An Orange Whip Review – Snake Oil or Does It Work?

In this Orange Whip Review, we’ll cover everything you need to know to see if this iconic product is for you. Or is it overrated? Let’s find out!

Orange Whip Review


Orange Whip Original

Orange Whip Mid-Size

Orange Whip Compact

Orange Whip Junior


1.75 Pounds

1.7 Pounds

1.6 Pounds

1.3 Pounds

Shaft Length

47 Inches

43 Inches

35.5 Inches

38 Inches

Target Market

Men And Taller Women

Seniors, Women, And Teens

Indoor Use And Travel

Age Group: 6-12

Ball Color

Orange Rubber Ball

Orange Rubber Ball

Orange Rubber Ball

Orange Rubber Ball

Shaft Color





Patented Counterweigh






  • The original swing training aid containing all the best technology and design for ease of use
  • Patented counterbalance weight increases your flexibility and targets your golf muscles
  • A popular product with a proven track record
  • A large range of products are available to suit all golfers whether tall male, tall women, seniors, or juniors


  • Relatively expensive
  • Only available in orange

Rating 4.8/5

Learning how to control the tempo of your swing and staying in balance are key factors to keep the golf ball in play. These skills will allow you to reduce your scores and handicap.

Teaching tempo and balance are some of the most difficult parts of coaching, as this differs between golfers. This video explains the concept of tempo in golf.  

The ideal tempo is thought to be 3:1, with the backswing taking 3 times the duration of the downswing. This takes time to learn, though, and the feeling has to be acquired by the golfer.

Many golf swing training aids have been tested and developed over many years to address this. So, what makes Orange Whip stand out in the crowded training aid market? You’ll learn that now in our Orange Whip golf review.

What is an Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer?

orange whip product close up

The Orange Whip Golf Trainer is an orange rubber ball attached to the end of a flexible golf shaft with a grip and counterbalance weight at the opposite end.

It weighs in at 1.75 pounds and is slightly heavier than an average iron. The shaft is 47 inches long to produce the flexibility required and exaggerate the club’s movement during the swing sequence.

Jim Hackenberg invented the Original #1-Rated Golf Training Aid, The Orange Whip. Jim was a touring professional that decided that he would make a better living as a PGA Teaching professional than what is possible for him as a PGA Tour professional.

During his time as a PGA Teaching professional, Jim noticed that most students lacked rhythm when swinging the golf club. This led to poor contact resulting in loss of distance and accuracy.

As mentioned earlier, communicating and teaching rhythm and balance are some of the most difficult teaching areas. Unlike club positioning, rhythm and balance are golfer-specific.

As a result of his frustration, Jim Hackenberg devised the Orange Whip to teach golfers the feel required for a good golf swing. The first version of the Orange Whip was developed in Jim’s house and tested by his students.

Its flexible shaft and counterbalance weight at the grip end quickly made his students grasp the concept of rhythm much quicker than during verbal instruction.

Inspired by the results achieved by his students, Jim developed his idea further to bring the Orange Whip to all golfers.

Moving to South Carolina and producing the Orange Whip from a rented house, Jim soon started reaping the awards, with many of the top 100 golf instructors and professional golfers adding it to their training regime.

Due to the success of the Orange Whip, many people have tried to imitate the swing trainer with moderate success.

When To Start Using The Orange Whip?

The Orange Whip offers a variety of options, including a swing trainer with a smaller grip, lighter weights, and a shorter length. This makes it ideal for young golfers to learn a balanced swing from around 6 years old. But golfers of any age can benefit from using it.

Patented Counterweight System

orange whip product shaft

Orange Whip Trainer has an orange, yeah what else did you expect, rubber ball on the clubhead side of the training aid and a counterbalanced weight at the grip end of the club.

Swinging the club with this combination increases your flexibility and targets your golf muscles that require extra strength for a smooth swing.

Flexible Shaft

A proprietary flexible shaft provides quick feedback when the swing is out of sequence or out of rhythm.

Mishits or a wobbly front-end indicate that you need to change your swing to have better harmonization between your arms, upper body, and lower body.

Premium Quality/Warranty

In true American style, Orange Whip swing trainers are manufactured by hand in the USA with parts produced in the USA.

A 2-year warranty backs up quality.

This concludes our Orange Whip golf training review, now on to how to use it.

How to use the Orange Whip?


The Orange Whip Swing Trainer is straightforward and easy to use.

