Callaway Rogue X Irons: Strong Lofts For Added Distance

Let’s discuss the distance rating for Callaway Rogue X irons. These forgiving clubs mitigate the damage of an off-center strike. In addition to the distance capabilities of these irons, I’ll also assess their price, feel, forgiveness, and launch. The aim is to help you determine how much distance these irons could add to your game.

Callaway Rogue X Irons: The Specs

If you’re looking for the basics on Callaway’s Rogue X Irons, I’ve got you covered. I’ll discuss the face, materials, weight, and loft for each club in the set. Looking at where to buy them? I found a bunch of Rogue X irons on Amazon and at PGA TOUR Superstore.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the golf tech that makes the Callaway Rogue X iron set a game-changer.

360 Face Cup

First up, the 360 Face Cup technology takes the spotlight. Partnered with Variable Face Thickness (VFT), it ramps up ball speed across a larger area of the face, granting forgiveness on those inevitable heel and toe mishits.

The VFT aspect ensures that the clubface flexes consistently through impact, maintaining speed across the entire face. So, even if your strike isn’t dead center, you’re still treated to reliable carry and total distance. Now, let’s talk about a feature that keeps those unpleasant vibrations at bay.

Urethane Microspheres

Enter the Urethane Microspheres. These nifty additions elevate the feel without messing with the coefficient of restitution (COR), providing a soft touch and maximum power upon impact. And hey, not only do they improve the feel, but they also contribute to a crisp sound for that superior acoustic experience.

MIM’D Tungsten

But we’re not done yet – let’s address the famour material, Tungsten, which is a significant player in the Rogue X iron game. Strategically positioned in the clubhead, this weight precisely places the CG in each iron, ensuring optimal launch, ball flight, spin, and control. It’s like having a personal assistant for every shot. The Rogue ST Max irons have 62g of high-density tungsten.


The Rogue X iron’s lightweight design serves as a potent advantage for golfers seeking to enhance their game. Here’s why this feature is considered an ace in the hole:

  • Increased Clubhead Speed: The reduction in mass of the Rogue X irons translates to a lighter overall feel. When you swing a lighter club, it becomes easier to generate higher clubhead speed. Increased clubhead speed is a coveted element in golf as it directly correlates with the distance the ball travels upon impact.
  • Maximized Energy Transfer: As you swing the Rogue X iron with higher speed, the lightweight design facilitates maximum energy transfer upon impact with the ball. This means that a greater amount of the energy generated during your swing is efficiently transferred to the ball. This increased energy transfer results in a more powerful strike, contributing to longer distances and potentially more consistent ball flight.
  • Downswing Boost: A boost in swing speed on the downswing is particularly significant. The downswing is a crucial phase of a golf swing, where the club accelerates toward the ball just before impact. The lightweight nature of the Rogue X irons allows golfers to initiate and sustain a faster downswing more easily. This boost in speed during the downswing contributes to a more forceful impact with the ball, promoting not only increased distance but also better control over the shot.
  • Beneficial for Various Players: This feature is especially beneficial for golfers who may struggle to initiate maximum clubhead speed on the downswing. Whether you’re a beginner working on your swing mechanics or an experienced player looking for an extra edge, the lightweight design of the Rogue X irons caters to a broad spectrum of golfers.

In essence, the lightweight design of the Rogue X irons provides a tangible advantage by making it easier for golfers to swing with increased speed, resulting in enhanced energy transfer and potential improvements in both distance and shot control. It’s a game-enhancing feature designed to empower players in their pursuit of a more effective and enjoyable golfing experience.


And here’s a twist – the strengthened lofts. These bad boys play tricks on you, effectively performing like an extra club. Take, for instance, the 18.5-degree 4-iron, clocking in 1.5 degrees stronger than your average 3-iron loft, as noted by Golfweek. While faster swingers revel in the increased distance, it could pose a challenge for those with slower swing speeds, potentially leading to lower launches, less carry, and shot-stopping power. It’s a game of give and take, my friends!

Club 4 5 6 7 8 9 PW
Loft 18.5° 21° 24° 27° 31.5° 36° 41°


Let’s delve into the powerhouse of the Callaway Rogue X golf irons – the stock shaft, an Aldila Synergy Graphite. In terms of flex, you’ve got two options: regular and stiff. Typically favored by those with fast and medium swing speeds, these flex choices are the usual suspects.

