Golf Slice vs Hook – What’s the Difference and How To Fix it

Anyone that has played the game of golf for any length of time has probably experienced a slice or hook. A good number of golfers have actually probably experienced both at one point in time.

This post will hopefully give you an idea of what is and is not a slice and hook, and hopefully, I can answer some popular questions that you have.

I will also provide a few helpful resources that should be able to help you fix your swing to start playing better golf!

Remember that everyone’s swing is unique, and if you need extra attention then it would not be a bad idea to book a lesson with your local club pro and see if that helps!

What is a Slice?


A slice is when a player hits a ball incorrectly and it curves to the right for a right-handed golfer. For left-handed golfers, the ball goes to the left.

Slicing the golf ball can be the result of several things, but the most common reason for a slice is a golfer’s swing path is “outside-in.”  This means that the golfer casts their hands in their downswing and comes across the ball to put the slice spin on it.

The slice is one of the most common problems that golfers have because it is a common swing flaw to come across the ball from outside to in golf swing.

Causes of Each Shot (For Right-Handed Golfers)

If you are a left-handed golfer, then just reverse everything for your slice and hook fixes!


  • Outside-in golf swing path
  • The grip is wrong and making the clubface open
  • Shoulders are too active on the start of the downswing
  • The ball is too far forward in your stance
  • Aiming too far to the left of your target

How to Fix a Slice

The main key areas to work on your slice and troubleshoot is with you:

  • Grip
  • Downswing path
  • Clubface
  • Stance
  • Aim

Check out our guide on how to stop a golf slice to help you with your stroke

What is a Hook?


A hook golf shot is when a right-handed golfer hits a ball that curves to the left aggressively. For left-handed golfers, it is when the ball curves aggressively to the right.

A hook can also be from several different swing flaws, but the most common reason for a hook is the opposite of a slice.  A hook is from an inside to out swing path and makes the ball curve accordingly.

A hook can also come from gripping the club way too hard at times.

Causes of Each Shot (For Right-Handed Golfers)

If you are a left-handed golfer, then just reverse everything for your slice and hook fixes!


  • Inside-out golf swing path
  • The grip is making the club closed at impact
  • Arms are too active and coming through way before your body
  • Aiming too far to the right of your target

How to Fix a Hook

To fix a hook, the main elements to work on are mainly the same:

  • Grip
  • Downswing path
  • Clubface
  • Stance
  • Aim

Here is a great resource to help cure a hook.

What is Better to Have – A Slice or a Hook (of course, neither..!)?

A slice and a hook are both not great, but some people wonder if it is better having one compared to the other.  While sometimes people will argue that one is better than the other, that is just not the case.

Both a slice and a hook are not great for your golf game, but you can probably find a way to play them if you aim correctly.  On the range after your rounds, you can work on your swing mechanics and actually fix your problems.

What Shots Should You Want Besides a Slice or Hook?

Most golfers would certainly say that the best shot is a completely straight shot.

The golf community usually would answer this question with a straight shot, but not the pro community would not.  The ideal golf shot is either a draw or a fade.  Both are very accurate and useful for many different situations on the golf course.

A draw is known to have more rollout and a fade tends to stop more, so a fade is usually used by professional golfers to stick a ball close to the pin.

Final Thoughts

Fixing your slice or hook is going to be a revolutionary change in your golf game.  The key is to believe that you are going to fix it and with enough hard work you will be hitting great shots in no time.

Check out the links above if you are having a difficult time with these shots.  If you are not getting anywhere, then it would not hurt to book a lesson with a golf professional and get some in-person help.