Do Golf Carts Have Titles? Stay Legal With Your LSV

You have identified the golf cart of your dreams, paid the first installment, and arranged delivery to your house. What comes next? Of course, you need to charge it up before you take it for a spin, but do you need to register it at the DMV and get its licensing in order?

Do golf carts have titles? Golf carts usually lack titles since they aren’t for public road use. They have unique serial numbers for identification. However, if modified to a low-speed vehicle (LSV), they might be titled based on local regulations. States like Ohio require golf carts to be licensed for the roads, while states like Texas do not. Always check local and state rules for specifics.

If you want to drive your golf cart on the road, you could get a fine if you break the law. Read on to learn more to better prepare for handling your golf cart.

What Is A Certificate Of Title?

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Golf cart titles aren’t too different from titles for cars

One of the documents which you receive when you acquire a new car in The United States is a certificate of title. This document proves that you are the rightful owner of your vehicle.

When you eventually sell your car, the document will prove that the new buyer is purchasing it directly from the true owner. The certificate is also necessary if you intend to transfer your vehicle’s registration out of state.

Some states require golf carts to have titles if they want to drive on the road. Others don’t require it, but you’ll want more details.

Do Golf Carts Have Titles?

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Bob Miller from Graham Golf Carts explained in an interview with WMBF News that standard golf carts do not have titles. Since they are designed for use off of public roads, there is no need to file for the title.

However, if you modify your cart to meet the standards of a low-speed vehicle (LSV) that is roadworthy, you will need to apply for a title.

The reason for that is that you will be operating it on national roads and must adhere to the same rules as a standard motor vehicle.

The bottom line is that standard golf carts do not have titles. But, if they are modified to become an LSV, you must obtain a certificate of title.

What Is A Low-Speed Vehicle?

do golf carts have titles

The team at GEM describes an LSV as a street-legal four-wheeled electric vehicle with a gross weight of about 3,000 pounds and a top speed of 25 mph.

Conversely, a standard two to four-seater golf cart is not road legal and operates on a top speed of 15 mph.

Besides its speed and power, you will need to enhance the safety features of the cart, should you intend to turn it into an LSV. Headlights, tail lights, blinkers, belts, mirrors, reflectors, windshield, and a horn.

As you can say, many modifications are required before you can obtain a certificate of title and roadworthiness for your cart turned LSV.

How Can I Ensure I Am Buying A Legitimate Cart?



  • The purchase process is quick and hassle-free
  • No need to register your cart with the DMV
  • You can start using your golf cart as soon as you have fully charged it up
  • A more affordable administrative process


  • Hard to prove you own the cart
  • It opens you up to the possibility of purchasing stolen goods

The lack of a certificate of title for golf carts can bring a world of problems, especially when it comes to crime. The lack of a certificate makes ensuring you are buying a legitimate vehicle more challenging, but there are solutions to this challenge. For starters, I suggest shopping at recommended golf cart dealerships.

Secondly, always ensure that you check the barcode of the cart. Bob Miller explains that a golf cart missing a serial number raises a red flag, and you should steer clear of that cart.

Furthermore, Miller alludes to the fact that when you find a golf cart valued at $6,000 selling for $2,000, it is another example of a red flag and time to walk away.

Final Thoughts

Golf carts are evolving rapidly. What were once petrol-powered vehicles designed to navigate the links can now be modified to travel on national roads with a speed limit of 35 mph.

In answer to the question, do golf carts have titles? We can see that standard golf carts used on the golf course or in a gated community do not have titles. However, if you want to modify your cart to become an LSV, you must file for a certificate of title.

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