What Are Blades In Golf? Our Explanation, Along With Pros And Cons..

Like any sport, the game of golf has always looked for innovation to improve performance. It often leads us to ask questions about the new technology, questions such as ‘what are blades in golf?’. In the early day’s clubs were carved out of wood and then in the late 1870s steel heads became the game


How Many Golfers Are On The PGA Tour?

Regular watchers of PGA golf tournaments will know that there seems to be a large number of players that rotate in and out of tournaments. Some of the more successful players only partake in a few high-profile tournaments allowing for more professionals to participate on the PGA Tour. Earning your way onto the PGA Tour

Golf Carts

Should I Leave My Golf Cart Plugged In All The Time?

There is also lots of conflicting information that suggests that your batteries shouldn’t be left plugged in. Sadly, when it comes to the science of batteries, things are rarely simple. Hence, many golf cart owners rightly ask the question, ‘should I leave my golf cart plugged in all the time?’ When it comes to golf


Which Golf Clubs Are Made In The USA?

Golf equipment manufacturers have over recent years had to realign the cost structures of their business to remain competitive, raising the question…which golf clubs are made in the USA? Just like Automotive and many Global manufacturers, China has “dangled the carrot” of low manufacturing costs, to every industry. Labor in China is abundant and low-cost.


How Do Pro Golfers Know Yardage?

Pro golfers know how long they hit all of the clubs in their bag and knowing the precise yardage is essential in professional golf. One often wonders, given their accuracy, how do pro golfers know yardage? With the advent of modern technology, there are several aids available to golfers from rangefinders to GPS apps that


How Far Do Pro Golfers Drive?

There is no doubt that there are many long hitters among the pros. Not all the top players are big drivers but a few names stand out for booming long shots of the tee. Let’s try to answer the question ‘how far do pro golfers drive?’ Average Distance Following the Zurich Classic of New Orleans


How Many Golfers Make The Cut?

Have you ever wondered what is meant by “the cut” in golf?  How do they determine the cut? And how many golfers make the cut? Going through qualifying school and getting your card to play on the pro tour is a tough assignment. Then you need to qualify or be invited to play in one


Why Do Golfers Yell Fore?

Golfers often shout fore to warn players or others ahead of them when they hit a wayward shot. It is a warning for them to look out and not be struck by a golf ball. It is a common golfing term but many people are not aware of the origins and might well wonder, why


What Are The Degree Lofts Of Golf Clubs?

Every golfer wants to launch the golf ball high and far, and so the question ‘what are the degree lofts of golf clubs’ is asked. Golf club manufacturers are constantly designing new equipment ideas to increase either playability or distance. Manufacturers today make up sets with higher or lower lofts depending on their target market.


How Many Golf Balls Are On The Moon?

Since ancient times, humans have looked up to the night sky and asked profound questions about, well, everything. Where did the universe begin? When will it end? Is it infinite? Are we alone? What does it all mean? Sure, these are important questions. But heck, we’re golfers. People of culture. Some of us look to


Can You Drink On A Golf Course? Could It Improve your Game?

Generally speaking, drinking on a golf course is allowed at most clubs, but licensing regulations must be adhered to. However, for obvious reasons, the professional tour is the exception as the pros play for huge prize money and tour points to gain access to further special events during the tour. It is their ‘work’ after


How Much Does a Golf Simulator Cost and How Affordable are They?

The cost of a golf simulator is made up of several components. You can acquire them in the form of a package, or purchase the individual components and combine them into a customized golf simulator. Since the prices of simulators vary considerably due to the quality and features that each offers, you can start small


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