The 10 Best Golf Mats: Practice Your Swing From Home

Keeping your swing smooth, rhythmic, and consistent requires regular practice hours. Whether practicing at home by hitting into a net or tarp or if you have an indoor simulator, it is necessary to have a good quality hitting mat.

This will give you close assimilation of the surfaces you encounter on a golf course and are forgiving enough to prevent injury to your wrists. We look at the options for the best golf hitting mat.

The best golf mat you can find with all factors considered is the FORB Golf Practice Mat, which is very realistic to a real course. If you are on a budget, look towards the Champkey Synthetic Turf Hitting Mat, and if you are just focused on practicing and testing different shots, give the Bltend Golf Mat a go.

Those who own a golf hitting mat and simulator must learn how to leverage their equipment. Educate yourself on our 6 steps to practicing golf at home.

The 3 Golf Hitting Mats

Best Overall Best Budget Best for Practice
FORB Practice Mat Champkey Hitting Mat Bltend Golf Mat
  • Very realistic to the course
  • Anti-skid base for stability
  • Divot-free grass
  • Accounts for both fairway shots and drives
  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Absorbs shocks on mishits
  • Easy to transport
  • Offered in different sizes
  • Good value
  • Different options
  • Expensive
  • Heavy to transport
  • The mat provides no space for you to stand on
  • Less durable than other hitting mats
  • If left on grass long term it can damage it heavily
Price Score 83.2 97.1 88.5
Durability 96.6 80.3 91.7
Turf Quality 95.7 84.4 90.9
Rating 4.5 Stars 4 Stars 4 Stars

Why You Should Trust Us

Our team spends thousands of hours trying out and researching golf equipment to help you take your game to the next level. Here’s our product review process.

We’re able to bring these reviews to you through the small commissions we earn if you buy through the links below.

The 10 Best Golf Mat Reviews

1. FORB Pro Driving Range Golf Practice Mat – Best Overall for Serious Golfers

The mat is designed by FORB, and it aims to produce practice environments staggeringly similar to what you will find on the course. We can vouch for that.

FORB’s golf mat is the best indoor and outdoor golf mat we have come across. It is designed for the serious golfer, and the investment reflects that.

The 5x6ft mat is fit for use by PGA professionals and wouldn’t look out of place at the smartest of driving ranges. It features a stance mat, a fairway mat, a heavy-duty rubber case, and a rubber golf ball tray holder.

It enables you to recreate a realistic scenario on the golf course very well, thanks to its 15mm thick artificial turf, an anti-skid rubber base to provide stability, and divot-free grass.

You can practice your drives and shots on the fairway in an environment as close to the real thing as you can.

Additionally, all-weather rubber tees are included to save a small fee, which is always handy.


  • Very realistic to the course
  • Anti-skid base for stability
  • Divot-free grass
  • Accounts for both fairway shots and drives


  • Expensive
  • Heavy to transport

Rating: 4.5

2. FRANKTECH Golf Hitting Mat – Best Golf Mat for Pros and Beginners

As well as producing solid club head covers and nets, FRANKTECH’s golf mat is one to behold.

Despite consistent usage, it proved to be durable and non-staining. That is thanks to the 15mm of nylon grass on the mat.

Not only that, it absorbs the impact of the club head, making it easy on the wrists and elbows for both pros and beginners alike.

The mat is thermally bonded – not glued – to the turf and the base pad to ensure many years of regular use and that it is resistant to all weather conditions.

It is resistant to both UV sun rays sliding when making contact with the ball.

You also get a few tees and golf balls to sweeten the deal.


  • Easy to roll-up
  • Doesn’t stain the club
  • Durable
  • Absorbs club impact


  • Expensive
  • The shock-absorbing quality of the mat makes it difficult to know when you have struck your ball flat

Rating: 4

3. Bltend Golf Mat – Best for Practice

BLtend enables golfers to practice and train like a professional. The company is focused on creating the best training aids for golfers, and we have found that Bltend’s golf mat is the best for practicing.

