Callaway Drivers by Year (List Provided)

Callaway started in 1982 and since has earned its reputation for designing drivers that help golfers to hit balls greater distances and make straight shots from the tee.

These drivers have earned awards and are the type any golfer would be proud to have in his or her bag. But if you want to understand all of the Callaway driver models with release dates, it can be overwhelming.

That’s why we put together this list of the best Callaway drivers by year to show you the history of Callaway drivers.

Read on to see the table, and below you’ll find our recent favorite Callaway drivers including tips to get more distance from the tee.

List of Callaway Drivers by Year (Full Timeline)

Callaway Driver Date Released
Rogue ST Max 2022
Rogue ST Max LS
Rogue ST Max D
Women’s Rogue ST Max
Women’s Rogue ST Max D
Rogue ST Triple Diamond LS
Women’s Epic Speed 2021
Women’s Epic Max
Women’s Epic Max Star
Epic Max Star
Epic Speed Triple Diamond LS
Epic Speed
Epic Max LS (our full review)
Epic Max
Epic Speed Triple Diamond
Mavrik (our full review) 2020
Mavrik 22
Mavrik Subzero
Mavrik Max
Women’s Big Bertha REVA
Big Bertha B21
Epic Flash Star 2019
Epic Flash
Epic Flash Sub Zero
XR Speed 2018
Rogue Women’s
Rogue Draw Women’s
Rogue (our full review)
Rogue Draw
Rogue Sub Zero
Big Bertha Epic Star 2017
Great Big Bertha Epic
Great Bertha Epic Sub Zero
XR 16 (our full review) 2016
XR 16 Sub Zero
XR 16 Pro
Big Bertha Fusion
XR Women’s 2015
XR Pro
Big Bertha Alpha 816
Big Bertha Mini 1.5
Big Bertha 816
Big Bertha 816 DD
X2 Hot Women’s 2014
X2 Hot Pro
X2 Hot N14
X2 Hot
Big Bertha V Series Women’s
Big Bertha V Series
Big Bertha Women’s
Big Bertha 815 DD
Big Bertha Alpha
Big Bertha 815
Big Bertha (our full review)
FT Optiforce 2013
X Hot Pro
X Hot
Razr X Black 2012
Razr Fit Xtreme
Tour Authentic Razr Fit
Razr Fit
Razr Hawk 2011
Razr Hawk Tour
Diablo Octane
Diablo Octane Tour
FT-iZ 2010
FT-iZ Tour
Diablo Edge
Diablo Edge Tour
FT-9 Tour 2009
FT-IQ Tour 2008
FT-I Limited Edition Women’s
Hyper X Women’s
Hyper X Tour
Hyper X
Fti 25th Anniversary 2007
FT-5 Women’s 2006
FT-5 Tour
FT-I Women’s
FT-I Tour
X-460 Tour
X-460 Women’s
Big Bertha 460 Women’s
Big Bertha 460
Big Bertha Fusion FT-3 Tour 2005
Big Bertha Fusion FT-3
Big Bertha Titanium 454
Big Bertha Titanium 2004
ERC Fusion 2003
C4 Graphite 2002
Big Bertha II
Great Big Bertha Hawkeye 1999
Biggest Big Bertha 1997
Big Bertha War Bird 1995
Great Big Bertha
Big Bertha Stainless Steel Headed Driver 1991
S2H2 1988
S2H2 Women’s

Callaway Drivers: Brief Overview

If you look at the price of Callaway drivers through the years, you’ll find they cost more than their rivals. But you will feel it is worth every penny if you do invest in one.

The drivers earned a reputation as forgiving of off-center hits and maximizing your distance on the course.

Callaway continues to bring us new technologies that improve your golf game. Just keep in mind that they designed different models for players of various skill levels. What works for one golfer may not work for you.

The 3 Best Callaway Drivers You Can Buy Today

Let’s take a look at some of the most spectacular Callaway golf drivers. Callaway drivers may cost a bit more than others, but you rarely hear about an unhappy customer. They earned a reputation as a solid company that backs their products with good customer support if you do encounter a problem.

1. Callaway Golf Mavrik Driver 22

Game-improvement golfers who wish to smash the ball farther will love the Callaway Golf Mavrik Driver 22. Callaway put on an FS2S titanium face to create faster ball speeds with the driver. You may see a 6 to 10-yard improvement on the golf course with this driver. This club overshadows other drivers because of its maximum forgiveness.

You get the maximum distance, but this club never compromises on forgiveness. Many golfers buy this club for that reason. Although the headcover included with this club feels a bit cheap compared to other choices on the market.

When it rests in your hands, the Mavrik Driver 22 feels solid. You won’t tire with it as easily because of the lightweight design that makes it easy to carry around the golf course.

Who’s it best for? High-handicap golfers should especially think about this club.

