The Best Driver Headcovers – Fashion & Functionality

Functionally, headcovers do a lot for our drivers. They provide shelter from the rain and UV rays and prevent unnecessary scratches. They’re also pretty handy for hiding your $500 driver from prying eyes.

But in this modern age of golf, driver headcovers can be so much more. Creativity has boomed, with sleek, colorful, and sometimes outrageous designs taking the headcover market by storm. Long gone are the days of headcovers made out of old wooly socks.

So, whether you’re looking for fashion, function, or both, these are the best driver headcovers to give your driver the crown it deserves.

The Best Driver Headcovers for 2023

Tiger Headcover – Tiger Woods’ Driver Headcover USA Stars and Stripes White Vintage – Most Patriotic Driver Headcover Octopus Golf Club Driver Head Cover – Most Unique Driver Headcover
  • Tiger Woods fans love this headcover
  • Exceptional quality
  • Durability
  • Great for the 4th of July
  • Available for driver and other woods
  • Made from soft and stretchable leather
  • Funny driver headcover
  • Good customer support
  • A full refund is available
  • Often replicated by fans
  • It may require cleaning to keep the colors bright
  • It may be too bulky 

1. Tiger Headcover – Tiger Woods’ Driver Headcover


  • Tiger Woods fans love this headcover
  • Exceptional quality
  • Durability


  • Often replicated by fans

Rating: 4.5

The tiger is Tiger Woods’ signature piece, and his driver cover is possibly the most seen driver cover on the planet. 

It became popular in the early 1990s after a certain golfing prodigy received a gift from his mother in 1983. 

Kultilda Woods purchased a tiger from Daphne’s headcovers for Eldrick “Tiger” Woods. Tiger Woods still covers his driver with the tiger, which is quite an endorsement for Daphne’s Headcovers.

All headcovers produced by Daphne’s are designed to fit snugly over your driver’s head without making it difficult to remove.

The company prides itself on the quality products they produce. 

They also offer a lifetime guarantee, so it’s basically a risk-free purchase.

2. Titleist Special Edition Black Camo Headcover – Best Special Edition Headcover


  • Special Edition headcover
  • Made from a combination of leather and cotton
  • 3-panel construction


  • It may be too flashy for conservative customers

Rating: 4.5

Titleist headcovers are standard with their drivers and fairway woods. However, they do offer a unique Special Edition Black Camo headcover. 

It is made from a perfect combination of leather and cotton to offer a little more flair than the standard Titleist headcovers.

The headcover features a 3-panel construction with cotton twill material and premium leather side panels.

3. USA Stars and Stripes White Vintage Retro Patriotic Driver Headcover – Most Patriotic Driver Headcover


  • Shows patriotism for America
  • Available for driver and other woods
  • Made from soft and stretchable PU leather


  • It may require cleaning to keep the colors bright

Rating: 4

Vintage Retro Patriotic Driver Headcovers are manufactured from thick, high-quality PU leather that is soft and stretchy.

It has a distinctive design containing the USA flag and colors that show you are a true patriot.

This driver headcover comes as a 3-piece set and fits snugly.

4. Dinofactory T-Rex Golf Head Cover Dinosaur Driver Headcover – Best Colors


  • Handmade in Korea
  • Quality plush materials used in production
  • An extensive range of colors are available


  • Imported from Korea

Rating: 4

This T-rex Golf Driver Headcover is made from polyester and will turn heads on the driving range — whether it’s on Junior’s driver or Grandpa’s.

It makes the ideal gift for fun-loving golfers who want something out of the ordinary on their driver.

Handmade from quality plush materials to fit large-headed (460cc) drivers.

Available in an extensive range of colors:

  • Wood Brown
  • Green
  • Black
  • Blue 
  • Lilac
  • Gold
  • Sparkle Black
  • Beige Gold

5. MAZEL Monkey Golf Club Head Cover for 460CC Driver – Best Return Policy


  • Made of soft plush fabric
  • Protect your valuable golf club heads from scratching


  • No sleeve to cover shaft

Rating: 3.5

The MAZEL Monkey Golf Driver Head Cover is one of the coolest driver head covers manufactured from a soft plush fabric. It is sized to perfectly fit over a 460cc driver head.

There is a 60-day no-questions-asked return policy to back up the quality of the headcover.

