The 10 Best Sunday Golf Bags – Reviewed & Rated For 2022

The Best Sunday Golf Bags To Comfortably Carry Your Own Clubs

In a 2020 article, Golfweek’s Jason Lusk discussed the growing popularity of Par 3 golf courses. The boom in the shorter format of the game means that we need to alter our equipment to match the occasion. In this post, I am unveiling my picks for the best Sunday golf bags on the market.

I will highlight the features and benefits of each option to help you decide which bag provides sufficient space for your gear.

Every golfer needs a good Sunday Golf Bag. They are perfect for so many situations. You don’t always need all your clubs so there is no point lugging around a heavy clumsy bag.

If you going out for a quick 9 holes or playing at an executive or par-3 course or even just a bit of practice, you want to have the best Sunday Golf bag.

It will let’ you walk around comfortably, something that is such an important aspect of golf. This allows you to skip the golf cart and get some exercise on the beautiful courses we play.

Granted, there are situations or courses where you will have to use a cart or you need as much as you can carry but this is not every time. A Sunday bag keeps the game fast and allows you to be mobile and quick. They save a lot of time and effort.

The Benefits  & Uses of a Sunday Golf Bag

Obviously, Sunday Bags are designed to be ultra-lightweight so they will take the strain off your back and shoulders. The idea is to simplify the game, make it easier, faster and more convenient. The added bonus is that it allows you to get great exercise as well as camaraderie walking around the course with your fellow players.

The word Sunday possibly puts a few people off as these bags have many uses. Sure, they are great for a quick game or even 9 holes on a leisurely Sunday game but they are also great for the driving range, executive golf or small, par-3 courses.

They are also ideal for beginners or younger golfers that do not need the full range of clubs and have less access to carts and caddies. They work well for older golfers that still want to get some enjoyable exercise.

Quick Overview: Our Top Picks for Best Sunday Golf Bags

OUR RATING: 4.8/5gstblcr-table__image1. Callaway Golf 2020 Hyperlite Zero Lightweight Stand Bag
  • Generous club and storage space
  • Good balance and comfortable strap
  • Sturdy and effective manual legs
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OUR RATING: 4.7/5gstblcr-table__image2. CaddyDaddy Ranger Carry Sunday Range
  • Padded opening for club protection
  • Plenty of storages space in 3 zippered pockets
  • Pockets are lockable
VIEW ON AMAZON →See Customer Reviews
OUR RATING: 4.7/5gstblcr-table__image3. Par3 Golf Lightweight Sunday Bag
  • Straightforward to keep in standing position
  • Velour lined valuables pocket
  • PAR3 satisfaction guarantee
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OUR RATING: 4.5/5gstblcr-table__image4. JEF WORLD OF GOLF Pitch & Putt
  • Very light at only 2 pounds
  • Has a stand, strap, and pockets
  • Velcro glove strip and bottle holder
VIEW ON AMAZON →See Customer Reviews
OUR RATING: 4.4/5gstblcr-table__image5. Orlimar Pitch and Putt Lightweight
  • Very light at under 2 pounds
  • 2 Compartments
  • Sturdy retractable legs
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What to Look for in a Sunday Golf Bag

It is necessary to consider the factors that are important to you in order to select the Golf Bag that suits your needs and your style best.


It is pretty clear that you do not want the bag to be heavy. Remember that a lighter weight often means a bit of a sacrifice on other features such as durability or storage space.


These bags are intended to be small and compact. Some people will be happy with a bag that carries 6 or 7 clubs while others might want one with more capacity.


Having 2 or 3 dividers will help keep your clubs organized and make them easier to take in or out the bag.


This is an important element to look at. You want one that is comfortable, practical and durable. The same applies to handles.

Pockets and Storage

Many of us have got used the huge amount of storage space in the big cart bags but it is not all that hard to adapt. It just requires a bit of planning and getting used to. If you need to carry a few items, give some thought to storage space and pockets.


