How Much Are Golf Lessons? Are They Worth The Money?

Looking into taking golf lessons is a major step in improving the game of golf. Many people question whether or not golf lessons are worth it, but the majority of people that have had instruction will vouch for the effectiveness of a golf lesson or a series of lessons. Prices can fluctuate based on the level of coaching, length of the lesson, and other factors such as the type of club that you are getting lessons from. This post will


Golf Club Distances – How Far? [WITH DISTANCE TABLE]

Golf rules dictate that you may only carry a maximum of 14 clubs for a round of golf. You will normally have a driver, a fairway wood or two, possibly a few hybrids, your irons, wedges, and a putter. What this means is that you have to understand each club in your arsenal and know the distance they can deliver. The distance a golfer hits the various clubs will differ from player to player. The quality, weighting, loft, and other


What is an Albatross in Golf? Golfing Terms Explained for Everyone

Scoring in golf, just like most other aspects of the game, is full of intricacies and quirks. In this article, we will look at what is an albatross in golf, the history of the term, some statistics, and famous shots. Under par scores on a hole are now frequently referred to in avian terms. The History of The Albatross in Golf A par score on a hole is predetermined by the golf club and refers to the number of shots


What is a Mulligan in Golf? Golfing Terms Explained for Everyone

Golfers are sticklers for rules and Rule No. 13 of the United States Golf Association’s “Rules of Golf,” is referred to as “Ball played as it lies.” This rule prohibits improving the lie, the area intended for making a swing, the line of play, or the area in which the ball is to be dropped or placed. This means that you should play your shot from where the golf ball lands without any improvement to the situation. Being so intricate,


What is a Double Eagle in Golf? Golfing Terms Explained for Everyone

Ambiguous terminology is frequently used in golf, such as a grip that is either a component of the golf club or the way you hold your club. The use of synonyms in golf terminology is frequent and in this article, we will discuss what a double is in golf and why the use thereof is so controversial. The History of The Double Eagle To score a par in golf means that you get the ball from the tee into the


What is a Bogey in Golf? Golfing Terms Explained for Everyone

The origin of many of golf terms stems from the early 1900s and provides for interesting reading with some amusing stories. If you ask golfers what a bogey means, many will respond with the 1-over par explanation, but few will be able to explain the origins and how it relates to par. Bogey, like so many other golfing terms, has 2 connotations dependent on the period in history and context that you refer to. To put the term in perspective,


What is a Forecaddie in Golf? Golfing Terms Explained for Everyone

Anyone that has played or watched golf will be familiar with what a caddie is and the tasks that the caddie performs for the golfer during a round. Some golfers may have had experience with forecaddies, but did not know what the terms are for such a caddie. In this article, we will look at the history of the term, duties, and words derived from forecaddie. We will touch on the differences between a forecaddie and a caddy. In this


The New Golf World Handicap System – All You Need To Know

The World Handicap System (WHS) The world handicap system was launched in January 2020. It provides a unified and more inclusive system for the first time in the history of golf. Not all countries will go live with the system immediately but plan to link-up during the year. Developed by the Royal and Ancient (R & A} and the United States Golf Association(USGA) in coordination with other existing authorities world-wide. The R & A will assist in the governance of

Golf Carts

How Much Do Golf Cart Batteries Cost? Does Spending More = A Better Battery?

If you are reading this post, then I am guessing that you are thinking about becoming an electric golf cart owner? Or, maybe you do own one, but it is your first time purchasing a new battery for your golf cart? Either way, we have got you covered and hopefully, you will get a better idea about the prices of batteries for your golf cart. It is very smart to map out your future expenses because too many people overlook


How Long Do Golf Carts Last? (And How To Get More Years Out Of Your Cart)

Golf carts are a big investment and can range anywhere from $4,000 to $15,000, so you have to know exactly what you are getting and what you can expect out of them. The biggest players in the golf cart industry have claimed that a golf cart could last about 30 years, but that is with a few asterisks next to it and I will cover those in this post. If you know nothing about golf carts, don’t think that you

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