The 5 Best Putters For High Handicappers & Beginners

If you are a beginner golfer, you want to select clubs carefully as the right equipment can make a dramatic difference to your game. Putting is particularly important as this aspect can make or break a round of golf.

We will take you through what to look for when selecting the right putter as well as the best putters for high handicappers.

What To Look For When Selecting a Putter

Buying a putter can be a bit overwhelming as they come in a bewildering range of shapes, sizes, colors, angles, weights, and other factors. All are these are important to the performance of the putter.

It is important to have a basic understanding of the various relevant factors to consider when purchasing a putter so that you can make an informed decision and get the best one for your style of golf and your needs.

The right putter will make a considerable improvement to not only your score but also your enjoyment of the game. We will take you through these important considerations to guide you through the options available. This will help you match the right styles and features to your game to maximize your strengths and mitigate any weaknesses you might have.

The following video will give you a brief overview of putter selection:

Head Design

While all aspects of putter design are important you want a head that will give you confidence and work for your style of play. Some putters have highly unusual head shapes and they do not work for everyone.

The main styles are:

  1. Blade heads
  2. Mid-mallets
  3. Mallet heads
  4. Perimeter-weighted heads

Blades are compact traditional putters while mallets have a large head which most high handicappers will find gives them more forgiveness and accuracy. Mid-mallets fall between the two and are quite versatile.

The putting style and performance differ according to the head design so it is important to look for those that work with your style. Also, remember that not all heads have sightlines. So, if you need these, take note.

Putters with a high moment of inertia (MOI) will be more forgiving when you do not strike the ball dead center. It simply means that the club is less likely to twist on off-center hits.

The video gives an explanation of the putter head options:

Faces and Inserts on Putters

Technology improves in leaps and bounds and putter face inserts are a good example. Many manufacturers now offer a range of inserts and each has specific characteristics.

The same is true of the groove design used on many putter faces. This is something to look at when making your selection.

You want a feel and action that works with your putting style and inspires confidence. Some golfers prefer a softer touch while others want a bit more feedback, bounce, or roll.


Another critical aspect is the shaft, particularly the length. Golfers quite obviously vary in height and the length of the putter needs to be appropriate.

Many golfers do not use the correct length putter and this will impede their performance. The average putter is generally 35 inches but there are often 34 or 33-inch options.

It is important that you can take a comfortable posture and stance when you address your ball on the green and the correct length for your height is essential.

Most putters are available in a range of lengths to ensure you select the one that works best for you.

Belly or long/chest putters are much longer than the traditional 33 to 35-inch options and have become rather popular even with some pro golfers.

They do help players with bad backs but some simply find better control with these designs. Belly putters are around 41 to 45 inches and chest putters range from 45 to 50 inches.

Shaft Weight

The weight and shaft length work together so it is important to get the balance right. Merely reducing the shaft length on a putter too long for you will do more harm than good.

Shaft Design

Many players, particularly beginners, will benefit from an offset shaft. This keeps your hands beyond the ball and will aid in control and accuracy.

Balance Point

Some putters have a toe balance while others have a face balance. If you play more of an arc styled putt with a more open face, you want a toe-balanced option.

If you generally play straight for the pin then a face-balanced putter is a better option.


Putters come in a range of grip sizes, textures, and shapes. The grip has a major impact on putting performance and it is important to select the one that works best with your style of putting.

While most grips will taper lower down many find a thicker grip more comfortable. Depending on your putting and grip style you might find a larger grip to be more comfortable.

Counterbalanced grips offer more weight below the hands which helps many golfers avoid hinging the wrists as they put.


The price of the range of the best beginner putters spans wide, and you need to factor in your budget. Obviously, money spent on a putter means less to spend on other golf equipment or actual rounds of golf.

While quality putters can be expensive, there are some well-priced options that are highly effective.

Here is some info from the PGA page on selecting a putter.