For this type of bag, many people are happy to go without a stand but for others, this will be a nightmare. Consider your needs and choose the one that will work best for your style.


Whether you use this bag once a week or once a year, you want one that will last. Look at the durability of the materials used and the quality of workmanship.


Sunday golf bags range in price from very affordable to moderately priced. Determine your needs and give some thought to how often you will use the bag to establish your budget. Don’t go for a very low-budget option as it will probably only last you a few rounds of golf, even if you do not plan to use it often.


Some propel like to use these bags to travel and this is a great idea. If this is the case, look for one with additional protection. A padded cover is great for travel and lockable zips might also come in handy. Either way, it will be easier to transport a Sunday Golf Bag than the average bag.

Here are some tips on traveling with your golf bag.

While Sunday Golf Bags might not be for everyone or every day, it is clear that they do have a lot to offer.

Why Do They Call It A Sunday Bag?

According to the company Sunday Golf, one needs to dig through the archives to discover its etymology.

If golfers felt like teeing off on a Sunday, they needed to carry their clubs since the caddies had the day, adhering to the Sabbath. Therefore, golfers would fill their bags with a limited number of clubs to reduce the mass on their shoulders.

Although Sunday bags are not practical for 14-clubs, they are ideal for trips to the driving range or on par 3 courses. That is because you require a limited number of sticks.

Are Sunday Bags Worth It?

If you only play golf on par 3 courses or spend most of your time on the range, a Sunday bag is worth it. It is a cheaper option than a full-size bag, and its lightweight construction makes it more comfortable to carry.

However, if you play most of your golf on an 18-hole course, it makes sense to acquire a full-size bag.

Which Clubs To Put Into A Sunday Bag?

The design of a Sunday bag performs the best with eight to ten clubs. At least according to a survey conducted by’s Jonathan Wall.

Although you can fit 14-clubs in higher-end Sunday bags, they tend to jam. That becomes problematic when removing clubs or placing them back in the bag before and after each shot.

The most common setup in a Sunday bag includes two woods, one long iron, two mid-irons, a short iron, a wedge, and a putter.

How Many Clubs Fit Into A Sunday Bag?

As I mentioned earlier, you can fit all fourteen clubs into a Sunday bag. However, in my experience, they perform optimally with eight to ten clubs. Besides the fact that a full set may jam inside, it renders the bag top-heavy and can lead to your clubs sliding out while walking.

The Best Sunday Golf Bags Comparison Chart

Sunday Golf Bag Reviews

After careful consideration and looking at the important factors above, we have chosen the best Sunday Golf bags available right now. Some will be more suitable to your particular style or requirements.

1. Callaway Golf 2020 Hyperlite Zero Lightweight Stand Bag

Callaway has built up a solid reputation for quality golf equipment and they made all the right moves with this Sunday Bag.

First, off, in true Callaway style, the bag looks amazing. They have managed to combine the functionality and compact design with a sleek look that is understated but appealing.

Callaway has had great success with their Hyper Lite range of golf bags and this one is no exception.

Despite the light and compact design, it has full-length dividers and a 3 division top. This allows you to keep your clubs well organized.

It has a base belly that has a good water-resistant design and a very effective stand. The stand works on a manual release so it takes a bit of getting used to.

Once you have the hang of it, the design is practical and works well.

There is a single strap that is durable and comfortable. 3 Pockets with zips, one of which is a size apparel pocket will give you more than enough space for storage.

This bag appeals to a wide range of golfers looking for a lighter bag for short rounds, practice or the driving range.


  • Generous club and storage space
  • Good balance and comfortable strap
  • Sturdy and effective manual legs
  • Excellent base belly water resistance


  • Only comes in one color – black

2. CaddyDaddy Ranger Carry Sunday Range Travel Bag

The Sunday Bag by CaddyDaddy is also great value for money. Slightly heavier but under 3.5 pounds it is made from quality 1680 Denier Nylon.

