Vessel Golf Bag Review – All You Need To Know

If you are looking for the most luxurious golf bag out there then the Vessel Player 2.0 could be the bag for you. This is a full-featured stand bag. The Vessel Player 2.0 has a patented Rotary Stand system built-in for your ease of mind that your bag will stay standing while you enjoy a cold one at the 19th hole.

This spacious bag was designed with 7 pockets strategically placed to store all your golf essentials. An equilibrium self-adjusting strap will assist you with the best carrying experience on the course. The carbon fiber legs reduce the weight of the bag considerably. The bag weighed in at only 5.75 lbs/2.6 kg.

The bag is made from Tour-grade Synthetic Leather that retains its color, is easy to clean, durable, and weather-resistant.

The option of 6 or 14 full-length dividers will give you extra protection for your clubs and ease the task of grabbing your chosen club from your bag while concentrating on the shot you want to make.

This bag comes complete with a built-in cooler bag with a removable ball pocket to a bottle opener.

Below is a list of the pros and cons of this excellent bag:

Vessel Golf Bags Review

VESSEL Player 2.0 Stand Bag


  • Maximum stability through the patented rotator stands system
  • Patented self-adjusting equilibrium strap
  • Magnetic velour-lined range-finder pocket
  • Insulated cooler pocket
  • Seam-sealed, velour-lined waterproof valuables pocket
  • Large garment compartment
  • Interior valuables pocket with combination lock
  • Dual-purpose bottle opener/towel ring
  • Genuine leather pulls with premium waterproof zippers throughout
  • All-weather rain hood
  • Umbrella holder
  • Detachable ball pocket for personalization
  • Pen holder


  • Except for the price, there seems to be no drawback to this excellent bag

Who is Vessel?

The name Vessel is not new to the market, their brand has been out there with the pros for a long time. Maybe you never heard of them before now. The Vessel company has been building luxury products for several years now and worked with some amazing athletes and brands alike on a couple of tours. The bag that Tiger Woods uses on tour was designed by Vessel.

What to look for in a quality Golf Bag


When you’re looking for a bag in this price range the first this that comes to mind are luxurious looks, durability, functionality, and then the rest. You want a bag that looks professional and matches your style.

Club Space

The clubs should be able to fit comfortably into their slots with protection to the shafts and grips. The number of drivers and clubs you need determines the total weight of your bag. Struggling to get a driver out on the Tee adds to the frustration and affects your game.

Putter Space

Putters getting bigger heads need bigger space and extra protection for these delicate pieces of your armory. Protecting the putter should be near the top of the list.

Amount of Pockets

The more useful pockets the better. This includes the accessibility of each pocket and the protection from the elements, easy access, space, and the way they seal or lock.

Weather Protection

The weather differs everywhere in the world. The type of weather you normally play in will have an impact on the type of bag you need. Mostly all the bags lately comes with water protection, an umbrella holder, and a towel ring.


The durability of your golf bag will be determined by the construction and type of material used in the construction. Select the bag that will provide you with the characteristics that you require and will last for several seasons with all its functionality and comfort that you would not easily change to another brand.

A few Alternatives to the Vessel Golf Bag

1. Titleist Players 4 Stand Bag


  • New premium double strap
  • Quick-access magnetic accessories pocket
  • Player-preferred external water bottle pocket
  • The stability is provided through the advanced hinged bottom and high-grade aluminum legs
  • Comes with a rain hood
  • Has a cart-friendly base
  • 16 color combinations to choose from


  • Not fully waterproof

The Titleist Players 4 stand bag is a carry golf bag with the new premium double strap upgrade you will be able to carry it comfortably. It provides support down the middle of your back to your shoulders so comfort is the top-selling point of this bag.

This bag is designed to be used a lot thus withstanding a lot of wear and tear and some opinions are that it should last you for years to come.

2. Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Staff Stand Bag


  • Velour-wrapped dividers
  • Adjustable, padded dual shoulder straps
  • 6 forward-facing pockets
  • Insulated water bottle pocket
  • Durable automatic stand with non-slip footpads
  • Color matching rain hood
  • Constructed of durable polyurethane material


  • Somewhat pricey

The Callaway Epic Staff Stand Bag has a soft hip pad and is very easy to carry around all day long. For extra comfort, Callaway padded the double shoulder straps. Placing the bag on the turf will extend the twin-stand legs automatically.

3. PING Hoofer 14 Stand Bag (Currently Out Of Stock, Will Update Soon)


  • Straps follow body contour
  • The reinforced legs for added stability
  • There are multiple color options available
  • The water bottle always stays upright
  • 14-way reinforced top, 6 full-length dividers
  • 8 easily accessed pockets
  • Range-finder, water-bottle pockets


  • The dividers tend to snag

The Hoofer 14 also known as the neat freak’s bag is for the golfers who want every club in its correct place. The pockets are strategically placed to allow for easy access. The straps are made to follow the contour of your body making for a more comfortable walk.

Final Thoughts

Selecting a golf bag for the average golfer is not a straightforward process as many contenders offer remarkably similar qualities and specifications. The ultimate decision will be the one that suits your golf preference. The brand could play a decisive role in unwavering supporters of a specific brand.

There are no poor-quality golf bags amongst the golf bags that we reviewed in this category. Yes, each one has its unique qualities, and some will have more pockets, some will be lighter and some will feel more comfortable. The one that you will select will be the one that combines the criteria to your liking and style.

The competition is extremely high and the two golf bags that stood out for me are the Vessel Player 2.0 and the Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Staff Stand Bag.

Although they may not be the best in every category, they offer better value for money and all-around performance.

The Vessel Player 2.0 with its luxurious look and patented Rotary Stand system, space, weight, and everything about this bag sealed the deal for me.

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