10 Best Hybrid Golf Clubs in 2024: Pros, Cons, Reviews

As a passionate golfer with an 11 handicap, I can say that hybrids were a big help in dropping my scores.

There’s no doubt that the invention of the hybrid has made golf less frustrating, but that’s only if you get the right one for you and your game. Check out my top 3 picks, then I cover 10 great ones below.

Use these hybrid golf club reviews to make an informed decision and cut through all the BS. Companies will always promise increased distance and more forgiveness, but you have to take that with a grain of salt.

The fact is the best hybrid golf clubs are all different and will benefit golfers differently. Here are the best hybrids that will provide speed, launch, and spin with an easy-to-hit head shape.

In-Depth Hybrid Golf Club Reviews 

  1. Titleist TSR3 Hybrid — Best Overall
  2. Callaway Rogue ST Max Hybrid — Great for Speed
  3. Callaway Paradym Hybrid – Best Premium Pick
  4. Taylormade Stealth Rescue Hybrid — Great for Versatility
  5. Cobra King TEC Hybrid
  6. Wilson Dynapower Hybrid Most Accurate
  7. Callaway Apex 21 Hybrid
  8. Ping G425 Hybrid
  9. TaylorMade SIM 2 MAX Rescue Hybrid
  10. Cobra LTDX One-Length Hybrid Budget Choice

Read on for detailed and researched golf hybrid club reviews. This should give you an excellent sense of the strengths and weaknesses of each club so you can easily decide and start lowering your scores sooner.

1. Titleist TSR3 Hybrid — Best Overall

best hybrid golf club

  • Lofts Available: 19°, 21°, 24°
  • Distance Rating: 89
  • Forgiveness Rating: 92
  • Accuracy Rating: 94
  • Overall Rating: 91
  • Best For: Low handicappers


  • Good adjustability
  • Very accurate
  • Highly workable


  • Not particularly long
  • Expensive

Unsurprisingly, a Titleist club is top on this best hybrid clubs of 2024 list. Titleist have a long history of making premium golf clubs, and hybrids are no exception.

The TSR3 features a tour-inspired shape that low-handicap and skilled players will appreciate. It is very clearly more compact than its predecessor, the TSR2. Yet this doesn’t hurt its forgiveness. We found shots were very stable and forgiving due to the high inertia body.

Of course, a benefit of the more compact profile is that you can swing it from a range of lies with confidence and work the ball as you see fit. The new sole relief pockets minimize resistance from the rough, helping you to achieve a fast and unimpeded swing.

I also appreciated the improved SureFit Adjustable CG Track System. Where the TSR2 had only three points for the adjustable weights, the TSR3 has five, giving you far more control over the weighting of your club. As such, you can better combat weaknesses in your swing and achieve superior accuracy.

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2. Callaway Rogue ST Max Hybrid — Great for Speed

  • Lofts Available: 18°, 20°, 23°, 25°, and 26°
  • Distance Rating: 96
  • Forgiveness Rating: 92.5
  • Accuracy Rating: 81
  • Overall Rating: 90.5
  • Best For: Mid-high handicappers


  • Jailbreak technology helps create more distance
  • Flashface technology provides forgiveness
  • High toe makes hitting from various lies much easier
  • Modern look at address
  • Slight offset in the hosel


  • Tough to work the ball in both directions
  • No adjustability features
  • Accuracy could be better

By definition, a hybrid is a combination of an iron and a wood. Callaway has found an excellent balance between the two with the Rogue ST Max hybrid.

This has the look and feel of an iron but the power and forgiveness of a wood. Starting with the patented jailbreak technology that resides behind the clubface, these two titanium bars add strength to the face for explosive distance.

This is the same technology you find in Callaway drivers and what makes them so long. They moved the bars further from the face to control the distance in the hybrid. This helps balance the club and increase your launch angles and ball speeds from almost any lie. In all honesty, we were pretty blown away by the distances we were seeing. They topped all of the other hybrids we looked at, but the SIM 2 Max Rescue came close.

A higher face also contributes to forgiveness out of tough lies. This is what makes this hybrid so versatile and a great addition to almost any golfer’s bag.

The sharp look is due to a matte black crown and a slight offset in the hosel. This should not worry you if you draw the ball; it’s very subtle and should not be used to cure slices but merely to help keep the face square for longer through impact.

