Who Makes Powerbilt Golf Clubs? Brands Explained

PowerBilt is a company with an extensive history in the golfing world that started in 1916. The company was founded in 1884 when 17-year-old John A. Bud Hillerich made his first Louisville Slugger baseball bat.

Frank Bradsby Hillerich in 1911 to promote his love for golf. Hillerich & Bradsby was born and sold their first golf club in 1916 under the HB brand before renaming it to Powerbilt nearly 2 decades later.

Who Makes Powerbilt Golf Clubs Now?

PowerBilt earned a reputation for excellence and performance from the start. Its products became an essential part of every golf equipment type since 1916 developing a powerful following among professional and amateur golfers alike.

Soon after the company started it found itself played by many golfers on the PGA Tour and won its first major in 1932 when Olin Dutra won the PGA Championship and then he won the US Open in 1934.

After the initial success, PowerBilt had to wait until 1964 before Bobby Nichols won the 1964 PGA Championship followed by Gay Brewer winning the Masters in 1967 and Charles Coody winning the Master in 1971.

The last three major victories by PowerBilt players came when Fuzzy Zoeller won the 1979 Masters and the 1984 US Open. Larry Mize won the last major for PowerBilt in 1987 when he won the Masters tournament.

The brand eventually won 8 major tournaments, 4 Masters tournaments, 2 US Open championships, and 2 PGA Championships. In addition to the 8 major championships, PowerBilt won more than 140 PGA Tour events.

After the success was achieved, PowerBilt went into a decline but did not fade completely. Hillerich & Bradsby owned the PowerBilt brand until Hilco Streambank signed a multi-year agreement in January 2017. History will remember Hillerich & Bradsby for the ownership of PowerBilt as well as the Louisville Slugger bat brand.

Hilco Streambank is a division of Hilco Global which is an advisory firm specializing in intellectual property and helping companies maximize the value of their assets.

Through the multi-year agreement, Hilco Streambank was able to expand the Powerbilt brand using regional licensees. Furthermore, they increased the number of categories under the Powerbilt brand trademark, design, and produce more pioneering and higher technology equipment for golfers of all skill levels and age groups.

PowerBilt licensees represent the brand in the USA (US Hireko Golf), Argentina (Riera Golf), Australia / New Zeeland (The Golf Works), Canada (Canadian Tire/Forzani), Europe (Golf Tech), South Africa (ProShop), and Southeast Asia (Transview).

Some of the More Memorable Golf Clubs Produced by PowerBilt

PowerBilt Citation Persimmon Woods. Renowned for its distance and accuracy, it was one of the company’s outstanding golf clubs between 1916 and the 1970s.

PowerBilt Air Force One DFX was introduced in 2014 with aerodynamically shaped forged titanium heads that were pressurized with nitrogen. A matt black color reduced the glare to make you feel more comfortable at address.

Today PowerBilt produces golf clubs for professional golfers, juniors, hackers, and weekend warriors who dream of breaking 80, 90, or even 100.

The Junior Series can be broken down into age groups.

The 3-5 age group is designed for children between 3 feet and 3 feet 8 inches tall. Included in the Junior Box Set are an orange stand bag, a driver, wedge, putter, and headcover but the clubs can also be purchased individually.

The 5-8 age group is designed for children between 3 feet 8 inches and 4 feet 4 inches. In addition to everything included in the younger age group, Powerbilt adds a 7-iron to this set. To offer more variety the bag is available in blue and pink.

Age group 12 + is designed for children over 5 feet tall. The set includes everything in the 5 -8 age group plus a 5-hybrid and a headcover. All of this is in a red stand bag.

Women are also catered for with the 16-piece Countess Cyan Women’s Package Set available in magenta. The set includes an HL Driver, FW & HL Fairway Woods, 6-Hybrid, 7-9 irons putter, and SW irons all with graphite shafts. To round off the set you get a blade putter, four headcovers for protecting your woods and hybrid, rain hood, and cart bag.

Men don’t have to worry, PowerBilt has not forsaken the largest group of golfers. Offering a perfect 15-piece set for a recreational or mid-handicap player, the Grand Slam GS2 set includes a 10.5-degree driver, fairway wood, and 5-hybrid, all with graphite shafts.

Irons range from a 6-iron to a 9-iron, pitching wedge, and sand wedge, all with steel shafts. Rounding out the men’s set are a mallet putter, three headcovers, a rain hood, and a stand bag.

Final Thoughts

PowerBilt has a powerful history and provided many spectacular moments in golfing history with its 8 major wins.

Although it went through difficult times, the multi-year agreement with Hilco Streambank brought about a revival in the brand which now offers more than just golf clubs. I think the brand is now built for a powerful future ahead of it.

Your thoughts, memories, and experience with PowerBilt golf clubs will be loved in the comments section below.

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