in most environments. Many clubs have outlawed spikes altogether.

Modern designs and materials allow spikeless shoes to be as effective, if not more effective, than spiked golf shoes. They are comfortable while still providing excellent traction and grip while offering much more versatility than spiked golf shoes. Many can be comfortably worn off the course.

What to look for in a Spikeless Golf Shoe?

When deciding on a pair of spikeless golf shoes, what are the overriding features we should be looking for? You may be on a golf cart or walking the course, either way, you still need a good quality shoe that is comfortable and effective.


Some courses tend to be a bit wet or damp, or on an early tee-off time there might still be some dew on the grass. The waterproof qualities of the shoe are going to be one of the most important factors to consider. Don’t forget those rainy days, especially if this is accompanied by cold weather.

A good golf shoe would be made with a Gore-Tex lining to seal the insole as well as the top cover. Not only does this lining provide good waterproofing but it is also breathable.


As much as you want them to be waterproof you also want the shoes to be able to breathe. This will keep your feet cool during a long day on the course. There is often a bit of tradeoff between waterproofing and good breathability so you will have to decide which factor is most important. Some, however, manage to combine the two features quite well.

Grip and stability

For stability in the swing, particularly on long drives, grip and traction are key requirements. Spikeless golf shoes come with synthetic cleats or dimples which provide exactly what is needed, with the added advantage of not damaging the surface of the greens. This will also help when you are in the rough and have a poor lie in a sloped area.


You don’t want to spend four hours trudging around 18 holes in a pair of heavy boots. Weight is such an important factor in comfort and conserving energy and improving performance. The lighter the better without sacrificing n other important features.


Traditional golf shoes are made with leather which will stretch and mold to your feet but is not too good on resisting water and offers poor breathability. The large variety of synthetic materials used on the spikeless range give more breathability and allows you to really personalize your look when you leave the change room.


One of the most important things to look for is comfort. The quality, design, and materials will all contribute to the comfort of the golf shoe. Fortunately, spikeless shoes are inherently more comfortable than spiked shoes. Many can be worn on and off the course without discomfort or issues. Some are, however, more comfortable than others.

A well-cushioned insole helps a lot. The shape and fit, as well as the quality of the materials, will all have a major impact.


Quality golf shoes are not cheap. They are an important investment for your comfort and performance on the course. Investing in quality shoes will ensure a comfortable experience and deliver durability so they will not need replacing every season.


This is obviously a personal preference but you want your golf shoes to look good and work well with your normal golf apparel. Some prefer the more traditional look while others enjoy a more modern design. Both are perfectly acceptable what is important is that they look good, match your clothing and suit your personal style.

You want to be comfortable with the actual shoes as well as the looks. Fortunately, there is a great range of options and there is something to suit all styles and preferences.

Quick Overview: Our Top Picks for Best Spikeless Golf Shoes

OUR RATING: 5.0/5gstblcr-table__imageNike Golf Lunar Control Vapor 2
  • Tremendous grip and traction
  • Very comfortable and stable
  • Two-year weatherproof guarantee
OUR RATING: 4.8/5gstblcr-table__imageSketchers Go Golf Elite 4
  • Very comfortable and lightweight
  • Good grip and traction
  • Good value for money
OUR RATING: 4.6/5gstblcr-table__imagePuma Ignite NXT
  • Like wearing slippers on the golf course
  • Attractive sporty look
  • Good value for money
OUR RATING: 4.5/5gstblcr-table__imageAdidas Tour 360 XT SL
  • Great uncluttered traditional look
  • Very comfortable and light
  • Good value for money
OUR RATING: 4.5/5gstblcr-table__imageCallaway Men's Balboa Vent Golf Shoe
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Durable material
  • Good for those with wider feet

Reviews of The Best Golf Spikeless Shoes

Let’s now look at some of the top brands available on the market:

1. Nike Golf Lunar Control Vapor 2


  • Tremendous grip and traction
  • Very comfortable and stable
  • Two-year weatherproof guarantee
  • Good looking aesthetically pleasing design


  • Relatively expensive pricing
  • Not great for off-course use

Nike is yet another big name in sporting goods and has developed new innovations to improve and enhance performance and meet consumer demand.

Answering the core requirement of a good swing, which is stability on the ground, Nike’s focus is on natural motion and flexibility and a lug pattern that provides strong penetrating traction, lateral support, and walking comfort.

The Articulated Integrated Traction system with protruding tracks ensures maximum grip and traction in even the roughest or wettest conditions. The Nike Power transfer zone in the outsole platform ensures smooth weight transition and stability. These rubber TPU outsoles feature fin-like tracks that really dig in. Take care on wet concrete surfaces as the grip is gone and they become quite slippery.

The uppers are of synthetic lightweight leather with a thin overlay of NIKESKIN for a supple feel. The added benefit is durability and they are easy to clean.

The Flywire midfoot saddle gives you a solid lockdown and a snug supporting fit, making sure that there is no foot movement inside the shoe The Nike swoosh has been moved to the side, from the front of the shoe giving it a more aesthetic look.

