SC300 Swing Caddie Review – Thinking Of Buying? Read This First

Swing Caddie has used Doppler radar technology in their previous models and the SC300 launch monitor utilizes the same technology. In addition to the Doppler technology, Swing Caddie makes use of atmospheric calibrators to enhance the accuracy of the SC300.

Voice Caddie has been in the launch monitor area for quite a while starting with the SC100 and then achieving enormous success with the SC200 model.  The SC300 is the latest in the range and it is larger than the SC200 with additional features and data points.

Swing Caddie added the launch angle and measuring the Apex data in the latest release. The launch angle enables you to input the launch angle of your club to improve the accuracy of the measurements and data provided.

Unlike many of its competitors, the SC300 launch monitor is a standalone unit and not dependent on an app to display the data. On the SC300 it is only the spin rate that requires the app.

This makes the SC300 much easier to use and less complicated to set up and operate. Data can be tracked in real-time on a mobile device connected directly to the SC300 via Bluetooth. Linking the SC300 to the mobile device is a straightforward process as you only have to touch the Bluetooth icon on the screen and select the SC300 to connect.

Our aim in this piece is to provide you with information on the specifications and usage of the SC300 launch monitor to enable you to compare to some of its competitors and make an informed decision.

SC300 Swing Caddie Review


  • Easy to read the screen in any light
  • Easy and fast set-up
  • Accurate
  • Lots of details for useful fitting and gapping
  • Long battery life
  • Remote for switching clubs and modes
  • Instant verbal feedback on your shot if selected
  • The target mode provides great accuracy for wedge practice
  • Lithium battery recharges in 6 hours and has 12 hours of life
  • Orange screen with black digital numbers for ease of reading
  • You can synchronize it to a mobile device to review your data
  • With the app you can update the firmware easily
  • Blue tooth sync


  • Spin rate is only available on the app
  • No off-line measurement
  • High price excludes the protective case
  • Some inaccurate readings do appear


  • Dimensions: 6 ½ inches high X 4 ½ inches wide X 1.1-inch deep which is approximately the size of a tablet device. This is bigger than the SC200 and the increase in the size of the display makes it much easier to read the data from 5 feet.
  • Weight: 15 ounces is nearly double the weight of its predecessor
  • Color: The SC300 is only available in Black
  • Display: 3-inch LCD
  • Display color: Orange with black lettering makes it easy to read in any light conditions
  • Sensor: Doppler Radar is widely accepted as one of the two major technologies for launch monitors
  • Frequency: K-band 24 GHz
  • Battery: Li-Polymer is rechargeable within 6 hours and lasts up to 12 hours.
  • Accuracy: +/- 3% (ball speed)

+/- 3 yards (carry distance in target mode)

+/- 5% (carry distance)

  • Measuring Range: between 10 – 370 yards
  • Positioning: 5 feet directly behind the ball and at the same level as the ball


The power source is now a Lithium Polymer battery that can achieve a full charge in 6 hours and will last up to 12 hours. The remaining power is displayed on the screen to aid you in determining when the SC300 requires to be charged.

Maintenance of the battery is extremely important to ensure that you get the maximum life out of the battery and increased performance. It is highly recommended that you charge the battery for the recommended time and not charge it overnight or leave it on charge for extended periods.

During the off-season or periods where you know that you will not be using the SC300 launch monitor for extended periods, Swing Caddie recommends that the battery charge should remain in the 40% to 50% range and that it is not stored at 100% or 0% charge.


Having an app available to capture and store the data collected during your practice sessions is highly beneficial and the SC300 app will provide you with the information you require to improve your swing.

Data collected by the SC300 app covers the distance, shots count per club and the most recent practice date. The data is accumulated for every practice session and you can use this to analyze shots from every practice session that you have recorded. To enhance the experience that you have with the SC300, Swing Caddie has provided two modes.

Practice Mode

Firstly, the Practice mode is aimed at collecting data from your general practice sessions and it is ideal to map your bag by setting the average distances that you achieve with every club. This will allow you to overlap clubs and make sure that you are in an advantageous position to decide which club to use on the golf course. After every shot, the SC300 will provide the following data:

  • Total distance or Carry distance depending on the selected setting
  • Swing speed
  • Ball speed
  • Smash factor
  • Shot apex
  • Launch angle

Target Mode

Secondly, there is Target mode that is ideal for fine-tuning your distance control and is aimed at irons only. Target mode aims to bring some fun into your practice sessions and to fine-tune your distance control. The default distance is preset at 60 yards and it can be adjusted by increments of 5 yards varying from 15 to 195 yards.

