Cart Bag Vs Stand Bag: Which One Is Best For You?

What is your preferred method for navigating the course? Are you a walker? Or do you drive yourself around? The answer to this question gives you a good idea of the type of golf bag you should be using.

We will touch on the different types of options in a minute, but our focus for this article is to review a cart bag vs a stand bag. We will look at the pros and cons of both, helping you decide which one best suits your needs.

Introduction To Golf Bags

While our focus for this article is on cart bags vs stand bags, it is worth knowing about the other options available to you. Golfweek’s Kate Evelyn suggests that there are three main types of golf bags. They are, carry, staff and cart bags.

Carry bags tend to feature a stand giving rise to their nickname. These are bags that are light and built for the player who carries their bag around the links.

Cart bags fit on your golf, while staff bags are used by professionals who need various items on the golf course.

Cart Bag

As the name suggests, a cart bag is mounted onto and hauled by a personal vehicle. These bags contain more space than a stand bag, but not as much as a staff design.

Furthermore, Evelyn mentions that cart bags are a midweight design. Although they sport a strap for carrying, I advise against lugging it around the course on your shoulders.

Golf bags feature increased storage compared to a carry or stand design. That enables you to store your wallet, phone, rainwear, balls, tees, and more, with ease.

The biggest downside of these bags is that you require a cart to carry them. If you already own a golf cart, then your problem is solved.

However, if you don’t own one, you will need to rent one from the golf club every time you pay, which quickly ramps up the overall cost of the product.

Our Favorite Golf Cart Bag

TaylorMade Cart Lite Bag


  • Lighter than the average cart bag
  • Tailored to fit on the base of your cart
  • Storage space
  • A cart strap enhances the ease of fastening your bag to the vehicle
  • Five color choices


  • It is not suited to carrying on your shoulders for
  • The polyester material is not as durable as material on staff bags
  • A cart is necessary to carry the bag

The 5.5 pound TaylorMade Cart Lite bag is constructed to fit seamlessly onto the base of your cart. Plus, it offers ample storage space for your personal belongings, rainwear, golf balls, and tees.

Furthermore, the cart features fourteen divided sections to keep every club and organized.

Stand Bag

A stand bag is a standard option for the everyday golfer who walks and carries their clubs. Stand bags are lighter than cart and staff designs. And they tend to feature an ergonomic construction for optimal comfort on your shoulders.

Kate Evelyn mentions that stand bags offer sufficient space to carry your clubs, balls, tees, and in some cases, personal belongings and garments.

They sport the least storage space out of the three predominant golf bag categories. The reason for this is that the manufacturers need to reduce weight and increase comfort.

Modern stand bags also include a double strap feature to distribute the weight of your clubs to both shoulders for increased comfort. Furthermore, stand bags are typically more affordable than spacious staff and cart bags.

Our Favorite Golf Stand Bag

Titleist Players 4 Stand Bag


  • 4-way top divider for improved organization
  • Comfortable double strap
  • Separate tee pocket
  • External drinks pocket
  • Lightweight


  • The stitching quality is poor
  • Lifespan is typically shorter than competitor products

Titleist’s 2021 Players 4 features a lightweight design, a premium strap, and durable aluminum legs. The 4-way top cuff with full-length dividers helps you keep your clubs separated. Furthermore, the bag includes an external water bottle pocket for easy access while walking.

Final Thoughts

Our review of a cart bag vs a stand bag highlights everything you need to know about the two designs. Evidently, stand bags are more practical and benefit a range of players at an affordable price.

Cart bags can fetch a higher price on average than a stand bag and require a cart. It is not financially viable or practical to own a cart bag if you do not have or rent a vehicle when you play.

Overall, stand bags make more sense, are affordable, and can be used by anyone. That is why we found that it is a better option than a cart bag.

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