Titleist AVX Review: Pros, Cons, and Alternatives

Titleist has had the best-selling balls on the professional tours for many years with the Pro V1 and the Pro V1x. But they identified a gap for a low-spinning golf ball providing a low trajectory and extraordinary feel on and around the greens.

Enter the Titleist AVX 3-piece golf ball.

In this piece, you’ll learn the pros and cons of the upgraded Titleist AVX golf ball. You’ll also learn who it’s best for, alternatives that could work instead, and a brief history of the AVX.

So without further ado, let’s dive into our Titleist AVX review!

Titleist AVX Golf Ball Review


  • Distance and Consistency: The Titleist AVX Golf Balls deliver outstanding distance and consistency due to their innovative core design and robust cover material.
  • Versatility: The Titleist AVX caters to a wide array of swing speeds and golfing styles, making them a versatile choice for a broad range of golfers.
  • Wind Resistance: Thanks to their new dimple sizes, the Titleist AVX Golf Balls provide excellent resistance to wind, facilitating more controlled and accurate shots.
  • Exceptional Feel: These golf balls afford a pleasingly soft yet solid feel on impact, much favored by golfers.


  • Price: The Titleist AVX Golf Balls are a premium ball and thus on the higher end of the pricing scale compared to some competitors.
  • Visibility: While many golfers appreciate the sleek, classic white design of the Titleist AVX, others may desire more colorful options for better visibility on the course.

Titleist AVX Rankings

Category Score
Distance 90
Feel 88
Durability 85
Control 87
Overall 88

Titleist AVX Specs

Specification Value
Layers 3
Compression Low (approximately 80)
Weight Standard (1.62 ounces / 45.93 grams)
Cover Material Urethane
Dimple Pattern Unique Spherically-Tiled 348 Catenary
Core Material Large core formulation
Construction Multilayer
Price Range Premium
Ideal For Low-handicap to mid-handicap golfers with faster swing speeds who prioritize distance and soft feel

Titleist AVX Review 2024 Verdict

Titleist AVX golf balls are optimal for golfers eager to enhance their performance by investing in premium quality golf balls.

The first time I tested the AVX, it was actually one of those times where you have to run into the pro shop and buy new balls after nine holes (the course had lots of water hazards). The course I was playing was long but windy, so I wanted a ball with low launch trajectory and spin.

On the back nine, I pushed them through a thorough examination. The balls delivered exceptional distance in beautiful but slightly windy conditions, especially with my iron shots.

The cost of these golf balls is high, presenting a great option for those looking to bomb it off the tee and sacrifice a bit of spin on approach. They perform impressively, contending with renowned brands like the Titleist Pro V1 or Callaway Chrome Soft in their own way. The spin control is still more than good enough to give you the bite you need approaching greens.

In a nutshell, Titleist AVX golf balls provide a remarkable blend of distance and flight speed.

Who Are Titleist AVXs For?

titliest avx review

The premium AVX golf ball targets golfers who want lower spin on their drivers and long irons while not losing any of their touch around the greens. Titleist golf balls are the choice of several Pros on the PGA Tour.

Golfers that use the AVX are less concerned about the workability of the golf ball as the reduced spin will make it slightly more difficult to shape the ball at will.

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Titleist AVX 2022 Golf Balls: Features

Large Core Formulation

A large core formulation is at the heart of the AVX golf balls from Titleist. This technology involves the design of a substantial core within the ball, aiming to maximize distance and speed while ensuring a soft feel.

The larger core transfers more energy from the clubface to the ball, resulting in greater ball speed and increased distance.

High Flex Casing Laye

The High Flex Casing Layer is another standout feature of the AVX. This unique layer is engineered to provide excellent speed and spin control, particularly for long-game shots.

It enhances the ball’s overall performance by promoting optimal energy transfer and reducing spin for straighter and longer flights.

Soft Thin Cast Urethane Elastomer Cover System

Titleist AVX golf balls are encased in a new, soft, thin cast urethane elastomer cover system. This softer cover system offers a softer feel and enhanced greenside spin control, which is an advantage when trying to stick shots closer to the pin.

Its high durability ensures it withstands the rigors of the game without compromising on performance.

Unique Spherically-Tiled 348 Catenary Dimple Design

titleist avx review

Finally, the AVX features a unique spherically-tiled 348 catenary dimple design. This unique aerodynamic design aims to improve consistency and control in flight, thus promoting accurate shots.

The catenary dimples reduce air resistance during flight, allowing the ball to maintain speed for longer, improving distance. These dimples also provide stability in the wind, helping the ball stay on its intended path regardless of wind conditions.


AVX is one of the softest tour balls without losing the playability of higher compression Tour balls.

The Titleist AVX 2022 golf ball has a low-compression core with a second layer around the core. This is covered with a thin, soft, and durable cast thermoset urethane cover. It has 3 pieces total, which helps give it plenty of speed.

