The Best Drivers For Slice Shots To Improve Your Accuracy

In my youth, I had a tendency to generate excess sidespin off the tee, which led to sliced and pushed shots. Thanks to game improvement technology and corrective swing mechanics, I began to enjoy consistent, straight drives. In this post, I am unveiling Golf Span’s picks for the best driver for slice in 2022.

The drivers that we have selected restrict side spin and deliver optimal forgiveness. Leading to a straighter ball flight. As a result, you enjoy more time in the fairway and less time searching for your ball in the woods.

If your tee shots finish left and right, take the time to understand your mistakes in our article on a golf slice vs hook. But, if a slice is your weak point, keep reading to find a driver that can solve your problem.

Overview Of Our Best Drivers For Slice in 2022


Overall Best Driver For Slice

The Longest Anti Slice Driver

The Best Affordable Anti Slice Driver


TaylorMade SIM2 Max D

Cobra Speedzone 

Srixon Z585


  • Aerodynamic driver head reduces drag and maximizes clubhead speed
  • Limits spin
  • Increased forgiveness
  • Produces explosive ball speed
  • Promotes straighter shots
  • Pushes the legal limits of ball speed
  • Aerodynamic head increases clubhead speed
  • Promotes a high, powerful launch
  • High forgiveness
  • Delivers optimal forgiveness
  • Light design helps you to increase clubhead speed
  • Produces rapid ball speed off the face
  • Delivers optimal distance
  • Moderately affordable
  • Promotes straighter shots
  • Forgiving


  • Expensive
  • Limits your ability to shape shots
  • No adjustable draw, fade, or neutral bias weighting
  • Limited technology compared to other drivers on this list
  • Shaft flex and lofts are best suited for moderate to fast swinging players.

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Our Research Parameters

Golfspan is independent and not pressured by manufacturers to recommend products. We were not paid for the driver reviews in this article. These drivers were selected by our team, who have over 50 years of experience playing golf and hundreds of hours reviewing products. We may earn an affiliate commission when you purchase something through our retail links at no cost to you.


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31 Products were considered from 9 brands on:

  • Distance
  • Forgiveness
  • Accuracy
  • Feel
  • Looks

Factors To Consider For The Best Driver To Help With A Slice

Best driver for slice close up


The best driver for a slice shot ranges in price from $200 to beyond $500. That is why it is necessary to set a budget. Otherwise, you will waste time inspecting products you have no intention of purchasing.

A budget will help you filter out the untouchable options from the beginning, enabling you to focus your time on relevant choices.

Side Spin

The reason we slice the ball stems from excess side spin generated at impact. If your clubface is open when you connect the ball, it creates left-to-right sidespin for right-handers. As a result, you experience a horrendous slice or a push.

When thinking about the best driver to help with slicing, you want an option that restricts side spin and promotes straighter ball flight.


Although loft will not impact the shape of your shot, it affects the trajectory. When combined with your shot shape, it can mean the difference between being in the rough and out of bounds.

The standard driver lofts for amateurs are 8.5, 9, 10.5, and 12-degrees. The weaker your driver’s loft is, the more backspin you will generate and the higher it will go.

If you hit a high slice, the added backspin helps slow your ball down in the air, resulting in a soft landing. Although you are at the mercy of the wind, which can lead to catastrophic results.

On the contrary, a low slice with minimal backspin can gain momentum when it lands, rolling further off-target.

In addition, higher-lofted drivers may help slower swingers optimize their carry distance by promoting high ball flight. But, faster swingers may generate excess spin and balloon shots with these lofts.

Conversely, if your loft is too strong for your swing speed, you may struggle to get the ball in the air consistently.


Golfweek’s Mike Southern suggests that a stiff shaft is the root cause of many sliced shots.

He explains that the average amateur struggles to unload a stiffer shafted driver, leading to an open face at impact. The open-face causes you to generate excess left-to-right sidespin, resulting in a slice.

The best way to identify the ideal shaft flex and weight for your swing is to get fitted for a driver. However, if that is not an option, you can follow this guide by Golf Magazine’s Zephyr Melton.

He recommends that those with driver speeds exceeding 105-mph play with an extra stiff shaft. Furthermore, players that fit into the 97 to the 104-mph bracket are best suited to a stiff shaft. While 84 to 96-mph should stick to regular flex.

Finally, any swing speed between 72 to 83-mph should consider using a seniors flex. If that is still too stiff for you, your final option is a ladies’ flex.

Bias Profile

Golf drivers include three head bias profiles to cater to the differing needs of amateurs. These are a draw, fade, and neutral bias. If you struggle with hooking the ball, then a fade bias is worth testing out, and if you prefer straighter flight, then the neutral option is ideal.