As well as the 5×3 mat, you also get 9 golf balls, 4 wood tees, 3 plastic tees, and 1 rubber tee.

It is made from synthetic turf, which gives a pretty solid feel of real grass. The anti-tearing layer above the non-slip 5mm padding is also helpful, given your repetitive use of the mat.

The mat is great for practice due to its differing tee positions for golfers of both hands. Additionally, as it can be transported easily, it can be set up in your backyard or garage at any moment too.

It is also covered by a 1-year warranty too.


  • Easy to transport
  • Offered in different sizes
  • Good value
  • Cheaper option


  • If left on grass long term, it can damage it heavily

Rating: 4

4. SharperGolf Premium Quality Golf Practice Hitting Mat – Best Outdoor

ShaperGolf wants to help sharpen our games. They do a pretty good job of doing so with this golf mat. Due to its durability, it is our top pick for the best outdoor home golf mats this season.

We found that the standard 3×5 feet mat suits the average golfer looking to practice outdoors in the garden or driveway, resulting from its top-quality foam and turf that is weather resistant. It lasted well for me with consistent usage.

The 3/4″ inch foam base also provides the thickness needed to absorb your shot and means your hands aren’t aching afterward.

You also get 3 alignment sticks, 3 rubber tees, and 12 plastic golf balls too, which may not be so handy if you are looking to use golf balls.

The size allows any swing type or stance to be accommodated and works well for its price.


  • Durable
  • Weather resistant
  • Helpful foam base


  • Is light, so the mat moves if you are not careful

Rating: 4

5. Champkey Pro Golf Hitting Mat – Best Hitting Mat For Low Handicappers

So far, I have provided options that suit the average golfer. But what about the superior players among us? Golfers in this category require a durable and organized setup that enables superior golfers to maximize their practice time and minimize distractions.

The Champkey Pro Golf Hitting mat consists of premium turf, thick rubber padding, alignment sticks, and a ball tray. This complete package equips low handicappers and professionals with all they need to optimize their practice routine.

Aside from the smooth, realistic turf surface, this mat is supported by a wear-resistant material and an 8mm rubber foam padding. The wear-resistant material prevents your turf from tearing easily and extends the product’s longevity.

In addition, the rubber foam is durable and non-slip. Plus, it absorbs the impact of your clubhead when striking the mat for a softer feel.

Champkey decided to throw in 2 alignment sticks and a golf tray. The alignment sticks enable you to work on your swing mechanics, aim, and ball position while the tray keeps the dimples in order. Lastly, they added 4 rubber tees for good measure.


  • Premium quality turf
  • The package includes a ball tray
  • 2 alignment sticks are included in the set
  • The turf is accompanied by 4 rubber tees
  • 8mm non-slip rubber foam padding


  • Moderately expensive
  • It feels like you are hitting every shot from a tight fairway spot

Rating: 4

6. Relilac Golf Hitting Mat – Most Stable Golf Mat

If your previous hitting mats slipped around at impact, you need a product with optimal non-slip foam padding. The Relilac Golf Hitting Mat claims victory in the race for the best golf mat option for stability.

Relilac knitted this hitting mat out with commercial-grade synthetic turf that resists wear and tears to last longer. The turf is supported by excellent quality padding to boost durability and resistance to tearing further.

Underneath the quality padding sits 15mm of non-slip foam padding to enhance stability through your golf shot. This means you can set it up outdoors or indoors and trust it to remain in place through your shots. It is the most stable mat on the market.

The 5′ x 4′ mat construction offers sufficient real estate for you to stand on it. Therefore, your feet are aligned with your golf ball for more consistent practice results.

Besides the hitting strip features, this package provides 3-rubber golf tees for long game shots. However, the quality of the synthetic turf allows you to insert a wood tee. As a result, you can practice as if you are teeing off on a golf course and ditch the rubber tees.