Quick Overview: Our Top Picks for Putters for High Handicappers

OUR RATING: 4.8/5er putter 10 Evnroll ER10 Putter
  • Patented Sweet Face Technology
  • Available in a variety of toe hang and face-balanced
  • Head weights vary to accommodate the length of the shaft
OUR RATING: 4.7/5gstblcr-table__image Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 Putter
  • Delivers a consistent roll
  • Good response and feel
  • Forgiving
OUR RATING: 4.6/5gstblcr-table__image Ping Heppler Fetch Putter
  • Great feel
  • Milling pattern leads to consistency and forgiveness
  • 304 Stainless Steel is enjoyed by most golfers
OUR RATING: 4.5/5Wilson Staff Harmonized Putter M5 Wilson Staff Harmonized putter M5
  • Micro-injection polymer face insert
  • Wonderfully comfortable grip
  • Vertical seam grip for improved feel
OUR RATING: 4.5/5gstblcr-table__image Pinemeadow Golf Men's PGX Putter
  • Affordable and great value for money
  • Easy alignment
  • Good weighting and balance

Our Research Parameters 

Golfspan is independent and not pressured by manufacturers to recommend products. We were not paid for the reviews in this article. These putters were selected by our team, who have over 100 years of experience playing golf and thousands of hours reviewing products. We may earn an affiliate commission when you purchase something through our retail links.

Putters for Beginners – The 8 Best Putters for High Handicappers 2022

1. Best Value – Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 Putter


  • Delivers a consistent roll
  • Good response and feel
  • Forgiving
  • Pleasing sound
  • Simple but appealing design with no glare
  • Durable


  • It can take a bit of getting used to for many golfers
  • No option for an oversized grip for those that prefer them

Also known as the White Hot Pro, this is a popular and well-loved putter that many new golfers enjoy. The White Hot insert is something Callaway has used in their Odyssey range for a while but it has been highly refined over the years for optimal feel and performance.

The inserts are firmer than previous designs which lead to a great roll. One thing most golfers appreciate is the consistency of the putter. It also delivers a quality sound for a putter and gives a feeling that most players enjoy.

Forgiveness and response are good thanks to the heel/toe weighting. Alignment is easy and accurate with contrasting alignment aids. This feature will help most golfers achieve greater accuracy and consistency.

Another feature that makes this an easy and effective putter is the full-shaft offset. This keeps your hands behind the ball for a solid and consistent strike.

The look is another factor, and apart from aesthetics, it helps with performance as it is non-glare. It has classical simple lines and a gunmetal PVD finish. The design also makes the Hot Pro 2.0 Putter extremely durable.

This is a popular putter with many pros but will offer great consistency and accuracy to high handicappers. Given the advanced technology and great design, the pricing is reasonable.

The putter is a top seller and the response from players and testers that have used it is overwhelmingly positive.

The range has been around for a while now but Odyssey continues to develop and improve it for optimal performance the combination of good tech without breaking the bank makes this the best putter for high handicappers.

2. Best Budget – Wilson Staff Harmonized Putter M5


  • Competitively priced
  • Wonderfully comfortable grip
  • Micro-injection polymer face insert
  • Easy alignment design
  • Vertical seam grip for improved feel
  • Multiple density areas in the microinjection face insert
  • The soft feel grip is designed exclusively for Wilson
  • An excellent choice for mid-high handicap golfers


  • Slightly bulky

Your only contact with the putter is through the grip and the Wilson Staff Harmonized M5 putter boasts a larger grip than its predecessors. The larger grip fits securely in your hands and offers greater control and less slippage.

The harmonized putter grip with a vertical seam at the backside for an enhanced feel.

The shaft is available in 35 inches.

A few innovative features implemented on the face of the putter enable it to provide greater control over the ball, making it an easy putter to use.

The plumber hosel and semi-mallet putter head continue to enhance the feel and control that you can exercise over the putting stroke.

A microinjection polymer face insert offers a better feel when contact is made with the golf ball. The putter head

Recreational players and mid-high handicap golfers will benefit from the enhanced red and white alignment lines for more accuracy when lining up their putts. Furthermore, you can expect more control and forgiveness when you strike the ball slightly off-center.

The Wilson Staff Harmonized Putter M5 is a well-designed, high-quality putter aimed at mid to high handicap golfers at a reasonable asking price. More experienced golfers and better putters could find it feels too bulky.

3. Premium Pick – Evnroll ER10 Outback Putter


  • Patented Sweet Face Technology
  • Available in a variety of toe hang and face-balanced
  • Head weights vary to accommodate the length of the shaft


  • The heads are rather large

The Evnroll ER10 Outback Putter is the flagship model in the Evnroll putters offering forgiveness and stability with a clean and compact look.

The face on all Evnroll putters is built on the patented ‘Sweet Face Technology’ which is a unique mill pattern engineered to create consistent performance across the entire face. The mill pattern has wide grooves in the middle of the face that narrow the further you move from the center to the heel or toe.

The narrower grooves towards the heel and the toe boost the speed on off-center strokes for increased consistency of energy transfer across the face. You can rely on more consistency in the speed at which the golf ball rolls off the face.