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3. Callaway Paradym Hybrid – Best Premium Pick

  • Lofts Available: 18°, 21°, 24°, and 27°
  • Distance Rating: 93.5
  • Forgiveness Rating: 92
  • Accuracy Rating: 84
  • Overall Rating: 90.0
  • Best For: Low to mid handicappers


  • Superb distance
  • Excellent forgiveness
  • Good versatility


  • Tough to keep on the green
  • Low spin
  • Pricey

The 2024 Paradym hybrid was hotly anticipated, and after putting it to the test, we confidently feel it has lived up to these expectations. One of the most apparent qualities was the superb distance, we can attribute this to the new Tungsten Speed Cartridge. It shifts the CG forward and lower, giving you reduced spin but increased speed.

What’s more, the A.I.-made Jailbreak with Batwing technology also gives a speed boost. Essentially, the perimeter is stiffer, allowing the face to flex more than previously. That being said, it is not the longest hybrid we tested, the Callaway Rogue ST Max, for instance, was notably longer.

Another area that impressed us was the brand-new Cutwave Sole. It glides effortlessly across the turf and can even tackle thick rough relatively well. As such, you can expect good versatility whatever the conditions. In fact, Callaway states that it is their most versatile hybrid ever!

An issue we noticed as a result of the new tech was the fact that launch and spin were lower than we expected. While this produced excellent distance, it did give us issues with keeping the ball on the green, so keep that in mind.

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4. Taylormade Stealth Rescue Hybrid — Great for Versatility

  • Lofts Available: 19°, 22°, 25°, 28°, and 31°
  • Distance Rating: 90.0
  • Forgiveness Rating: 91.0
  • Accuracy Rating: 88.0
  • Overall Rating: 89.5
  • Best For: Slow swing speeds


  • Thru-Slot Speed Pocket for distance on off-center strikes
  • Carbon fiber crown
  • Twist face technology for added forgiveness
  • V-steel sole improves turf interaction
  • All-black look is stylish


  • Very similar to previous SIM 2 model
  • No adjustability
  • A little inconsistent

TaylorMade is a pioneer in the hybrid industry, and I always look forward to what they offer. This hybrid did not disappoint, but I’m not sure it’s the breakthrough we all hoped it would be.

Many features can be found in its previous model, the SIM 2. The bright side is that we get a lightweight crown made from carbon fiber and an optimized face that uses TM’s twist face technology.

Both are great for players looking to generate more distance without increasing their swing speed. Because of its variable thickness, the face will add distance to all your shots, including the off-center ones.

Great distance is also generated by the Thru-Slot Speed Pocket, which is also present in the previous SIM 2. This feature has been a part of all TaylorMade woods for many years now, and that’s because it works. It’s TaylorMade’s answer to Callaway’s Jailbreak technology.

The major difference is the look and shape. It lives up to its name by being more stealthy and less boxy compared to the SIM 2. The all-black, two-tone carbon crown is also very distinguished and makes you feel like an assassin looking to gun down flag sticks from anywhere on the course.

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5. Cobra King TEC Hybrid

best hybrid golf club

  • Lofts Available: 17°, 19°, 21°, and 24°
  • Distance Rating: 90
  • Forgiveness Rating: 85.5
  • Accuracy Rating: 95
  • Overall Rating: 89
  • Best For: Low to mid-handicappers


  • Very accurate
  • Long
  • Good customization


  • More forgiving options available
  • Ball speed is around average
  • Expensive

In my 5th spot, we have the 2024 Cobra King TEC hybrid. It features brand new H.O.T Face technology that A.I. optimizes to deliver a variable face thickness. This helps to maximize both spin and speed across the entire face. Further to this, the PWRSHELL face insert increases flexibility to help enhance rebound and give the club a higher launch. It was immediately clear to us that the 2024 model comfortably outperformed the 2022 model regarding both distance and ball speed.

Yet while distance is one of this hybrid’s strongest merits, its accuracy is its most compelling feature. We found the center of gravity to be very neutral, and the adjustable weights help fine-tune the club to your needs. It comes with two 12 g weights as standard. However, you can purchase 3 g, 10 g, or 14 g through a custom order. I recommend playing around with the positioning of these weights. They should certainly help you dial in your accuracy.

All in all, I consider the Cobra King TEC hybrid to be one of the best performers across the board, with its accuracy being particularly admirable. If it were not for the elevated cost, I’m sure more golfers would be picking it up.

