SkyTrak vs Trackman – Which Is The Best Launch Monitor?

The objective of this piece is to compare the features and benefits of the SkyTrak vs Trackman, two of the most feature-rich golf launch monitors.

While both are great options, these launch monitors are in two vastly different pricing categories and this should be kept in mind when reading this piece.


  • Capable of measuring shots hit off artificial mats
  • The user experience on the app is well laid out and the app works extremely well.
  • You can set parameters such as wind and temperature for more accurate calculations.


  • The SkyTrak must at the same level as the ball to provide accurate information
  • For accurate data, the use of a tablet or computer is highly recommended as the app used on mobile phones provides limited information.
  • There is an annual subscription for the advanced features

SkyTrakis a photometric launch monitor that utilizes cameras to generate high-speed images to calculate your ball speed, launch angle, and spin rate immediately after impact between the clubface and the golf ball.

The software will project the flight of the ball and calculate the clubhead speed, angle of descent, carry distance, roll, total distance, and offline deviation based on the information gathered by the cameras.

It is quite simple to set up the SkyTrak as you only have to set it up in a flat location, place your ball on the red dot provided by SkyTrak and swing through the ball. SkyTrak will then provide you with all the information you require for improving your swing.

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Software Plans

There are 3 software plans available with the SkyTrak

The first plan is the Basic Practice Range Plan and is compatible with PC’s and iPad

The software consists of:

  • SkyTrak Launch Monitor
  • USB Cable
  • SkyTrak Companion App
  • Warranty Activation, Registration & Updates
  • SkyTrak Basic Plan with no annual fees
  • 3D Practice Range with Shot Tracer
  • Ball Performance Data
  • Shot Replay

The second plan is the Game Improvement Plan and is compatible with PC’s and iPad

The software consists of:

  • Everything in the Basic Practice Range Plan
  • SkyTrak Protective Case
  • First Year Subscription to Game Improvement Plan
  • Longest Drive Competition
  • Closest to the Pin Contests
  • Target Practice
  • Skills Assessments
  • Custom weather and course condition settings
  • 5 Camera Views
  • Bag Mapping for Club Fitting
  • Progress Tracking, Charts, & Graphs via SkyGolf 360 Mobile App

The third plan is the Tee Off (WGT) Plan and is only compatible with iPad

  • Everything in the Game Improvement Plan
  • First Year Subscription to WGT Play & Improve Plan
  • WGT (World Golf Tour) Full Course Play on 11 World Class Golf Course
  • Full SkyTrak WGT Course List
  • WGT Closest to the Hole Challenges


  • It is possible to track any data that you may require for swing adjustments.
  • Your swing can be recorded from multiple angles


  • It is extremely expensive for the general public.
  • The target market is aimed at professional players or coaches

This is a golf launch monitor that uses Doppler Radar to track the actual flight of the ball from impact to where it lands. It uses two radars to track the whole shebang going on during your swing and contact.

The first radar system tracks the club before, during, and after an impact while the second radar system tracks the ball flight from launch to coming to rest.

The Doppler system consists of microwaves reflecting from the moving golf club and golf ball. The variations in the wave frequency enable the Trackman to track the movement from the impact between the clubface and the golf ball.

The Trackman golf radar captures key parameters such as ball speed, attack angle, club path, face angle, and a built-in HD video camera captures the golf swing. The use of external cameras can furthermore aid in providing more information regarding the swing.

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Now that we have set out the basic differences between the two launch monitors, we will take a more in-depth look at the variances in the following categories.

  1. Benefits
  2. Data and Accuracy
  3. Features
  4. Price

SkyTrak vs Trackman – Benefits

SkyTrak and Trackman are targeted at two vastly different target markets and the price difference points clearly to this. The benefits derived from the two launch monitors are then also different, but each will suit their target markets.

Trackman offers the most benefits. Both launch monitors can be used indoors as well as outdoors, provide data on the ball and club movements. The Trackman adds more benefits in the form of video analysis.


Both of the launch monitors provide benefits in the various categories of club data and ball data. In our opinion, the winner in the benefits category is SkyTrak for many features provided at the price.

SkyTrak vs Trackman – Data, and Accuracy

When comparing the information provided by the two launch monitors the differences are highlighted quite clearly.

In the category of Ball Data, both launch monitors provide information on the ball speed, smash factor, launch angle, angle of descent, carry distance, roll, and total distance. Spin information is also provided by both of the launch monitors.