  • Maximum stability at impact
  • Non-slip padding
  • It is large enough for you to stand on during your swing
  • Equipped with commercial grade synthetic turf
  • Wear and tear-resistant


  • Expensive

Rating: 4

7. Champkey Synthetic Turf Hitting Mat – Best Budget Golf Mat For Home

Golfers looking for an affordable turf hitting mat will appreciate this category. The Champkey Synthetic Turf is the best-budget golf practice mat for your home. This hitting mat is portable, durable, and, most importantly, affordable.

The downside to this mat is that it is tiny and offers sufficient space for your golf ball and tee. Fortunately, that makes it easy for you to transport. You can set up the golf mat in your studio, garage, office, or backyard.

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Champkey equipped this mat with a 16 mm true turf surface, intending to simulate a fairway or tee box. In reality, it is closer to a compact fairway lie, requiring clean contact for a solid shot.

Underneath the 16mm layer of true turf sits tear-resistant padding and a durable rubber base. These components partner up to absorb the vibrations experienced when a clubhead strikes the turf before the golf ball. Plus, the rubber base ensures that the turf remains stable through impact, even on slippery surfaces.

In addition, the synthetic turf is built to accept plastic tees. This allows you to tee your ball to the desired height rather than remaining at the mercy of rubber tees.


  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Absorbs shocks on mishits
  • The turf allows you to insert a plastic tee
  • It replicates the layout of a fairway or tee shot
  • Wear and tear-resistant


  • The mat provides no space for you to stand on
  • Less durable than other hitting mats

Rating: 3.5

8. Rukket Tri-Turf Hitting Mat – Most Versatile Golf Turf Mat

The challenge with hitting mats is that the surface is thin and does not replicate the turf on a golf course. Therefore, your setup is impacted when playing from different lies on the golf course. The Rukket mat addresses this issue by offering three different types of turf to hit off, making it the most versatile of the best golf mat options in 2022.

The 36 x 23.5-inch hitting mat contains a Tri-Turf layout that lets you practice from any lie. A 35 mm thick tee box turf sits alongside rough with the same thickness. The final strip of turf is 16mm and replicates the conditions for a tight fairway lie.

Employing this mat allows you to practice tirelessly and better understand how the grass’s thickness and the grain’s growth impact your shot.

Furthermore, this hitting mat includes a dozen practice balls and many plastic tees. The only feature missing is the best golf practice net for your game. On the topic, we also possess a detailed guide on thetop indoor golf nets.

Although the synthetic turf is durable and wear and tear-resistant, this mat is not as stable at impact. It tends to slip on high-impact shots. Besides its instability, it leaves your feet and golf ball at different heights. This causes instability and can hurt the power you generate on your downswing.


  • 3 types of turf in one mat
  • 35mm tee box turf
  • 35mm synthetic rough turf
  • 16mm synthetic fairway turf
  • The package includes a dozen golf balls and plastic tees


  • Unstable at impact
  • Feet and ball are on different levels
  • Moderately expensive

Rating: 3.5

9. SkyLife Tri-Turf/Dual-Turf Golf Hitting Mat – Driving and Chipping Mat

This SkyLife mat is ideal for providing a fun, durable experience of driving and chipping. Even after daily practice on it, it holds up well.

The fairway and rough turf are realistic and allow your practice to be relevant to the course.

The 7mm rubber base is slip resistant on different surfaces and offers decent shock absorption.

Also, the holes in each corner are a nice addition for driving and offer varying set-ups. You get 12 plastic tees with the mat too.

For the price, it is a more than fine option.


  • Good option for driving and chipping
  • Can be folded over and moved easily
  • Rubber base is slip resistant


  • Not as thick as other mats for shock absorption

Rating: 3

10. Callaway Super-Sized FT Launch Zone – Best Chipping Mat

If you are looking for a hitting mat to chip off, you needn’t blow hundreds of dollars on a heavy-duty structure. Instead, a small, durable, and portable option is all you need for lower-impact strikes. Whether inside or outdoors, throw the mat down and get training. The Callaway Super-Sized FT Launch Zone is a 1’ x 2’ hitting mat constructed with ultra-durable materials. A true turf feel is presented on the surface, replicating a tight fairway lie, making it easy to chip off.

