Rapsodo R-Motion Review – An Accurate & Affordable Launch Monitor

The Rapsodo R-motion is one of the most affordable launch monitors and provides accurate data considering the low price. In this Rapsodo R-Motion review. we’ll dive deeper into what makes this a popular training aid and the pros and cons of owning this device.

It makes use of photometric technology which measures swing and ball data making it optimal for indoor and outdoor use while it provides instant feedback on a range of clubhead and ball statistics. Clubhead and golf ball contact data is measured by the high-speed camera while the ball trajectory and distance are calculated by the software.

Ball flight trajectory is representative, and it displays all directions such as hooks, slices, pushes, pulls, fades, and draws are all taken into account.

The physical unit is attached to the shaft of the club being used and straightforward to attach to your golf clubs thus no additional equipment is required. You can pre-load the information on all the clubs in your bag for ease of selecting a club when taking measurements.

The software has to be loaded on your Windows 10 PC and no separate launch monitor or projector is necessary. A range of software aimed at making the experience loads of fun comes standard with the purchase.

Quality graphics of up to 4K creates life-like fluid movements provided your computer system can cope with the extra workload.

Using the unit outdoors is no problem since it can be powered by a rechargeable battery for an uninterrupted period of approximately 4 hours.

The Auto Rewind Feature allows you to hit the same shot repeatedly thus enabling you to practice a variety of shot shapes and ball trajectory.

Rapsodo R-Motion Review


  • Auto Rewind Feature
  • Accuracy
  • Compatible with any golf club including your own
  • Gaming features such as 15 courses, driving range, and multiplayer option
  • Runs optimally on PC
  • Easy to set-up
  • Good graphics
  • Easy to use lightweight sensors clips
  • Budget-friendly


  • Does not offer customizable settings for multiple players
  • Problems have been experienced connecting to the dongle
  • Not compatible with Mac operating system
  • Need a hitting mat and impact net for better simulation
  • Inconsistent in reading short chips

What You Get In The Box

It comes well packaged in a strong box containing

  • 1 X Tracker/sensor comes standard and is designed to work without fail.
  • Clips – the R-Motion tracking device makes use of a small sensor that you attach to the shaft of the club and has to be moved when you change club. There are 4 durable clips available as standard but can be supplemented by upgrading the package and purchasing an additional 10 clips. This will remove the necessity to change the clip when you change the club you want to use
  • Software is included in the “lite” version and can be downloaded for free. This includes access to 15 virtual golf courses and a driving range. You can increase the number of virtual golf courses available by upgrading to the full version of the software. The software makes provision for fun competitions with your friends and family through the multi-player mode.
  • A free app download can be downloaded from the app store
  • Manuals are standard in aiding you through the setup steps and ease of use

Runs on PC/Mobile Phone Application

There is no screen or projector linked to the unit for displaying the information that has been captured; therefore, you have to link it top your computer via the dongle that is supplied as part of the standard package. Your computer must run Windows 10 operating system as a minimum requirement but it is not compatible with the Apple operating system.

In addition to the software that runs on your computer, there is an app available on the various app stores. The app links to your smartphone and via Bluetooth and is compatible with mobile devices that run on iOS 10.0 and above, or Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above.

The app is not compatible with iPhone 11 or newer models, Samsung s10, note 9, and newer models.

MAC iOS operating system devices will only be able to access the simulator portion and not the swing analyzer.

The minimum PC requirements to operate successfully are:

  • Windows 7 (32bit or 64bit) operating system
  • Intel Core i5 or equivalent processor
  • Minimum of 4 GB RAM
  • Nvidia GTX 670 or better graphics card
  • Version 11 or higher of DirectX

You will be able to view more information on the app such as the attack angle.

Ease of Setup and Use

Setting up the R-motion for the first time will be a laborious and time-consuming event; subsequent use of the R-motion will be a breeze and the setup can be done swiftly.

The initial setup is a straightforward process but will take a considerable time. Some of the steps can be completed in parallel thus cutting down on the overall time required to complete the setup.

The steps for the initial setup are:

  • Charge the sensor for approximately 3 hours
  • Create an R-Motion account while the sensor is charging
  • Download the R-Motion software and The Golf Club game. The Golf Club game will require quite some time to download due to its size. The time required may vary depending on your available bandwidth.
  • Once the software download is complete you can just follow the installation procedure and execute the software.
  • While all of the software downloads and setup are running you can attach the sensor adapters to your clubs.
  • Once the software has been loaded you can start with the initial setup. For increased accuracy, it is recommended that you load the shaft length and type of ball being used.
  • Allow a moment time for the tracker to synchronize with the software.
  • Work through the menus on the system and set up the games, your profile, your clubs, and other options.