There are 352 tetrahedral, spherically-tiled dimples on the surface of the AVX golf ball. The differences in the edges of the dimples on the AVX create a much sharper profile, which is visibly different from the PRO V’s. This patented technology refines the efficiency and optimizes the ball’s flight.


Titleist has included much of their patented core, cover, and aerodynamic technology in the AVX golf ball.


The differences between the 2020 golf ball and the 2022 upgrade are not so dramatic that the AVX golf ball will lose its identity.

The core is slightly larger, the second layer, and the outer cover is slightly thinner to compensate for the increase in the core.

While the increased core increases the ball speed, there is no difference in the compression rate of 80 between the 2020 and 2022 versions.

Distance has increased by between 2-3 yards when tested on the Titleist robot for comparison.

The thinner outer layer generates more spin around the greens, but there is no increase in the spin rate off your irons or woods.


titleist avx review

The compression rate of the AVX is slightly lower than the other premium balls in the Titleist range at a rate of 80.


The Titleist AVX golf ball is available in the same white as the PRO V1 and the PRO V1x and for the more flamboyant golfers, it is now available in high-optic yellow. There is no deterioration in performance in the high-optic yellow ball.

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Performance Comparison: Distance, Control, and Feel

titliest avx review

Long Game

Golfers want as much distance as possible off the tee. The increase in the core size combined with the new dimple design aims to create a low, penetrating ball flight, resulting in an additional 2 – 3 yards with the 2020 Titleist AVX.

The variation in the ball speed between the 2020 model and the 2022 model is not so significant that an average golfer will notice it but has been proven during robot testing to create a few yards extra.

The lower ball flight and less spin will improve the distance you achieve and probably generate more rollout on hard fairways and greens. Check if the AVXs make our list of the best golf balls for slicers.

Short Game

Combining the larger core and the thinner outer cover in the 2022 model generates increased performance and more control on scoring shots. Although the numbers are remarkably similar between the 2020 version of the AVX and the 2022 AVX, it feels like you get more spin out of the 2022 model.

Pitches and shots off your mid to short irons feel soft and spin at the level you expect of a premier golf ball. The lower ball trajectory will create a lower entry angle and is less likely to stop as quickly as shots with a higher ball trajectory.

However, the cast thermoset urethane cover generates sufficient spin that will aid in stopping the ball quicker than Ionomer covers.


The performance of the AVX is comparable to the most premium golf balls around the greens with the cast urethane cover that produces a soft feel off the wedges. Distance control around the green is not a problem; it feels soft off the clubface, and you can create sufficient spin.


The 2022 AVX is on the soft end of the Tour ball spectrum and is the softest of the 3 premium golf balls in the Titleist range. It provides good feel off the putter head on the green. The extra soft feel may result in the AVX not rolling out as much as the PRO V1 on medium to longer putts.

There is no noticeable difference on the green between the 2020 version and the 2022 version of the AVX golf balls.


The AVX is not aimed at being the highest spinning ball off your woods and long irons. As a lower-spinning golf ball, golfers can expect 200-500 less RPM off the driver. This will be more beneficial when playing in windy conditions due to the lower launch.

Decreased side spin will reduce the slice or hook, leading to more fairways and greens hit. This will lead to more ball speed, increased distance through the air, and more rollout on the fairways.


The Titleist AVX price is what you would expect from a premium tour ball. All three premium golf balls from Titleist are 3-piece balls and use the same construction method. The AVX is priced the same as the other premium golf balls in the Titleist range and is one of the most expensive golf balls on the market.

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Which Titleist Golf Ball Is Best For You?

The Titleist premium range of golf balls consists of 3 balls, the PRO V1, PRO V1x, and the AVX.

The Pro V1x golf ball gives golfers a high launch angle and spin. The Pro V1 is mid-launch with mid-spin, and the AVX is a low-spinning golf ball with low launch and trajectory.

Find out if the AVX made our list of the best Titleist golf balls.

Titleist AVX Alternatives & Competitors

There are few competitors to the AVX as most of the competition is aimed at the PRO V1 and PRO V1x market.

Some of the closest competitors are:

Callaway Chrome Soft

Callaway Chrome Soft brought soft, low-compression golf balls center stage and was the first golf ball to employ graphene on the outer core for a thinner outer layer in 2018.

There is no noticeable difference between the AVX and the Chrome Soft on the driver. The data indicates that the ball speed of the Chrome Soft was 1 mile per hour slower than the AVX and produced two yards less distance than the AVX. The Chrome Soft did produce a 13% tighter dispersion circle.

Off your irons, you can expect the Chrome Soft to produce approximately 1 mile per hour additional ball speed, 500 rpm more spin to help stop shots on the green, and an 8% tighter dispersion circle.

The Chrome Soft is slightly firmer than the AVX and produces approximately 7% more backspin than the AVX.

