6 Lightest Golf Drivers: Pros, Cons, Reviews

The lightest golf drivers are designed for slow-swing speed golfers to accelerate on the downswing for maximum energy transfer and ball speed. After reading this post, you will know the top 6 lightweight drivers for 2024 and whether they suit your golf swing.

Here’s an overview of the 6 lightest golf drivers for 2024:

  1. Cobra Air X Offset  – Best Overall
  2. Wilson Staff Launch Pad – Most Forgiving
  3. Mizuno ST-X Platinum – Most Accurate
  4. Cleveland Launcher XL Lite – Most Stable
  5. XXIO Prime 12 – Lightest
  6. XXIO 12 – Best For Ladies

Although every golfer could use the speed assistance of light drivers, seniors and high handicappers stand to benefit the most. This review looks at the top options for value, distance, forgiveness, and stability. Finally, I end off by featuring the best lightest ladies’ driver to boost your yardage off the tee.

Top 3 Lightweight Golf Drivers

Best Overall Most Forgiving Most Accurate
Cobra Air X Offset Wilson Staff Launch Pad Mizuno ST-X PLATINUM
  • Minimizes the impact of slices
  • Promotes a high launch
  • Affordable
  • Maximum Forgiveness
  • Encourages straighter ball flight
  • Generates rapid ball speed
  • Generates straighter ball flight
  • Optimizes energy transfer
  • Lowers spin
  • The offset design is not the prettiest
  • No adjustable hosel
  • No adjustable hosel
  • Limited alternative stock shafts
  • Premium price tag
  • The draw bias minimized my ability to induce a fade
Price Score 87.8 83.4 89.7
Forgiveness 92.4 94.6 92.4
Distance 89.6 90.1 93.5
Accuracy 93.1 89.3 88.1
Rating 4.4 Stars 4.5 Stars 4.5 Stars

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To select these lightweight drivers, we considered these criteria:

  1. Cost
  2. Launch
  3. Speed
  4. Spin
  5. Feel
  6. Distance
  7. Accuracy

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The 6 Lightest Golf Drivers For 2024

1. Cobra Air X Offset  – Overall Best Lightest Golf Driver

  • Minimizes the impact of slices
  • Promotes a high launch
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight design
  • Maintains ball speed on off-center strikes
  • The offset design is not the prettiest
  • No adjustable hosel
  • Clubhead: 182g
  • Stock Shaft: 48g
  • Stock Grip: 47g
  • Total: 277g
  • Swing Weight: D1.5

Although not the overall lightest by weight, the Cobra Air X Offset was the most impressive during testing. I liked the affordability, forgiveness, lightweight structure, and consistent swing speed. The offset also proved handy, reducing the effects of slices for improved accuracy off the tee.

The 277-gram driver proved too light for my swing because I did not enjoy the control into impact, as I do with a heavier driver like the Srixon ZX5 MKII. However, it perfectly matches slower swing speeds requiring acceleration on the downswing for an enhanced energy transfer.

I welcomed the Back Heel Weighting, which minimized the damage on off-center strikes. The added mass increased stability at contact, preserving ball speed and restricting spin. This led to a higher launch and substantial carry distance.

The final feature to impress was the consistency of the clubface. Its flexible design boosted spring into impact for improved contact, expanding the active zone to maintain velocity across a wider surface.

Rating: 4.4

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2. Wilson Staff Launch Pad – Most Forgiving Lightest Driver 2024


  • Maximum Forgiveness
  • Encourages straighter ball flight
  • Generates rapid ball speed
  • Moderately affordable
  • Produces faster clubhead speed
  • No adjustable hosel
  • Limited alternative stock shafts
  • Clubhead:162.5g
  • Stock Shaft: 55g
  • Stock Grip: 54.5g
  • Total: 272g
  • Swing Weight: D0

Most light golf drivers provide an element of forgiveness, but the Wilson Staff Launch Pad delivered the highest level. It resisted slices, expanded the sweet spot, and accelerated the ball off the clubface for optimal flight and carry distance. Although it is more expensive than the Cobra Air X Offset, I still find the price attractive.