However, the most common driver profile is a draw bias, designed to restrict slice sidespin. As a result, you enjoy increased forgiveness even when you leave the clubface open at impact.

Those who desire forgiveness above all else should read our post on the most forgiving drivers.


If you appreciate versatility from your clubs, you will enjoy what an adjustable driver has to offer. Instead of owning a draw, neutral, or fade-bias driver, these clubs offer you the option of all three-in-one.

They are fitted with adjustable weights to allow you to reposition the CG for your preferred launch and ball flight.

Several adjustable drivers include a customizable hosel to alter the loft and lie angle of the club.  

The Best Drivers For A Slice

Driver for slice man about to hit

1. TaylorMade SIM2 Max D – Overall Best Driver For A Slice


  • Aerodynamic driver head reduces drag and maximizes clubhead speed
  • Limits spin
  • Increased forgiveness
  • Produces explosive ball speed
  • Promotes straighter shots


  • Expensive
  • Limits your ability to shape shots

Finding its way to the top of our list is the TaylorMade SIM2 Max D.

Although this premium product is out of the budget of many amateurs, its all-around performance cannot go unnoticed.

TaylorMade’s engineers repositioned the club’s inertia generator towards the heel to produce a draw-bias driver that does not sacrifice forgiveness. This driver limits sidespin that causes a slice and encourages right-to-left ball flight to compensate.

The SIM inertia generator optimizes the aerodynamics of the driver to promote optimal clubhead speed for maximum energy transfer to the ball at impact.

Furthermore, the SIM2 Max D contains a Speed Injected Twist Face to mitigate against mishits out of the heel or toe of the face. That helps you achieve consistent distance and accuracy, even on off-center strikes.

Plus, the inclusion of a Thru-Slot speed pocket produces explosive ball speed, even if you catch the ball low in the face — enhancing the level of forgiveness that you enjoy.

Overall, the TaylorMade SIM2 Max D is a premium driver helping mid to high handicappers achieve consistency, accuracy, and distance.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

2. Cobra Speedzone Extreme – Longest Anti Slice Driver


  • Pushes the legal limits of ball speed
  • Aerodynamic head increases clubhead speed
  • Promotes a high, powerful launch
  • High forgiveness
  • Delivers optimal forgiveness


  • No adjustable CG weighting

Recently, Cobra has gained significant attention for the distance their drivers produce. Most of this hype is thanks to the company’s poster boy Bryson DeChambeau. The Cobra Speedzone Extreme is our top choice for the longest driver. But its forgiveness and accuracy are equally impressive.

The driver is fitted with Cobra’s MyFly8 adjustable hosel to allow you to alter your launch, trajectory, and spin. It also enables you to set the club up to deliver a draw-bias shape, perfect for combatting slices.

Compared to the standard Speedzone, this driver is best suited to mid and high handicappers looking for optimal distance and forgiveness.

In addition, the Power Zone face increases the milled surface by 95% to accelerate ball speed across a wider area. This feature combines with the aerodynamic design of the club to optimize clubhead speed and maximize COR at impact. Leading to increased distance.

Finally, a T-Bar Speed Chassis collaborates with a high MOI design to provide a stable clubhead at impact for superior forgiveness and accuracy.

In conclusion, the Cobra Speedzone Extreme is ideal for mid to high-handicappers looking to reduce slices and hit consistently long.

Rating: 4 Stars

3. Srixon Z585 – Best Value For Money Anti Slice Driver


  • Light design helps you to increase clubhead speed
  • Produces rapid ball speed off the face
  • Delivers optimal distance
  • Moderately affordable
  • Promotes straighter shots
  • Forgiving


  • Limited technology compared to other drivers on this list
  • Shaft flex and lofts are best suited for moderate to fast swinging players.

At the opposite end of the pricing spectrum from the SIM2 Max D is the Srixon Z585, which is our top pick for the best value for money driver. Although more affordable options exist, their durability, forgiveness, and distance are unmatched at this price.

The 460cc driver head contains a Ti51AF Cup Face that produces accelerated ball speed across an expanded area to promote maximum distance.

In addition, the lightweight carbon crown construction allowed the engineers to reposition weight around the perimeter of the face. That enables the driver to reduce side spin and optimize the coefficient of restitution (COR) on off-center strikes. Resulting in enhanced forgiveness.

In summary, the Srixon Z585 is not the most technologically advanced driver on the market. However, it shows that manufacturers can still deliver distance, forgiveness, and accuracy with simple constructions.

If you are a mid to high handicapper searching for a value for money anti slice driver. It is worth testing out this club on a launch monitor.

