Duracell Vs Interstate Golf Cart Batteries – Comparison Of Performance

How important is a brand name to you when it comes to purchasing new golf cart batteries? Do you go with what you know, or are you open to trying new products? Would you go for a Duracell battery before an Interstate, simply because you are familiar with the brand?

In this post, we are reviewing Duracell vs Interstate golf cart batteries to identify which is better for your golf cart and why?

Duracell Vs Interstate Golf Cart Batteries Reviews

Duracell Golf Cart Batteries



  • Durable
  • Shielded against vibration damage
  • It requires less maintenance and watering
  • 12-month warranty
  • Protects against terminal corrosion


  • The battery must be installed upright to avoid acid leakage
  • Only distilled water can be added
  • Overwatering can dilute the electrolytes and hamper the performance of the battery

Duracell is potentially the most recognizable brand in the battery industry. They have been operating for over 100 years and hold the honor of sending the first battery to the moon.

Their golf cart batteries follow the industry-standard deep-cycle flooded battery. However, their batteries were designed to require less maintenance and watering than other similar products.

Finally, it is the price of Duracell batteries that gives them the upper hand over their competitors. Their products are three times more affordable than premium batteries and last as long. Therefore, offering one of the best value-for-money units on the market.

Duracell Golf Cart Batteries Features and Benefits

Fortified Internal Connections

To mitigate against performance loss, Duracell applied internal connections to the battery. It shields the unit from vibration damage caused by navigating bumpy surfaces.

Other batteries that do not contain these connections are more likely to succumb to vibration damage. Thereby not enjoying the lifespan of a Duracell product.

Premium Glass Mat Reinforcements

Duracell optimized the energy storage capabilities of their golf cart batteries by installing premium glass mat reinforcements. These reinforcements reduce the charge time. As well as increase the run time, as a result of its superior storage.

Lower Level of Maintenance

Flooded batteries require constant water maintenance to function. The battery cannot have too much water, nor too little water, and it only runs on distilled h20. Finding a balance can be challenging, and we often get it wrong. In which case, we reduce the lifespan of our batteries.

To make life easier for golf cart battery owners. Duracell’s batteries contain a large reservoir for more efficient water usage. This means that the frequency of watering is reduced. These batteries also have unique alloy and separator materials. Which further enhances the efficiency of the battery’s water usage.

Topping off the watering maintenance of the battery is a twist and release vent cap system. Added for extra convenience. One single motion releases all the caps simultaneously to speed up the watering process.

Hermetic Cover

Terminal corrosion is common on flooded batteries and is caused due to overwatering, exposure to excessive heat, and even vibration damage. To protect the batteries. Duracell added a hermetic cover to the post seal.

Durable Batteries

The cases of Durcaell’s golf cart batteries are crafted using a reinforced polypropylene case and cover. This sturdy material shelters the interior of the unit from the elements and vibration damage. Furthermore, these solid products are constructed with fortified solid posts, which shield the battery from the sun’s rays and prevent evaporation and heat damage.

Volt Options

Duracell’s golf cart battery products are only available in 6-volt and 8-volt options. The 6-volt contains three electrolyte vent well openings, while the 8-volt products have four well openings.

Amperage Rate

6-volt Duracell golf cart batteries range between 215 A/H in 20 hours up to 255 A/H. While the only 8-volt battery in their lineup delivers 165 A/H in 20 hours.


Duracell deep-cycle flooded golf cart batteries are around $100 per unit, depending on who you are purchasing the battery from. And which specs you opt for. As a result, it is a fairly reasonable price for a battery compared to competitor products.

Interstate Golf Cart Batteries



  • No maintenance
  • Faster recharge
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Provides increased run time



  • Can only be discharged up to 50%
  • Difficult to purchase their batteries online.
  • Moderately expensive
  • Shorter warranty period than other battery manufacturers

Interstate has been producing batteries for over seventy years and have made a name for themselves with their absorbed glass mat (AGM) deep-cycle batteries. These products require no maintenance and are designed to last longer.

Golf cart batteries from Interstate are not as popular as Trojan and Crown products. Which is surprising considering the quality of their units. You can purchase four types of golf cart batteries from the company, including extreme Deep-Cycle, High-Cycle, Powerfast, and M-Line.

The Extreme Deep Cycle batteries provide the longest reserve capacity (RC) out of all Interstate batteries. And are also have the longest-running time and cycle out of all units in the company.

Interstate Golf Cart Batteries Features and Benefits

Self Discharge

Many of us do not use our golf carts during the winter and leave our carts for months without use. When these vehicles are stationary for long periods, they begin to self-discharge.

While this process can kill standard batteries, AGM deep-cycle batteries only self-discharge between 1 – 3% per month.

Durable Batteries

The Plates in these batteries are tightly packed and mounted to mitigate vibrations while in operation. This helps to increase the lifespan of the unit and offers you better value for money.

Reduced Maintenance

Deep-Cycle AGM batteries do not require maintenance or constant watering, as you find with standard flooded battery options.

Volt Options

While Interstate does sell golf cart batteries in 6-volt, 8-volt, and 12-volt options, the AGM deep cycle battery is only offered in 6-volts.

Amp Hours

The AGM deep-cycle batteries are only sold in 6-volt options and provide a 225 A/H load for 20 hours.


Interstate AGM deep-cycle batteries will typically run you about $170 per unit, which is moderately high. While these batteries are not as expensive as products from Trojan. They will set you back more than Duracell golf cart batteries.

Duracell vs Interstate Golf Cart Batteries – Price

Duracell deep-cycle AGM batteries are more affordable per unit than the Interstate products and therefore take this round.

Duracell vs Interstate Golf Cart Batteries – Amp Hours

The 6-volt options of both batteries deliver the same amount of amp hours. On average, you can expect them to provide 225 A/H for 20 hours.

Duracell vs Interstate Golf Cart Batteries – Maintenance

While Duracell’s units require less watering and maintenance than the standard deep-cycle flooded batteries, it is still more than Duracell asks of you. The deep-cycle AGM golf cart batteries from Interstate require no maintenance, which is easier for you, and better for the unit.

As a result of the above, it is the Interstate batteries that win this round.

Duracell vs Interstate Golf Cart Batteries – LifeSpan

If you look after your batteries, check them regularly and prevent any problems before they become irreparable. You can get 5 – 7 years from both batteries. Once again, it is too close to separate the two. So, it is only fair to declare this round a tie.

Final Thoughts

Duracell’s deep-cycle flooded batteries and Interstate’s deep-cycle AGM batteries are evenly matched and offer golfers excellent value for money. Compared to products from Trojan and Crown. While Duracell’s batteries are more affordable, Interstate’s units require no maintenance or watering.

No maintenance or watering reduces the mistakes we as individuals may make in the process. This can lead to a reduced lifespan of our batteries and weakened performance in the short term. Therefore in our review of Duracell vs Interstate Golf Cart batteries, I would recommend the Interstate’s.

If you are looking for a battery that requires no maintenance or watering. You can check out Interstate golf cart batteries here.

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