The Ultimate Minimalist Golf Bag Buyer’s Guide

The market for golf equipment is booming at the moment. With the pandemic and economic troubles, more people are walking so smaller golf bags are more popular. 

Some golfers even go to the extreme and do not carry all their clubs. They prefer lighter bags to have a more enjoyable walk than carrying a heavy bag. 

This surge has created minimalist golf bags, which are a great option for a relaxed game of golf. But what is a minimalist golf bag? Which brands are the best? What features do you need? 

In this in-depth review, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the best minimalist golf bags. 

What Are Minimalist Golf Bags?

Minimalist golf bags weigh significantly less than a standard bag, usually from 2 to 10 pounds. These golf bags can be used for a quick game, a 3-par course, a trip to the driving range, a weekend getaway, or your normal 18 holes. 

These bags hold 6-10 clubs and your basic golf essentials like clubs, balls, tees, and gloves.

If you’re a serious golfer, use a full-size golf bag for your tournaments and a Sunday bag for your practice rounds. If you’re not a serious golfer, then a minimal golf bag may be the only one you need. 

All golfers, from pros to beginners, will find value in having one. Here we look at the best minimalist golf bags, and below is a buyer’s guide to help you make the best purchase.

The Top 7 Minimalist Golf Bags

There are a few Sunday golf bags in the growing market. Let’s look at seven of the best:

Golf Bag Golf Club Capacity Weight
1. Sunday Golf Loma Bag 8 clubs 1.95 pounds
2. Orlimar Pitch and Putt Bag 6 to 7 clubs 1.95 pounds
3. Jef World of Golf JR1256 Pitch & Putt 8 clubs 2 pounds
4. Callaway Carry & Pencil Bag 12 clubs 1.9 pounds
5. Helix Golf Stand Bag Retractable 6 clubs 9.2 pounds
6. TaylorMade Cart Lite Bag 14 clubs 5.5 pounds
7. Tourbon Golf Club Carry Bag 6 clubs 1.87 pounds

In-Depth Reviews of the Best Minimalist Golf Bags

1. Sunday Golf Loma Bag – Best Performance


  • Built-In Carry Handle
  • Soft-lined valuables Valuable pouch
  • Dual flex stand system
  • Strap included
  • Frosty Pocket for a beverage
  • Waterproof Zippers
  • Full-Length Divider
  • Velcro Glove Holder
  • 7 Tee Holders
  • 31” Height
  • 8 Different colors
  • Super lightweight
  • 95 Lbs


  • Difficult sliding clubs in and out of the bag with 8 clubs with so little room
  • With 2 long drivers, the bag feels unbalanced

One of the great examples of a minimalist golf bag is the Loma Bag. This is one of the minimalist golf bags designed to carry from 6-8 clubs and has a place to store cold beverages and some golf essentials. The weight of this bag is extremely lightweight. It is suited for all ages and sizes.

A built-in handle at the top of the bag comes in handy for carrying short distances. A very handy kickstand leg was added as an essential luxury item. You have a place to keep your tees with a seven tee holder. It has Velcro strips for the use of keeping your golf gloves. If you need to add a golf towel, there are a few spots where you can clip it on.

The built-in integrated grab handle isn’t just a loop but a vertical “umbrella” style handle. The Loma Company made sure that the handle was perfectly balanced, making the bag very easy to carry by the handle itself.

You always in the back of your mind keep wondering if my phone, key, and wallet will be secure in the bag. The soft-lined valuables pouch will protect any of your valuables.

The dual flex stand system is a crucial part of this ultra-lightweight bag. It provides protection for your clubs and the need to lay your bag down whenever you need to tee off. The mechanism to engage the legs extends below the base of the bag so that the legs will deploy when you put your bag down upright.

The strap itself is made with additional shoulder padding. Most stylish bags come with dual straps; there’s no need for that on a bag like this. There’s no need for the full bag packers style of strapping for this bag. The Loma Company made the straps, so that left- or right-handed golfers can use this bag with their four attachment points instead of the normal two. Balancing the bag with a single strap is easy.

