Golf Buddy Voice 2 Review – Do We Recommend This RangeFinder?

Judging the correct distance to the green is a major challenge for golfers at all levels. Despite the available markers it is essential for club selection and accuracy to know the exact distance you want to strike your ball.

Technology helps a great deal and one should take advantage of this opportunity. We look at one of the better golf rangefinders, the Golf Buddy Voice 2.

As you will see, it is a compact and affordable device that will give you accurate yardage with no hassle or fuss.

Things To Consider Before Buying a GPS Golf Rangefinder

There are several important factors to consider before investing a GPS Rangefinder for golf:


The entire point of a rangefinder is to give you accurate yardage so this is the most important aspect to consider. It should be accurate to around 1 or 2 feet to be useful. A GPS device is one of the most accurate options.

When reading the green it is preferable that it reads to the back, front, and center of the green.


It is important that the unit is compact. A golfer has enough equipment to carry around and worry about. A bulky device will get in the way and not be useful. Look for one that is small and light. Some can be attached to your cap, your belt, or simply worn around your neck. The smaller the better.


While golf is not a contact sport, carting your bag from one tee to the next puts strain on the equipment. You will walk, twist, and bend repeatedly during the course of 18 holes. If the rangefinder is not durable it will not last very long.

Battery life

You want a rangefinder with a decent battery life. There is nothing more frustrating than investing in electronic equipment only for it to not function due to the battery being flat. Get to know your rangefinder so that you are aware of how often it needs to be charged.


You do not always have the opportunity to read the screen on your rangefinder and audio feedback is extremely useful. Also important is the ability to turn this function off when necessary. Some golfers might be highly annoyed by the “noise” from your device so timing is everything.

Audio is a handy feature but you want the option of a display for those occasions where your golfing partners will not appreciate your gadget’s feedback.


While a rangefinder is a handy gadget golf is an expensive sport. Any investment in one area means some sacrifice in other areas. You do not want to spend a fortune on this equipment at the risk of having less money for green fees and golf balls. At the same time, you do not want to waste your money on a cheap and nasty rangefinder that does not do the job. Choose wisely.

Most golfers, even those with some experience will benefit from an accurate rangefinder. Technology is a modern reality and something all should take advantage of if they have the opportunity.

Golf is a game of inches and any edge you can get to help you should assist in reducing your score. While there are makers at certain points, an accurate reading should give you more clarity on club selection and swing speed.

The Golf Buddy Voice 2


  • Ultra-light and compact
  • Outstanding value for money
  • Extremely user-friendly
  • Accurate up to 1 yard
  • 40 000 Plus preloaded courses
  • Dynamic green view
  • LCD Display
  • Audio (optional, on or off)
  • 11 Language options
  • Available in Black, blue or pink


  • Not the best battery life
  • Questionable durability and lifespan
  • Complaints of poor customer service

If you are looking for a compact, accurate GPS rangefinder for golf this is a popular choice and for good reason. It ticks all the right boxes and has most of the features you could want in a GPS rangefinder.

The device is ultra-compact, offers visual display as well as audio feedback, and is accurate up to one yard. What most people appreciate is that it is light and highly user-friendly. It comes with more than 40 000 golf courses pre-loaded so should work pretty much everywhere.

The Voice 2 replaces the earlier Golf Buddy GPS Rangefinder. They have made several improvements while reducing the selling price which is a great thing to see.

The new model has a better battery life, it has improved from 9 to 14 hours. The other cool improvement is that the voice mode is optional and can be turned off when necessary. They have also added an additional 2000 golf courses taking it to more than 40 000 courses.

While this model has some serious competition in the GPS rangefinder market, few will compete in terms of value for money, size, and ease of use. The Golf Buddy Voice 2 is up there with the best of the best.

If you want an affordable device that is light and compact and do not want to spend a fortune, this is certainly one to consider.

Features & Benefits

There is a lot to like about the Golf Buddy Voice 2. Here are the outstanding features and benefits.


There is no disputing the fact that this is a small and light GPS rangefinder. The dimensions are  1.76 x 1.78 x 0.49″ and it weighs a mere 1.02 oz. That makes it a breeze to carry around. It can be clipped on your belt, your cart, your bag, even your hat.

A bulky device is inconvenient and could get in the way. This will not be an issue with this model.


The Golf Buddy Voice 2 is accurate to within 1 yard which is all you need for effective distance measuring. It will also give you the distance to the front, center, and middle of the green.

The device will locate the satellites quickly, determine your position and even know when you have to start off the back 9.

Knowing the accurate yardage, provided you understand your clubs and own ability, will make a significant difference to your accuracy. This should help to shave a few strokes off your score and improve your game.

Dynamic Green View

This feature allows you to accurately measure and read the green from a  distance. It will allow for precision on your approach shots.


The simplicity of design works in your favor. The device is ready to go in less than a minute. There are a few buttons and no complex instructions needed. The rangefinder is simple yet effective and this makes it a pleasure to use. You do not have time on the course to fiddle around with a complex instrument.

Some Golf GPS Rangefinder models are highly complex. While these features might benefit some players there is seldom time to take advantage of these specifics and they tend to slow the device down. The pleasure of the Golf Buddy is that it is easy to use and works quickly.


The price point of the Golf Buddy is impressive. It gives you all you need at an extremely affordable price. You do not want to or need to spend a fortune to get a quality rangefinder that is practical and accurate.

Option for voice or visual display

Both are useful and important but what is ideal is to have both and the option to chose. The Buddy offers voice as well as a display to read the yardage.

In certain environments, the voice information is perfect but there are times it might be a distraction to you and your fellow golfers. This model allows for both and the audio can be turned off when necessary. This will prevent the irritation of other golfers while you are still able to use your rangefinder.

Preloaded courses

With more than 40 000 courses it is unlikely that you will come across a course the Golf Buddy Voice 2 does not recognize. It will have all the necessary information ready and allow for accurate and informative feedback.

Additional benefits

The Golf Buddy is available I black, blue, and pink. It also offers a choice of 11 languages.

Improved battery life

It is easy to forget to charge devices, especially items such as a GPS rangefinder. You can expect an improved performance from the Lithium polymer battery on this unit and it should give you up to 14 hours depending on conditions. Just be sure to recharge as necessary.

The battery will not last forever and will need to be replaced over time. Some users were disappointed with the battery life and there are other models that last longer. Provided you charge it correctly you should not have an issue with the battery on the Golf Buddy.

Alternatives To The Voice 2

There are a few other good options if you are in the market for a GPS Gold Rangefinder.

1. Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS

This is probably the most serious competition for the Golf Buddy. It is a popular and highly rated option. This model is slightly more expensive but still affordable.
It has a slightly better battery life and features Bluetooth technology which will appeal to some. The Bushnell is affordable, accurate, and convenient.

2. Garmin Approach G10

The Garmin brand has a good reputation and it is no surprise that they make a quality GPS rangefinder for golf. This is a compact model with great accuracy.
It is a marginally more expensive option but it is a comprehensive rangefinder that is reliable and works well.

3. Halo Range Finder Hunting Laser Range Finder

Another popular choice is the Halo Rangefinder. It is affordable and feature-rich. The unit is user-friendly and compact. The sophistication of this device allows for visual focus with an adjustable eyepiece.

Final Thoughts

There are several quality golf rangefinders on the market. We believe the Golf Buddy Voice 2 to be one of the leading options. It is light and compact, highly accurate, and offers the option of voice or visual display. The Voice 2 is great value for money and comes highly recommended.

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