Toe hang impacts how the putter’s face opens and closes during your putting stroke. Arc strokes are more suited to toe hang while face-balanced putters are more suited to golfers with straight-back-and-through strokes.

To aid in the toe hang design Evnroll offers a variety of slants to increase or decrease the amount of toe hang. Short Slant produces the most toe hang to provide maximum movement in the putter face for golfers that have a strong arc in their putting stroke.

Long Slant produces minimal face movement for golfers that have a slight arc in their putting stroke. Putters with a long slant feature a two-shaft offset and a loft that has an additional two degrees. Short Plumber’s Neck produces a moderate toe hang for golfers with a minimal arc in their putting stroke.

The Long Plumber’s Neck produces insignificant toe hang making it ideal for golfers with a straight-back-and-through putting stroke. The ERV10 is available with Short Slant with 12-degree toe down, Short Plumber with 9-degree toe down, long plumber balanced face, and Long Slant with 7-degree toe down.

Evnroll ER10 is ideal for golfers who struggle with consistent roll and pace control. Erv10 comes with a Black anodized 6061 aluminum head and 303 stainless steel weights with a variety of weights depending on the shaft length. Weights vary between 380 grams on 33-inch shafts, 365 grams on 34-inch shafts, and 350 grams on 35-inch shafts.

Custom EVNROLL black TourTac grips come as standard.

If you can afford this one, it is a stand-out contender for the best putter for beginner players.

4. TaylorMade Spider Tour Putter


  • Leading Brand and used by many top pros on the PGA Tour
  • Medium-sized head with perfect balance for a consistent stroke
  • Easy alignment arrow for precise putt line up
  • First fluted steel shaft for better feel and control
  • Pure roll inserts for a great sound


  • Pricey
  • Certain players prefer a blade putter

TaylorMade has been a leading putter supplier on the PGA Tour and won many top tournaments around the world. Their Spider range is a real winner and the putter sits perfectly at address over the ball. Shaft bend options offer the player the benefit of keeping the hands in position during the stroke.

The arrow-shaped True Path Alignment assists in lining up putts for greater success from all distances. Spider putters are known for their stability and exceptional feel. A heavy tungsten back bar optimizes the swing weight.

Pure Roll inserts produce a great sound while the 45-degree grooves increase topspin assisting the ball to hold its line on the green.

5. Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter


  • Affordable and great value for money
  • Easy alignment
  • The white head gives good contrast and helps with alignment for most golfers
  • Good weighting and balance
  • Ideal for faster greens


  • Some find it to be a bit on the heavy side
  • The color is not the most durable or easy to keep clean
  • Not all players enjoy the white finish

The cost of golf equipment, let alone the price of a round or two, can add up quickly. If you want a competent putter without breaking the bank, the Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter is an option to consider.

It is a budget putter that has a lot to offer and is an appealing option for the mid to high handicapper.

Pinemeadow is not the most famous name in golf equipment but does not dismiss them based on that. They have a lot to offer and the PGX Putter is a leading example. It is highly rated by those that have used it.

It has a white finish which gives great contrast and helps with alignment leading to greater accuracy. Some find that it discolors quickly so it will probably need a frequent wipe.

It is, however, a helpful appearance for most golfers and worth the effort.

This is a mallet-style putter with a good weight balance that will help with roll and control. It plays particularly well on faster greens which are more common on most golf courses.

This style and design are often a lot easier for new golfers to use. The comfort and ease of use will naturally relate to greater accuracy and constancy. This is likely the best putter for bad putters that don’t want to spend more than $40.

6. MAZEL Tour GS Men’s Golf Putter


  • Speed Optimized Face Technology for speed and distance control
  • Precision Milled Face for a smoother roll on the green
  • Grip options
  • Sleek premium look
  • Well priced


  • Not a leading brand in putters
  • Head shape is not for all

Mazel is more renowned for its range of affordable wedges, but the Tour GS putter is an attractive offer for high handicappers. The Speed Optimized Face Technology ensures ball speed control across the entire face, even on mis-hits.

Soft feel and a pure roll come from the Precision Milled Face unique diamond pattern. Two different grip options are available to suit any stroke type. A sleek finish delivers a premium look to a good-looking head all at a minuscule price.

7. Easiest Retrieval – Ping Heppler Fetch Putter


  • Great feel
  • Milling pattern leads to consistency and forgiveness
  • 304 Stainless Steel is enjoyed by most golfers


  • Some golfers find the head too light
  • The head shape is not popular with all players

Fans of a more traditional putter appearance will appreciate the classic design which has been combined with features and technology that most golfers will find help with their putting.

