Srixon Z545 Irons Review – How We Rate Them & Should You Buy?

Finding a set of irons that compliments your game is a tough task for golfers because of the sheer amount of selection out there.  It is also tough because players that are not advanced or super knowledgeable about the game to not know what kind of irons to play.

The purpose of this post is to see if your game would benefit from the Srixon Z545 irons and that is exactly why I am reviewing them for you.  Hopefully, it will show you exactly what these clubs are and the benefits that they will bring to your game!

Things to Consider Before Buying Golf Irons

Like I stated above, it can be pretty overwhelming when purchasing golf irons because even after you know what kind you need, there are still hundreds of options.  By breaking it down into a few specific categories, you will be able to make a better buying decision to move forward with.

The first thing to consider is what kind of irons will suit your game.  If you are a beginner, then you are going to want the most forgiving irons. The game improvement sector usually has irons with large soles and cavity backs.

The next category is for intermediate and average golfers.  They should start to transition from their game-improvement irons and maybe get forgiving blades or cavity back irons that have the ability to work the ball and have more of a blade look.

The final category is with advanced golfers, and they all are playing blade irons.  Blade irons are not advised for anyone but great golfers because they are not forgiving at all.  The major payoff is the smooth contact and ability to put spin on the ball.

Another factor to consider is the price, but you already knew that because we are naturally born consumers that look for value and a great deal!

A Review Of The Srixon Z545 Irons (Currently Out Of Stock)

The other main things to consider are:

  • Forgiveness
  • Ability to spin the ball on the green
  • Length
  • Ability to change the trajectory
  • Shaft material
  • Ability to work the ball (fade or draw)

Srixon is best known in the golf world for its excellent golf balls, but they also have some great golf club products out there.  The Srixon Z545 irons are for that middle category of low to mid-handicap players. I will go into more detail on that later.

A normal set of these beautiful clubs is a 4 iron to a pitching wedge, and there are other variations out there if you only want a 6 iron to a pitching wedge for whatever reason.

The main purpose of this club is to fill that gap between very low handicap golfers that prefer blades and high handicap golfers that need the most forgiving clubs out there. Not playing the right type of irons for your game can lead to your game not progressing as much.

Once you have a set of irons that lets you manipulate your ball flight and spin, it can let you have way more tricks in the bag to lower your scores.  There really is not a better feeling than being able to execute on a shot just like the golfers you see on television.

It is a perfect set of irons that appeal to most golfers looking to upgrade their irons and take their game to the next level!  The demographic of average golfers that could benefit from these irons should be checking these out as soon as possible.

Features and Benefits

The Soles on the Z545 Irons

Srixon has produced new technology for these irons and it is named the Tour Extreme V-Sole technology.

Without getting into too much detail, it allows for the iron to react to the ground or turf better and give you more control over the height of your shots.  It is because of the adjustment of the bounce of the club from one edge to the other.

What does that mean for you?

Well, being able to control the trajectory of your shot will come in handy much more than you think. For instance, controlling a punch shot in a tricky area on the golf course is going to let you navigate through the trees and improve your score.

Another instance is if you are on a links course and you need to keep it low because the wind is swirling, then now you are in luck because you can control your shots much easier. Being able to pop up a shot to stick the green or keep it low to avoid the wind is a game-changer for players.

Double Laser Milling on the Face

The problem with cheaper golf irons and game improvement clubs are that they only have one pattern on their face.  That leads to not being able to spin the ball as well and not control your distances very consistently.

With a double laser milling on the face of your new irons, you are now able to control the distance and spin the ball at a much more consistent rate.  If you are a golfer, then you know that consistent spin will let you plan out your shots better.

Nothing is worse than planning for a ball to only roll out 10 feet on the green and you randomly spin it back 5 feet.  That inconsistency in your irons just cost you 15 feet of accuracy.

This point goes hand in hand with always hitting it the same distance.  Do yourself a favor and get yourself a set of irons that are double laser milled and you will be in better shape.

It is a Forged Iron

The material that makes up these forged irons is 1020 carbon steel.  I would not expect that to really mean anything to you, but the results will.

The benefits of going with a forged iron are mainly for consistency and feel.  The quality material really does make a difference with your performance and how you hit the ball each time.

The main benefit is the feel of the 1020 carbon steel.  You really feel the crisp and soft contact of a forged iron and usually, players never go back.  Not only does it feel good and much better than irons for high handicap golfers, but it is going to raise your confidence.

It is hard to describe, but the smooth feeling of a forged iron just does not get any better!

The Best Alternatives

If you just are not feeling the Srixon Z545 irons for whatever reason, then that is perfectly fine.

A few alternatives to check out are:

  • Cobra King Forged Tech Irons
  • Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Irons
  • Wilson Staff D7 Irons

1. Cobra King Forged Tech Irons

If you are reading this and your game falls into a category that is better than a mid-handicapper, then you have to check these out.  Keeping it in the forge family with the Srixon Z545 irons, these Cobra golf irons have the softest feel off the clubface.

Something that will really stand out is the muscle back shape and that really lets a golfer work the ball and control the trajectory, even better than a Srixon Z545 iron does.  Cobra makes some of the best irons in this category, so it is definitely worth your time to look into!

2. Callaway Golf Mavrik Irons

With an excellent rating amongst owners and in the same category as the Srixon irons, the Callaway Golf Mavrik set of irons had to make it.

It is the first set of irons that Callaway is using artificial intelligence to boost the performance of players.  It is a pretty sophisticated set of irons that delivers results.  The main benefit of these clubs is the optimal launch and ball flight that it gives its customers.

You should certainly take a look if you are in the middle handicap range and want to get a new set of irons that have revolutionary technology to improve your game and save strokes.

3. Wilson Staff D7 Irons

The Wilson Staff D7 irons are a 7-piece set of clubs that promote distance and consistency for middle handicap golfers.  Also, if you are a high handicap golfer that wants to improve it could be smart to look into these clubs.

The main selling point of these irons is that it looks like a player’s iron, but it has game improvement technology.  Not many clubs out there have this feature so it may be a diamond in the rough for you.

The Power Hole Technology in these clubs also has given players a noticeable difference and boosts their distance compared to their old irons!

Final Thoughts

Hopefully after reading through the things to look for in irons and the features of the Srixon Z545 you have a better idea of what is being offered to you.  The ability to be more consistent in your spin and distance is really something that can be a game-changer for golfers wanting to take that next step in their game.

Another differentiator with the irons is the ability to control the trajectory of your shots better, and that will be more of a benefit than you can imagine once you dial in your skills for the course.

If you want to check out these irons further, be sure to check out the link that we have provided for you!  If you know anyone that you think could benefit from these clubs, then please share this post.

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