However, here’s the interesting part – the Rogue X irons are tailored for individuals with moderate swing speeds. So, if your swing is more of a smooth cadence rather than a forceful beat, these irons are tailored just for you. With the Aldila Synergy Graphite shaft, expect a seamless integration with your moderate swing speed, creating a harmonious connection on the golf course. It’s all about finding the right tempo for your golfing experience.

Callaway Rogue X Irons Distance Chart

Here’s my Callaway Rogue X Irons distance chart. It shows how far you can expect your ball to travel based on the launch angle and backspin. Note that each of the irons has a different ball speed, and the distance chart takes that into consideration.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” title=”YouTube video player” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

To give you an idea of the distance of the Rogue X irons, I found details from a Rick Shiels golf video. Shiels revealed that Rogue X irons went further than the Rogue range. The Rogue X 4-iron ended 12-yards further than the Rogue equivalent, while the X Pitching wedge was 3-yards longer.

In addition, the Rogue X 7-iron finished 15 yards further than its Rogue counterpart.

Below is the Callaway Rogue X distance chart from Shiels review.

Club Ball Speed (MPH) Launch Angle (Degrees) Backspin (RPM) Carry (Yards) Total Distance (Yards)
Rogue X -4 140.3 9.8 3490 220 235
Rogue X – 7 128.3 14.8 4619 193 203
Rogue X – PW 108.8 23.7 7689 146 148

Things To Consider Before Buying a Set of Golf Irons

Setting Your Budget

Let’s delve into the financial aspect of elevating your golf game. Golf equipment comes with a diverse price range, catering to various skill levels and preferences. Before embarking on your shopping journey, it’s wise to establish a budget. Check out our guide on the best golf sets under $300 for more budget-friendly options.

Consider Shipping Charges

Keep an eye out for shipping charges, as they can add up. For potential savings and exclusive offers, consider joining Callaway Rewards. It’s a strategic move to maximize your benefits and potentially offset additional costs. Most importantly, it includes free shipping and free returns in the United States.

Craftsmanship Matters

Craftsmanship is a critical factor influencing the price of golf sets. Entry-level sets with minimal technology generally fall within the $300-$400 range. If you’re targeting specific game improvement features, be prepared to venture into the thousand-dollar realm. For those eyeing the pinnacle of craftsmanship with forged blades, the investment may reach into the thousands.

Mastering Launch Dynamics

Understanding launch dynamics is a game-changer when it comes to irons. The way you launch the ball directly affects its landing trajectory. A high launch with added spin offers control and a quick stop, while a low launch with limited backspin yields more total distance at the cost of control.

Unlocking Forgiveness

Forgiveness is paramount, especially for casual golfers. Unforgiving clubs can penalize mishits with a loss of distance and accuracy. Thankfully, forgiving irons come to the rescue with game-improvement technology, providing explosive ball speed even on off-center hits.

Pursuing Distance

Moving on to the next frontier – distance. Distance irons leverage technology for rapid ball and clubhead speed. The aerodynamic design maximizes power transfer, resulting in accelerated ball speed, a powerful launch, and enhanced carry and total distance.

Balancing Workability

However, let’s not forget about workability. Game improvement features can sometimes limit your ability to shape shots. If you’re a lower handicapper or a pro seeking more shot control, exploring blade options might be more suitable than game improvement irons.

Navigating Spin Challenges

Spin, a temperamental aspect in iron play, can make or break your shot. Excessive spin leads to a high-flying ball that stops rapidly, compromising distance. Enter Callaway’s A.I. Flash Cup technology, optimizing spin, ball speed, and launch for each iron. This means low-spinning long iron shots and higher launching, rapid spinning short irons and wedges. It’s like having a customized spin prescription for your game.

Shipping Across the Contiguous US and Beyond:
For those in the contiguous US, shipping times are reasonable, ensuring you get your hands on these clubs promptly. But, and it’s a big but, let’s talk Alaska. Shipping times might vary, so factor that in if you’re up in the Last Frontier.