Loma used heavy-duty plastic, waterproof zippers that function well. Made from nylon, the material texture gives it a nice look and feel. Cleaning is made easy with this material. The four pockets are well placed with some mesh and velour-lined pockets, including an insulated frosty pocket for the cold ones.
The bag’s sweet spot is six clubs, seven wood, seven and nine iron, approach and lob wedge, and putter.

2. Orlimar Pitch and Putt – Most Affordable Minimalist Bag


  • Durable carry handle
  • 11 color schemes to choose from
  • Detachable strap
  • Ultra-lightweight construction
  • Two-compartment top


  • This bag provides the least amount of storage
  • The single pocket is too small for everything
  • The strap and handle will take the strain to carry too many clubs
  • It houses only 6 clubs with ease
  • Only one accessory pocket
  • Uncomfortable strap
  • No Padding On Strap

The Orlimar Pitch and putter is a small, lightweight bag and is easy to carry. Perfect for the beginner or golfer that enjoys a quick round of golf. The lightweight bag is suited for young and old and will put less stress on your body than a normal 14-club bag.

Orlimar provided a large, sturdy carry handle, and the shoulder straps allow straightforward carrying. The stiff construction of this bag can take a lot of damage. This bag has retractable legs that help it stand firm on the ground, preventing your clubs from getting dirty and wet.

This bag comes with two dividers for you to arrange your clubs in the right way. Orlimar offers this bag in 11 different color schemes. The Orlimar is a very affordable option if you want to move from an ordinary golf bag to a small golf bag.

3. Jef World of Golf JR1256 Pitch & Putt – Most Comfortable Bag to Carry


  • Well priced
  • Very light at only 2 pounds
  • Sturdy stand
  • Velcro glove strap
  • Bottle holder


  • The bag seems to be top-heavy
  • Shortage of bags/pockets

The JR1256 Pitch and Putt Sunday bag is a well-priced bag and super light, made from Nylon, and for the ages of 12 to 110. Thus, it’s made for the everyday minimalist. As all the other makes out there, it can hold up to 8 clubs, but the chance you will use 7 or even 6 clubs to ease the sticking together effect will add to your frustration trying to get a club out.

This bag comes with a stand that makes your club selection more comfortable. The carry sling straps on this bag are adjustable, very comfortable, and work well.
The carry handle attaches to the rim of the top to ease the bag’s carrying for short distances.

The Zipper pocket holds up to 10 balls, and it will be a bad day golfing when you lose 10 balls.

A corded bottle mounted on the front will provide you with some hydration.

4. Callaway Double Strap Carry Pencil Bag 2021 – Great Choice for Beginners


  • Manual Stand
  • Water Resistant Underside Coating
  • 3 Way Top Section
  • Warranty 1-year
  • Sleek color schemes
  • Comfort Tech Double Strap
  • Leight weight: 2.5 LBS (1.1 KGS)


  • Not waterproof
  • No rain hood

The Carry Pencil Bag from Callaway is one of the new bags that comes with a clever manual release stand that enables you to keep your clubs dry and above ground when you put the bag. The stand is also good for those that struggle to reach down. This bag comes with full-length 3-way dividers that allow you to organize your clubs just how you prefer.

The water-resistant coating on the underside will protect your clubs from getting wet when laying down your bag on wet grass. One of the 3 zip pockets goes most of the length of the bag. Callaway introduced the double strap to evenly distribute the weight across your shoulders to minimize fatigue. Focusing on the game when you are tired is difficult and affects your game. A small golf carry bag like this keeps you from feeling tired.