This makes it more durable and it comes with a good 1-year warranty that covers the entire bag.

The top is wide and padded to give the clubs extra protection. This padding is great because it also means less noise as you walk.

This added protection also comes in handy if you travel with your clubs. You can carry up to 9 clubs in this bag. It has a molded base and a 5-inch rigid tube for stability and durability.

Another feature I found handy is that you can lock the zippers if you travel. You do not always want to lug your bigger bag through the airport so this is ideal.

There are 3 pockets all with zippers and there is also a towel ring. This gives you plenty of space for storage on such a compact bag.

The bag has a good handle and the padded shoulder strap is comfortable and strong.

It is a great all-rounder at an affordable price that is well made and will last you many golfing trips.


  • Value for money
  • Quality durable materials
  • Padded opening for club protection
  • Plenty of storages space in 3 zippered pockets
  • Pockets are lockable
  • Full bag 1-year warranty


  • The quality materials make it heavier than many other Sunday bags

3. Par3 Golf Lightweight Sunday Golf Bag with Stand

The Par 3 Golf Sunday bag is ideal for pitch and putt, mashie courses but also good enough quality to be used on executive courses without you feeling outclassed. It is also flexible enough to serve as a bag to use at the driving range carrying enough clubs to ensure that you get a solid practice session
behind you.

The stand will ensure that you don’t have to break your back to access your clubs. It is highly effective and keeps the bag stable for greater convenience and faster play.


  • One of the lightest bags available
  • Straightforward to keep in standing position for choosing your club
  • Perfect for mashie, Par 3, executive golf courses and the driving range
  • High-quality lightweight materials
  • Good workmanship
  • Velour lined valuables pocket
  • PAR3 satisfaction guarantee


  • No strap to carry over your shoulder
  • There are bags that are less expensive
  • No choice of color

The bag comes in black with white inserts and the name written in white on the side. It is a lightweight, well-constructed bag with a velour-lined pocket with premium stitching to carry your golf balls and to keep your valuables, phone and wallet protected.

There is ample space to carry a sufficient number of clubs for a casual round. There is no strap, but the handle is comfortable enough to carry the bag between shots and between holes without becoming a burden.

Measuring in at 31 inches tall and weighing 1.95 pounds the bag has a carry handle at the top end of the bag. The top opening measures 3.25 inches X 4.25 inches with a two-way divider splitting the opening in two separate areas to host between 6 and 7 of your clubs comfortably.

There are 3 pockets for storage, a mesh pocket below the handle, a velour-lined valuables pocket to the side of the mesh pocket and an oversized ball pocket below the mesh pocket. The bag is kept upright by the Duaflex stand system minimizing your bending to select clubs.

While most people rave about this bag a few were disappointed by the lack of a shoulder strap. It does, however, have a convenient handle.

4. JEF WORLD OF GOLF Pitch & Putt Sunday Bag

This is another popular well-priced bag if you want something super light to carry a few clubs. It will hold up to 8 clubs but it is probably happier with 6 or 7.

They tend to stick together is you try to cram too many in. It is very light at only 2 pounds but still has an opening of 4.25 inches.

The stand and strap work well and make using the bag fast and convenient.


  • Well priced
  • Very light at only 2 pounds
  • Has a stand, strap, and pockets
  • Velcro glove strip and bottle holder


  • Some users found the bag to be top-heavy

4. Orlimar Pitch and Putt Golf Lightweight Stand Carry Bag

This ultra-light and compact bag is perfect for when you need a compact bag for a quick round or some practice at the range.

You can comfortably carry up to 7 clubs and there are two compartments to keep them organized. At less than 2 pounds it will not add much to your load while still keeping everything protected and convenient.

It has a tough yet comfortable carry handle as well as a durable single shoulder strap.

There is a single accessory pocket to keep markers, tees, pencils, and balls. The retractable legs are strong and effective.

This bag is not only light in weight but also very easy on the wallet and is one of the most value for money lightweight golf bags on the market.

