Wilson Irons by Year: History of an Icon (100+ Years)

Wilson Staff claims that their line of irons has won more majors than any other golf brand (62 total). Winning that many majors, this manufacturer began to make golf clubs back in 1914, which means that their irons have won a major on average of once every decade—this is a century-old company.

Looking at Wilson irons by year, we have seen many famous PGA golfers using them, like Arnold Palmer, Gene Sarazen, Patty Berg, and Walter Hagen.

Can a set of Wilson irons help your game go to the next level? Read on for the full list to compare and contrast the models, and then check out our favorites to see if one fits your goals.

Wilson Irons by Year

Release Date Models
2023 Dynapower Women’s
2023 Dynapower Men’s
2022 Launch Pad 2
2022 Staff D9 Women’s
2022 Staff D9
2022 Staff D9 Forged
2021 Staff Model CB
2021 Staff Model Blades
2020 Launch Pad
2020 Staff D7 Forged
2019 Profile Platinum
2019 Profile SGi Teen
2019 Profile JGi Junior
2019 Profile SGI
2019 Staff D7
2018 C300
2018 Staff FG Tour V6
2018 Staff D350
2017 Deep Red Tour
2017 D300 SuperLite
2017 D300
2017 Ultra Plus
2017 Ultra Plus Women’s
2017 Ultra
2016 FG Tour F5
2016 Staff C200
2015 FG Tour 100
2015 FG Tour V4
2014 FG Tour M3
2014 FG Tour
2014 Staff C100
2013 D100
2012 FG Tour V2
2011 FG62
2010 FG Tour
2010 Ci9
2009 Di9
2009 FG59
2009 Ci7 Control
2006 Di7 Distance
2006 Di7
2005 Fi5 Forged
2005 Di5 Distance
2005 Pi5 Performance
2003 Deep Red II Tour
2003 Deep Red II
2002 Deep Red
2002 Fat Shaft Robert Mandrella
1999 FSTi 33cm2 AHA
1998 Staff Ti
1998 FS Wilson Staff Midsize
1998 FS Wilson Staff
1998 Staff Midsize RM
1997 P.S. Oversize
1997 Staff Oversize
1997 FS Wilson Staff
1996 Ultra System-45
1996 Midsize
1996 Midsize RM
1996 Progressive
1990 Staff FG-51
1988 Staff Goose Neck
1985 Staff Tour Blades
1984 Wilson Hale Irwin
1978 Wilson 1200 LT
1978 Staff Tour Blades
1973 Wilson 1200
1971 X-31
1969 Dynapower Staff
1966 Sam Snead Blue Ridge
1960 Arnold Palmer Shot Maker
1960 Patty Berg Cup Defender
1960 K-28 Harmonized
1959 Dynapower Staff Model
1953 Sam Snead Championship
1933 Wilson Ogg-mented
1932 Wilson Walker Cup
1930 Wilson Pinehurst
1920 Wilson “Success” 1 Mid Iron

Will There Be New Wilson Irons in 2024?

dynapower irons

In 2024, Wilson announced plans to release its lineup of the Dynapower irons. The Dynapower irons pull from the original weight-shifting concept of the first Dynapower irons, which will add a few extra yards out on the course. Wilson especially intended this concept for high handicappers who often miss with their irons.

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How Often Does Wilson Release New Irons?

dynapower irons women

Especially since the start of 2009, Wilson has released a new iron every year, and in some cases, they released multiple irons in a year. The brand says that they only like to release a new iron when they have made a measurable improvement since their last release.

Before 2009, Wilson would sporadically release irons, making it hard to tell when they might release their next. For example, Wilson would release an iron in 2003, but then they wouldn’t release the next one until two years later, in 2005 and 2006.

Wilson Irons History (Early Years)

x31 wilson irons

Thomas E. Wilson started the company in 1914 in Chicago, Illinois, under the name Thos. E. Wilson & Co.

