Wilson C300 Irons Review – Are They Worth Buying?

We golfers are a demanding group. We have high expectations of equipment and are not easy to please. While we all want to improve our game and hit starter and further, we still want playability and control. Wilson has really tried to please the average golfer across the handicap range and most agree they have done a good job with the C300 Irons. Building on the success of their C200 set, they have improved and advanced their FLX Face™ Power Hole technology. This will give you good playability while allowing for outstanding distance and great forgiveness. In this article, we

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Mizuno JPX 900 Irons Review – How Do These Clubs Stack Up?

To play at your best you need the right equipment. There is no one size fits all and Mizuno are acutely aware of this. It is for this reason that they have introduced three new ranges of their JPX 900 irons. There is something for everyone and each one has the technology and design features to work best with your skills and abilities behind the clubs. While we will focus on the forged irons that are suitable for a wide range of players, also consider the Hot Meal Irons for beginners as well as the Tour Irons for better players.

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Stiff vs. Regular Flex Golf Shafts: Which Is Right For You?

You probably want to hit the golf ball as long and accurately as possible, so what type of golf shaft should you choose? In most cases, you will choose between a stiff and regular flex. Stiff vs. Regular Flex Golf Shafts: What are the differences? A stiff shaft offers less flexibility and more resistance and control, benefiting golfers with swing speeds over 90 mph. A regular flex shaft offers a smoother and easier swing for golfers with swing speeds under 90 mph.  It’s not as simple as that, though. You’ll want to understand the shaft you need for your driver

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