The Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Review – How We Rate This Popular Putter

Putting is a skill that plays an extremely significant role in the game of golf. You may be able to hit your driver 300 yards or more but to get the ball in the hole you need a reliable putter. We take a look at a popular option in our Scotty Cameron Newport 2 review.

The Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Review


The name Scotty Cameron is synonymous with high-quality putters that have been used by professional golfers for the last 25 years. Scotty Cameron has been in the putter industry for more than 25 years at Titleist and has built putters for professional golfers for the last 20 years.

Over the last couple of releases, the Scotty Cameron putters moved away from its tried and tested formula of milled putters and started adding inserts in the face of the putter. The inserts have been a trend in the industry to reduce the impact between putter and golf ball for enhanced feel and sound.

The release of the latest Scotty Cameron Newport 2 putter in 2021 returns to the tried and tested formula of producing milled putters. The changes to the 2020 range of Scotty Cameron putters have all been inspired by golfers on the professional tours.

Player Handicap

The Scotty Cameron Newport 2 is not specifically aimed at golfers at a certain level. High handicap golfers and golfers that struggle with their putting will not get the optimal benefit from the putter.  The more advanced gofer and golfers that consistently find the center of the putter will get the greatest benefit from this putter.

Type / Models

Although there are eight models in the 2020 Special Select range, the Newport 2 comes in the form of a blade putter.


The Select Newport 2 putter comes with a steel shaft with an offset and is available in 33 inches, 34 inches, and 35 inches.


The new Scotty Cameron Newport 2 comes with a redesigned soft Tri-sole thus moving away from the four-way balanced sole that was on the 2018 model. The innovative design aims to promote the putter head to sit square to the target line at address.


The Newport 2 putter features a new take on the plumber’s neck by making it slightly shorter to improve toe flow, along with a new socket radius at the point where the hosel neck meets the top line. This improves the visibility of the ball and the leading edge at address.


For optimized weight distribution, the weight is distributed between the putter head and the grip. There is a new Tungsten balanced weight to ensure that every putter is perfectly balanced based on putter length. This furthermore results in a higher MOI attributable to the concentration of mass on the heel and toe.


The latest Newport 2 is based on a conventional Anser 2-style putter with square shoulders and bumpers with a plumber’s neck.  The top line is thinner and flatter than recent Cameron releases with sharper lines along with the bumpers.

There are 3 dots in the cavity and the painting is unique with a red ring instead of a complete paint fill.

The words “Cameron” and “Titleist” are engraved on either side of the neck. The name Scotty Cameron is placed strategically on the putter face.


The face is now milled from 303 stainless steel inlay and a 303 stainless steel body without any insert producing a softer sound and feel.


The face construction dampens the impact by approximately 30% on this Select Newport 2 putter. The weights on the bottom of the head help to enhance the feel and distance control.


The new Special Select Newport 2 is built around “Performance Balanced Weighting” referring to the interchangeable weights that have been used for many years. The weights in the Newport 2 makes use of Tungsten.

The Newport 2 performs well but is quite dependent on the type of ball used. Some premium balls feel softer off the face than others. Ultimately you would go a long way to find any putter that can compare to the performance of the new model.


Scotty Cameron’s are not built for forgiveness but for golfers who consistently hit the sweet spot of the putter. However, Scotty Cameron claims that the weight distribution increases the sweet spot to offset any slight mishit.


Scotty Cameron putters have never been cheap, and the Newport 2 is not going to change that any time soon. Top-end putters will continue to come at a premium price to ensure that their manufacturers produce quality putters.

The Newport 2 is priced around $400.

Newport 2 Alternatives

Finding a true competitor to the Scotty Cameron Newport 2 is extremely difficult. There is a particularly good reason many professional golfers have used and stayed with putters from the Scotty Cameron stable for many years.

Some putters come near the performance levels expected but still have not achieved the exact level of performance.

1. Odyssey Stroke Lab putters


Odyssey has been a competitor to Scotty Cameron putters for a long time and their putters are highly rated by professional golfers.

Although the feel and design are remarkably similar to the Scotty Cameron Newport 2 the shaft design differentiates the two putters.

Scotty Cameron Newport 2 putters come with a traditional steel shaft while Odyssey makes use of a shaft that is manufactured from 50% steel and 50% graphite producing a saving of 40 grams compared to a standard shaft-grip setup.

The weight saving in the shaft allows Odyssey to move more weight to the putter head and the grip. The extra weight in the putter head and the grip pushes the balance point closer to the hands for a more consistent and forgiving stroke.

Even though the Odyssey Stroke Lab putter is considered a high-end putter you can expect to pay approximately $300 which is considerably less than Scotty Cameron Newport 2.

2. TaylorMade Truss


The Truss putters from TaylorMade are aimed at players who want the steadiness and forgiveness of a mallet and the looks of a traditional blade putter at address.

The Truss is a triangle-shaped hosel with two connection points on the putter head resulting in the hosel covering nearly half of the topline. This creates less twisting in the putter head at contact and more consistency of the stroke and provides more forgiveness when your strike is slightly off-center.

Similarly, to the Scotty Cameron Newport 2, there are 2 adjustable sole weights in the heel and the toe. You will find the trusted KBS CT Tour putter shaft that provides stability and less deflection at impact. Unlike Scotty Cameron Newport 2, TaylorMade has a Pure Roll insert which has been part of their putters since the Spider range.

Pricewise the TaylorMade Truss putters are substantially less expensive than the Scotty Cameron Newport 2 selling for approximately $300.

3. Cleveland Frontline 4.0 putter


The Cleveland Frontline 4.0 Putter is a new release from Cleveland, it is a popular option for an excellent value.

This Frontline makes use of Speed Optimized Face Technology (SOFT) aimed at normalizing ball speed across the face of the putter for more consistent performance on mishits.

To assist in better alignment even if your eyes are not in the correct position at address, Cleveland incorporated their 2135 technology used on the Elevado, Cero, and Iso models.

Shafts are available in the 33-inch, 34 inch, and 35inch lengths and feature an offset.

A big differentiating factor on the Cleveland Frontline putter is the focus on moving the center of gravity forward to the front of the head rather than the most frequently used method of pushing it back.

This is achieved through the Cleveland developed new Metal Injected Molded (MIM) Tungsten Forward Weighting technology and results in more forgiving and consistent putts.

The cost of the Cleveland Frontline putters gives it quite an advantage over other top-end putters as they sell for approximately $180.

Final Thoughts

Putting is a skill that is all about feel and confidence and selecting your putter is a personal decision. If your putter does not provide the feel and inspire confidence you will struggle to hole many crucial putts.

Driving the ball over three hundred yards counts the same as a 1-inch putt but many golfers take much more time in selecting their driver than their putter. The same goes for practicing their putting.

By moving back to the milled putter Scotty Cameron made many of his supporters extremely happy. It is not that the insert was atrocious, but they became accustomed to and love the milled putter. Returning to the “one-piece” milling enhances the feel and feedback while retaining the good looks.

The redesigned head shapes offer a sleeker look, heavier heel-toe tungsten weights, and enlarged sweet spot for more stability.

Golfers have known Scotty Cameron putters to be at the top-end of the market and through the return to milling the putter, the features that made the putter so popular have returned.

Even though it is priced at the top-end of the market there will be many golfers who will purchase Scotty Cameron Newport 2 and have much success with it.

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