  1. Start by taking your normal swing stance and balance on both feet.
  2. Now swing the Orange Whip back and forth as you would do in a normal swing but start with quarter swings. When comfortable with the quarter swing, increase it to half swings and ultimately full swings.
  3. In doing this you will find your swing rhythm while maintaining a solid foundation and full balance. Furthermore, this will also strengthen your core muscles which are essential for a well-balanced swing.

The Orange Whip is rather compact and can be used either indoors or outdoors. This video will explain the basics of using the Orange Whip.

It is advisable to do some drills with the Orange Whip Swing Trainer to improve your golf swing and conditioning.

Orange Whip Drills

Torso Twist

The purpose of the torso twist is to rotate your torso to become more flexible and improve the coordination between torso movement and foot movement.

Hold the swing trainer parallel to the ground, push slowly backward with your leading foot, and then forward with your trailing foot. This will aid you in loosening up your feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back. It will also teach you to create power with your legs and create flexibility.

Hinging Forearm Rotation

Wrist hinge in the golf swing is extremely important to maximize the clubhead speed you generate. Slide your hands to the lowest point on the grip, laying the grip across the fingers of your trailing hand with the thumb resting on top of the grip.

Then, let your arms hang freely and push backward on your leading foot. You will notice that your forearms rotate slightly, and your wrists start to hinge naturally on the backswing as well as during the downswing.

Start slowly and increase the tempo of your swing as you become more comfortable, thus increasing the range of motion. Do it with your trailing hand and then with your leading hand. This is similar to hitting forehand and backhand tennis shots.

The downswing/release should end up with your body facing the target when the maximum range of motion is reached.

Full Swing

Once you have become acquainted with the feeling of swinging the club with both arms individually, it is time to put it all together in a full swing using both arms and hands.

Take your normal golf stance holding the club in both hands. Start the backswing in the same way as you did with the first two drills.

Start with small movements increasing the range of motion gradually until you reach the maximum range of motion and point your body to the target.


Does Orange Whip work?

If your transition and downswing are too fast and inconsistent, the Orange Whip will greatly assist in creating an even tempo for improved consistency without sacrificing much on distance.

Does Orange Whip help with a slice?

The Orange Whip will improve your swing path to prevent the outside-in swing path that leads to the dreaded slice.

Which Orange Whip should I get?

Orange Whip produces a wide range of swing trainers to suit golfers of every age and size. The following products are available from Orange Whip:

How does the Orange Whip help your golf swing?

Orange Whip Trainer was designed to coordinate your golf swing, improving the swing plane and maintaining stability throughout the swing sequence.

Which Size Orange Whip is best?

The right size Orange Whip depends on your height and the area you want to address.

The standard model is recommended for a driver swing or golfers taller than 5 feet 9 inches. This club is 47 inches which is slightly longer than a standard driver. Golfers below 5 feet 9 inches would fare better with the mid-size option, which is 1 ½ inch shorter than a men’s standard driver.

Can Orange Whip increase swing speed?

Although the primary function of the Orange Whip is to improve your tempo and stability, you can also increase your swing speed.

Orange Whip also offers a LightSpeed Trainer to improve your swing speed by up to 20%.

Orange Whip Alternatives

Swingyde Golf Swing Training Aid

Swingyde is a golf swing aid aimed at improving distance and accuracy for both left-handed and right-handed golfers. By encouraging wrist cocking, it will improve your swing plane, clubface alignment, and follow-through.

It is easy to set up by attaching to the shaft of your club. Swingyde is considerably less expensive than the Orange Whip Swing Trainer.

But the Orange Whip Swing Trainer is a standalone training aid that does not require to be moved between clubs.

SKLZ Golf Tempo & Grip Trainer for Right-Handed Golfers

SKLZ training aid is aimed at improving your hand position, thus improving the way you hold the club. Like the Orange Whip, it also works on the swing tempo and plane.

Unlike the Orange Whip with a rubber ball at the end of the shaft, SKLZ provides different weight options to simulate a driver and irons feel.


This Orange Whip review looked at the best features of the original swing trainer that is being used by professional golfers and PGA Training professionals.

The Orange Whip is aimed at increasing your flexibility through the low-impact stretch caused by the dual weight system on either end of the shaft. You can increase your strength in your core, forearms, and wrists through regular use and high repetitions.

You can improve your coordination between arms and body. Any deviation from a smooth swing that is out of synchronization will result in you losing your balance and hitting the ground.

When arms and body are in sync, it results in a natural rhythm and tempo irrespective of whether you swing fast or slow — you will be able to maintain balance.

Go ahead. maybe it is time to invest in an aid to improve your golf swing which will lead to many enjoyable rounds of golf.

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