Underneath the true-turf construction is wear and tear-resistant material and heavy rubber padding.

The padding is slip-proof, preventing the mat from moving around during your swing. Plus, it prevents vibrations from shocking your hands when your clubhead strikes the turf before your golf ball.

Finally, Callaway added a universal tee holder to this mat. This means that you can insert a plastic or wood tee into this gadget and enjoy the setup of a standard drive. However, I suggest keeping this mat for short game practice instead.

To partner with the chipping mat, you could also look at a chipping net to nail your accuracy.


  • Moderately affordable
  • Portable
  • Wear and tear-resistant
  • Contains a universal tee holder
  • Ideal for short game practice


  • It is a tiny hitting mat
  • Your feet are not level with the golf ball

Rating: 3

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What to Look for in a Golf Hitting Mat?

There are many factors to consider when you purchase a hitting mat to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your home golf setup.


There are two factors to consider concerning stability. How stable are your feet while swinging the club?

Depending on the softness and thickness of the mat, your feet can move as much as two inches which can be significant in determining the direction and quality of your swing.

The second factor is the stability of the mat itself. The mat can move depending on the strength and speed of your swing. A rubber base provides a solid but soft base, outdoors or indoors. The larger the size of the mat, the more stable it will be.

Using a two-piece mat where you stand on one mat and hit off the other can cause an exaggerated degree of movement.

The perfect situation is to have the mat installed or situated permanently. A stable mat will remain on the floor and keep your feet from moving excessively.


A quality hitting mat can be fairly expensive, and thus durability is an important factor to consider. You will want a hitting mat to last you for thousands of shots. If made of poor-quality materials, the mat will develop an indentation on the mat, making hitting off the mat more difficult.

If you are hoping to keep the mat for several years, paying attention to the quality of construction and materials used is necessary.


There are three types of materials that can be used: polyethylene, polypropylene, and nylon. These three materials are generally more expensive, have higher elasticity, have stronger tensile durability, and will last much longer.

Most mats are made of a highly durable nylon surface and a rubber base about half an inch thick, capable of withstanding the repeated battering that a golf swing will inflict on the mat’s surface.


An important factor to consider when purchasing a golf hitting mat. You will first have to decide where to place the mat and measure the area, length, and width of the mat that will fit this area.

There are many different sizes available. The larger the mat, the more playing area you will have. As with many portable mats, a smaller mat will not allow enough space to stand comfortably; thus, a separate mat would be needed. This is not ideal, as keeping your body and the ball on the same level is preferable.


If the mat has to be stored after being used, the area needed for storage and the mat’s weight are important. Average mats will weigh approximately 2 lbs per square foot, so larger mats will be heavier to move around.

Heavier mats will need to be flat and have more surface area to transport. Thinner mats are easier to roll up and carry in the back or trunk of your vehicle. It must be noted that mats are designed to lay flat, so even with lighter mats, it is advisable to store them lying in the flat position when storing if possible.

Surface Design

Most hitting mats are designed to simulate a natural feeling to the grass you will encounter on the fairway of a golf course and are more specifically made for practicing the driving of your golf ball. Being able to take a real tee is, thus, obviously a huge bonus.

Getting a true representation of how well your contact will be on actual grass is very important if you are a golfer using the hitting mat to practice more effectively, thereby improving your game.

Attention is also given to ensure that the surface has enough “give” to prevent “joint pain” or damage to elbows, wrists, and knees from repeatedly driving the golf club over harder surfaces because there is no “give” like real grass.

There are hitting mats with strips on their surface designed to give the feeling of hitting a ball from the rough or other varying types of surfaces to practice your chipping shots.

In many cases, these strips can be replaced if worn out.