Holiday Shipping and Third Parties:
Now, with the holiday season around the corner, it’s wise to plan ahead. Consider potential delays, especially if you’re relying on third-party sellers. Stay ahead of the game to ensure these Rogue X Irons find their way under the tree in time for some festive golfing.

Performance with Tungsten Weighting:
The inclusion of tungsten weighting in the Rogue X Irons showcases a commitment to precision and performance. Callaway strategically places this dense material to optimize weight distribution, enhancing stability during the swing and promoting better control over each shot.

Budget-Friendly Deals and Discounts:
For golfers mindful of their budget, the Rogue X Irons bring good news. Sellers are offering attractive discounts, making these irons a solid choice without burning a hole in your pocket. It’s always a win when you can snag a top-tier set at a more accessible price point.

Built for Everyday Use:
Built for normal use and wear, look for irons geared for everyday golfing. Whether you’re hitting the course regularly or just enjoying a weekend round, the Rogue X Irons are designed to withstand the rigors of normal play, ensuring they stay in your bag for the long haul.

Unlock Savings with Coupon Codes:
Now, here’s a savvy move for smart shoppers – keep an eye out for coupon codes. They’re floating around, offering additional savings on these already impressive irons. It’s like getting a discount on top of a discount, and who doesn’t love that?

Quality Assurance and Customer Service:
When it comes to defects or any concerns, rest assured, Callaway stands by its product. Customer service is top-notch, ensuring you have a smooth experience from purchase to play. It’s always reassuring to know that the company has your back.

Phenomenal Sound and Innovative Design:
As you swing these irons, you’ll notice a phenomenal sound. It’s that perfect harmony of power and precision. The flexible rim in the design adds an innovative touch, potentially enhancing forgiveness and feel, making each shot a pleasure to hit.

Rogue X Irons Alternatives

Looking for a different iron with a similar distance rating? Here are my favorites.

Callaway Mavrik Irons

Delving into the world of distance-focused game improvement irons, the Callaway Mavrik irons emerge as the frontrunners for maximizing your yardage.

Much like their Rogue X counterparts, Callaway Golf Company has employed cutting-edge A.I. Flash Face Cup technology in crafting the Mavrik irons. This technology optimizes each club in the set, ensuring a superior launch and impressive distance performance.

The optimal positioning of the CG in each iron, courtesy of the Flash Face Cup technology, works seamlessly to refine your launch and ball flight, resulting in maximum carry distance.

Sporting robust loft configurations, these irons provide an extra club, maximizing distance across the entire bag. While this proves advantageous for those seeking additional yards, it may pose a challenge for golfers with slower swings aiming for a higher launch.

Beyond the impressive distance, the Mavrik irons also deliver a soft feel. Callaway incorporates Urethane microspheres to mitigate vibrations from mishits, enhancing acoustics and delivering a satisfyingly crisp reverberation at impact.

For those on the hunt for increased forgiveness, the Callaway Mavrik Max irons warrant serious consideration. Conversely, if workability is non-negotiable, the Mavrik Max Pros are the irons tailored to your demands.

In summary, the Callaway Mavrik irons check all the boxes – they’re long, forgiving, and boast easy launch capabilities. The compact profile makes them particularly appealing for mid-handicappers looking to add extra yards to their game. It’s a winning combination of technology and design for golfers aspiring to elevate their performance.

TaylorMade SIM Max Irons

Introducing the TaylorMade SIM Max irons – a powerhouse delivering distance, forgiveness, and a remarkable feel tailored for mid and high handicap golfers.

Engineered with precision, these irons feature Speed Bridge technology, enhancing stability at impact and unleashing rapid ball speed. The outcome? Increased carry and total distance, even on those occasional off-center strikes.

Not stopping there, the Echo Damping system comes into play, minimizing shocks from mishits and contributing to improved acoustics, ensuring exceptional feedback with every impact.

Adding to the arsenal, TaylorMade’s signature Speed Pocket amps up the clubface’s flex on the downswing. This dynamic feature facilitates maximum rebound at impact, propelling accelerated ball speed and optimal distance.

And let’s not forget the ultra-thin face paired with Inverted Cone Technology (ICT), expanding the sweet spot’s size. This design choice not only generates rapid ball speed but also mitigates sidespin that can lead to hooks or slices. The result? Straighter, more accurate shots, even on heel and toe mishits.