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6. Wilson Dynapower — Most Accurate

  • Lofts Available: 17°, 19°, 21°, and 24°
  • Distance Rating: 88
  • Forgiveness Rating: 84
  • Accuracy Rating: 96.5
  • Overall Rating: 88.5
  • Best For: Mid to high handicappers


  • Incredible accuracy
  • High launch
  • Large face


  • No loft adjustability
  • Plain design

The Wilson Dynapower may not quite keep up with the top dogs, but it’s a cracking hybrid in its own right, especially when you consider the price tag. It features a large profile, so no surprise that it offers plenty of forgiveness. It’s also fairly versatile despite the large head shape, so I wouldn’t let this put you off too much if you’re a more skilled striker of the ball.

The standout quality of the Wilson Dynapower is its unmatched accuracy. Using the power of A.I., Wilson developed a variable-thickness face that produces consistent speed and launch wherever you strike the ball. From our testing, we found it has a minor draw bias, so if you have trouble with fades, it should help you out. It’s our favorite hybrid when it comes to accuracy, narrowly beating out the Cobra King TEC.

Besides the plain design, the lack of loft adjustability is one of the biggest drawbacks. Skilled players may also strive for something that offers better shot-shaping potential. While you can still work the ball somewhat, there are far better options if this is high on your priority list. As such, it is clear that the Dynapower is more suited to mid-to-high handicappers rather than low handicappers.

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7. Callaway Apex 21 Hybrid

  • Lofts Available: 19°, 21°, 24°, and 27°
  • Distance Rating: 92
  • Forgiveness Rating: 92.5
  • Accuracy Rating: 83.5
  • Overall Rating: 88.5
  • Best For: Low-mid handicappers


  • Improved Jailbreak technology
  • Re-positioned tungsten weight for best launch angle results
  • Flash face technology
  • Compact head for easy shot shape manipulation
  • Adjustable loft and lie angles


  • Toe is very high for a player’s hybrid
  • Bulky look at address
  • Average sound

Callaway is primarily known for helping high-handicappers become low-handicappers. Recently, they have been offering mid-low handicappers some viable options to help them as well.

The Apex 21 is one of the best hybrid clubs for experienced players that no one knows about yet. Everyone loves the Rogue and Big Bertha line of hybrids, but the Apex deserves to be in the conversation just as much.

It uses an updated version of Callaway’s Jailbreak technology by making hybrid-specific changes. The bars are more spread out and shaped like blades, thinner but broader than traditional bars.

This is great for a hybrid because it makes the face more consistent and helps correct off-center hits from thick rough. They also stiffen the body vertically without adding too much weight, which also contributes to forgiveness. In my experience, its forgiveness is very good. I would say it’s comparable to the likes of the Titleist TSR3 and Callaway Paradym.

The weight saving allows the designers to strategically position tungsten weighting to increase the launch angle based on which hybrid you are using. Each one has a different tungsten weight to optimize launch angles and increase the power you get from the lower part of the club face.

Use this hybrid and its adjustable loft to gain full control over your ball flight and be able to manipulate the trajectory.

[Check Prices & See User Reviews]

8. Ping G425 Hybrid


  • Lofts Available: 17°, 19°, 22°, 26°, 30°, and 34°
  • Distance Rating: 79
  • Forgiveness Rating: 88.5
  • Accuracy Rating: 95
  • Overall Rating: 87
  • Best For: Replacing long irons


  • Shallow club face for more consistency
  • Wrap face design increases distance
  • Available in a wide range of lofts
  • Excellent replacement for long irons
  • Sleek matte black design
  • Low-profile construction


  • Not good for fairway wood replacement
  • Unsatisfying sound
  • Lacking with respect to distance

If we’re talking about game-improvement clubs or any equipment meant to be forgiving, then PING is always involved. They have the tech that so many mid-high handicappers can benefit from, but this hybrid will even benefit low-handicappers in certain situations.

The beauty of this easy-to-hit hybrid is its head shape design. It looks like the original hybrids that implemented a shallow face and low-profile design. This helps them to cut through grass and create lift from lies that other irons and woods can’t.

A shallow face also increases your consistency because of the disparity between low on the face and high on the face. It’s very short from top to bottom, so your strikes will land closer to the sweet spot every time.

This could be the answer for those who are worried about their hybrid feeling too much like a fairway wood. Its compact head, shallow face, and wide range of loft selections will easily help you replace your 3, 4, or 5 iron.

Despite its commitment to traditional hybrid design, the face itself uses up-to-date technology. The wrapped face extends around the top and bottom slightly to increase flex in the face. This helps to keep pace with the distance that other hybrids offer.

While not the longest hybrid on the market, it’s still one of the best for hitting greens and getting out of questionable lies. Without a doubt, what impressed me the most was its accuracy. I was witnessing consistency across the board, swing after swing. Speed, launch, and spin all remained closely clustered around the mean with few outliers. Therefore, I confidently feel that the Ping G425 is one of the most reliable hybrids available today.