Rating: 3.5 Stars

4. Callaway Mavrik Max – Best Adjustable Anti Slice Driver


  • Produces rapid ball speed
  • High launch
  • Forgiving
  • Contains interchangeable weights
  • Pleasant acoustics


  • Not suited to players with swing speeds exceeding 105-mph
  • The head is not aerodynamic, which can cause drag

Adjustable drivers help you optimize your performance in different conditions. Out of all the drivers observed, the Callaway Mavrik Max stood out as the superior option in the adjustable category.

The presence of an adjustable hosel enables you to alter your driver to achieve your preferred launch angle, spin rpm, and trajectory.

If you are playing in windy conditions and wish to hit the ball lower, you can strengthen the loft. Conversely, to launch the ball higher, weaken the loft.

Added to the adjustable hosel are two interchangeable weights that allow you to position the clubhead for maximum forgiveness or draw. If you are a serial slicer, the draw-bias option restricts side spin and keeps you out of trouble.

Furthermore, Callaway’s engineers added an A.I. designed Flash Face SS20 to encourage explosive ball speed across a wider area.

Plus, the inclusion of two internal jailbreak bars redistributes weight to produce improved MOI at impact. Therefore, you enjoy excellent forgiveness on off-center strikes.

In conclusion, the Callaway Mavrik Max is built for mid to high handicappers who demand options and a higher launching driver.

Rating: 3 Stars

5. Bullet B52 Bomber – Best Anti Slice Driver


  • Actively prevents sliced shots
  • Affordable
  • Produces exceptional distance
  • Delivers straighter ball flight
  • Maximum forgiveness


  • The weight of this driver may be excessive for some players to generate sufficient swing speed.
  • Not permitted for tournament play
  • Durability

If you are a casual golfer who never plays in tournaments and you are happy to bend the rules, keep reading. This category is dedicated to non-conforming drivers that help you hit longer and straighter, like the Bullet B52 Bomber, which stands out above its competitors.

This driver is illegal because it exceeds the USGA volume limit of 460 cubic centimeters (cc). The B52 Bomber has a 500cc head, which offers a wider area for forgiveness on off-center shots.

Added to its forgiving nature is an aerodynamically crafted head. It reduces drag and optimizes COR for a powerful launch.

Moreover, the thinner crown repositions the weight low in the sole to increase your MOI and forgiveness on low-face strikes. It also reduces backspin rpm and promotes a high launch for superior carry distance.

The Bullet B52 Bomber makes the most sense for senior golfers and high handicappers who do not play tournament golf. It is made for the players who want to have fun on the course and can’t be bothered about the rules.

Rating: 3 Stars

Best Driver To Fix Slice: FAQs

Driver for slice top down

Is There A Driver That Helps With Slice?

As discussed, some drivers are designed to combat your slice. Tournament legal clubs in this category often feature a draw-bias profile that restricts left-to-right side spin and keeps your tee shots straight.

If you only play casual rounds of golf, you can acquire an anti-slice driver. It is highly offset and features a larger the usual head. Such as the Bullet B52 Bomber I talked about above.

Will A Stiffer Shaft Help My Slice?

Mike Southern finds that a stiffer shaft aggravates a slice. That is because players cannot load the clubhead on the downswing. As a result, the clubface remains open at impact, and your ball flies rapidly from left to right.

Based on personal experience, I agree with Southern’s findings. In 2005, I picked up a TaylorMade R5 from the local pro shop, and it was fitted with an extra-stiff shaft.

I played two rounds with it and practically sliced every drive. After a session with my coach, we discovered that the extra-stiff shaft was the root cause of my problems, and I switched it out for a regular. Ever since, I have enjoyed the pleasure of a slight draw flight.

Does Higher Loft Reduce Slice?

A higher loft does not reduce your slice. It merely mitigates the impact. Plus, it causes you to produce increased backspin rpm, which helps your ball fly higher and land softer.

The backspin helps slow the ball in the air, reducing distance, which is usually not welcomed with a driver. However, when you slice the ball, the loft helps to minimize the impact of the shot by promoting a soft landing.

Final Thoughts

That completes our review of the best drivers for slice in 2022. To cater to a wide range of amateur golfers, we have included a mix of premium, affordable, forgiving, and long driver options.

The Cobra Speedzone Extreme claimed the title for the longest driver. While Srixon’s Z585 is the best value for money option on the market. In addition, the Callaway Mavrik Max earned the honor of the best adjustable driver, and the Bullet B52 Bomber is the best anti slice driver.

Despite these quality options, they were no match for TaylorMade, our overall best driver for slicers. If you are looking to combat your slice and have the budget to go with it, take a closer look at the SIM2 Max D here.

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