Lunarlon foam cushioning gives tremendous comfort and heel-to-toe transition.

The waterproofing features a membrane in the upper and under the footbed to keep out moisture and provide comfort. The Nike Vapor 2 carries a two-year waterproof guarantee.

The tongue is split and prevents rubbing the top of the foot as it breaks when you walk and the shoes lace upfront.

An additional security feature is the TPU heel counter to lock down the heel.

The color options are White, Black, White/Grey/Teal, and Navy/White.

A testimony to the quality and performance of the Nike Lunar Control Vapor 2 is the number of top pros that endorse the brand. Amongst the greats are names like Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Jason Day, Paul Casey, Francesco Molinari, and Tommy Fleetwood.

2. Sketchers Go Golf Elite 4


  • Very comfortable and lightweight
  • Good grip and traction
  • Affordable


  • Not very stylish
  • Not available in white

This is a brand that gets hundreds of positive reviews and for good reason. Sketchers feature waterproof uppers on a rubber sole. They have a front lace-up style with a padded tongue and cuffs for added comfort and support.

Matt Kuchar is just one of the tour pros using this brand and was instrumental in the transition from the traditional spiked version.

The latest technology at Sketchers has delivered the H2GO Shield, seam-sealed waterproofing. The 5Gen, next-generation high response lightweight cushioning foam, and Softspikes, replaceable cleats for better traction and comfort, add to the quality of this product.

Along with the new seam-sealed waterproofing is a soft fabric lining which not only whips away moisture but also dissipates heat, keeping feet cool and dry all day long.

Faux-leather uppers give a smooth, durable and easy to clean golf shoe. The perforations on the side provide for extra ventilation and cooling. The padded collar and tongue enhance the comfort for wear on or off the golf course. The Balboa needs no breaking in and is ready to go straight out of the box.

With the lace-up front, your foot remains stable and firm under all conditions. The width of the forefoot results in a comfortable fit for most foot shapes.

Another interesting feature is the Resamax removable insole which acts as a shock absorber along with the base of the shoe.

Color options are Navy, Black, and Grey.

3. Puma Ignite NXT


  • Very comfortable, some say like wearing slippers on the golf course
  • Attractive sporty look
  • Equally suitable as a casual shoe
  • Good value for money


  • Has had some negative feedback on waterproof quality
  • Not ideal for wide feet
  • Not available in true white

Puma is a well-known global brand with a solid reputation for sporting gear. They are best known for durable quality products that offer value for money.

The Ignite NXT has been rebuilt from the bottom up, with an organically-altered traction pattern, on the original Pro-form TPU outsole. The sole carries more than one hundred directional hexagonal lugs to maximize stability and traction.

“Soleshield” is a thin TPU film that is vacuum-formed around the full length Ignite Foam midsole, making dirt easier to clean off. Breathability is very good keeping feet dry and fresh throughout the game. A mesh layer towards the front upper provides additional breathability but may compromise the weatherproof qualities of the shoe in extreme conditions.  A high level of comfort combined with quality durable materials ensures that these shoes will serve you for a long time.

The Ignite NXT offers three tie-up options. The “no lace” disc model with a micro-adjusted dial system for a quick, secure, locked-in fit. The shoelace provides extra stability. Remember the old days when we wrapped the long laces under the soccer or rugby boot? This is a similar concept giving you a 360 degree tucked in feel. The traditional laced up option will always be there.

Puma golf shoes tend to be on the large size so it is recommended that you go one size smaller. People with very wide feet might feel them a bit too tight even with the wide fit option.

Color options are Black, Charcoal, Navy, and White/Navy.

4. Adidas Tour 360 XT SL


  • Great uncluttered traditional look
  • Good traction and stability
  • Very comfortable and light
  • Good value for money


  • Might lack breathability on a hot day
  • Limited choice of colors
  • Not really suitable for casual wear

Adidas is another top world-renown brand for sports equipment and their golf gear is a separate highly specialized division.

Adidas claims that their golf shoes will give you “surefooted traction” and a  “flexible fit” whether you are swinging from soaking wet grass or an uneven lie.

The Tour 360 is popular as it looks most like a traditional golf shoe. With a sporty edge and modern spikeless technology, it is very stylish. The Black and White version with the Scarlet sole really fits the bill.

The shoe gets its name from the X-shaped traction system of the outsole. These X-shaped lugs are designed with eight-sided touchpoints with a multi-directional grip to further enhance traction and stability. Combining with the X-traction lugs are eight cleats that help t further enhance traction and ensure your feet are firmly anchored. These cleats may cause a bit of damage to soft greens, so be aware.

The much talked about Boost technology of the Adidas insoles is the source of great comfort and energy return. The feel is like bouncing or walking on pockets of air and there is no foot fatigue at the end of eighteen holes.