The differences are more remarkable in the club data category where the SkyTrak only provides information regarding the clubhead speed and the Trackman provides additional information on the attack angle, the dynamic loft, club path, face angle, and impact location.

Data in the following categories have been compared:

Ball Speed

The ball speed measured on both of the launch monitors are similar and within a 5% range.

Club Speed

This is a calculation done by the SkyTrak software and the results are remarkably similar to those reported by Trackman.

Vertical Launch

The results of the vertical launch are almost identical on the SkyTrak and the Tackman

Horizontal Launch

There is a slight variation in the horizontal launch statistics as a result of the differences in the alignment of the units. When adjusting this, the results are similar and the SkyTrak results are exceptionally reliable.

Flight Duration

SkyTrak calculates the time that the ball is in the air while Trackman tracks the actual amount of time that the ball is in the air. The results reported by both of the launch monitors are remarkably similar and there is a negligible difference.

Descent Angle

This is another calculation done by the SkyTrak software and again the results are remarkably similar

Peak Height

This is another calculation done by the SkyTrak software and again the results are remarkably similar

Smash Factor

This is another calculation done by the SkyTrak software and again the results are remarkably similar

Carry Distance

This is another calculation done by the SkyTrak software and again the results are remarkably similar

Total Distance

This is another calculation done by the SkyTrak software and again the results are remarkably similar

Total Spin

SkyTrak measures the spin rate with amazing accuracy and there are sizeable variations between the two launch monitors as Trackman does not return total spin.


Trackman provides more data than SkyTrak, but the accuracy of the data provided by SkyTrak compares extremely well with Trackman. For the quantity of data provided by Trackman, we have to declare them the winners of this category.

SkyTrak vs Trackman – Features

Both of the launch monitors come loaded with features to aid you in improving your golf swing and to entertain you and your friends for hours.

They both offer a straightforward app to review your live shot data and enable you to view multiple reports and to track your performance and improvement.

In addition to this, both launch monitors provide competitions, opportunities to challenge your skills and access your swing. They can be utilized as simulators to play virtual rounds of golf on an assorted range of golf courses.

Trackman advanced features that will enable you to grow your golf swing that will lead to some serious game improvement:

  • Trackman offers a global competition, the ‘Trackman Open’, available to any Trackman owner and offers a purse of $80,000.
  • Putting analysis – Trackman offers this functionality that allows you to analyze your putting tempo, launch direction, speed, and more.
  • Video analysis – Trackman comes with a built-in camera and you can connect up to 6 external cameras to analyze your shot data along with your swing.
  • Trackman has a video library of several professional golfers and their swings that you can use to compare your swing to theirs.
  • Branding – Trackman offers custom branding that allows you to share your swing videos, screencasts, and reports branded with your name or company logo.


Trackman offers some additional features that SkyTrak does not offer and is a clear winner in this category.

SkyTrak vs Trackman – Price

The SkyTrak and Trackman launch monitors compete in two vastly different price categories and cannot be seen as serious competitors.

SkyTrak is priced at the lower end of the non-professional launch monitor market while providing some of the best features making it one of the most valued products in the launch monitor market.

Trackman is priced at the upper end of the launch monitor market and increases rapidly if you require the outdoor usage module. The price seems high at first but when you see the features that it provides and the accuracy of the data provided you can rest assured that it is one of the very best launch monitors on the market.


We regard the SkyTrak as the winner in the pricing category as it provides a tremendous number of features for a very affordable price.

SkyTrak vs Trackman – Conclusion

SkyTrak and Trackman are launch monitors aimed at two distinct markets and are not competitors in the real sense of the word.

Trackman is aimed at the professional market where it will be used by professional golfers and golf coaches rather than the average golfer. The cost makes the acquisition of the Trackman prohibitive for the majority of golfers.

The number of features and the quality of the information provided makes this an ideal tool for coaching professionals The Trackman software is outstanding and captures the information extremely accurate for future reference.

SkyTrak is aimed at the golfing public at large and is priced to make it affordable to the majority of golfers. This does not make it a cheap product that lacks in features. The quality of information is great and compares very well to the Trackman at a significantly lower investment.

There have been some complaints that the SkyTrak takes too long to calculate the information and provide the results but the Trackman waits for the ball to complete its journey before providing the information thus the time difference is hardly a serious contention.

The two launch monitors provide a heap of data to guide you to areas that require some adjustments and improvement. Although Trackman provides more information SkyTrak provides accuracy that is very much in line with the Trackman information.

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