6. Octopus Golf Club Driver Head Cover – Most Unique Driver Headcover


  • Funny driver headcover
  • Good customer support
  • A full refund is available


  • It may be too bulky for some golfers

Rating: 3.5

The octopus is a unique driver headcover that is made to fit the maximum driver size of 460cc. It is one of many funny driver headcovers on our list.

Whether from a well-known or lesser-known brand, any driver will fit snugly into this headcover.

High-quality materials are used in the multi-layer seamed product, so it is not easy to tear. 

The octopus golf driver covers are very soft, and the tentacles can be stretched out but will quickly return to their original position.

This funny driver headcover could set you apart from the crowd.

If you are not satisfied with the headcover, you can contact customer service for a replacement or a full refund.

7. JP Lann Golf Ace of Spades Driver Head Cover with Magnetic Closure – Best Driver Headcover for a Card Lover


  • Magnetic closure
  • Fits 460cc driver heads
  • Synthetic leather


  • White material may struggle to stay clean

Rating: 3.5

JP Lann Golf’s Ace of Spades driver headcover is ideal for someone that loves cards.

It has a synthetic leather cover with a soft inner lining that fits 460cc driver heads.

There is an easy on-off magnetic closures system to keep it attached to the head. 

8. Golf Driver Head Covers – Best Leather Embroidered Driver Headcover


  • Soft Pu Synthetic leather
  • Waterproof
  • Fur lined inner


  • Design might be a bit over the top for some golfers 

Rating: 3.5

Premium Leather is used as the black background for the red spider embroidery on top of the white spider web embroidered design.

The use of premium soft PU synthetic leather prevents easy deformation, while the fur lining on the inside provides optimal protection for the driver head.

The high-quality material is waterproof and thick, providing great protection for your golf clubs.

This cool driver headcover has elastic bands in the middle position to shrink the cover to fit tightly around the shaft of your driver, ensuring that it will not fall off in transit.

9. Foretra – Limited Edition Girl Power Design – Driver Head Cover – Best Women’s Driver Headcover


  • Ideal for women
  • Elastic to attach tightly to the shaft 


  • Could be difficult to keep clean

Rating: 3.5

This Limited-Edition Girl Power driver headcover is made using high-quality synthetic leather and black fleece lining.

It is ideal for the lady that wants to show some girl power on the golf course.

It will fit snugly on drivers as big as 460cc.

The elastic construction will ensure that the headcover will stay on your driver.

The plush-lined interior stops your driver from scratching and dents.

10. BIG TEETH Knitted Golf Club Head Covers – Best Conservative Driver Headcover


  • Shows patriotism
  • Easy to remove
  • Will not fall off


  • Looks old fashioned

Rating: 3

If you want the old knitted driver headcover with a tuft on the top, the Big Teeth headcover is for you.

It is made from 100% Premium knit material to fit a 460cc driver.

It is easy to pull off your driver when needed, but it won’t slip off in transit.

The USA logo and the blue and basic red color are ideal for showing your patriotism.


Do Drivers Come With Headcovers?

Most manufacturers supply headcovers for their drivers as a standard issue. Furthermore, they offer optional headcovers if you do not like the standard headcover.

What Clubs Need Headcovers?

Drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, and putters generally come with covers to protect the thinner faces against scratches and dents.

There are headcovers available for irons, but some golfers frown upon using headcovers on irons.

Why Do Golfers Hate Iron Covers?

Although headcovers on irons reduce the clanging of clubs against each other, some players feel that they are unnecessary.

They consider it a burden to remove a cover for every shot and regard it as another piece of gear to lose on the golf course.

Furthermore, anti-iron-cover golfers claim that it adds too much time to a round to remove and replace headcovers on most shots.

Do You Need Golf Headcovers?

Golf headcovers are ideal for protecting your quality clubs, especially drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids, as manufacturers design thinner clubfaces that can increase ball speed.

This, in turn, makes it easier to dent and scratch.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there is a range of the best driver headcovers out there. Though prices vary quite drastically, you can be assured that you are getting a quality piece of kit with any one of these brands.

Personalized and special edition headcovers can make your round a bit more fun and help you make new friends on the course. 

In the end, it comes down to personal taste. It’s the little nuances in design that are really going to help you make your final decision. 

Once you have a driver headcover, then check out the best golf club covers to complete your look! 

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