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9. TaylorMade SIM 2 MAX Rescue Hybrid

  • Lofts Available: 19°, 22°, and 25°
  • Distance Rating: 94
  • Forgiveness Rating: 89
  • Accuracy Rating: 78
  • Overall Rating: 86.5
  • Best For: Replacing fairway woods


  • Larger mass for more forgiveness
  • Stylish white and blue accents
  • Affordable price
  • Similar features to the new Stealth model
  • Carbon crown, twist face, and V-steel sole are all the same


  • No offset
  • No adjustability
  • More accurate hybrids available

I’ve already mentioned that the TaylorMade Stealth Hybrid is very similar to the SIM 2 models. They have similar technology but differ in looks and price. Check out this incredible alternative if you weren’t completely sold on the Stealth.

The SIM 2 MAX is a superior hybrid to the SIM 2. It’s slightly larger to help with forgiveness and distance but not too large to hinder ball striking from various lies.

Many agree that this is more pleasing to the eye than Stealth, and I’m certainly on that train. The near-all-black finish looks great, but it’s also a safe and easy choice. It also features accents of white and blue which really make this hybrid pop. Having a club you’re excited to look at and show off helps with confidence, and you can never have too much of that when golfing.

The similarities between this and the Stealth are plentiful. They share the same crown, face, and sole. These core features make it hard to justify the price of the newer Stealth model.

If you like the look of the white-on-black crown contrast, then I recommend this hybrid. Otherwise, you can go for the Stealth; either way, ensure you are comfortable over the ball so you can focus on the shot at hand and not your equipment.

[Check Prices & See User Reviews]

10. Cobra King LTDX One-Length Hybrid — Budget Choice

  • Lofts Available: 19°, 21°, and 24°
  • Distance Rating: 81
  • Forgiveness Rating: 86
  • Accuracy Rating: 95.5
  • Overall Rating: 86.5
  • Best For: Inconsistent swings


  • Same shaft length as a 7-iron for more control
  • PWR-COR tungsten insert increases power through impact
  • Baffler rails prevent you from digging
  • Helps produce consistent and controllable swing tempo
  • Superb value


  • May take some getting used to
  • No adjustability
  • Inconsistent launch

Cobra is always on the cutting edge of game-improvement technology, and this is one of the best rescue clubs, providing evidence that they are not slowing down any time soon. Breaking the mold of how a traditional hybrid is made, this one is the same length as a standard 7-iron.

The idea here is that you’ll be able to control your swing a lot more. With more control comes more consistency, and we all know that consistency will produce lower scores.

The length negatively affects your distance, and to make up for it, Cobra has added tungsten weight to the lower half, up near the face, called PWR-COR. This helps increase distance and reduce backspin, so your ball carries further with a penetrating ball flight. It’s much like the Cobra King TEC in this way. However, that club produces much greater distance.

This added weight also helps you control your swing tempo. It naturally creates a pendulum motion to improve your consistency.

Another unique feature of this hybrid is the baffler rails on the sole. These are specifically designed to get you out of many kinds of lies. They encourage the club head to glide through the turf and prevent it from digging in too deep.

To summarize, the Cobra King LTDX is an excellent hybrid, and while it only manages 10th on our list, I still feel it is well worth considering. For the reasons of accuracy and value alone, I’m sure there is a fair share of golfers out there who will benefit from having it in their bag.

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Why You Should Trust Us

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Our team spends thousands of hours trying out and researching golf equipment to help you take your game to the next level. Here’s our product review process.

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How We Reviewed These Products

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To select these hybrids, we considered these criteria:

  • Cost
  • Launch
  • Speed
  • Spin
  • Feel
  • Distance
  • Accuracy

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What to Consider Before Purchasing Hybrid Golf Clubs

teton hybrid driver review

Purchasing one of the best golf hybrids of 2024 is more challenging than you think. Many variables are at play, and if you’re not careful, you could make things very difficult for yourself if you choose the wrong one.


When choosing hybrid golf clubs, the first step is identifying the ideal lofts for your game. To do this, look at your weakest lofted fairway wood and work up from there. If you only have a 15-degree 3-wood, your strongest lofted hybrid should be 18 or 19 degrees.

Any lofts weaker than this will leave a distance gap in your game. For example, if you hit your 3-wood 220 yards and a 21-degree hybrid 200 yards, you are missing 20 yards from your game.