While the compact nature will not suit all golfers and every situation, it is a popular option for beginners as well as many more advanced players that want something light and nifty to take around the course.


  • Great value for money
  • Very light at under 2 pounds
  • 2 Compartments
  • Durable strap and handle
  • Sturdy retractable legs
  • Sleek design and a choice of colors


  • Some found the single pocket too small for everything they need to carry
  • If you try to carry too many clubs the strap and handle will take the strain

5. ProActive Sports 5″ Sunday Bag

This is a handy compact bag to have as part of your collection. The cost is reasonable so you can keep it for when you need a really compact solution for a few clubs.

You cannot carry all your clubs, as you would expect from a Sunday bag but it is great for folding away for use when needed.

It is also popular with juniors or beginners that will not need to carry the full arsenal of clubs.

It is great if you travel and might need to sneak in a game of golf or you just want to go and hit a few balls.

It is well made from a durable polyester so it will not fall apart after a few rounds. The strap has good padding so it is comfortable to carry and there is a handy side handle.

The bag has 2 zippered pockets and one mesh pocket giving you enough room for all you might need to carry.

When not needed, it is collapsible so it can be folded up compactly for easy storage. When in use, the stiffening rod will ensure it keeps its shape as you use it. It is happy with around 6 clubs.


  • Collapsible for easy storage
  • Very good value for money
  • Made from durable polyester
  • Comfortable


  • Can only handle about 6 clubs
  • No too much storage for accessories and golf balls
  • Some users found issues with the balance

6. Tourbon Vintage Carry Bag

If you are a traditionalist, you should appreciate our final pick of the Best Sunday Golf bags. The Tourbon Vintage Carry Bag is crafted from canvas and leather to deliver the appearance of a golf bag from 1800s Scotland, minus the tartan embroidery.

The Vintage Carry bag features a three-way divider designed to carry a set of modern-day clubs. However, if you get caught in the rain, the lack of water resistance will lead to soaked grips.

Furthermore, Tourbon added a padded strap to deliver optimal support to your shoulder. And, finally, the bag folds up with ease, allowing you to store it away anywhere while accompanying pockets provide space for balls, tees, and your valuables.

In summary, the Tourbon Vintage Carry Bag is ideal for the traditionalists, who appreciate equipment reminiscent of days past. But, remember that the lack of waterproofing means it is better suited to warm conditions.


  • Quality leather and canvas material
  • Padded strap cushions your shoulder
  • Foldable to store away easily
  • Capable of carrying a 14-clubs
  • It contains pockets to store balls, tees, and valuables


  • Expensive for a Sunday golf bag
  • It does not include a stand

7. Cobra Ultralight Sunday bag

Cobra’s Ultralight Sunday bag provides the weekend golfer with a comfortable, compact alternative to the bulky construction of cart or staff bags.

The bag is equipped with dual quick-release shoulder straps to provide optimal support to your shoulders to prevent hunching while walking. Plus, Cobra added to the bag’s convenience by connecting a stand to save you from placing your bag on the ground between shots.

Although the Ultralight bag features a 3-way top, it can only carry up to 13-clubs at a push. However, for a comfortable fit, I would not suggest adding more than ten sticks.

Furthermore, Cobra’s design team fitted five pockets to the bag to help you store apparel, valuables, and your tees and balls. Plus, it includes a mesh beverage pocket to give you easy access to your liquids on a scorching day.

Finally, the durable Cobra Ultralight Sunday bag includes a top grab handle to increase the convenience of removing your bag from the trunk of your vehicle.

In conclusion, if you don’t carry a full set of clubs and are looking for the features of a standard bag, it is worth inspecting the Cobra Ultralight Sunday bag.