When we look at Wilson Staff irons through the years, we need to start at the beginning. The first known release of Wilson irons began with the Wilson “Success” 1 Mid Iron. Important to note that while I put this as 1920, most believe that they released these irons somewhere in the 1920s. The “Success” series earned its place in history as one of the earliest Wilson Staff irons by year. The company was still in its infancy. They believe that the first one was forged at its golf club plant in Chicago on 89th St. and S. Ada Street.

In 1930, the company would release the Wilson Pinehurst. Today, this is one of the vintage Wilson golf clubs that has become a collectible. In 1932, they released the Wilson Walker Cup, and they would release the Wilson Ogg-mented in 1933. One of the old Wilson golf clubs, the Ogg-mented irons especially saw success as the first perimeter-weighted iron.

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Wilson Irons History (1950-2000)

sam snead wilson irons by year
Sam Snead on fairway New South Wales golf championship at Kensington

For over 50 years, Wilson released incredible irons like the Sam Snead Championship. They began as an inexpensive starter set. You saw them everywhere at the hardware stores. In 1960, they would release the Arnold Palmer Shot Maker, named after one of the greatest and most charismatic golfers of all time.

This club became one of the most gorgeous golf clubs with plenty of forgiveness, and they could yield excellent distance. Many said they never hit a club with so much forgiveness, making it one of the best Wilson irons.

Staff Tour Blade was released in 1978. It quickly became one of the undisputedly most beautiful forged blades on the market. In fact, their 1985 release of the Staff Tour Blade would turn into one of the most beautiful forged blades on the market even up to the present day. Specifically, they designed this iron for golfers who wanted to know the feel and feedback of the club.

Finally, in 1997, you had the FS Wilson Staff released. This marked the beginning of the Wilson Fat Shaft iron’s history. They became a popular product for Wilson because of the oversized face that created a large sweet spot for maximum forgiveness.

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Wilson Irons History (2001-2024)

In 2002, Wilson would release the Wilson Deep Red, a solid choice for beginners. They priced it well and the quality stood out. This would become one of the game improvement irons, and hitting the ball with it felt satisfying. At the same time, they made it nicely weighted. Next, you had the Di7 that they would release in 2006. This great-looking iron would give you plenty of confidence at the tee. They had a lower profile, which moved the center of gravity and would send the ball flying. It’s an easy club to hit long and straight.

Next, you had the Wilson D series with the first one released in 2013 as the D100. This club would do the trick if you wanted to hit the ball straight. Unfortunately, you couldn’t face or draw a ball easily with it. The D100s were the longest irons that Wilson ever produced. They made a good choice for players who wished for distance and accuracy.

Released in 2017, the Ultra marks out another great iron from Wilson. You can swing the club easily, and the ball explodes into action on impact. At the same time, it feels more natural in the hands. For 2022, you have the Launch Pad, which focuses on forgiveness. In fact, Wilson emphasized this so much that it’s one of the most forgiving irons that you will ever come across.

Hopefully, this gives you an overall picture of Wilson irons and how they can help you out on the golf course. Some PGA golfers using Wilson irons include Kevin Streelman, Brendan Steele, and Gary Woodland. Wilson Staff has begun to lose market share to some of its competitors in recent years, holding a reported 0.6% in 2007. When you think of Wilson golf irons by year, most don’t think of them as necessarily prestigious.


How Often Does Wilson Release New Irons?

Ever since 2009, Wilson has released a new iron on average of once a year. In some cases, they released a couple of irons in a year. Before, Wilson said that they only released a new iron when they had made measurable improvements to their irons.

Are Wilson and Wilson Staff the Same Thing?

Think of Wilson as the larger company overall, with Wilson Staff belonging to the company's golf division. Many corporations form a business division like this as a way to get a competitive edge over the competition. A division like this lets the company expand without needing to modify its corporate structure.

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Final Thoughts

When you look at the Wilson irons by year, the 100-year-old brand has a longer history than most of its competitors, but it has struggled compared to TaylorMade or Callaway. You might still choose Wilson as a beginner because they offer affordable irons, which makes them perfect for a new golf player. They produce the best irons for distance and forgiveness, and you’d buy them if that was one of things you valued.

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