The 360Wrap, which entirely surrounds the midfoot, has revolutionized golf shoes and provides tremendous foot support and stability. INSITE sock-liner and premium leather uppers ensure a secure and stable fit

Added benefits are that the golf shoes are durable, breathable and have waterproof qualities of all the materials used. The leather uppers are best for keeping the moisture out and usually last longer than synthetics and re easier to clean.

Adidas has a wide range of golf shoes with a more modern outer design in synthetic materials to suit the more stylish and to color coordinate. Sergio Garcia, John Rahm, and Dustin Johnson are amongst the tour pros that wear Adidas.

5. Callaway Men’s Balboa Vent Golf Shoe


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Durable material
  • Good choice for those with wider feet
  • Affordable


  • Not great on weatherproofing
  • Uppers are not easy to clean

This shoe features the “Opti-vent” mesh liner, and as the name implies gives great heat control and breathability.

The uppers are dura weave mesh on a 3D stability cage. Another feature is the outer sole with dura-rubber with multi-directional traction lugs. The insole is 5mm EVA with an “Opti-soft” midsole.

The Callaway Balboa Vent in known for being lightweight and comfortable and your feet still feel fresh after 18 holes on the course. The advances in technology at Callaway have provided a trendy and sleek shoe that ensures excellent traction through the multi-directional lugs on the Dura-rubber soles.

You will feel securely anchored and not worry about slipping even in the worst conditions. The dura-weave mesh uppers are breathable and also help with heat control. The 3D stability cage with the front lace-up style ensures a snug fit and prevents the foot from moving in the shoe. Additional comfort and ground feel are provided through the “opti-soft” EVA midsole.

The Balboa is an extremely comfortable shoe on and off the golf course and the fit is perfect, even on wider feet, with the 3D stability cage.

The color range is two-way Black/White/Red and Grey.

6. FootJoy Pro/SL


  • Fantastic comfort
  • It looks and feels like traditionally spiked shoes
  • Great size and width option
  • Superb all-weather stability and traction
  • Weatherproof guarantee for two years


  • Limited color range
  • Not suitable for casual wear
  • Has been tagged with the “nurse look

The iconic FootJoy Pro/SL has been completely redesigned and updated for 2020. It boasts the new Infinity outsole featuring 30 percent more traction points and an 11.5 percent wider sole.

The Chromeskin uppers are both waterproof and very durable. The redesigned Power Harness wraps around the foot for comfort and stability in the swing.

The Dual-Density, D2 midsole provides perfect balance further enhancing stability and comfort.

The design strongly features FootJoy’s Fine Tuned Foam {FTF} material which is ten percent lighter than the more commonly use EVA. The first layer is of softer FTF and provides comfort and cushioning. The firmer second layer gives support and balance for the swing.

The sole is constructed of TPU, but unlike most spikeless shoes, it does not feature the usual lugs and tracks, but a needle-like spike design. These spikes are not as long nor as sharp as metal spikes and are not as destructive.

When compared to the earlier Freestyle, the Pro/SL is a bit on the conservative side. Some have described them as a “nurse’s shoes”, probably because of the white colorways, but it remains a good looking shoe for most.

Comfort is one of the first things you look for in a shoe, and with around thirty-five size/width combinations FootJoy is a leader in the market. They go to great lengths to ensure that you find the correct fit and the shoes don’t need to be broken in. The lightweight and power harness ensure total comfort even on hilly terrain.

There is often the fear of a loss of stability or traction when moving from spikes to spikeless. With FootJoy, there is no such concern. This is a true golf shoe, with spikes, they just happen to be non-replaceable. The Pro S/L is equal to any spiked shoe in the stability department, and the traction is exceptional regardless of the conditions underfoot.

If you hate spikeless golf shoes but have to have them then FootJoy is the one to go for because they so perfectly resemble and perform like the traditional spiked shoe.

When it comes to comfort, stability, and traction FootJoy Pro S/L takes some beating, maybe that is why names like Ian Poulter, Louis Oosthuizen, and Adam Scott are some of the pros that use them.

Final Thoughts

The trend towards spikeless golf shoes is a major part of the research and development programs of the big name brands. Apart from the many brands competing for a slice of the cake, there are multiple options within any particular brand. From the part-timer to the amateur to the professional there are so many options that choice becomes a problem.

You need firstly a good fit, a shoe that is snug and holds the foot firmly without pinching or rubbing. Then you must look for comfort and weight, together with stability and traction. Your shoes should be weatherproof and they must breathe, they should also be durable and easy to clean.

Once you have ticked the boxes on the above you can start to look at style and color. You may want a more traditional look, or perhaps sporty or Flashy look. When it comes to colors the options are wide, depending on the brand.

The Callaway Men’s Balboa Vent stood out as the best of the best. One of the main benefits is their exceptional breathability thanks to, amongst other features, the Optiti-vent” mesh liner. This design is extremely effective at breathability and heat control and makes for a comfortable golfing experience.

They are light, comfortable and durable. They are also great value for money.

We have given you some information on what to look out for when selecting the best golf spikeless shoes 2020 and there is something to suit all styles and budgets.  Invest in a quality pair of golf shoes. You will not regret it.

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