5. Helix Golf Stand Bag Retractable – Best Minimalist Golf Bag for Travel


  • Easy to travel with
  • The convenient wheels make it easier
  • Well-made golf stand bag
  • Rigid, retractable tube protects clubs
  • Many storage compartments
  • Straps to secure the stand legs
  • Well thought out and functional design
  • Travel cover included


  • Little flap covering the top of clubs gets annoying
  • Expensive compared to other choices

You would have a hard time finding much negative to say about this minimalist golf bag except its higher price tag. The golfers who bought it loved the well-thought-out design and the ease they had in carrying it around. 

It holds up to 6 golf clubs and was made with high-quality material and many pockets, and the wheels make it much easier to haul around. The materials used in the bag feel like quality materials that will guarantee a longer lifespan. We like how this bag includes a TSA customs lock to protect your golf bag.

You can tell that Helix invested a lot of time and attention into the design because they made it intelligently. While you could carry it around on the golf course, many bought it for travel, and it would make a great minimalist bag for that purpose.

6. TaylorMade Cart Lite Bag – Bag with the Most Storage Options


  • Weighs just 5.5 pounds
  • Permanent plastic clip for a towel
  • Large and spacious side pockets
  • Easy to handle
  • All the pockets and storage needed
  • Good overall quality
  • Comfortable to carry


  • More expensive bag than the others
  • The bag tilts forward too much when carrying with the strap
  • No dual strap handle

Many have talked about the attractive looks of the TaylorMade Cart Lite Bag, and we would agree that this bag looks stunning with its yellow and black color scheme. The bag features a 14-way divider to minimize crowding. At the same time, you can rest easy knowing that the gears won’t slide across each other and lead to faster wear and tear.

The ample storage in this bag distinguishes this bag as worth it for someone who wants a minimalist bag with extra storage. You can fit a pair of shoes in some of the compartments. TaylorMade designed this bag to stand up easily due to its sturdy and solid base closer to the bottom. 

The seven strong, well-designed, waterproof zippers guarantee enhanced protection of whatever you store in the bag. 

7. Tourbon Canvas Golf Club – Easiest to Carry


  • Truly minimalist in every way
  • Weighs less than 2 pounds
  • Padded sling makes it comfortable to carry
  • Affordable price
  • Bag holds up well
  • Well designed
  • Great choice for walking the course


  • Bag could be about 3 inches longer 
  • May be too minimalist for some
  • Bag won’t stand on its own

We would list the Tourbon Canvas Golf Club Travel Case as the ultimate minimalist golf bag since it doesn’t have many of the features that the other choices have. Still, with its lightweight design, you can carry the Tourbon more easily than any other choice. This golf bag holds up to 6 clubs at once and has a handy place to carry 5 tees. 

Despite the minimalist style of the Tourbon Canvas Golf Club, Tourbon didn’t sacrifice style on the road to creating it. We like the clean and sleek look of this bag. When not in use, you can fold and store the bag away neatly. 

You will exercise more with this bag since laying it down and picking it back up after each shot requires work. The golf bag won’t stand on its own. Some have talked about how the bag wears down sooner than other choices on the list. You may get three to five years out of it. When you buy a more expensive bag, you can trust that the materials will last longer, provided you don’t abuse it. 

Things To Consider Before Buying a Minimalist Golf Bag

Storage Space

Small golf bags do not come with all the bells and whistles of a normal tour bag. The space is minimized to cut down on the weight. Some golf experts refer to this bag as a Sunday bag

Buy a bag that offers protection from the elements with good materials. Durable polyester, for example, protects your clubs in bad weather. The shell top of the bag should also provide some protection for your clubs. Leather provides good protection, but it also tends to cost the most.

Check for forward-facing front pockets on the bag. This allows for speed of access to your golf equipment. Pockets that face away from you can be more difficult to access. In fact, with most minimalist golf bags, the strap design obstructs your pockets, making access to your equipment more difficult.

Let’s say that you choose the path of true minimalism. What will you give up? On the one hand, your bag will be easier to carry, but you will have more limitations in club choice and less storage for accessories. Many minimalist golf bags only carry five to six golf clubs, and many minimalist golfers consider that much a luxury!

