David Leadbetter Interview: Is The StraightAway Swing Aid Worth It?

We love David Leadbetter, one of the world’s leading golf instructors and a coach to pros such as Greg Norman and Michelle Wie. Over the years, we’ve gotten a lot of value from his teachings, so we’re excited to see his new swing training aid tool.

As we’re considering buying it, we wanted to ask David some questions and share those answers with our audience of golfers who are always wanting to improve their scores.

Is the StraightAway the best tool to help improve your takeaway and ball striking? What is the StraightAway by Leadbetter?

The StraightAway is a simple device that clips onto any club. When you make a practice swing or hit a ball with the StraightAway, it provides instant feedback on the position of your clubface and the path of your swing. This feedback helps you master a perfect takeaway, which is essential for consistent ball striking.

If you want to improve your golf swing, the StraightAway could be a great option. Let’s see what David has to say about this cool training aid!

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David Leadbetter Interview About the StraightAway Swing Aid

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Q: What Is the Purpose of the StraightAway?

A: Through all my years teaching some of the world’s best players and golfers of all levels, I have identified that the difference between a good ball striker and a poor ball striker can frequently be traced back to the first move.

The StraightAway is designed to help golfers correct, what is in my opinion, the biggest swing problem – the takeaway.  There are several different versions of a bad takeaway, all creating different variations that players have to compensate for causing a loss of consistency, accuracy, and distance. Regardless of your age, athleticism, or current level of play, the StraightAway will guide you to the perfect Tour Takeaway.

Q: What Is the Tour Takeaway?

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Source: David Leadbetter’s StraightAway

A: The Tour Takeaway refers to the one key position which is common among all tour players when moving the club away. It’s the position where the track of the hands is inside the track of the club head, creating the “hands in and club head out“ look from down the line. This position usually looks vastly different when comparing amateurs to professionals.

The Tour Takeaway sets the stage for the entire rest of the swing, eliminating compensations and significantly improving consistency and contact.

Q: How Easy Is It To Use the StraightAway?


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A: The StraightAway is so easy and effective; golfers will get the idea straight away! Weighing barely over 2 ounces, the StraightAway clips onto the club just below the grip. It is a self-help tool that guides you into the correct takeaway position – it gives you the proper concept, visual, and feel while requiring minimal thought. It works for right-handed and left-handed golfers and can be used while hitting balls or just making practice swings. The benefits of the StraightAway also apply to the short game, making it the ultimate training aid.

Q: Does the StraightAway Only Work for David Leadbetter’s Swing Theories? Is It a Conflict With Other Teaching Philosophies?

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Source: David Leadbetter’s StraightAway

A: The vast majority of instructors agree on the concept of a solid takeaway, where the club head, hands, and body work in unison to start the swing away. From there, the rest of the swing may vary e.g., flat, upright, one plane or two planes, etc., just as we see with the top pros. Regardless of theory, getting off to a good start is key to building a repeatable swing.

Q: The StraightAway Is Obviously Geared Around the Takeaway. Are There Any Other Aspects of the Swing That the Straightaway Helps Fix?

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Source: David Leadbetter’s StraightAway

A: Yes, I have created special enhancement drills around the StraightAway, which will allow you to maximize your improvement.  These drills revolve around the important fundamentals of the swing such as the correct grip, a solid turn, and a good impact.

Q: Why Is the Swing Aid Called the StraightAway?

Source: David Leadbetter’s StraightAway

A: It’s called the StraightAway because at address the unit is lined up straight down the shaft at 6 o’clock on an imaginary clock face.  The unit is moved back a short distance until the yellow arrow points straight away towards 9 o’clock (3 o’clock for left handers). An aim stick or club placed along the toe line will be the reference point for getting in the correct Tour Takeaway. Once the StraightAway is in the correct position, the yellow arrow appears slightly inside and parallel to the aim stick on the ground.

Q: Why Did You Develop the StraightAway?

A: I have devoted my life to teaching golfers from beginners up to major championship winners. Over the years, I have written many books and brought out training aids to help golfers, and I know the StraightAway will really simplify the game through instant feedback and improvement. I highly encourage anybody who wants to improve their game to try the Straightaway and experience the tremendous benefits.



Who Is David Leadbetter?

David Leadbetter is a British golf instructor who has worked with some of the world’s top players, like Greg Norman and Michelle Wie. He is known for his simple yet effective teaching methods, and his students have won a combined 26 major championships. Leadbetter is a tireless advocate for the game of golf and is committed to helping people of all ages and abilities improve their game.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to David Leadbetter for answering our questions in detail. We’re looking forward to getting our hands on it to give it a test for ourselves, so we can improve our takeaway as well.


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David Leadbetter, revered as the father of modern golf coaching and the 2017 PGA Teacher of the Year, has left an indelible mark on the golfing world. His expertise has been sought by golf legends such as Nick Faldo and Nick Price, showcasing a legacy intertwined with the game's finest. Through his innovative coaching methods, Leadbetter continues to shape the modern narrative of golf coaching, bridging the gap between the amateur and the elite. We were fortunate to interview him about his latest swing training aid and get his advice on the keys to a consistent swing. You can connect with David on LinkedIn, IG, or FB.

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