Crown Vs Trojan Golf Cart Batteries – Comparison Of Performance

If you are talking golf cart battery buffs about their preferred products. The names Crown and Trojan will likely be mentioned. Crown and Trojan are to batteries what Pro V1 and TP5 are to golf balls. They are the creme de la creme of their industry.

In a bid to finally settle which battery is the best for your golf cart, I have decided to conduct a test of Crown vs Trojan golf cart batteries. We will identify which one provides the best value for money, overall performance, and provides the longest life span.

Crown Vs Trojan Golf Cart Batteries Reviews

Crown Golf Cart Batteries


  • No watering required
  • Gassing is not a problem
  • The battery needs limited maintenance
  • Provides a deep discharge
  • Spillproof qualities reduce leakage of battery acid
  • Highly efficient charging capabilities


  • Expensive
  • 6 month warranty period shorter than their competitors

Crown has been pushing out batteries since 1926 and will soon mark their 100th anniversary in business. While they may be an old company, they continue to innovate and produce modern battery products that are durable and safer for you and the environment without impacting the unit’s productivity.

The company has two predominant golf cart battery offerings, deep-cycle EV batteries and the Crown 1 deep-cycle AGM units. The latter was built to require no maintenance and can be discharged up to 80%, which is more than the standard 50% of competitor batteries.

Furthermore, their golf cart batteries are hassle-free when it comes to installation, and they protect against corrosion. Finally, their deep-cycle AGM batteries offer one of the highest value positions in the marketplace. It is for this reason that many pundits recommend that I choose Crown batteries over others.

Let us understand why Crown’s deep-cycle AGM batteries are so popular.

Crown Golf Cart Batteries Features and Benefits

Spillproof and Maintenance Free

The sealed construction of Crown1 batteries eradicates the need for watering and additional maintenance tasks. Plus, the battery is constructed with a standard dual terminal to enable universal fitment in various golf carts.

Advanced Plate Construction

Crown crafted their deep-cycle AGM batteries with broad, weighty plates and included an inset plate lug. Together, this combination enhances the battery’s discharge capabilities and charging performance in comparison to flooded batteries.

Solid Cast Grid

The Solid Cast grids on Crown batteries include extra lead to increase the battery’s weight and durability. Less durable products suffer from vibration damage. Resulting from constant impact when navigating bumpy surfaces out on the course.

Furthermore, the thickness of the wires is uniformed across the grid to capture and sustain active material. This leads to a longer lifespan for the battery.

AGM Separator

The high-strength glass-mat separator in Crown 1 batteries employs the use of composites to soak up the electrolytes and distribute them. Thus, delivering a more efficient charging service, along with enhanced recovery from the deep-cycle discharge.

Robust Cell Design

Crown’s deep-cycle AGM batteries are manufactured with a modern and solid cast-on strap (C.O.S). While the battery cell construction includes efficient current storage structures. They are heavier and are designed to generate more power and deliver amplified internal resistance to motion damage.

Volt Options

Crown 1 batteries are available in three voltages, 2-volt, 6-volt, and 12-volts. While their 12 and 6-volt categories house various sizes and specs, they only offer one battery type in the 2-volt range.

Amp Hours

The amp hours on Crown’s 6-volt batteries range depending on the battery. But they can discharge over 20 hours with between an 11 to 19.5 amp load. The amp loads with their 12-volt batteries provide an amp load at 20 hours of between 1.65 to 12.


Crown batteries are generally more affordable than their Trojan counterparts. However, the prices do vary based on voltage, performance, and battery type.

Trojan Golf Cart Batteries


  • Increased travel time between recharges
  • Excellent durability
  • Delivers more power to your golf cart
  • 2-year warranty
  • Long life span


  • Expensive
  • 12 v model batteries only compatible with a select number of golf carts
  • Battery releases gas, which is not suitable for any indoor use, nor the environment
  • Requires consistent maintenance and checkups, at least every 2 weeks.

Trojan began operations in 1925, a year before Crown opened their first factory. In 1952, they once again beat their competitors to market. On this occasion, they had produced the first deep cycle golf cart battery. They have been the battery of choice for the golf cart fleets of 90% of the top golf courses in the United States ever since.

Let us look at the features of the Trojan golf cart batteries to see what makes them popular with fleet owners,

Trojan Batteries Features and Benefits

Deep Cycle Flooded Battery

Trojan golf cart batteries are deep-cycle flooded units, which is a standard in the industry. These units require constant distilled water maintenance to continue operating. If the water level drops below the desired rate or is excessively filled. It will damage your battery, and you will not enjoy the predicted 7-9 year lifespan of a Trojan.

Alpha Plus Paste

Proprietary Alpha Plus paste from Trojan amplifies the active materials porosity development. This aids the battery in sustaining its performance consistently for long periods.

T2 Technology

Trojan’s T2 technology combines with the Alpha Plus Paste to optimize its electrochemical processing abilities. Together these components amplify the capacity and ampere-hours of the unit. These features help to provide you with more power than the majority of golf cart batteries on the market,

Grid Technology

The grids on Trojan’s golf cart batteries are constructed with a lead-antimony alloy, designed to seamlessly combine with the Alpha Plus Paste and T2 technology for optimal structural cohesion. The grid technology helps to further fasten the frame, shielding the battery from corrosion.

Volt Options

If you are considering Trojan golf cart batteries, then you have three voltages to choose from. These are 6-volt, 8-volt, and 12-volt.

Amp Hours

Trojan’s 6-volt golf cart batteries can run for 20 hours with a 10.5 amp load, up to an impressive 21.75. Conversely, the 8-volt batteries deliver an 8 to a 10.2 amp load for 20 hours.


As is the case with any golf cart battery, the price is dependent on its features, performance, and longevity. However, Trojan batteries are one of the more expensive options on the market. And thereby, fit into the category of a premium product. That said, their lifespan seems to be well worth the extra pennies due to its popularity with golf courses.

Crown vs Trojan Golf Cart Batteries – Price

While both Crown and Trojan batteries are premium products. Crown batteries are slightly more affordable than their Trojan counterparts. As a result, it is the Crown products which take our price round.

Crown vs Trojan – Amp Hours

Once again, the Crown and Trojan are close when it comes to amp-hours. However, some Trojan products deliver a slighter high amp load for 20 hours than the Crown products. Therefore it is the Trojans that take this round by a whisker.

Crown vs Trojan – Maintenance

As we have learned in this post, Crown’s deep-cycle AGM batteries were built to require no maintenance. Which is in stark contrast to Trojan batteries which require consistent maintenance. So, based on these factors, it is the Crown batteries that win this round.

Crown vs Trojan – LifeSpan

Both of these battery manufacturers develop products built to last. If you maintain your Trojan batteries religiously and handle them with care. There is no reason why you won’t enjoy 7-9 years. Similarly, Crown batteries last from 6-8 years.

Given how close they are in terms of lifespan, it is fair to call this round a tie.

Final Thoughts

It was interesting to see how major players in the golf cart battery sector continue to innovate and deliver more efficient and powerful products. Based on what we uncovered in our review of Crown vs Trojan golf cart batteries, it is clear to me that Crown batteries are a better option.

They require less maintenance, are slightly more affordable, and better for the environment than the traditionally designed Trojan batteries.

If you are on the hunt for a new battery for your golf cart and want something that requires no maintenance, then take a look at Crown products here.

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