The draw bias was a valuable asset on strikes where I produced excessive wrist extension and pushed the clubface open. Its offset structure simplified squaring the face to resist slices, promoting straighter shots.

The forgiveness kept rolling as my clubface made contact with the ball, encouraging rapid pace across the surface. Using the power of technology, the engineers manipulated the face to amplify ball speed across an expansive area of the clubface. The result was a consistent launch and yardage from the tee.

I appreciated the high-launching nature of the Staff Launch Pad, which slower-swinging beginners and seniors will welcome.

Swing Weight:Rating: 4.3

3. Mizuno ST-X Platinum – Most Accurate Lightweight Driver

lightest driver
  • Generates straighter ball flight
  • Optimizes energy transfer
  • Lowers spin
  • Accelerates ball speed
  • Encourages a high launch
  • Premium price tag
  • The draw bias minimized my ability to induce a fade
  • Clubhead: N/A
  • Stock Shaft:45g
  • Stock Grip:44g
  • Total: N/A
  • Swing Weight: D1

I found the Mizuno ST-X Platinum delivered the best accuracy off the tee, thanks to its slice-fighting, draw-bias profile. The lightweight construction proved easy to unload from the top of my swing to accelerate downwards and maximize power into impact.

Mizuno engineers added weight near the shaft axis, creating greater offset and a draw bias to resist slices. The offset design enabled me to square my clubface at contact to generate straighter golf shots. The center of gravity (CG) is pushed lower to produce a higher strike by redistributing mass to the shaft axis.

I relished the performance of the CORTECH Chamber, which amplified my coefficient of restitution for a consistently powerful strike. The Elastomeric TPU material boosted energy transfer from clubface to ball, increasing velocity and lowering spin revolutions.

Besides distance and accuracy, the Mizuno ST-X Platinum delivered deafening acoustics and a pure feel on every strike. Unlike its competitor light drivers, the ST-X Platinum features an adjustable hosel to alter loft and lie angles.

Rating: 4.2

4. Cleveland Launcher XL Lite – Most Stable Light Drivers Golf Clubhead

  • Stable at contact
  • Prevents ball speed loss
  • Super forgiving
  • Encourages higher ball flight
  • Moderately affordable
  • No alternative stock shaft brands
  • The enlarged head is not pretty
  • Clubhead: N/A
  • Stock Shaft: 48g
  • Stock Grip: 52g
  • Total: N/A
  • Swing Weight: D1

Cleveland did not reveal the clubhead weight of the XL Lite, making it challenging to determine the total weight. However, it felt super light in my hands, and it was easy to release on the downswing as I accelerated into impact. I appreciated the outstanding stability, forgiveness, and affordability of these drivers.

I thought the extra large clubhead with increased moment of inertia (MOI) was a dream to stabilize at contact. It helped me square the clubface, preserve ball speed and restrict spin for a consistent launch. Furthermore, the optimized clubhead mass pushed the CG low and deep to encourage higher flying shots.

I feel slow swing speed beginners will appreciate the lighter design and the lenient gigantic clubhead. The engineers saved 12g by leaving out the adjustable hosel, but they added 0.25” to the shaft for faster clubhead speed.

Unfortunately, the added length and light swing weight proved challenging for my moderate swing speed control at impact. The factor that hampered my swing is a golden ticket to more power, speed, and distance for slow swingers.

Rating: 4.1

5. XXIO Prime 12 – Overall Lightest Driver 2024

best lightest drivers
  • Lightest golf driver in 2024
  • Draw bias fights slices
  • High launching
  • Minimizes spin
  • Impressive ball speed
  • Exorbitant price tag
  • No alternative stock shaft options
  • Clubhead: 186g
  • Stock Shaft: 35g
  • Stock Grip: 26.5g
  • Total: 247.5g
  • Swing Weight: D1

XXIO Prime 12 drivers take the crown of the lightest drivers 2024, tipping the scales at 247.5g. XXIO suggested that the total weight is 254g, but I got 247.5g with the Prime SP-1200 shaft and feathery Prime Weight Plus grip.

