How Much Are Golf Lessons? Are They Worth The Money?

Looking into taking golf lessons is a major step in improving the game of golf. Many people question whether or not golf lessons are worth it, but the majority of people that have had instruction will vouch for the effectiveness of a golf lesson or a series of lessons.

Prices can fluctuate based on the level of coaching, length of the lesson, and other factors such as the type of club that you are getting lessons from.

This post will break down all types of factors and hopefully leave you with more information about how much golf lessons cost in today’s climate.

The main factors that affect the price of a golf lesson are:

The Duration of the Lesson

The length of time a golf lesson can take has a huge impact on the cost of the lesson.  The cheapest golf lesson is usually going to last around the 30-minute mark, and that is going to be the best option for someone on a budget.

A 30-minute lesson can on average cost around $20-$60 in most cases.  The prices start to rise when you are talking about a golf lesson that is pushing an hour long.  Depending on many factors, it can raise the price to $50-$100 for an hour-long lesson.

Duration of the golf lesson is certainly an important factor, but other factors can also dramatically impact on price.

How Popular the Professional Is?

In reality, you should only be taking lessons from someone that is PGA certified.  This certification shows that the instructor is legit and can cater to your needs in the short and long game aspects of golf.

If someone is not certified or a professional golfer, then the price can drop down dramatically. For someone that is certified, the cost would be about the same as the cost estimated above in the duration of the lesson section.

On the other end, a very well-known golfer or coach can charge astronomically more than other golf instructors if they have built that reputation.  According to Live About, some instructors might charge hundreds if not thousands of dollars for a single golf lesson simply because they can.

The notoriety of the instructor can really impact the price in a great way, whether it is up or down.

The Area that the Lesson is in

Another main point that can impact the price can be the setting of the instruction and based on the state or city.  Obviously in a place with a higher cost of living such as California, a golf lesson is going to cost more compared to a golf lesson in Nebraska on average.

Another factor is if the lesson is at a country club or public golf course that is not in a nice setting.  Typically, a golf lesson with a country club is going to be a higher price than at a cheap driving range with an instructor that has not made a name for themselves.

Another impacting factor is whether the lesson is in a group academy setting or an individual lesson. If you think about it, an individual golf lesson should cost more per person because it is going to be more focused and catered to your needs as a golfer.

Technology in Use

The final factor that I am going to point out that can impact the price is if there is expensive equipment being used.  At a higher-class golf lesson, your instructor might use a launch monitor to gain a better understanding of what is going on.  To cover some of the operating costs, it is easy to understand that a lesson like this is going to cost much more.

Be sure to do your own research and ask questions regarding this because some people do not prefer such a technical lesson and want more of a traditional type of golf lesson.

What Type of Lessons Are There in Golf?

Golf has many aspects that golfers can improve on with their game to score well.

Most golf lessons are going to involve your long game.  When dealing with a beginner, usually a golf instructor will actually deal with the short game first and then progressively introduce the long game.  Your short game is the foundation of your results on the golf course anyway!

Read more: How To Improve Golf Short Game

But there really are lessons for all parts of the game, from driver to irons, to short game with chipping and putting.  As a beginner golfer, it would be wise to get golf lessons in all areas so that you can build a strong foundation for your game.

A major misconception with golfers is that the type of lesson affects the price, but in most cases, the type of lesson makes no difference.  Whether it is a putting or swing lesson, the price will be the same if all of the other variables are the same.

The main variables that affect how much golf lessons are listed above such as region, the status of the professional, length of time, and what kind of technology is used.

How to Get a Discount on Golf Lessons?

Even though I could highlight the average price for a golf lesson based on the time in the length section, there are certainly ways that you can save a lot of money on golf lessons. There really are two major ways to decrease your cost and make savings.

I will also point out other minor ways that could really save you money in the long run.  Keep in mind that these tips might affect your development and you could end up not learning as much and improving your game.

The best way to get a discount on golf lessons and not hinder the growth of your game is to buy golf lessons in bulk.  In most cases, if you order more than one lesson at the same time, then the instructor will give you a good deal.  It is all really up to the discretion of the person giving you the lessons.

Another great way to save money and get instruction is to get lessons in a group setting because it is much more cost-effective.  The only downside is that the lesson is not as catered to you and that could hinder your improvement compared to a personal lesson.

Nevertheless, a group lesson is normally much cheaper and that could mean huge savings for you in the future.

Other little ways to save a few bucks are to be mindful of who you are getting lessons from and where. You can really save money if you get lessons from a public golf course with a lesser-known professional.  You can certainly get lucky and have amazing instruction from an instructor that may not be well-known.

If you found this post helpful, then please share it with someone that would find this information beneficial!

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