Golf hitting mats are available in many price ranges varying from 10 to over a thousand dollars for a mat. It is generally considered that very cheap products are made more for entertainment than designed to assist you in improving your game.

However, golf hitting mats can be purchased at a more competitive and realistic price for the average golfer that is made from good quality materials and gives a realistic hitting surface.

The size of the hitting mat also determines the price you will pay for a mat. The larger the mat, the higher the cost. If you want a large practice area in your house or outdoors, you must expect to pay considerably more than a portable, durable, and easy-to-store mat.


Warranties can differ considerably, ranging from one to three years. Some manufacturers offer a Warranty based on, for example, 300,000 hits. The average warranty is one year.

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Final Thoughts

There are many sizes and types of hitting mats in the market that you can choose from. The important factors to consider when looking for a mat that will suit your needs have been discussed in this article, and 10 best-practice golf mats covering various price ranges have been reviewed.

If you want to work on your drives and chipping, golf putting mats can also come in handy.

Champkey Synthetic Turf Hitting Mat claimed the prize for the top-budget golf hitting mat, and the Bltend Golf Mat is our advice for training and drills.

However, only one product could take the top prize. The FORB Golf Practice Mat eventually won the race for the best golf mat in 2024. This was because of its quality, durability, safety, and realistic surface. 

If you are interested in hitting golf balls anytime, anywhere, keep reading. You need to familiarize yourself with the cost of a golf simulator.


Do Golf Mats Hurt Your Game?

Yes, the best golf practice mats can hurt your game because they provide an unrealistic setup for you to play off. Hitting off astroturf is like playing from a perfect fairway lie on every shot.

Even when the low point of your swing is inches behind the ball, you can still get your clubface onto the ball. However, on a golf course, your clubface would get grass and dirt in the grooves. That reduces your coefficient of restitution (C.O.R), ball speed, and launch.

If you do not strike the ball cleaner on a golf course, you will lose significant distance and accuracy.

Conversely, hitting mats offer added forgiveness.

Do Golf Swing Mats Work?

Yes, golf swing mats work. They offer a way for golfers to turn a concrete space into a practice area without damaging golf clubs or property. Although hitting mats typically present the equivalent of a tight fairway lie, they enable us to get golf balls indoors and out.

What Golf Mat Do Pros Use?

Jordan Spieth, Tiger Woods, Jon Rahm, and Jason Day use the Full Swing Pro Series Golf Simulator. This package includes an industrial-grade hitting mat, replicating the fairway pasture’s feel.

Is It Easier To Hit Off Mats Or Grass?

Mats are easier to hit off because they replicate a perfect fairway lie.

Even when you top the ball, you still get some clubface on it and send it airborne. However, when you mishit on the links, your clubface collects dirt and grass, leading to lackluster contact. As a result, you lose distance and accuracy.

Why Can’t I Hit Off Golf Mats?

It is strange to struggle from a golf mat, given that it provides a near-perfect lie. However, some players struggle for consistency on the range because they do not strike the ball cleanly.

On a golf course, your clubhead digs into the turf when you hit behind the ball, causing you to top it. Off a golf mat, the sole of your golf club produces added bounce, which can lead the clubface to close, open, or bounce up. The results are unpredictable.

The best way to overcome this is to focus on striking your golf ball before the ground on shots off the deck.

What Size Should My Hitting Mat Be?

I suggest securing a 5 x 4-foot hitting mat if your budget allows it. A mat this size enables you to stand on it, bringing your feet level with the golf ball. This is essential for consistency when hitting off a golf mat.

Can You Put A Golf Mat On Grass?

Yes, you can put a golf mat on the grass. It needs to contain non-slip and waterproof padding underneath to boost stability.

How Thick Should A Golf Mat Be?

The best golf mats carry a thickness of ¾”. Thicker golf mats tend to absorb shocks better and offer superior durability. These mats provide added wear and tear resistance to increase their lifespan.

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