In-game controls are user friendly and you should not experience any difficulties to find your way through the system.

Once the initial setup is complete you can enjoy your R-motion tracker. To start up the R-motion again after the initial setup all you have to do is attach the clip to the shaft of the club being used, turn on your computer, and away you go.

The only additional equipment that you will require to start enjoying your R-motion is a mat to hit your shots off and a net if you are planning on using it indoors. These will not be required if you are using it on the course or the driving range.


Although the device is accurate it is not meant to compete with the top of the range launch monitors that sell for $10,000 or more. It will guide you to identify areas that require attention and enable you to track whether any changes that you make are producing the required results.

The R-Motion only measures the club data club information and uses this to calculate ball information through the use of complicated algorithms. The resulting distances may not be 100% accurate but it will be consistent.

Accuracy is within acceptable ranges as set out below

  • Recorded ball speed is accurate to within +/- 1mph
  • Horizontal launch angle is accurate to within +/- 2 degrees

The technologically advanced software provides data that is sufficiently accurate to enable you to analyze your statistics. Feedback is provided after every shot on the following

  • Clubhead speed
  • Swing path
  • Face angle
  • Club path
  • Smash factor
  • Overall distance or carry distance depending on the one you selected

Statistics that are not measured and recorded are

  • Ball speed
  • Launch angle
  • Spin

Rapsodo R-Motion Alternatives

1. Blast Golf Swing Trainer


  • Easy setup
  • Smart video capture
  • Straightforward to use
  • Budget-friendly
  • Simple to share with social media
  • Multiple sports
  • Automatic video capture


  • Can experience connection issues
  • Might not recognize older devices

The Blast sensor simply attaches to the back end of the grip of any club and straightforward to set up.

Included in the package you will get

  • a sensor which attaches to the end of your club
  • a charging pad
  • and an app which can be used on any smart device

Blast golf swing trainer is equipped with advanced smart video capture technology.  The natural motion capture will record our swing and putting stroke. Recorded swings are automatically stored enabling slow-motion reviews with advanced overlay.

You are provided with 11 data points, how your stroke compares to these data points, and what is required to amend your stroke to achieve the best results.

Advice and extra tips are available from expert coaches and PGA Tour Players on the in-app Training Center.

2. Arccos Caddie with Smart Sensors


  • Gives you your strengths and weaknesses of your game
  • Free IOS or Android app
  • Doubles as a range finder
  • Straightforward setup
  • Accurate readings
  • Provides club recommendations



  • 14 sensors Included in the standard package
  • Automatic shot tracking
  • AI-powered GPS rangefinder
  • No software subscription required

The Arccos Caddie provides launch monitor technology providing automatic shot tracking with numerous stats. It comes equipped with a powerful AI-powered GPS rangefinder.

Accurate distances to the pin, green, and hazards are provided by the rangefinder function. Courses are available on the app and you have to download the course when you are playing it for the first time.

Artificial intelligence built into the app will recommend the club to be used based on statistics accumulated.

Setting up and using it is a breeze and can be completed within 30 minutes.

There are  14 sensors in the package that screws into the back of your golf grips and pairs to the free IOS or Android app via Bluetooth.

Power is provided by a rechargeable battery that is designed to last five years.

3. SkyCaddie SX500


  • Pre-loaded with 35,000 golf courses
  • Powerful shot tracking
  • Includes GPS rangefinder
  • Easy to use
  • Works With smartphones

Lightweight SmartTags screw into the back of each of your golf grips. The app will automatically recognize the club in use and track the information on every shot. Information includes distances and location.

Setup and continuous use are straightforward and quick.

After your round, you can view your shots on HD maps on the app that is pre-loaded with 35,000 true ground course maps with accurate distance to bunkers, carries, water, creeks, and more.

It has a powerful shot tracker and a strong suite of shot tracking stats too.

The entire hole can be viewed from an eagle-eye view showing all hazards and obstacles.

Reading greens have never been easier. The Intelligreen displays the true shape of the green and you can view the green from various angles. It is possible to move your cursor to any point on the green to fine-tune reading the break.

Final Thoughts

The Rapsodo R-Motion Simulator is not aimed at competing with the top-end golf launch monitors and tracking devices. It offers a budget-friendly unit that provides feedback on the most important statistics to assist you in lowering your scores.

It compares well to the competitors and provides consistent and accurate information.  The simulator provides excellent entertainment for indoor and outdoor and provides information on   15,000 courses as well as a driving range option.

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