Cold Weather Golf Gear and Clothing – What You Need This Winter

As long as you are willing to brave the elements, cold weather golf can be just as much fun as it is during the warmer weather. There is no need to store your clubs away for the winter months, just practicing your putting at home, and visiting the driving range. You want to be out

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How To Practice Golf At Home – 6 Steps To Practicing At Home

“The more I practice, the luckier I get” – Gary Player How much time do you spend practicing your golf game? The amount of time we spend honing our skills off the course is equally, if not more important than the time we spend playing. During a round is not the time to be making


The Best Golf Tees On The Market For Your Game Style

Striking a ball that is resting on the turf has its challenges and leaves barely any room for error. Having the ball set higher on golf tees makes life a lot easier, especially with your driver. It almost permits you to cheat a little, legitimately, of course. Using the best golf tee will give you

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The Best Golf Books To Improve Your Game and Learn From The Pros

Every golf enthusiast would want to add some good books on the subject to his or her library, but they are spoilt for choice. To make it a bit easier, here are six selections from the best golf books to date. Not all are current, in fact, many are rather old. They all, however, remain


The 5 Best Golf Launch Monitors on The Market

Spending time hitting balls on the driving range will provide you with a rough estimate of the distance that you can achieve but your eyes cannot guarantee you accuracy especially when you are looking at distances over 100 yards. The range of distances that you can achieve with a club and the gap between clubs

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The 7 Best Golf Shirts To Wear In 2022

What you wear on the golf course needs as much consideration as the clubs or golf balls you use. Your clothing can impact your game if it restricts freedom of movement. To help you avoid that, I am unveiling Golf Span’s picks for the best golf shirts to wear in 2022. Our team searched for


The Best Golf Balls for Women – finding the best ball for your needs

Women golfers will find themselves being marketed to by almost every golf ball manufacturer with a “lady” model of their most popular golf balls. Sometimes there is only one ladies’ model, so the majority of women will just choose this. Sometimes the only difference between a ladies model golf ball and a mans is the

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How to Buy Women’s Golf Clubs -From A Female Golfers Perspective

Choosing the correct set of golf clubs can be a difficult task. There are so many brands and choices on the market that the search can quickly become overwhelming. When companies use terms like Speed Pocket, 360 Cup Face, Urethane Microspheres, even the most eager shopper can shut down and give up. I will give


How To Get Into Golf As a Lady (From a Women’s Perspective)

Have You Been Thinking About Getting Into Golf? There are lots of reasons that women decide to take up Golf. Fortunately, I started as a kid, and I’ve never known a life without the game. This is a gift I highly recommend parents giving their children, but not all women are so fortunate. Golf can


Where Is The Best Place To Buy Used Golf Clubs: Locally Or Online?

Besides the mechanics of your swing, your clubs impact your game significantly. Golf equipment can be expensive, though, so many people wonder where is the best place to buy used golf clubs? ContentsTo Buy New or Used?Buying Used Golf Clubs: Pros And ConsThe 8 Best Places To Buy Used Golf Clubs 1. Local Pro Shop2. Second-Hand


The 10 Best Golf Wedges For 2022 [Review and Ratings]

Optimizing your short game should be the highest priority for mid to high handicappers looking to lower their scores. Besides consistent practice, you must possess the necessary tools. In this post, we provide insight into the best golf wedges on the market. The aim is to help you identify the ideal wedges for your game


The Best Golf Pants For Golfers of All Ages, Styles and Tastes

The game of golf requires a fair amount of equipment.  This is not restricted to clubs, balls and related products but also important is the clothing you wear. You want to look good and feel comfortable at the same time. Finding the best golf pants is essential for your game. ContentsWhat to Look For In


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