That means that if you are 210 yards from your target, you must hit a soft 3-wood or force a 21-degree hybrid. Once you have figured that out, you must assess your irons’ situation.

Those with a 25-degree 5-iron may need to include a 21 or 22-degree hybrid. Without this club, you will have a distance gap.


The shaft you select for your hybrid impacts your launch, spin, and accuracy. This is especially true when buying women’s hybrids or hybrids for seniors. When you use a too-stiff shaft for your swing speed, you may struggle to consistently launch your shot and get your clubface square at impact.

Conversely, if your shaft is too flexible for your swing, you may generate excess spin and balloon your shots.

Golf Magazine research shows that players with swing speeds above 105 mph are suited to extra stiff shafts. Furthermore, swing speeds between 97 and 104 mph function better with a stiff shaft. However, 84 to 96 mph swing speeds are best for a regular flex.

Consider a senior flex shaft if your swing speed is below 84 mph. Should that still be too stiff, look at the highly flexible ladies’ shaft to produce higher ball speeds.

Turf Interaction

For optimal performance, a hybrid needs superb turf interaction. This feature helps the clubhead glide across the turf to promote a clean strike from any lie on the course. Even if you are in the rough, the clubhead makes its way to the ball and delivers a high, powerful launch.

Manufacturers achieve this with precise sole geometry that propels the club head through the turf rather than digging into the dirt.


Since many amateurs use hybrids in place of long irons, the ball must produce a soft landing on the green. The low center of gravity (CG) promotes a high launching shot, with a controlled descent for a soft landing.

Ensure that your hybrid produces these results. Otherwise, you will have minimal control on long approach strikes and par 3 tee shots. Therefore, your ball may roll off the green.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Makes The Best Hybrid Golf Clubs in 2023?

The best hybrid golf club of 2023 is the Titleist TSi3 Hybrid. It offers a nice balance between accuracy and distance. Players can easily work the ball left or right with the sliding weight track and adjust lofts with the specialized hosel. Hit this hybrid out of the rough just as easily as the fairway.

What Hybrid Do Most Golfers Use?

Most golfers use a 3-hybrid to replace either their 3-iron or their 5-wood. Although this is hard to measure since there are so many types of hybrids, and their versatility is such that they can be used to replace many other clubs that golfers use.

What Is The Difference Between A Hybrid And A Fairway Wood?

The difference between a hybrid and a fairway wood is primarily size. A fairway wood is much larger, volume-wise, than a hybrid. This change in design means that fairway woods will go farther and produce more roll upon landing. It also means they cannot be hit as high as a hybrid, so holding greens can be a problem with fairway woods.

What Is The Difference Between A Hybrid And A Rescue Club?

The difference between a hybrid and a rescue club is nil. The term ‘rescue club’ was coined by TaylorMade way back when they first introduced their hybrids. Initially, it was marketed as a club that was easy to hit out of the rough from far distances. These days, hybrids are more versatile than that, and TM uses the term ‘rescue clubs’ less and less.

How Many Hybrid Clubs Should I Carry?

If you carry a 4 and 5-iron, I suggest carrying no more than one hybrid. You will want a club that bridges the distance gap between your fairway woods and long irons. Those who don’t carry long irons may require at least two hybrids to make up for any distance gaps.

How Often Should I Buy A New Hybrid?

You only need to buy a new hybrid if you change your other clubs and, more specifically, the lofts of those clubs. Your hybrid loft should match accordingly to the clubs around it and the rest of the set. If you’re younger, you will need to buy a new hybrid after significant growth spurts.


Hybrids are a forgiving, high-launching golf club that helps all golfers stay straight and long. Those struggling with accuracy, launch, and distance in your long game, should test a hybrid.

Here at GolfSpan, we do not hand out participation trophies; only one club is the winner. The top performer out of the best hybrid golf clubs in 2024 is the Titleist TSR3. Its accuracy, forgiveness, and turf interaction make it an ideal companion for low to mid-handicappers. If you need help to hit straight long shots, you should look into the Titleist TSR3 line of hybrids.

Those who prefer more options should read our guide on the best hybrid golf clubs for high handicappers.

Matt has played golf since he was 4 years old and has written over 150 articles at GolfSpan since 2021. Matt specializes in product reviews using his postgraduate degree in Sports Marketing from Johan Cruyff Institute. Matt has a handicap index of 10.8 and currently plays weekly at Pilar Golf Course near his home in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He also loves his Callaway Odyssey Exo Rossie putter and likes a pepper steak pie with curry gravy at the turn. You can connect with him on LinkedIn

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