How to Carry a Golf Bag – One Strap or Two, Save Your Back!

Carrying your golf bag and walking a full round can really be a great way to have a good time and also a great way to get exercise.

The only problem is that you can actually do more harm than good if you are not doing it properly. It goes overlooked a lot, but the way you carry your golf bag can be detrimental to your health.

But do not worry, this topic is usually not spoken about enough and it is very overlooked by even some experienced golfers out there.  Luckily for you, you are in the right place so you can avoid some of. The problems below!

Why Should You Care How You Carry Your Golf Bag?

Not carrying your bag right can hinder you in several ways.

The biggest reason to carry your bag correctly is to avoid problems with your back.  There really are not much worse things that you can have is chronic back pain.  Not carrying your golf bag right is exactly what this is going to lead to!

Another reason to point out is that incorrect actions with carrying your golf bag can lead to exhaustion during your round.  Even though golf does not require much physical exertion, there is nothing worse than being sore while swinging the club.

That is why carrying your bag is important and should be something that all golfers learn how to do. Let me go into further detail on the technique and tips to correctly do this.

How to Carry a Golf Bag With One Strap?


The first tip would be to make sure that your bag is loaded properly.  If your bag is lopsided with weight, then you could definitely mess up your posture and back.  That means that you should have your items evenly dispersed throughout the whole bag to avoid problems.

Also, you should have your clubs arranged in a way that will evenly disperse and make the bag evenly weighted.  It is always overlooked, but even a small uneven weight can cause problems over time.

To carry a golf bag with one strap, you should use your dominant shoulder because it will most likely have much more stamina.  When you start to feel tired on one side, then you could switch shoulders to give your main side a break.

Another tip is to go ahead and try to adjust your strap for the best results.  When your bag comes out of the store, it is not likely to be in the perfect spot.

It is important to adjust it and try to make it as comfortable as possible.

How to Carry a Golf Bag With Two Straps?


The important thing to remember when it comes to a golf bag with two straps is to do the same initial steps as above.

Make sure that the weight is evenly laid out in your bag.  With a stand bag with two straps, a weight problem will be even more detrimental to your back and posture while out on the golf course.

Also, try to get a feel for the bag before you get on the course.  Sometimes the bag will come in a certain strap length that might be uncomfortable for you.  Be sure to adjust it before you need to go to a chiropractor for a bad back.

The most common way to know if your straps are a good length is that your bag should be higher up on your back when you have both straps on.  Too many golfers have too much slack with their bag straps and that is awful for your posture.

When you break them down, the rules are generally the same with a one strap bag and a two-strap golf bag.

But, the biggest tip that I have for both is below and it is vital that you use it.

Carry Your Golf Bag With Your Legs!

The number 1 mistake that golfers make when carry their clubs is having awful posture and not lifting with their legs.  The correct posture is to be standing tall with your chest out and shoulders rolled back.

But, the wrong and more common way that I see on the golf course is people slouched over with their shoulders rolled forward.  It can really take a toll on your joints and spine if you are doing this incorrectly.

I mean that is like putting your body in an awkward position for two to four hours.  I think you can see where this is so detrimental to your health and is awful.

Learn to “lift with your legs” or else you will have a lot of problems down the road, especially if you’re carrying a heavy bag. The simple solution is to go for a lightweight golf bag that will ease the strain over many rounds.

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