How To Make A Golf Cart Faster: 10 Ways

Golf carts can move at a decent speed, given their purpose. But since the average speed of a standard cart is only 12 – 14 miles per hour, you may want to know how to increase your golf cart speed.

Here’s how to make a golf cart faster: The most effective way to raise the top speed of your golf cart is to get bigger and better tires. Increasing the size of your tires from the standard 8 inches to 24 inches can add 3 to 5 MPH to your maximum speed.

However, that isn’t the only way. If you like speed, you won’t miss reading the rest of the article to make your golf cart the fastest in the neighborhood.

Here are 10 total ways to make your golf cart faster. You’ll also learn the differences between increasing speed on a gas and an electric cart. Finally, you’ll learn the top speeds of most golf carts.

Let’s get into it!

How To Make A Golf Cart Faster: The 10 Best Ways

1. Increase Tire Size

This is the best and most budget-friendly way for how to increase golf cart speed. It can apply to both gas and electric carts, and the extra inches on the tires will raise several MPHs to your top speed.

Pro Tip: Be mindful that the larger, heavier tires will impact your acceleration, but your maximum speed will be increased.

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2. Adding More Torque

First and foremost, let’s outline what torque is, as it can be commonly confused. Torque is the power that is required to move the motor. This means a golf cart engine can turn faster and offer more speed to the owner.

It is important to note that if the current is increased, so is the torque your motor can create. So, to add more torque, you must increase the motor’s rotations per minute (RPM). You have two options:

  • Use a motor with a higher RPM
  • Increase the voltage of your current vehicle to add to your maximum speed

Though, due to the laws of electricity, when you increase the voltage, the amperage decreases and vice-versa. Just be wary that increasing your voltage for increased top-end speed can mean you lose power elsewhere in the cart.

If you can, upgrade to keep the power and torque across the whole cart so you don’t lose out.

3. Upgrade The Motor

Upgrading the motor is another good way to make a golf cart faster. By opting for a motor with a smaller field coil compared to other motors, the magnetic field is weaker, and, therefore, the armature can spin at a faster RPM. As we mentioned, an increased RPM means a faster maximum speed.

A motor like the Series Wound DC Speed Motor would suit those looking for a higher top-end speed.

The increased speed will mean that the torque and acceleration will be slightly decreased, be mindful of that.

4. Use a Better Battery

Using a better or a higher-powered battery is another method to speed up your golf cart. It is a quick, efficient way of upping your speed. Firstly, work out the current voltage of your cart by checking the print on your batteries, seeing the information on the motor, or looking at the cart manual.

Once you have this information, you can opt for a new battery with a higher voltage to increase the cart’s speed through a raised motor output.

We advise you to get a golf-cart-specific battery to avoid potential complications.

5. Improve the High-Speed Controller

The relay and speed controller can be upgraded as part of a golf cart speed upgrade. You can get the most out of your motor by improving these two parts of your cart – which are based between the motor and the batteries.

It would enable you to avoid any limitations that meant if the speed controller was of a lesser number, you wouldn’t be able to access the higher speed of the motor.

6. Get a Higher Performance Clutch

A better clutch can, quite literally, come in clutch when looking to make a golf cart faster. A higher-performing clutch can work with the motor at a higher RPM. This creates more torque for added power in the cart.

7. Add Cold Air Intake

By installing a cold air intake, the engine will have more air, meaning more fuel can be burned. This enables the cart to have more power than previously to raise speeds. Additionally, cold air intake can fend off engine damage, too – what’s not to love?

8. Alter the Governor

The governor restricts the fuel in the engine by only allowing the throttle to be opened a certain amount. This means the engine can’t rev too high and harm the golf cart.

You can alter the governor to allow more fuel into the engine to speed up a cart. However, be mindful that allowing lots of fuel into the engine can cause it to overheat. Have a look at the manual before going further.

9. Program a New Speed Parameter

This is one for electric golf cart owners. On a model with a shunt system, you can program a new speed parameter to raise the cart’s speed. This is one of the best ways to speed up an electric golf cart.

10. Look After Your Cart

This is perhaps the most obvious way to make an electric golf cart faster, but it is often overlooked.

Stones, dirt, or mud that are caught underneath the cart can add to the weight if it isn’t cleaned and negatively impact speed.

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Differences Between Increasing Speed on a Gas vs an Electric Golf Cart?


When looking at how to make an electric golf cart go faster, there are a few differences between the electric and gas carts that are worth considering.


When making a gas cart faster, you might consider altering the governor, adding a cold air intake, getting better tires, or adding more torque to raise the top-end speed.


For electric carts, this depends on the type of cart and whether it has a shunt or a series system. This can be found in the manual.

A shunt system requires just a new speed parameter to speed up the electric golf cart. That is because the engine is not connected to the field circuit so they can work independently.

However, if you have a series system, the engine all works together. Any replacements such as the motor, the controller, and cables must be made together. That is another way of how to make electric golf cart go faster.

Please note that when making many changes together, leave it to the professionals for your safety.

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Can You Increase The Speed of an Electric Cart?

Yes, you can increase the speed of an electric cart to make the electric golf cart faster. This depends on which system the cart has. For a shunt system, get a new speed parameter. The engine requires many changes for a series system, including the motor.

Better tires and a better battery can stop your electric cart from going slowly uphill!

What Is a Good Speed for a Golf Cart?

A good speed for a golf cart – especially if you want a street legal one for the road – is around 25 MPH. That means it can keep up with other vehicles and get around in good time. If it’s just meant for the golf course, the maximum speed is around 15 mph.

Final Thoughts

To wrap up, understanding how to make a golf cart faster involves various methods.

For both gas and electric carts, increasing tire size is a budget-friendly way to elevate speed.

  • Gas carts can go faster by enhancing torque, altering the governor, and adding cold air intake.
  • Electric carts might require programming new speed parameters or comprehending the differences between shunt and series systems to go faster.

Remember, when trying to raise the speeds of your golf cart, be cautious when tweaking the motor, particularly surrounding the governor and a new battery. If unsure, refer to the cart’s manual or seek professional help as they know what to do.

But we wish you happy, safe (and fast) cart driving!

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