The Best Sunglasses For Golf – There’s More To It Than You Think

There are many equipment decisions a golfer needs to make, and they do not all relate to clubs. One accessory many players need to give some thought to is quality sunglasses. Do You Need Golf Sunglasses? A good pair of sunglasses has become an essential part of golfing gear over the last couple of years and as the technology improved it is now providing fantastic protection against the sun and delivering improved color differentiation that sharpens the depth perception especially


Choosing The Best Golf Towels (There’s More To It Than You Think)

Playing golf in the open exposes you and your gear to the elements. With your clubhead striking the turf on practically every shot, any dirt remaining on the clubface will undoubtedly influence the ball trajectory. The towel comes to the rescue being able to clear the grime not entrenched into the grooves, therefore, leaving your clubface clean, dry, and shiny. The best golf towels will lengthen the life expectancy of the clubs and enhance the reliability of the contact between


The Best Golf Club Covers To Protect Your Gear – Why You Need Them

The use of headcovers has become extremely fashionable and they serve a dual purpose. Finding the best golf club covers has many benefits. Firstly, they safeguard your clubs from harm through contact with other clubs or items in your golf bag. We don’t often see the battering the clubs take when on a golf excursion. The clubheads smash into each other, thump against the turf when your bag topples over and many other circumstances. Apart from the potential damage this


The 5 Best Spikeless Golf Shoes On The Market

There is a lot of etiquette and tradition in the history of golf, not least when it comes to dress codes. As far as footwear is concerned, it has always been cleats or metal spiked golf shoes. Thanks to, among a few others, Fred Couples, and modern technology, the spikeless golf shoe is now all the rage and rapidly gaining in popularity. We take a look at the best golf spikeless shoes on the market. Why The Change? Spiked shoes


Cold Weather Golf Gear and Clothing – What You Need This Winter

As long as you are willing to brave the elements, cold weather golf can be just as much fun as it is during the warmer weather. There is no need to store your clubs away for the winter months, just practicing your putting at home, and visiting the driving range. You want to be out there all year round, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to enjoy your golf even with a drop in temperature. Winter golf


The Best Golf Tees On The Market For Your Game Style

Striking a ball that is resting on the turf has its challenges and leaves barely any room for error. Having the ball set higher on golf tees makes life a lot easier, especially with your driver. It almost permits you to cheat a little, legitimately, of course. Using the best golf tee will give you an advantage off the tee box. By current estimations, there are 2 billion golf tees used in the U.S. market each season! The History Of


The Best Golf Shirts To Wear For Freedom & Comfort

What you wear on the golf course needs as much consideration as the clubs or golf balls you use. While you may not think it, clothing can directly impact your game and also your comfort and freedom of movement. These are essential to your game and the best golf shirts will have a significant impact during your round. It is important to look good but you need to be cool and dry while being able to move without restriction. We


The Best Golf Pants For Golfers of All Ages, Styles and Tastes

The game of golf requires a fair amount of equipment.  This is not restricted to clubs, balls and related products but also important is the clothing you wear. You want to look good and feel comfortable at the same time. Finding the best golf pants is essential for your game. What to Look For In The Golf Pants When purchasing golf pants there are a number of important factors to consider. We take you through the main aspects to consider


6 of The Best Golf Distance Finders on The Market in 2021

In the world of sports where distance and precision are of utmost importance, distance finders have turned out to be a key element of the Golfers gear list. Before the advent of the distance finder, golfers had to trust the distance markings on the golf course, the often not-so-dependable caddy and finally yardage books. As golfers develop more and become precise and tuned -in with their distances, data collecting, and processing play a key part in the determination of the


The Best Golf Bag Coolers on The Market in 2021

A walk or drive in the fresh air in sizzling weather can be a thirsty business and as climate change takes its toll, the requirement for some cool refreshments will intensify. Some people will prefer to wait for the halfway house to replenish their liquid intake but there is no harm in taking precautions and stock up with ice and liquids or the odd energy bar. Having the best golf bag with cooler will enhance your enjoyment and no doubt

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