The face is precision milled with a unique and effective diamond pattern. This workmanship allows for good contact and delivers consistency and a good feel, both important to high handicappers.

One of the outstanding features of this putter is the 304 Stainless Steel that gives a softer but effective feel. This advanced material makes a notable difference in feel and performance.

The face has also been precision-milled which adds to the good feel and brings more consistency to the roll. The milling technique is specific to Ping although other manufacturers use a similar concept.

Again, although a lot of research and development has gone into the entire Hunting Beach range, the price of this putter is not out of reach and will be appreciated by the vast majority of beginners. The positive response of users confirms this fact.

Ping calls these SOFT putters but do not be misled by this. Although they do indeed have a soft and pleasant feel, SOFT is an acronym for Speed Optimized Face Technology.

This refers to the milling technology described above as well as the overall design. Most golfers will attest to the forgiveness and consistency that it offers.

They have spent many years refining and enhancing the design and technology of this range to optimize performance.

This is the best putter for high handicap players that want to practice on their own as the fetch design makes it easy to bring your balls back to you.

8. Easiest to Align – S7K Standing Putter


  • A simple method to improve putting stats
  • Easy alignment for better control
  • Putter stands up on its own behind the ball
  • Good feel, balance, and sound at impact


  • Good players will trust their judgment on alignment
  • The putter will not stand alone in windy conditions or on the fringe.

The S7K is a new concept when it comes to putters, and is likely to be an attractive option for beginner golfers learning the art of putting. Players can concentrate on the speed of the putt once it is aligned to the hole.

It is a unique experience to set the putter on a line, and then move to stand behind it to check the line. It stands up on its own. The balance and feel are not compromised in any way, and the light grip ensures plenty of feedback during the stroke.

The putter is legal and one of the best golf putters for beginners to improve the all-important part of golf—putting.

Best Putters for High Handicappers 2022 FAQs

What Is a Good Putter for a High Handicapper? 

While the best putter for beginners will depend on stroke style, high handicappers will want to look out for a high MOI putter. For example, some may benefit from using a center shafted putter while others may not. Our top pick, the Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0, offers this and will suit many different stroke styles.

Are Mallet Putters Better Than Blades for High Handicappers?

The general consensus is that mallet putters are more forgiving than blade putters for high handicappers. But, if you’ve been playing with a blade putter for years and switch to a mallet putter, you may see an initial rise in your strokes as you adjust to the new weight of your putter.

How Many Inches Should My Putter Be?

The length of your putter depends on your height. There are some adjustments to make based on your stroke, but you can use the following table as a good rule of thumb.

Putter length chart

What is the Easiest Putter to Hit?

When selecting the best beginner putter, the most important factor is comfort at address. The face angle should suit the eye when lined up to putt the ball. Generally, a face-balanced putter should be used with a mallet-type head. The larger head creates confidence over the ball and is more forgiving on mis-hits. A perimeter weighted head is also recommended.

Are Mallet Putters Really More Forgiving?

With the larger head and perimeter weighting, the high handicapper will develop a putting touch that can be repeated more easily. Putting is practically 50% of all the shots played out on the course, and to improve, this is the area to concentrate on.

Are Scotty Cameron Putters Good for Beginners?

Scotty Cameron putters are a favorite with many of the top golfers on the PGA Tour. Putting wins tournaments and the pros demand the best. These putters are expensive and added to the beginner’s bag, could be overkill. Start out with a putter that you can hone your skill, and then later splash out on a new Scotty Cameron putter.

Is a Mallet or Blade Putter Better for Beginners?

The blade putter may suit the eye and feel comfortable for the beginner. The various inserts allow the ball to roll smoothly after the stroke. It is a matter of preference as the thinner blade head does appeal to some, rather than the thicker mallet putter. Comfort and confidence are the keywords when selecting the putter to put in the bag.


This article should help you understand the important points to consider selecting a putter and we have highlighted 5 of the best options for high handicappers.

While they are all quality choices the Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 Putter stands out as our top pick for the best putters for high handicappers. It ticks all the boxes one would look for in a quality putter. While the advanced White Hot Inserts make a world of difference, this putter has many other great features. These combine to give you a putter that is consistent, forgiving, and easy to control. It looks good, has a pleasant feel, and is a reliable and dependable option.

Take your time to think about your own needs and putting style in order to select the ideal putter for your game. Once you get used to it you will start to see your putting numbers drop which is sure to make your game more rewarding.

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