  • Light, comfortable design
  • Five storage pockets to store valuables, balls, and tees
  • Separate mesh beverage pocket
  • The 3-way top design allows you to separate the clubs to avoid them becoming entangled
  • Features a stand


  • Not Waterproof
  • You cannot fit all 14-clubs in this bag

8. Champkey Stand Bag

The Champkey stand bag is one of the lighter Sunday constructions on the market, weighing 1.95 pounds. However, this lightweight design comes with sacrifices. It does not possess sufficient storage space to carry a 14-clubs.

Therefore this bag best suits players looking for a tube to carry to the range or around a par-3 course.

On top of its lightweight design, the Champkey stand bag features a sturdy handle for a hassle-free lift and a sturdy stand base. The stand base enhances the bag’s stability to prevent you from placing it on the turf between shots.

Furthermore, a padded strap increases your comfort and reduces the risk of rashes or damaged skin. Finally, two storage pockets provide space for you to keep your valuables, tees, and balls.

In conclusion, the Champkey Stand bag is not ideal for those who wish to carry a full set of clubs. However, its lightweight construction, comfort, and stand feature make it an option for those who spend most of their time on the range or a pitch and putt course.


  • Sturdy handle grip
  • Padded strap
  • Sturdy stand base
  • Two side pockets
  • Exterior cup holder to secure your bottle


  • It only fits between six to eight clubs
  • The two storage pockets are not spacious enough to store apparel
  • The bag does not include a cover

9. Flymei Sunday Golf Bag

The Flymei Sunday Golf Bag is uniquely shaped to cater to eight to ten clubs, ideal for those part of the half-set club. The lightweight construction makes it easy to lift and carry around. And the water-resistant material repels rain to keep your bag and clubs dry.

Added to its lightweight construction is a soft shell, foldable material that allows you to fit it into your luggage, without the clubs, of course. Plus, a detachable padded shoulder strap adds cushioning to your blades to optimize your comfort during the round.

Finally, there are only two available pockets on the bag to store your valuables and balls. However, you may want to keep your wallet and phone in your pants pocket to save space for tees, pitch markers, and balls.

In conclusion, the Flymei Sunday Golf bag best suits players looking for an option to carry their clubs to the range or around the mashie course. But, if you don’t use 14-clubs, you may find that this Sunday bag caters to your every need.


  • Detachable shoulder strap
  • Water-resistant
  • Works well as a travel bag
  • Foldable bag to store away in tight spaces
  • Affordable


  • It does not feature a stand
  • A Soft-shell bag can damage easily if you check-in for a flight
  • When it is carrying too many clubs, it becomes top-heavy, and they slide out

10. Big Teeth Sunday Golf Bag

If you appreciate colors, the Big Teeth Sunday golf bag is right up your alley. This affordable bag is sold in seven colors and stands out like a sore thumb among the dull designs of its competitors.

Not only does Big Teeth stand out with their colorful bags. They also employ foldable waterproof material that shields your clubs and valuables from the rain and is easy to store away. This Sunday bag also features a single padded strap to cushion your shoulder and prevent a rash.

Finally, the bag includes two zipper pockets for tees and balls and a wallet or phone.

Overall, the Big Teeth Sunday Golf Bag is an affordable option for those who play in high rainfall areas. The waterproof material repels the rain and ground moisture to keep your grips dry.


  • Affordable
  • Waterproof material
  • Available in seven different colors
  • The padded shoulder strap prevents rashes
  • Two pockets to store, balls, tees, and a phone or wallet.


  • It does not have a stand
  • Insufficient storage space for apparel
  • Not suitable for use on a standard golf course

Conclusion Of The Best Sunday Golf Bags

That concludes our review on the best Sunday golf bag. The Cobra Ultralight Sunday bag was the clear winner of this contest for three reasons. The first, it offers a double shoulder strap to increase your comfort during your round. Secondly, it features a stand to increase stability and save you from placing it on the ground between shots.

Finally, it offers more storage space than any of the other bags featured on this list.

Therefore, if you are in the market for a new carry bag, it is worth taking a closer look at the specs of the Cobra Ultralight Sunday bag.

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