2. Callaway Rogue ST Max

The Callaway Rogue sounds and feels solid at impact. Compared to its past models, the new Rogue breaks through to another level of forgiveness on the course. You will find that you can reach a faster clubhead speed than with other drivers. Don’t worry if you choose the Rogue ST Max LS or a similar one because they all offer you a fine driver.

Across the board, the Rogue’s numbers perform well. We found that this club uses much of the latest technology from Callaway which only makes it a stronger-performing club. You receive the perfect launch angle, maximized distance, ultimate forgiveness and pure accuracy.

Who’s it best for? The mid-to-high handicapper will benefit most from swinging this club out on the course. The high forgiveness makes it easier to hit slightly off-center. We would advise against this choice for golfers who wish to shape their drives. This club was made for beginners who want to make the game easier.

Read our full review: The Callaway Rogue St Driver Review

3. Callaway Big Bertha B21

In particular, Big Bertha won its reputation for high launches. Callaway designed Big Bertha to yield the maximum ball speed, straight shots, and a high launch. Many Callaway Big Bertha drivers over released over the years, but this is the pinnacle model.

Slow swingers will especially take advantage of the higher launch with the Big Bertha. Overall, it looks quite attractive, and they made it a long club to help with distance.

The biggest downside is that this club feels too similar to the cheaper Mavrik Max drivers. For some golfers, the thickness and offset will be too much.

Who’s it best for? Recreational golfers or those who play casually will benefit the most from the Big Bertha B21. You will see it launch the ball much higher than with some of the other drivers on the market.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Callaway Driver

Before you choose a Callaway driver, think about the club head size you need.

Clubhead Size

PGA tour golfers often choose a larger clubhead because they can hit the sweet spot with greater consistency. That thought makes sense, but how well it works depends on your skill level.

Those who drive the ball under 250 yards will want a clubhead size of about 450 cc. Distance matters but you’ll sacrifice accuracy. You need control of your shots to stay on the fairway.

Shaft Material & Length

Next, choose the right shaft for your driver. This may sound like the shaft would hardly impact the driver, but it can impact whether the club feels either too stiff or too flimsy. Beginners usually want a titanium or graphite shaft.

The lighter weight will let you swing the club faster and drive the ball farther. Think about the shaft length as well. Many golfers choose a lengthier shaft, but this can ruin the control of your shots. You need distance but accuracy keeps you out of the sand traps and ponds.


Think about the driver loft as well. Many golfers think that lower loft equals a higher ball flight, but everything depends on the swing speed.

  • For swing speeds 85 mph and under, adjust your loft to 10.5 degrees or higher.
  • For swing speeds between 85 mph and 105 mph, adjust your loft to 9.5 degrees.
  • For swing speeds over 105 mph, choose a loft of 8.5 or under.


Finally, think about the budget of your driver. Callaway drivers can get costly, but I’ve rarely heard of anyone who felt disappointed with one after buying it.

In this game, a good set of golf clubs can massively improve your score even for beginners. If you can’t afford more expensive drivers, you might save up for them. You could buy budget clubs until you can afford a great Callaway driver.

Tips to Maximize Distance and Accuracy with Your Callaway Driver

Tip #1: Practice A Relaxed Swing

Many beginners think speed alone will shoot the golf ball into the horizon. Swinging too fast, in fact, can harm your distance and consistency. You want to take a swing in a relaxed way. Keep in mind that practicing your golf swing takes a long time to master. You can always improve more with your golf swing to gain distance.

Tip #2: Visualize When off the Course

You can improve your golf game even off the course with visualization. Now, this won’t guarantee success, but many PGA tour players use it to improve their game. Brooks Koepka is an example of one golfer that uses visualization to improve his golf game.

Tip #3: Remove as Many Moving Parts as Possible

To improve anything in golf whether distance or accuracy, you should remove as many moving parts as possible and practice each piece. For example, to increase your distance, you must narrow the gap between the club and the tee.

Tip #4: Point the Knees at the Golf Ball

Point your right knee at or slightly in front of the ball upon impact. On the other hand, the left knee points behind the ball. You do this because it helps you to shift your weight properly in the downswing to get the most distance from your shot.

Tip #5: Use Your Wrists

The movement in your wrists control the distance and direction of the shot. You must practice proper wrist action, or you won’t see the true distances that you deserve when taking shots. Note: You don’t want excessive wrist action either. You need to practice until you find the right amount to maximize your distances. This wrist action increases in importance as you age and your swings start to slow.


Hopefully, you found this information about Callaway drivers history helpful. Callaway is one of the better golf brands that you can buy. They cost more than other options, but few golfers who buy them ever regret it. The brand earned a reputation as one of the most trusted leaders in golf for good reason.

They have several awesome drivers that you can buy to improve your game out on the course. Check out some of the best Callaway drivers listed above to see everything they have available. You can look at the Callaway drivers by year based on the table we created as a list above.

Matt travels the world as a professional writer and blogger trying out different golf courses in exotic spots like the Philippines. He loves the challenge and tranquility in the sport of golf. Golf, for him, is a way of relaxing and enjoying life. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.

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