A highly respected group of professional golfers use the Chrome Soft with the likes of Phil Mickelson, Sergio Garcia, Marc Leishman, Daniel Berger, and Thomas Pieters.

Callaway priced the Chrome Soft at approximately 37% below the top-end premium golf balls, making it extremely competitive for the average golfer.

The Chrome Soft from Callaway is extremely competitive with the AVX and is probably the ball that pushed Titleist into releasing the AVX in 2018. You will be hard-pressed to find major differences in performance but will get better pricing on the Chrome Soft.

Bridgestone E6 Soft

bridgestone e6

The Bridgestone e6 Soft is not a premium tour ball and is more aimed at the game improvement market and priced as such.

It is a 3-piece piece design with a Surlyn-made cover and Bridgestone’s proprietary soft gradational core.

The construction emphasizes a soft feel on all shots without compromising performance. The reduced spin off the driver, similar to the AVX, and the Delta dimple pattern will add some extra distance to your drives.

The low spin will keep the trajectory straight and keep you on the fairways

Your irons and wedges will improve launch/stopping power and Bridgestone’s signature soft feel.

The difference between the e6 and the AVX is that the e6 is a high-launching ball that may not suit golfers that want to keep the ball flight lower, especially in windy conditions.

Titleist PRO V1/V1x

Except for the Callaway Chrome Soft ball, the closest you will get to the AVX is the Titleist PRO v1 and PRO V1x.

They’re manufactured similarly but produce different ball flight patterns, spin, and feel.

The Titleist ball range has a good reputation for the smallest dispersion pattern, and it does not change with the introduction of the 2020 AVX.

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History of the AVX

titleist avx review

Golfer’s requirements changed over the last decade, and more golfers expressed the desire to have golf balls with a softer feel. Several manufacturers responded to this change in the market and released 2-piece golf balls with SOFT in the name, such as the Srixon SOFT feel and Callaway Supersoft golf balls.

With the release of the Callaway Chrome Soft, Titleist decided that they had to enter this market. In response, Titleist released the AVX golf ball to expand the range of premium tour golf balls on offer. It was first introduced in small test markets (Arizona, Florida, & California) and to the open market in 2018.

It would not be unreasonable to say Titleist was forced to release the AVX to respond to the market.

The AVX spins less than the other premium balls in the Titleist range, producing a lower but consistent ball flight and generating more distance.

The aim of the AVX was to increase the range of premium tour golf balls and offer golfers an alternative to their best-selling premium golf balls.

With the 2022 version of the AVX golf ball, golfers have the same premium qualities as the PRO V1 and PRO V1x golf balls but with distinctive differences in construction and the way it flies through the air.

Titleist released a new version of the AVX in 2021 with the same low spin on your long irons and woods and provides high spin on the short irons and wedges. The AVX is ideal for golfers who want the ball trajectory lower.


Do Any Tour Pros Play AVX?

Currently not. With this said, A lot of the top professionals use PRO V1s. Names include Scottie Sheffler, Cam Smith, and Jordan Spieth.

What Does Titleist AVX Stand For?

AVX in Titleist AVX stands for "Alternative to V and X." The Titleist AVX golf balls were designed as an alternative to the popular Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls, with a focus on providing a softer feel, lower spin, and increased distance. The AVX offers a distinct performance profile that some golfers may prefer over the V and X models.

Does The AVX Or Pro V1 Go Further?

The Titleist AVX is designed to provide lower spin and higher speed than the Pro V1, which theoretically should result in greater distance. 
However, the exact distance can depend on the individual golfer's swing characteristics and course conditions. Some golfers may find they hit the AVX further, while others may get more distance out of the Pro V1. It's best to test both golf balls in comparable conditions to determine which provides the most distance for your game.

Check out our article providing a direct comparison of the PRO V1 vs the AVX.

Final Thoughts

With the AVX golf ball, you will get all the benefits of using the most popular premium golf balls with the option to launch it lower and have less spin off the driver, woods, and long irons. However, you will not lose the feel around the greens.

There are slight differences between the 2020 AVX and the 2022 AVX that Titleist believes will assist golfers to get the most out of the ball. These changes are insignificant and will only be noticeable to the best golfers.

The Callaway Chrome Soft is the biggest competitor to the Titleist AVX and produces a remarkably similar spin rate and distance of the driver and irons. The Chrome Soft is slightly harder than the AVX off the putter face. If you’re unsure, take our easy quiz to find out which golf ball is for you.

We hope you enjoyed our Titleist AVX review! If you are in the market for a premium golf ball that provides tour performance but requires a lower ball trajectory, the AVX is one to seriously consider.

Nick is the founder of GolfSpan and an avid golfer. He's not quite a pro but has over 15 years of experience playing and coaching golfers worldwide. His mission is to bring the golfing community a better experience when it comes to choosing the right golf gear and finding the right setup for your game.

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