Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer Review

Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer Review

Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer


  • Attaches to your glove eliminating the need to change when swapping clubs
  • Data points measured includes tempo which will lead to consistency and accuracy
  • Full-on 3D review of your swing from any angle, even in slow motion
  • Access to training materials based on your data


  • Swing video analysis by professional golfers require an annual subscription

Even the best golfers in the world on constantly tweaking their swing to get that extra distance or accuracy that enables them to get better. This is not possible without tools to analyze their swing dynamics and pinpoint areas that require changing.

With golf professionals getting in on the action it highlights the importance of a swing analyzer to fine-tune your swing. The Zepp wearable Golf Swing analyzer fits onto your glove making it easy to use when changing clubs during practice

What makes the Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer even more exciting is that it does a 3D swing analysis. This enables you to measure the crucial aspects of your swing such as clubhead speed, hand speed, club plane, tempo, and backswing length.

Feedback is provided instantly to highlight any problems that occurred during the last swing allowing you to experiment with changes during your practice sessions. This will aid you in identifying the reason for a ball that veers off course. It’s not all bad news though, you can review your perfect swing for a baseline that you can return to when things go awry.

Every swing is scored in seven categories to identify the most crucial errors detected and feedback is presented in an intuitive way that is easy to understand.

A summarized email is sent to you weekly providing feedback on all swings done during the period with the analyzer attached to your glove. This also provides you with whether you are improving in the various categories being evaluated.


Setting the Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer is straightforward and can be achieved in a couple of minutes. Download the app to your mobile device and then link the device to your mobile device using Bluetooth LE.

You will be required to submit some information related to the type of clubs you are using to the app before you can start using it the first time.

Once linked you are ready to start swinging away. And, there is no need to move the device when you change clubs. Furthermore, this can be attached to your glove during a round to capture data in a real-life situation.

Swing impact

The Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer is compact enough not to have any significant impact on your swing. It measures 1.1 inches wide by 1.1 inches long by 0.8 inches high.  Weighing in at as little as 0.22 ounces should not result in any meaningful loss of speed.

Data points that are measured include

  • Club speed – Measure your club speed and experiment with swing speed to obtain accuracy and distance increase
  • Club plane – enables you to flatten your downswing for more controlled and accurate shots
  • Hand plane – enables you to identify the role your hands play in shaping your shots
  • Backswing position – allows you to track the length of your backswing for more consistency and prevent overswinging
  • Tempo – tracks the time your backswing takes in comparison with your downswing. The most desirable temp is 3:1 with your backswing taking 3 times longer than your downswing
  • Hip rotation – measures the amount of rotation your hips undertake on the backswing and again on your downswing
  • 3D analysis – review your swing from all angles in 3 dimensions to identify those hard to identify faults
  • Video analysis – Capture your swing in an HD video for frame by frame analysis
  • Consistency – identifies the uniformity /consistency of your swing and identifies areas that deviate from the baseline swing you are attempting to build

3D analysis

Zepp’s Auto-Video Capture will record your swing enabling you to compare your data points to a video of your swing. After recording your swing you can review it in 3D from any angle.

Smart Coach

Furthermore, Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer provides access to personalized training programs from PGA/LPGA Players and Tour Instructors based on the data gathered from your swing for swift results. Smart Coach eradicates the guesswork out of your practice.

Zepp for Coaches

As a golf coach Zepp provides powerful tools that enable you to analyze your students’ swing and speed up the improvement process.

Powering this awesome device is a built-in rechargeable Lithium-Ion that can be fully charged within 1 ½ hour lasting up to 8 hours.

Dual accelerometers / Dual 3-axis gyroscopes provide accurate measurements that can be stored on your iOS or Android mobile device.


  • Over and above the functionality discussed above, Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer allows you to track your swing on and off the course, share group photos and videos, add graphics, do voice-overs, and do other editing to your videos
  • If you do not have access to the sensor, you can still swing using the app as it video recognition technology to identify your swing
  • The app provides an intuitive user experience presenting the data points collected in an easy to comprehend manner.
  • At the completion of the swing, the app provides an overall swing score and breaks it down into the categories being measured.


1. Arccos

Arccos offers 14 sensors that attach to the butt end of the grip enabling you to set up multiple clubs without having to swap the device when changing clubs.

An award-winning Arccos Caddie app with the features mentioned below is available from the various app stores.

  • Hands-free shot tracking with automatic shot capture
  • Smart Distance calculates the average distance per club
  • I. powered rangefinder that adjusts in real-time elements such as wind, slope, temperature, humidity, and altitude providing accurate yardage
  • After 5 rounds the app will start its Caddie Advice leverage A.I. offering a personalized strategy for optimal shots
  • Strokes Gained Analytics highlight strengths and weaknesses
  • Only 1-year membership to the Arccos Caddie app is included
  • Battery guaranteed for 2 years and has a power-saving mode

Included in purchase

  • 13 regular Arccos Caddie sensors
  • 1 Arccos Caddie Putter sensor
  • Free iOS & Android apps

2. Skycaddie Skypro

SkyPro from SkyCaddie attaches to the shaft, below the grip, of your club rather than your glove. It can be used on any club from the driver through the putter.

A lightweight 23 ½ grams it is doubtful that it would interfere with your swing.

Ultrafast 3D performance enables you to review your swing with 6 degrees of freedom rotation at 60FPS

Its adaptive alert system detects any swing parameter that deviates from your baseline swing with recommended actions.


Wearable swing analyzers are becoming extremely popular as it provides the base data required to work on your swing.

All of this at an affordable price on a device that doesn’t take up loads of space and hours to set up.

Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer attaches to your glove and there is no need to adjust or swap it when using different clubs. Give it a try, you will be amazed by the benefits you can gain.

What is your experience with wearable swing analyzers? Does it add weight and slow down your swing?

Your experience will be well received in the comments section below.

Nick is the founder of GolfSpan and an avid golfer. He's not quite a pro but has over 15 years of experience playing and coaching golfers worldwide. His mission is to bring the golfing community a better experience when it comes to choosing the right golf gear and finding the right setup for your game.

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