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Do Golf Carts Have Titles? Our Answers And Advice!

You have identified the golf cart of your dreams, paid the first installment, and arranged delivery to your house. What comes next? Of course, you need to charge it up before you take it for a spin, but do you need to register it at the DMV and get its licensing in order? The answer

Golf Carts

How Much Do Golf Carts Cost? Are They Within Budget?

Golf carts aren’t cheap, but they’re a solid investment. Let’s try to answer ‘how much do golf carts cost?’, and the best places to buy them. Golf carts aren’t just practical – they’re a blast to drive, adding a whole new dimension of enjoyment to your round of golf. They can serve you not just

Golf Carts

Are Golf Carts Street Legal? Could You Be Driving ‘Off-Course’?

Forget Tesla – there’s a smaller, safer, and cheaper contestant in the Electric Vehicle Thunderdome. And in recent years, they’ve been cruising around streets as well as golf courses with increasing popularity. But due to their size and their lack of speed, many people question the legality of driving a golf cart on the street.


How Long Do Golf Carts Last? (And How To Get More Years Out Of Your Cart)

Golf carts are a big investment and can range anywhere from $4,000 to $15,000, so you have to know exactly what you are getting and what you can expect out of them. The biggest players in the golf cart industry have claimed that a golf cart could last about 30 years, but that is with

Golf Carts

The 5 Best Electric Golf Push Carts of 2021 – Reviews & Comparisons

When playing golf frequently hiring a ride-on golf cart can turn out to be enormously costly as is hiring a caddy to carry your bag. Following research done by Dr. Wolkodoff’s, it was realized that carrying your own bag may possibly raise your score by up to 2+ strokes per round due to the extra

Golf Carts

The 10 Best Golf Carts on The Market in 2021

Golf carts have contributed positively to the game of golf by speeding up the game tremendously. Although it takes the exercise away from players it adds quality time that people can spend traveling together allowing for comfortable conversations between shots. Golf carts are very trendy as a recreational vehicle providing hours of fun over short


The 9 Best Golf Push Carts For 2021 [Reviews & Comparisons]

There is much debate about who coined the phrase ‘Golf is a Good Walk, Spoiled?’. Many attributed this to Mark Twain but it’s more likely that novelist Harry Leon Wilson used the phrase in his novel The Boss of Little Arcady. Who made the phrase popular doesn’t matter as much as the fact that more


Best Minimalist Golf Bag & Buyers Guide

The minimalist golf bag is also called the Sunday golf bag. A minimalist golf bag is smaller, weighs significantly less than a standard bag, and has fewer pockets. These golf bags can be used for a quick game, or a trip to the driving range, a weekend getaway, or your normal 18 holes. They are

Range Finders

Aofar Rangefinder Review – Is A Budget Model Worth It?

Our series on affordable rangefinder options continues. This time we are conducting an Aofar rangefinder review. So far, we have looked at golf rangefinders from Blue Tees, Boblov, and Leupold. But in this article, the attention turns to the Aofar GX-2S. Throughout this post, we will examine the pros and cons of the GX-2S to


The Best Remote Control Golf Cart – 7 Reviewed For You

With golf courses getting longer to counteract the distance that golfers hit the golf ball and the constant increase in summer temperatures, carrying your bag becomes a cumbersome task. Push and pull carts have increased in popularity as they take the stress off your back allowing you to play better golf. According to research done


What To Look For When Buying a Used Golf Cart

The cost of a new golf cart surprises many first-time buyers, as some vehicles fetch as much as a new car. $15,000, to be exact. However, if a new cart exceeds your budget. There are plenty of used options on the market. That is why in this article, we are highlighting what to look for


Best Golf Bag Brands – Which Brand Suits Your Needs?

How do you lug your clubs around the course? Do you carry your bag? Hire a caddie? Or maybe you have a cart at your disposal. Your preferred approach provides an excellent guide to the type of golf bag that best suits your needs. However, once you know what type of bag you need, the


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