Why Do Golf Balls Have Dimples? Your Golfing Questions Answered

Potentially the most distinguishing factor about the golf ball is its dimples. Some brands have different patterns or designs, but all modern-day golf balls have dimples. Is this part of the rules? Can a golf ball be played without dimples? Please stick with us for a few minutes and learn everything you need to know

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The 5 Best Indoor Putting Greens & Mats for 2022

To stay on top of your golf game and especially putting, you must practice regularly. When the weather or working conditions do not allow for time to get to the golf course or driving range, it is important to have one of the best indoor putting greens and putting mats to fine-tune your putting stroke.


What Is A Scratch Golfer? Golfing Terms Explained for Everyone

There are great golfers and then there are ‘scratch golfers’ The difference between the two is a lot further apart than you might have imagined. To be able to call yourself a scratch golfer is one of the greatest, yet hardest goals to achieve in the golfing world, and one that not many will ever


What Is A Birdie In Golf? Golfing Terms Explained for Everyone

You may be new to the game of golf and have no knowledge of the scoring system, or you could be a more seasoned golfer who has always wondered why their golf score can often sound more like something from the beginner’s guide to bird watching. In this article, we dig deeper into the history

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What’s The Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Golf Clubs?

As a female golfer, when the time comes to replace golf clubs, you naturally gravitate towards the women’s options. There are, however, a few more things to consider when choosing golf clubs, and the category “women” does not cover them all. In this guide, I will explain the difference between men’s and women’s golf clubs

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The 7 Best Indoor Golf Nets For All Weather Practice

Winter can prohibit many golfers from getting in the practice we need to keep their skills sharp. To solve this dilemma, manufacturers have become very innovative in offering golfers a range of fantastic tools that can be used indoors, such as indoor golf nets. These nets can be used both for fun and practice. ContentsIndoor


Golf Ball Size Guide (Weight, Diameter, Radius) – All You Need to Know

Almost all major golf brands manufacture and sell their own unique golf ball. With all the options out there, some natural questions come up. Are all golf balls the same size? Were golf balls always made the same size, or has it changed throughout history? When you finish reading this, you will know everything about


How Long Does A Round Of Golf Take? Know Your Game

Golf is not a timed sport like many others, and so you may be wondering exactly how long a round of golf should be taking you, and what is an acceptable pace of play? Whether you are a complete amateur, or a club regular there are a lot of factors that can affect the length


Which US President Played the Most Golf? You Might Be Surprised

The most popular sport among US Presidents is Golf. Almost all Presidents in the last 75 years have been known to hit the links at some point or another. Some are better than others, some play too much Golf (according to the American people), and some avoid the game as much as possible. We will


The Top 10 Golf Movies of All Time – For When Your Not On The Course Yourself

The rain is coming down in sheets and the wind is at gale force and there’s no chance of getting on the golf course today. Why not cozy down and watch a golf movie instead? Here are our suggestions for the best golf movies: Contents1. Caddyshack (1980)2. Tin Cup (1996)3. The Legend of Bagger Vance


Which Hand Do You Wear A Golf Glove On? Are You Wearing It Right?

Do you wear a golf glove and not sure if you’ve got it on the right hand, or should you even be wearing one in the first place? For most amateur and professional golfers a glove is an integral part of the game, and most wouldn’t be without one. After all, it is your only


What is Golfer’s Elbow? The Causes, Symptoms & Remedial Exercises

If you feel like you have or are suffering the symptoms of Golfers elbow, then this article should help to highlight some of the main causes and how you can treat this common issue. So what is golfers’ elbow? When the tendons that connect the wrist to the elbow, become damaged or tear, inflammation sets


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