I thought the clubface was hot, enhancing rebound at impact for greater energy transfer, ball speed, and low spin. I attributed the performance to the Rebound Frame and Titanium Flat Face combination, which increased flex, energy transfer, and velocity into contact.

The ActivWing is another tremendously valuable feature for slow-swing speed golfers because it enhances slipstream for acceleration into impact. I felt the light driver was easy to unload at the top of the swing, maximizing energy transfer and ball speed while minimizing spin.

It continued to exhibit its forgiving tendencies in the air, as the draw bias design reduced the severity of slices to improve accuracy. I feel high handicappers will benefit the most from this feature and increase your chances of finding the fairway.

My biggest complaint is the ludacris price tag you have to pay for the Prime 12, which is over 4 times higher than the Cobra Air X Offset. From a practical perspective, the more affordable Cobra makes sense. But, I must acknowledge the extensive game improvement technology packed into the XXIO Prime 12.

Rating: 3.8

6. XXIO 12 – Lightest For Ladies

  • Incredibly forgiving
  • Fast clubface
  • Promotes a consistent launch
  • Aerodynamic clubhead
  • Stylish clubhead
  • Expensive
  • Higher swing speeds may find it difficult to control into impact
  • Clubhead: 195g
  • Stock Shaft: 34g
  • Stock Grip: 27g
  • Total: 251g
  • Swing Weight: C1

XXIO, the game improvement masters, make their second appearance on the top lightest golf drivers with the best ladies’ construction. The XXIO 12 Ladies impressed us with its aerodynamic clubhead, explosive clubface, and accurate results.

My driver swing speed is slightly faster than the average lady, making this club far too flexible for me. However, I value its construction because it is light, easy to swing, and fast on the downswing. The Rebound Frame and Flat Cup Face were my stand-out features owing to their forgiveness and constant speed generation.

The ActivWing also stood out for its dual performance. It elevated the clubhead’s aerodynamics on the downswing for enhanced velocity and stabilized the clubface at contact. The balance of the driver head effectively minimized ball speed loss to contain spin for a powerful launch.

I liked the work of the 6-Segment Bulge And Roll, which is XXIO’s answer to the Corrective Face Curvature design on TaylorMade woods like the SIM 2 Max. No matter where you strike it on the face, you enjoy consistent speed and spin to produce a desirable launch, showcasing the incredible forgiveness of this driver.

Rating: 3.7

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What Is The Lightest Golf Driver Shaft?

The lightest golf driver shaft for men is the 35g SP-1200 Graphite Shaft from XXIO. The MP-1200L is the lightest ladies' shaft weighing 34g.

What Weight Driver Do Pros Use?

Pros typically use drivers that weigh in over 300g. In the case of world number 1 Scottie Scheffler, his driver weighs slightly under 330g. A heavier driver is easier to control than a lighter, flexible design.

Should Older Golfers Use Lighter Clubs?

Older golfers should use lighter golf clubs because they are easier to release from the top for optimal acceleration into impact. I noticed how lighter golf clubs revolutionized the performance of my late father in his senior years.
It is also helping my current playing partner, who recently switched to lightweight clubs at 55. He now generates more consistent distance and accuracy.


My top lightest golf drivers revealed that these feather clubs are easier for slow swing speeds to handle. The lightweight construction offered a hassle-free solution to unloading at the top of the swing and accelerating into impact for better contact.

Seniors and slow swing speed high handicappers should leverage the assistance of the lightest drivers for more consistency. I noticed that I lost control of the clubface at impact because the flexible shaft and high torque produced excess spring into the ball. However, that is more the issue of my moderate swing speed.

All the lightest drivers listed above were incredibly forgiving, high launching, and consistent. However, when I weighed up performance with value for money, the Cobra Air X Offset was the clear winner. It was long, forgiving, and affordable.

Matt has played golf since he was 4 years old and has written over 150 articles at GolfSpan since 2021. Matt specializes in product reviews using his postgraduate degree in Sports Marketing from Johan Cruyff Institute. Matt has a handicap index of 10.8 and currently plays weekly at Pilar Golf Course near his home in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He also loves his Callaway Odyssey Exo Rossie putter and likes a pepper steak pie with curry gravy at the turn. You can connect with him on LinkedIn

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