Who Invented The Golf Tee? The Quick Golf Questions & Answers

Golf is a sport that has obviously come a long way with today’s technology and inventions. Still, there are some things that are basically the same design from the beginning. That is exactly how the golf tee is.

In this post, I am going to break down who invented the golf tee and some of the popular questions that arise from the topic of who invented the golf tee.

Quick Answer: The man who is largely accepted as the inventor of the modern wood golf tee is George Franklin Grant (source)

Grant was actually not only the inventor of the golf tee, but he was actually very influential in other areas of life. He was actually the first African American professor at Harvard and was a Boston dentist.

There are other records that indicate that the inventor of the first golf tee was actually a different dentist, William Lowell (source). The argument is that Lowell made the first commercial golf tee that is most like the modern tee’s today.

What Year Was the Golf Tee Invented?

The year that George Franklin Grant created the golf tee was in 1898 according to the site linked above, and the year that it was made commercially was in 1921 by William Lowell.

Since then, the design and materials of golf tees have not changed all that much. When you think about it, a wood tee really can’t be innovated that much so they have practically stayed the same in design and technology.

What both dentists did for the game of golf was huge and should definitely be remembered by avid participants in the sport of golf.

The first patent of any kind for a golf tee was actually granted in 1896, but this design is not as common as the golf tee that Dr Grant invented in 1898.

Where Was the Golf Tee Invented?

The golf tee was invented in Boston, Massachusetts according to practically any source on the internet, so Boston has a special place in golf history.

The first commercial golf tee was actually produced at Maplewood Golf Club according to Scottish Golf History and it was called the Reddy Tee. It is basically the same wooden golf tee that you are familiar with in today’s age. The patent for the wooden tee was actually granted in 1924.

After the golf tee was produced commercially, most golfers in the game started to use the device and it changed the landscape of the game of golf forever from the tee box.

Is the Original Golf Tee the Same as Golf Tee’s Today?


Even though the golf tee has not changed all that much since it was invented over one hundred years ago, there are some inventions that are starting to take hold in the sport.

Plastic golf tees are starting to gain a lot of popularity in the sport because of their effectiveness. While it can’t be proven, there are some golfers out there that think that less friction is involved, and the golf ball comes off cleaner off of a plastic tee.

Another advancement in golf tee technology is the fact that some plastic golf tees are actually much more durable and are much tougher to break. A classic golf tee that is made from wood has a tendency to snap after impact, but plastic tees on the market are actually pretty tough to crack.

A common trend for golfers in the sport right now is for tees to be pretty indestructible and will fly out of the ground and not break. The only hassle is finding your tee after your golf shot because they can actually travel a good distance from where the shot took place.

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