In a nutshell, the TaylorMade SIM Max irons bring accuracy, forgiveness, and distance to the forefront. These qualities make them an ideal choice for beginners and high handicappers, offering a winning combination to elevate your golfing performance.

LAZRUS Premium Golf Irons

If you are on a shoestring budget and cannot find a set of irons for a bargain, read on. The LAZRUS Premium irons are super affordable and will not break the bank. Let’s take a closer look at the LAZRUS Premium Golf Irons from a practical standpoint.

Affordability Advantage: If you find yourself on a tight budget, the LAZRUS Premium irons offer a budget-friendly alternative. They’re wallet-friendly, providing a cost-effective option for those not looking to splurge on their golf gear.

Simple, Effective Performance: These irons may not boast revolutionary game improvement technology, but they get the job done. The oversized profile with standard lofts brings a decent level of forgiveness and ease of launch. It’s a no-frills approach that performs admirably without the bells and whistles.

Ideal for Casual Golfers: Designed with the infrequent golfer in mind, the LAZRUS set covers you from the 4-iron to the pitching wedge. Moreover, it won’t dent your finances, being two to three times more affordable than some premium alternatives.

Consider the Trade-offs: However, it’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons. While these irons are forgiving and easy to launch, they might compromise workability and distance due to their tendency to produce a higher ball flight.

Final Verdict: In conclusion, the LAZRUS Premium golf irons cater to a specific audience – those on a budget and casual golfers. They deliver a practical and functional performance, offering forgiveness and shot-stopping power without the frills. If you’re looking for a straightforward set without breaking the bank, these irons might just fit the bill.

Callaway Rogue X Irons FAQs

Here are some of the most common questions I hear about Callaway Rogue X Irons. I’ll answer these quickly, but please let me know if you have any other questions in the comments.

Are Callaway Rogue X Irons For High Handicappers?

High handicappers with faster swing speeds may prefer the Rogue X irons over the Rogue range. However, the Rogue X is best suited to mid-handicappers with fast swing speeds.

Should I Buy The Rogue X Irons?

Although the Rogue X irons produce optimal distance and forgiveness, they are an older set of clubs. If that doesn’t bother you, you can save money on acquiring a set. However, if you are after the latest technology, you should consider new Callaway models. Therefore, you can find sets with newer technology.

Can Callaway Rogue Irons Be Fitted?

Yes, the majority of golf clubs can be fitted. Visit a fitment company to get yours altered to suit your size.

When did Callaway Rogue X come out?

The Callaway Rogue irons came out on February 9, 2018. They’re not yet a classic club, but they’re on their way!

What if I have a slower swing?

Since the stronger lofts on these clubs can be difficult for slow swingers to launch, there is an alternative option. Check out my review of the Callaway Rogue irons, as these better suit those with a slower swing.

Final Thoughts On Our Callaway Rogue X Irons Review

That demonstrates the specs, features, and benefits of the Rogue x irons. As you can see, Callaway crafted them to deliver maximum distance, forgiveness, and control to the mid-handicap golfers.

The 360 Face Cup technology is a game-changer, helping you achieve your optimal launch with each club. That means you enjoy low spin and a high launch with the long irons for maximum carry distance. Conversely, the irons produce a high launch and optimal spin for short iron and wedge shots. That helps you stop the ball rapidly for maximum control.

Although there is no questioning their distance capabilities, the strong lofts may cause slow swingers to launch lower than desired.

I also covered the difference between the Callaway Rogue vs Rogue X. And that’s not the only club in this category. I also have a Rogue driver review.

Callaway Rogue X Irons Review Recap

Total Score 85.8
Star Rating 4-stars
Distance 92
Forgiveness 94
Feel 89
Workability 84
Aesthetics 86
Price 94
  • Promotes optimal distance
  • Forgiving
  • Generates explosive ball speed
  • CG positioned precisely for optimal launch of each iron
  • Eliminates harsh vibrations on off-center strikes
  • Promotes straighter shots
  • Slow swingers may not achieve their desired apex due to the stronger lofts
  • Reduced workability


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