Straps and Stands

This bag was not made for pulling around on a lazy humanoid trolley. Instead, they are made for playing a quick 9 holes; thus, the straps are an essential part of this bag. A stand is a plus as it will protect your clubs from getting wet and dirty.

Many minimalist golf bags will come with a single strap. You may choose one with a padded strap since this will keep the bag from wearing on your shoulder. Dual adjustable shoulder straps offer you another option. They fit over both shoulders and offer more comfort than a single strap because the weight doesn’t fall all in one area. It even out the carrying weight. 

They also tend to be easier to carry and reduce your risk of injury. Lower back injuries are common with poor golf straps. When choosing a golf strap, look at the comfort, the quality, the risk of an injury, and the appearance. 

Stands usually have two legs to keep the bag off the grass since grass stain the bag or makes it dirty. In the early morning, dew on the ground can make your bag wet. Stand bags usually come with dual adjustable shoulder straps. 


When it comes to the dividers in a golf bag, the three most common include 4, 6, and 14-way dividers. Yes, you have the 14-way dividers even with the minimalist golf bags. The 4-way divider has a simple design and easy access, but it limits you on how many clubs you can carry. This bag feels much lighter than the other options, however.

Many golfers like the ease from which they can put the clubs into their bags. 

The 6-way divider offers the perfect middle ground, which they refer to as the hybrid. You can separate your long and short clubs, but you can’t do anything too complicated with it. With the 6-way divider, you don’t have to worry about each club having its insert. 

Finally, you have the 14-way divider. They use this for cart and stand bags. It provides the most protection because each club has its insert. Those with expensive clubs should buy a minimalist bag with a 14-way divider to protect their investment. Be aware, however, of how it can prove frustrating to take out and put clubs back into the bag. 


Keep in mind that bending down after each shot will strain your back, but it’s considered good exercise. Still, some may want to choose a minimalist bag that already stands on its own to protect the bag and your golf equipment. Especially if you already suffer from back problems, you may want to choose one that can stand independently.

Another thing to consider includes the number of pockets. Check to ensure that all the pockets function correctly since sometimes the design isn’t great on them, and it can ruin the use of a pocket on a bag that is already limited. 

A minimalist golf bag does have reduced functionality because it can’t carry as many clubs. For individuals who want all the extras in golf, this bag probably isn’t for you since you have to sacrifice some of the luxuries.


The point of a minimalist golf bag is to save on weight. Check it out before you buy. Too much weight and the bag proves harder to walk around the course. The other thing is that you will carry the clubs along with the bag. You might choose to follow the 20-percent rule. That means that the total bag weight should be no more than 20 percent of your weight.

The lowest weight for a minimalist golf bag will be around 1.75 pounds. You don’t want too light of a golf bag because it will feel flimsy and uncomfortable when you carry it. 

On the higher-weight end of a minimalist golf bag, they will weigh about 10 pounds. What weight you should choose will depend on how you golf. A lighter bag will be better if you only plan to carry the essentials. Someone who wants a little extra and doesn’t care as much about the weight would want to choose the higher weighted bags since they will usually have more intricate designs and more space.

Heavier bags will lead to fatigue sooner on the course and can impact how you play. In true minimalist golf, you usually want to aim for a bag of between 2 to 5 pounds. 

Final Thoughts

A minimalist golf bag with a stand that’s well-padded is a sacrifice but can make your day out more enjoyable. 

That’s why for me, the Sunday Golf Loma Bag is definitely worth the price tag. For someone who will be using the bag weekly, for the extra expense, this Loma’s additional functionality justifies it. The bag looks fantastic and is well-constructed. This bag was the best performing and comes with its own stand. The biggest factors that made it stand out include the lightweight, easy cleaning, and valuable pocket space.   

With all the new and old brands coming to the party for improving the Sunday bags, realizing that people are more health-conscious than a decade ago, Loma beat them with this luxurious product that fills all your needs for a quick game and still has the energy to enjoy the lovely views on the course. 

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