The following data points will be provided for every shot:

  • Total distance or Carry distance depending on the selected setting
  • Swing speed
  • Ball speed
  • Smash factor
  • Shot apex
  • Launch angle

Contents of the Box:

The Swing Caddie is well packaged for a mid-range launch monitor but not too extravagant. You can expect the following in the box on opening:

  • USB power charge
  • 1 X Swing Caddie 300 Launch Monitor
  • 1 X Remote control
  • 1 X battery charger
  • 1 X user manual

Unfortunately, the protective case does not come standard with the package, but it is available as an optional extra and should be seriously considered to protect your investment.

The SC300 Data Points

The SC300 Swing Caddie is aimed at golfers that want to improve their game and understand the areas that require fine-tuning. The latest member of the Swing Caddie launch monitor family has added 2 data points to the measurements for increased performance measurement.

The Swing Caddie SC300 measures:

  • Carry and total distance – you can select which measurement you want to display
  • Smash factor – this is calculated directly after contact between the golf ball and the clubhead. This calculates the power generated at the time of contact between the clubhead and the golf ball by dividing the ball speed into the clubhead speed. Creating consistency in your smash factor will lead to consistency in your swing and distances.
  • Launch angle – this is a new data point added to the SC300 and determines the height and distance that the golf ball travels after contact.
  • Swing speed – this is the speed at which the club moves from the top of your backswing through contact with the golf ball and completion of your swing. It should be the highest at point of contact.
  • Apex (Max Height) – this is the second addition to the SC300 data points and is an indication of the maximum height that your shot achieved. The apex is influenced by the launch angle and plays a role in the carry distance and the amount of roll that you will achieve
  • Ball Speed – the ball speed is recorded immediately after contact between the golf ball and the clubhead.
  • The spin rate is only available on the SC300 app and indicates the backspin imparted on the golf ball. This will not provide information on the sidespin generated.

Setting Up and Use

Setting up and taking down the SC300 is extremely easy. Place the device 5 feet behind the ball at ground level and the same height as the SC300, push the stand back to keep the device upright, and then you can start hitting golf balls.

The indoor setup requires the net to be 6 ½ feet away from where the ball is placed.

Take cognizance of the balls that are being used for your practice session. Range balls, limited flight, and practice balls are made to fly shorter distances and can thus cause some inaccuracies.

To make it easier to use and access data between shots, the SC300 can provide audible feedback on the data points. However, the larger screen will make it easy to read the data from 5 feet away.

The remote control that comes as standard in the package will aid in making the SC300 easier to use. Instead of toggling through the clubs on the SC300 to get to the club that you are using, you can select the desired club on the remote control.

You can change the mode that you are using, the unit of display, the voice language, volume, club loft, the distance to the target, display carry distance or total distance, and the club in use on the remote.

Toggling between the different modes is easy to do by selecting the mode on the MODE button. You can choose between displaying the distances in meters or in yards depending on the units used on the golf course that you most frequently play. This will help you to dial in your clubs in bit measurements for people that play internationally.

If you do not want the feedback to be audible while you are practicing or not to disturb other golfers, you can turn the volume down or turn it off completely.

You may find that the range on the remote control is limited so stand closer and point it directly at the SC300 launch monitor.


Accuracy is especially important in the selection of a launch monitor. Swing Caddie claims that the SC300 launch monitor is accurate within 3% of the data provided for ball speed, within 5% accurate for data provided on carry distance and 3 yards in carry distance when measured in Target mode.  The remaining data points are accurate within a very acceptable 3%.

The use of barometric pressure calibrates the SC300 for altitude elevation and air pressure variations. This enhances the accuracy of the SC300.


Swing Caddie has worked hard on improving their range of launch monitors without making them unaffordable to most golfers. Adding additional data points to the SC300 has added value that could benefit the golfer that wants to fine-tune distances and accuracy.

Having accurate data could assist you in mapping your bag to ensure that your approach shots are not left short of the green as is the case with most golfers. Having backspin data available, although only on the app, provides a comprehensive set of data that will enable golfers to enhance the distance control for every club.

Having an accurate short game and dialing in your distance control with your wedges is a sure way to decrease your scores and get the ball closer to the hole. Target mode is an impressive tool to sharpen your short game and allow you to hit shots at ¼, ½, and ¾ strength.

We hope that the information provided in this piece will put you in a position where you can evaluate the Swing Caddie SC300 launch monitor to determine whether it will meet all your needs.

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