Does Rain Affect Golf Ball Distance? Your Questions Answered.

You’ve checked the weather forecast, booked a sunny slot, and got your sunscreen and shorts out ready. Then out of nowhere, the heavens open, and you’ve got no choice but to whip out an umbrella and slug your way through 18 holes of rainy golf. But, does rain affect golf ball distance? You’ve probably noticed


What Is A Mid Handicap? And Where Do You Fit?

According to the USGA handicapping statistics, more mid handicapped male golfers exist than in any other segment. Accounting for 45% of handicapped players. So, what is a mid handicap, and where do you fit in? In this post, we will go over the scores a mid-handicapper will shoot, the equipment they use, and provide tips


What Is A Low Handicap? When Can You Consider Yourself One?

The opinions on who fits in where on the golf handicap spectrum differ vastly among golfers. Generally, you can separate players by low, middle, and high handicaps. In this article, we look at what is a low handicap? This will help you understand at what point you can call yourself a low handicapped golfer. What


Is Your Golf Club Shaft Too Stiff? Symptoms & Solutions

You have just invested in a brand new set of clubs, woods, and irons, carefully selected to match the equipment used by your favorite pro. You have been shooting in the mid-eighties, and today with this new kit, you hope to break 80 for the first time. Fast forward five and a half hours, and


Golf Ball Marking – Is It Just About Identifying Your Golf Ball?

The main reason for golf ball marking is to identify your ball on the odd occasion that it goes astray or you end up in the rough. Ball markings are also used for personal, corporate, or charity branding. Ball alignment is another reason. This concept sounds simple yet it is quite a contentious subject. You


What Is A High Handicap? Do You Fit Into This Category of Golfers?

In 2020, the world’s six different handicapping systems collaborated to form the World Handicap System. The purpose was to encourage more people to take up golf by extending the handicap limit to 54 for both men and women. Previously the highest handicap was 36.4 for men and 40.4 for women. In previous articles, I have


What Is a Stimpmeter and How Does It Work?

What, exactly, is a Stimpmeter, and how does it work? If you’ve watched any kind of professional golf on the TV, you may have heard commentators and tour players talking about Stimpmeters. This mystical device has been around for a few years now, and it’s a vital tool in the kit of every golfing groundskeeper.


How To Stop Pulling Golf Shots And Avoid That Frustration!

A pulled shot is one of the most frustrating shots in the game of golf. Your club head is square at contact as it should be and the ball does not curve like a slice, it starts left and persists in a straight line further to the left. Irrespective of whether this is a persistent


How To Use A Golf Rangefinder? And The Benefits It Will Bring!

On the golf course, you only have access to the most common distance markers at 100, 150, and 200 yards. This is only the distance to the green. Front, middle, or back? That is not always clear. To make the most of your diligent practice and to tweak your distance control, you must know how


Why Are There 18 Holes In Golf? The Tradition Explained

A golfing curiosity, which is the focus of this article, is the universally accepted standard of 18 hole courses. Why are there 18 holes in golf? Why not 15, or 20? We’re going to open up the history books and explore what seems to be an iron-clad tradition of this game that we love so


How to Hit Irons – Perfecting The Games’ Essential Hit

Golf is a game that challenges every aspect of your life. While driving, chipping, and putting are important it is essential that you know how to hit irons. You have to be physically fit and flexible, have a great technical ability, good feel, and be mentally strong. Without these attributes, it is still possible to


How to Stop a Slice With a Driver – Eliminate The Dreaded Shot!

Hitting a driver that starts out straight and then suddenly veers off course making a depressing curve to your dominant side is not how you want to hit a golf ball. I am talking about that wild curve that heads for the deep rough, deep into a hazard, or even out of bounds. All golfers


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